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Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata! 4


+ posted by paramitan as translation on Jun 4, 2012 07:33 | Go to Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata!

-> RTS Page for Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata! 4

D-damn, I just can't help but do this!!!! Anyways, I'll be freeing this up with no reservations, along with chapter 5, so enjoy!

Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata
Chapter 4: Misunderstanding


Kyouko: Yuu, seriously?
Yuu: well,
I love you all along, Kyouko-chan... \\ that's why, let's...
# Yuu finally confessed to Kyouko! so now, Yuu's life and humanity's future is saved?
Kyouko: ......
*I'm happy.*
Yuu: !


#he went and did it! his life and the future, now both are over!?
Kyouko: *but,* \\ *what would you do with your child with Asuka?*
how to make the right future!
Chapter 4: Misunderstanding
Yuu: eh?
# recieving great feedback!
Asuka: let's go home now, dear!
Yuu: eh?
Raito: you really dared to do it, huh...
Yuu: !


Raito: now as promised, you're dead meat!
Tanaka Yuu...
Yuu: uugh...
it's a... \\ dream...
SFX: tup
Yuu: haah...
-what a dream...-


Yuu: ......... \\ huh?
Kyouko: .......!
Yuu: ......
/why do I always get misunderstood by her?/
-she should know that changing clothes with an open window is a bad thing!-


(!sign) Infirmary
Yuu: solve the misunderstanding?
Raito: yes. \\ it seemed that the culprit made it so that she would mistake that you're going out with this girl.
you should resolve that issue first thing tomorrow.
Yuu: b-but how do I do that?
Raito: dunno.
this is an unspoken test for you. \\ it's not like I can always be with you even if you wanted to...
Yuu: ......


Raito: you fail, and of course, I'll kill you.
if you don't want that, then do your best.
Yuu: haah...
/but how will I explain it to her?/
-she even got angry at me this morning...-
/I totally can't figure out a way!/
(!sign) 1-1
Yuu: ......
Raito: that's right, \\ if you substitute X in here...
SFX: press


Girl: oh, I see!
Girl2: Raito-kun's amazing!
Yuu: /you...bastard!/
Raito: -anyone can do it using this equation!-
Girl2: -is that so? (!heart)-
Yuu: /even after driving me to a corner, he still has the guts to enjoy his school life!/
Raito: oh? Tanaka Yuu, is the misunderstanding over?
Yuu: *of course it isn't over yet!*
Raito: -the hell? then get over with it already!-
Yuu: -yeah, I'll go! I was about to do that now!-
Guy: ......


Yuu: /is what I said, but.../
/she's overflowing with a "don't-talk-to-me" aura!/
/s-she really was angry with that morning's incident.../
/now I can't clear up the misunderstanding, or even talk to her!/
/but no!/
SFX: clench
Yuu: /if it's Kyouko-chan, it's okay!/
/she'll understand it if I talk it out with her!/
ah, \\ uhmm, Kyouko-cha...


Yuu: ......
/she ignored me?/
Raito: .......
Yuu: /oh crap!/
/at this rate, he'll really kill me!/


Kyouko: ......
/this is bad.../
/I can't even face him.../
/how am I even gonna casually talk with him in the first place after seeing them like that?/
Asuka: ah, \\ mornin', Kyouko!
(!arrow) -like that-
Kyouko: Asuka...
uhmm, \\ yesterday was...
Asuka: ah, oh yeah... \\ how cruel of you, Kyouko~


Kyouko: *I'm...* \\ *I'm so sorry! I didn't meant to take a peek...!*
Asuka: come again?
-what is it?-
Kyouko: well, it's about yesterday...
Asuka: I don't really get it, but you went home ahead of me yesterday!
well, I'm also at fault because I slept too much...
Kyouko: !
can't you remember?
Asuka: remember what?
Kyouko: /eh?/
Asuka: you're acting wierd, Kyouko~
Kyouko: /what's the meaning of this?/


Raito: hey c'mon, \\ it's end of classes already!
when will you clear that up with her?
Yuu: ......
I'm on it the whole day, // but she continues to ignore me...
Yuu: -uhmm...-
(!on Kyouko) In a hurry
[lunch break]
Yuu: -uhmm...-
Kyouko: Asuka, let's go to the cafeteria!
Raito: *nice! now you can die!*
Yuu: no, I'll clear it up! I'm doing my best here!
honestly, what can I do?
Raito: ......


Raito: idiot! \\ there's only one way, you know?
Yuu: eh?
Raito: *if she's ignoring you, I'll go into disguise and talk to her!*
*after that, I know what to use on her!*
and that's it.
Yuu: ......
Raito: huh?
what's with that attitude of yours?
Yuu: well, in a lot of ways, your plan's...
Raito: huuh?
Guy: *hey!*


Guy: *lemme borrow ya for a bit, Transfer Stude.*
Both: !
Raito: don't tell me you're that type of guy? \\ the one who roughs up the newcomers who standout?
-so there really is something like that here!-
Guy: *shut yer pipe!* \\ *ya just come with us!*
Raito: it can't be helped~
-I don't have time for this though...-
Yuu: -he looks happy...-
Raito: so I'm gonna go play around for a bit.
while I'm doing that, make sure you clear up the misunderstanding!
Yuu: ......


Yuu: /I wonder if he'd be fine.../
/maybe, he's just having fun killing them.../
/*wait, I don't have the leisure to worry about that guy!*/
-specially when I'm the one he wants to kill!-
Raito: -I can kill you now, you know...-
Yuu: what do I do? I can't think of a great idea at all!
??: Tanaka-kun! (!heart)
Yuu: eh?


Yuu: /what the!/


Asuka: Kyouko, what's wrong?
Kyouko: ah, nothing.
Yuu: /ugh.../
/where am I?/
/it's kinda cramped in here.../
SFX: tighten
/and my hands are tied.../
/just what's going--/


Girls: whoa, did your breasts get bigger again?
ehehe~ I know!
I feel a bit uneasy about it though...
Girls: shall we go to that store after our club?
it's the new one by the station, right?
let's go there!
ah, looks like I'm going too!


Yuu: /what/
/hell is.../
/this situation!?/
[#he woke up inside the locker room (!heart) next chapter comes with a steamy color page!]

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