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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Waltz 3

Tempo 03

+ posted by paramitan as translation on Jun 4, 2012 07:29 | Go to Waltz

-> RTS Page for Waltz 3

Damn, finally got this done. Really long, but I find it really good now, especially with the tension that came at the end of the chapter. I hope I can still find time to do this until I catch up with the latest tankoubon (Vol. 6) at least...

Reserved for Pinoymanga Scans

Volume UN Tempo 03


#tempo 03


Semi: ............


Iwanishi: oh, you came out. \\ here, wear this.
that shirt's drenched in blood, so don't wear it again. of course, we'll dispose of it.
put that on and come with me.


Iwanishi: Jack Crispin once said, "the beauty of a room brings out the best of the body."
a nice office, don't you think?
Semi: that's bull.


/this is the real-deal/
Semi: Kubiori Otoko. \\ the one...
I'll be having a showdown with.


(!sign) Tenma Bar
(!fabric) B A R
(!side sign) Tenma
Ichigohara: ah...


Ichigohara: aah!
Guy: wah!
Girl: kyaa!
cripes! I can't believe what you've done!
Ichigohara: ah...
Girl1: your clothes have gone wet! we have to get a new one!
Girl2: y-yes!
Ichigohara: I'll...wipe it right away!
Girl: *hiiii!*
*sexual harassment!*
Ichigohara: oww!


Ichigohara: s...
Girls: this guy's the worst!
call another waiter now!
we can't even eat the food since they're also soaked!
hey, how about you pay us back?
Ichigohara: well, \\ t-that's...
Girl: are you listening?
Girl2: he's really annoying!
Ichigohara: w...
SFX around face: drip
Ichigohara: bu...


Ichigohara: *eeeee*
Girls: kyaaaa
Ichigohara: aah!
Manager: Ichigohara! you trash! \\ how many time have you done that?


Manager: you may have a huge body, but don't put it to good use!~
if you can't do your job properly, just go die somewhere!
Ichigohara: sigh...
why am I...like this?
SFX: vrrrr
SFX: beep
Ichigohara: h-hello?
Yamazaki: =hey, Ichigohara!=


Yamazaki: =tomorrow's your payday, right? bring all the money to me!= \\ =okay?=
=we're the one who got you the job after all, Ichigohara.=
Ichigohara: got me the job? that's exaggeration, Yamazaki-kun!
huuuh? \\ what are you saying?
I... \\ I don't have that much!
Yamazaki: =I get scary when I'm angry.=
=you won't like it when I'm angry, I tell ya!=
=if you don't bring it, you're dead meat!= \\ =I'll pulverize you!=
SFX: beep
Ichigohara: (!dots)
I wanna die...


[it wasn't like this half a year ago.]
[that time, it was...]
Yamazaki: hey,
you think ghosts exist?
Stude: ghosts?
Yamazaki: actually, I already so one. \\ at grandma's place, that is.
it was like super white, moves by sliding around, and disappears through walls.
Stude: really? so scary!
Stude2: Yamazaki, you have ESP or something?
Yamazaki: I don't know, but I did saw one.
Ichigohara: there are no ghosts, Yamazaki-kun.


Ichigohara: if ever a percentage of all who died up until now became ghosts, the people who have seen them would be significantly higher. based from that, we can say that they don't really exist.
Yamazaki: but I really did saw one!
Ichigohara: they don't come out at places with no signs of life. that by itself is wierd.
Yamazaki: (!lines and dots)
Guy: c'mon Ichigohara, read the mood here!
Ichigohara: eh?
that's a bit rude because Ichigohara's just speaking his mind.
Girl: he's intelligent and all.
he doesn't go to cram school, but his grades are really high! \\ why is that so?
Ichigohara: because I listen attentively in class...
Boy: unbelievable!
Ichigohara: well, \\ then...


Ichigohara: maybe I really am \\ an intelligent guy.
haha. \\ just kidd... \\ ing...


[it was a really bad joke,]
[a really fatal mistake.]
[my normal high school life,]
[has gone off somewhere else.]
(!sign) Station South Gate
SFX: type X3


SFX: type
(!phone) Input Title 0/200
SFX: type x2
(!phone) put Content
why has this happened?
humans can't stand being scared.
humans can't stand being scared.
humans can't stand being scared.
I wanna die. I wanna disappear.
I'm at my limits
SFX: type x8
Ichigohara: ............
(!display) Saved
SFX: bip
SFX: press
(!phone)Draft Messages


Ichigohara: I really wanna die now...
Announcer: =Train #4 is now approaching.=
=please stay behind the white line to avoid any possible dangers.=



Ichigohara: hi...


Ichigohara: I...
I'm so... \\ I'm such a....
Lady: hey, you.
oh, \\ I knew it.
do you remember me? last time, with the train ticket and all...


Ichigohara: no, uhmm... \\ you got the wrong guy.
Lady: no, that's not true!
that face,
I can clearly remember it!
but to think that you're a student... \\ a 3rd year...high schooler?
Ichigohara: it's... \\ 2nd year.
Lady: are you okay? having health problems?
Ichigohara: ah, \\ I'm fine! \\ I'm okay now!
Lady: hey,
you know...


Lady: thank you very much,
for what happened back then.
I'm so happy.
it was a pleasant experience \\ and it's because of you.
thank you.


Ichigohara: what... \\ was that?
(!sign) 603
Semi: what the hell is this, huh?
Iwanishi: all the work I know that Kubiori has done.
as you can see, we must know what tactics we can use.


