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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Gintama 65

Gintama 65

+ posted by pecology as translation on Jul 14, 2007 11:39 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 65

First time poster here, please point anything out if I'm doing it wrongly. :D

Chapter 65 (V.9)
19 pages
"Don't judge people by their looks"


Matsudaira: There's only one reason I've called for y'all.

Matsudaira: He / has finally made a move.

Kondou: ...Totsan*. / Is that true?
(*Totsan = What Kondou calls Matsudaira. Totsan is a slangish word for tosan, which means father. But I'm quite sure Matsudaira is not Kondou's father.)

Matsudaira: There's no mistake. I constantly have my spies around him. He'd noticed it, and had been in hiding. / But we older people have more advantage at the test of endurance. He seems to have finally ran out out of patience and made a move.

Matsudaira: I have no intention on falling behind the curve. / If the tops have a problem with it, I'm prepared to slit my stomach.


Matsudaira: It's decisive war. / I'm going to crush Him and all of His attempts.

Kondou: ...I see, if Totsan is so sure / We'll entrust you with our lives.

Matsudaira: Hmph. / I'll be relying on you lot.

Kondou: ..... / Toshi... Sougo, I need to confirm something.

Hijikata: What is it?

Kondou: ...Who's 'He'?

Hijikata: You didn't know!?


Shichibei: Hey, Kuriko!

Shichibei: Sorry I'm late. / Did you wait?

Kuriko: Of course not, I just arrived. / I haven't been waiting at all.

Shichibei: Oh, really? Great! You see, the trains...

Matsudaira: ...That bastard, who's he trying to mess with? / Kuriko'd been waiting for over an hour, that asshole...


Matsudaira: What do you think you've done, you've wasted one hour of my darling daughter's life. I'll have you pay for it with the rest of your life. / Oi Toshi! Be my base.

Hijikata: Wait a sec!!

Hijikata: What the hell are you thinking!? Did 'He' refer to your daughter's boyfriend!?

Matsudaira: He's not her boyfriend! Daddy will never approve of such a frivolous guy!

Hijikata: Shut up! I will never approve of you as our police chief!

Okita: And I will never approve of Hijikata-san as our vice-captain!

Hijikata: You stay out of this!

Hijikata: You must be kidding, we'd actually bothered to have a day off for you / but you just want us to interfere with your daughter's date? I can't believe it. I'm out.

Matsudaira: Hold on, when have I ever asked you guys to bother my daughter's date?

Matsudaira: I just want you to assasinate that man.

Hijikata: I wouldn't do that more!

Matsudaira: Do you really think that that frivolous guy can make Kuriko happy? / You see, I would really like to accept the man my daughter picked. I'd thought it over a lot...

Matsudaira: And... I decided that the only way to go is assasination.

Hijikata: You've thought it over too much! What are you? A Mafia?

Matsudaira: The police are like the Mafia.

Hijikata: The police chief just said an outrageous statement.

Matsudaira: Besides, father's can become a Saint or Mafia for their daughters.


Hijikata: Yo Kondou-san, say something to this parent fool.

Kondou: Who are you talking about?

Kondou: Call me Killer Gorilla 13*.
(*Gorilla 13 = Obviously a parody of Golgo 13, the longest running Japanese adult manga.)

Hijikata: What the hell are you doing? ...What's 13?

Kondou: An ominous sign, I've been rejected by 13 women this year.

Kondou: Hey Totsan, let me help you. / I've known Kuriko since she was young, she's like a little sister to me. I can't give her to a guy like that.

Kondou: I hate wimps who dress up frivolously despite being a man. / I think simple, sturdy men like me match Kuriko best.

Matsudaira: No I don't want someone like you.

Kondou: I think openhearted men like me match Kuriko best.

Matsudaira: No I don't want someone like you.

Kondou: Let's go Totsan!!

Hijikata: Oi!

Hijikata: Uh oh, I wouldn't put it past them to really assasinate him. Sougo, we're going to go stop them.

Okita: Who are you talking about?

Okita: My name is Killer Sougo 13.

Hijikata: Ooooooiiii!

Sougo: I'll be joining them since it looks fun.


Matsudaira: That bastard, picking this of all the things... / I can't aim properly because the horse it moving up and down, and I think I'm getting kind of sick.

Matsudaira: Anyway, when are we going to catch up to them? We aren't getting closer at all.

Hijikata: Of course we aren't getting closer! This is a merry-go-round!

Hijikata: We're going round along with the platform! We'll be going round forever and ever, idiots!

Matsudaira: Mary and pants? What's that? / I've never visited an amusement park so I don't know anything about it, although I have visited an adult's amusement park before.

Hijikata: Whatever, just don't rush into anything. We just have to break them apart, right? There must be other ways.

Matsudaira: What, you want to become a member? You want to join the Killer alliance?

Hijikata: I'm here to make sure you guys don't run mad!


