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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata! 3

Look at Me

+ posted by paramitan as translation on May 22, 2012 10:50 | Go to Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata!

-> RTS Page for Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata! 3

I was informed that the group who reserved my TLs for this has found a new translator for the series, and let's just say this might be the last Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata chapter I'm gonna translate (meaning, I'm gonna go back into private reading along with Denpa Kyoushi.) For now, this is gonna be subject to that translator's TL check.

Reserved for Orijindoscans

Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata
Chapter 3: Look at Me


#new series 3rd chapter.
Honjou: *Takane...*
how to make the right future
Honjou: *leave that guy be...and with me,*
Kyouko: /no!/
/my senpai has been.../
#an assassin from the future has used Mind Control on Honjou and Asuka, and Kyouko and Yuu is double-teamed!


Chapter 3: Look at Me
how to make the right future
#recieving great fanfare!
#I'm gonna reach out that
"bright future".
[ "Skin Computer"
through the use of countless microscopic computers flowing at the body's surface, lightning and video feeds can be accumulated and released.]


Kyouko: !?
Raito: I don't like this...
Kyouko: !


Raito: the manipulated Honjou attacked Takane Kyouko...
Kyouko: ta...Tatsumi-kun?
Raito: huh?
Kyouko: wait! \\ Tatsumi-kun! what did you do to senpai?
what was that?
Raito: /now then, what should I do?/


Yuu: *w...*
*wait, Tokui!* \\ *you're being mind controlled!*


Yuu: t... \\ think about it!
there's no way you like me, right?
/when it came from me, it sounds so pathetic.../
Asuka: yeah, \\ that's right.
for Tanaka, I'm just a girl he hates...
Yuu: ah, no, that's not what I meant...
Asuka: but,


Asuka: you always look at Kyouko, but not me...
that's why I'm bullying you to grab your attention...
Yuu: *wha!*
/eh? no way!/
/does she really feel that way?/
Asuka: *that's why,*


Asuka: *even only for now,*
*look at me...*
Yuu: *t...* \\ *Tokui!*
Asuka: kyaa! (!heart)
Yuu: !


Kyouko: wait up, Tatsumi-kun!
Raito: you're annoying me now...
I saved you from getting attacked...you should'nt have a problem with that.
Kyouko: it's just...senpai acted a little wierd! \\ do you know something about--
Raito: I don't!
Kyouko: wait a sec!
Raito: !
*don't touch me!*
Kyouko: !
......... \\ Tatsumi-kun?
Both: !?
Raito: eh?
what's wrong, Tanaka Yuu?


Yuu: that hurts...
-I fell down...-
SFX: squeeze
Yuu: *eh?*
-why are you here?-


Yuu: *no,* \\ *Kyouko-chan, this is not what you think it is!*
*you're wrong!*
Kyouko: yu...
Yuu: I told you already...
Kyouko: so Yuu and Asuka has that kind of relationship...
s...sorry, I didn't realized that...
Yuu: /eh?/


Yuu: Kyouko-chan?
Kyouko: eh?
I...I...got in the way, right?
w...well...I'm coming out now...
^she's using a samurai way of saying "I"
-disperse, disperse...-
Raito: "I"?
Kyouko: .........


Yuu: /it's.../
/*it's a complete misunderstanding!*
-my lifetime of misery is sealed!-
Raito: ......
you reap what you sow, idiot.
so, \\ anything happened?
Yuu: well, that's...
Asuka: -nnn...-
what am I... \\ !


Yuu: wha!
what did you do?
Raito: huh? it'll be trouble if she wakes up!
Yuu: ...!!
Raito: now I get it... \\ so that asassin made Honjou attack Takane Kyouko while you're being attacked too.
/but this girl.../
/when I was with her, she's still wasn't under Mind Control.../


Raito: /Honjou must've been mind controlled during the practice time ended--when he was alone.../
Honjou: -good job, guys!-
Minna: -good job!-
Raito: /and on that short time frame, he managed to control two people.../
*that bastard...*
*he's closer than I thought he would be.*
Yuu: eh?
Raito: the ability user who sent you the girl.
this time around, he's skillfully considering the actions made by the people here in school.
I don't know if he's a student or a teacher, but...


Raito: *let's just say he has infiltrated the school.*
Yuu: !
Raito: but then, what'll await him is destruction!
-I'll take him on!-
Yuu: ......
-he's fired up...-
(!bottom)-what an S...-
Raito: anyways, Tanaka Yuu,
when you got attacked by Tokui Asuka, we're you aroused?
Yuu: ! \\ no, not at all!
-what are you saying?-
Raito: *really?*
Yuu: uugh...
a little...
-just a teensy tiny bit...-
SFX: shock


Raito: you know,
Yuu: *eh?*
Raito: it's best you fulfill the idea of "marrying Takane Kyouko"...
or you'd feel the wrath of my silent whip.
you've judged it as impossible. \\ of course, we can move on to another method...


Raito: *so meaning,*
*if you regret your life,* \\ *why don't we just give you an instant death?*
#the source of the disaster is Yuu's genes--->Yuu dies and humanity is saved. so Yuu's at his critical!?
Yuu: w...
-the hell?-
#continues in Issue 25

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