Semi: am I gonna read these one by one?
and you don't even need to bring out these pain of the ass materials!
don't lump me with 3rd rate garbage!
by the way, \\ what's our client like?
Iwanishi: just a normal old guy who runs a convenience store.
he wants to get revenge because Kubiori killed his live-in partner.
Semi: killed? \\ but why?
Iwanishi: no guess. \\ we don't need to concern ourselves with that.
(!flashback) /a grudge?/


Momo: yes, a grudge. \\ seems like the convenience store manager's live-in partner's making out with another guy.
there's also the angle of a guy who hates them.
Iwanishi: is there something wierd about that store manager?
Momo: nothing special.
Iwanishi: (!dots)
I see.
but the store manager's offering quite an amount for this request.
for making Kubiori move and kill a civilian woman... \\ there's something fishy about this.
Momo: say, Iwanishi. can you... \\ leave this job?
Iwanishi: huh?
Momo: Kubiori's quite a formidable enemy.
I never heard of him ever fail a single mission.


Momo: don't you remember the incident last year at a bus stop, when a man was killed?
seems like...
*that corpse has his neck twisted*
*until it's almost torn off.*
he didn't get that nickname for nothing...


Iwanishi: thanks for the tip. I'll pull out when it does get worse.
the hitman I have will tail him like a lizard's tail...
(!end flashback)
Iwanishi: hey.
with that being said, try reading some of these.
Semi: like I said, this is--
Iwanishi: I was in a good mood at the cabaret club 'till I heard the story. \\ Kubiori's not any type of guy you've faced up 'till now. don't lump him with amateurs and hooligans.


Iwanishi: try looking down on a pro, and you're dead,
Semi: ......stop it...
screw this "Semi" stuff!
are you making fun of me?
all this pro talk is so annoying!
there's no difference if it's a pro or a damned brat when it comes to killing people!
Iwanishi: the reward for this is \\ 300,000 by the way.
Semi: then sorry about that!
and if we do kill him,


Iwanishi: *we get additional.*
Semi: l-like a million?
Iwanishi: it's 10 Million, stupid.
Semi: t-ten mill?
but for the old man to pay that much...


Iwanishi: as for that, \\ well...
I don't have an answer.
whatever the reason is, killing him off is a serious crime.
for something as murder-robbery, for sure it's life imprisonment you'll face. \\ I still have no guess when it comes to "hitmen", but...
doing killing for money will rub a bad impression on the judges. even if we consider the fact that you're a minor, the act will still convict you.


Iwanishi: and worst case, you have nothing to rely on.
you'll be left in the roadside, fishing out food from garbage. \\ can you imagine yourself in that situation?
if you fail, our client's life would also undergo a complete turnaround.
so what our client wants \\ is "assurance".
he wants assurance that we can do the job.
for them to get that "assurance", they shell out huge sums of cash.
that's how we do business. \\ the reward we get defines the status of the hitman.


Iwanishi: so,
how much are you willing to work for?
Semi: ~~~~~......
Iwanishi: you should enjoy your work!
try saying "ah~today, I'll do my best!"
Semi: is there something like that?
Iwanishi: that's why I'm telling you right now.
"I won't do an half-assed job."
you should think like that.
if you fill yourself with stupidity, you'll end up realizing it's going to be risky.


Iwanishi: Jack Crispin once said,
"other people can't decide the worth of a job or a woman--only I can."
meaning, if you think that a job or a woman has not much worth,
then they really are of much worth to you, \\ Semi.
Semi: (!dots)


(!sign) Soramori Bank
(!sign) Bank
Yamazaki: /bring all the money to me!/
/I'm scary when I get angry! scary, you get that!?/
Ichigohara: haaah...


Ossan: we met again.
Ichigohara: eh?
Ossan: do you remember me? \\ last time, it's also in here...
that you helped me out.
it's rare to find people like you.
Ichigohara: recently,
I've been mistaken for the wrong guy...


[the guy who looks like me must be a nice guy...]
[that's why they're that thankful...]
Ichigohara: very different...
from me...
[I don't have the courage to either face Yamazaki's group or to die...]
[I just wrote my will, but I'm escaping of "death"...]
Ichigohara: so I'm...
??: Ooyabu!


??: I finally... \\ found you!
Ichigohara: eh?
??: hey,
don't say that,
Ooyabu-san. \\ hehe...
??: I'm in trouble, Ooyabu-san! \\ that's for sure!
Ichigohara: ?
??: I don't know where you live, \\ and I can't reach your phone,
I heard that you're around, and finally... \\ I can beg for your forgiveness!


Ichigohara: uhmm...well, \\ I'm...
SFX: shift
??: woooh!
no, no, no! I'm not really complaining...
because all thanks to you, I can eat properly.
Ichigohara: ah...
uhh, sorry, you got the wrong guy.
??: huh? \\ what are you saying?
looks like you're pulling some prank, Ooyabu-san...


Ichigohara: I'm \\ Ichigohara.
Ichigohara Minoru.
??: (!dots)
oh, but Ooyabu-san can't make such an ID book easily... \\ that's why he's that hesitant...
Ichigohara: y-yeah...
??: *haaah...*


Ichigohara: w-what the!?
??: you brat...
*don't pull of such a confusing face!*
*I'm gonna kill you!
Ichigohara: ---------!!


??: I'm looking for the guy that looks like him,
but it's another guy?
damn it!
Ichigohara: u-uhmm...
I'm getting mistaken for the wrong guy recently!
maybe everyone mistaken me as that Ooyabu guy.
so Ooyabu-san just disappeared?
??: crap! \\ I don't have much time!
at this rate, I'm also gonna...
that means that happened...
Ooyabu's now...


??: DEAD.
Ichigohara: dead?
??: crap! I'll be killed! I'm also gonna be killed!
I know, \\ you!
Ichigohara: hii!


??: look at this. \\ this guy's Ooyabu.
two peas in a pod, right?
from now on, you act as this guy. \\ Ooyabu--no...
*"Kubiori Otoko".*

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