Hijikata: I have no intention on doubting that man's humanity from his looks like you people.

Matsudaira: Of course he's a bad guy, he's got holes all over the place! / Human being's are already covered with holes! I don't get why you need to add more holes to it!

Hijikata: I don't get what the hell you're saying, either.

Okita: Adolescent girls' like her easily fall for bad men. / And they grow up by getting a little burned.

Hijikata: Sougo how old are you?

Matsudaira: Oi I have a tough-looking face and I've never once gotten popular with women.

Hijikata: In your case, instead of getting burned you'd get 80% of your body burnt.

Hijikata: Well, good or bad, love and whatnot is just an illusion in the end.

Hijikata: Your daughter's just holding a fantasy of him, so we just have to wake her up from her fantasy.

Hijikata: Luckily, this amusement park is the perfect place to do it.


Kuriko: Please, I'd like to see Shichibei-sama's groggy face.

Shichbei: Eh are you serious? Go ride by yourself, I'll be watching you.

Kuriko: I don't want to; ride with me!

Shichibei: Buuuuut...

Okita: Don't complain and ride, holstein boy.

Shichibei: !

Okita: Make a fuss, and you'll have another hole in your body.

Kuriko: ? Shichibei-sama

Shichibei: Er, um, actually, let's ride...

Kuriko: Seriously!?

Matsudaira: Hey, are you sure it's going to work?

Hijikata: Of course, Sougo is a sadist extreme who's hobby is to bully people.

Okita: ...your pants.

Shichibei: What?


Okita: Poop in your pants. / If you don't until the rollercoaster comes back, I'm going to kill you.

Shichibei: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!??

Kuriko: Shichibei-san!

Kuriko: Are you okay? You're pale... / If you don't want to ride that much, let's get off. Attendant!

Okita: If you get off you die.

Shichibei: Shut up! I'm going to ride!

Kuriko: Shichibe... !!


Matsudaira: Ach! Tougher than I'd thought... / Ouch! / How is it!?


M & H: Whaaaaa?? / Bu!

Matsudaira: Ow!

Hijikata: What do you think you're doing!?

Okita: I forgot to buckle up! I forgot to buckle up!

Okita: Hawawawa!

Matsudaira: Oi, what's with him!? He's a completely different person from before, he's panicking!

Okita: Sadists are fragile then others! We are glass swords!

Okita: H-h-h-help! Hijikata-you-bastard!

Hijikata: ACH!

Hijikata: You idi- / GYAAAAAA!!


Kuriko: Phew, that was a scary ride! / Are you okay, Shichibei-sa... !

Kuriko: Shichibei-sama. / You're sitting height... seems a bit taller.

Shichibei: He... hehe. / This isn't good, you're going to be disgusted...uh oh. / I think I wet my pants a bit...

Hijikata: [...I'm sorry, Shichibei... I have no grudge against you but...]

Kuriko: I'm so relieved! / To tell you the truth, I did too... / I was worried if I was the only one.


Killers: [Whaaaat!?]

Shichibei: Seriously!? We've, like, matched! It's a miracle!

Kuriko: It seems like we have a connection.

Shichibei: What what, you mean like an intestine connection?

Kuriko: Oh, you~ Stop joking~

Matsudaira: Heeey! They're even more friendly now!

Hijikata: What's up with your daughter!? Wetting her pants? What kind of education did you give her!?

Matsudaira: Uh oh, they're going to the next ride! / In that state!?

Hijikata: Oi Kondou-san quick!

Hijikata (or Okita?): Kondou-san!

Hijikata: [Eh? His sitting height...]

Kondou: Toshi... / don't tell anyone.

Hijikata: [Whaaaat!?]


Hijikata: Good god. / To think that she hadn't been digusted by it.

Matsudaira: My daughter has amazed even I.

Hijikata: No kidding.

Matsudaira: What are you trying to imply, is it about the poop? I'll kill you if you tell anyone.

Hijikata: Totsan, relax. Your daughter hasn't pooped in her pants. / Look, the bastard has changed his clothes, but your daughter hasn't.

Matsudaira: Maybe she's walking with it between her butt.

Hijikata: Of course not! Don't you think your daughter is cute!?

Hijikata: Your daughter said that as to not hurt the guy.

Matsudaira: What?

Kondou: Toshi, are you saying that she really wasn't disgusted at all by the poop? / You were totally disgusted at me when I wet my pants / whereas that girl consumes all of him, including his dirty parts. Is that what you're trying to say?

Okita: Kondou-san, I'm disgusted at you too.

Hijikata: From laughing it off when he was an hour late to rendezvous / she must be serious...


Okita: Totsan! Look!

Okita: Uh oh, they're heading for the Ferris wheel! / There's not mistake, they're going to kiss!

Matsudaira: What!? Is that right!?

Okita: Where there are Ferris wheels' there are kisses, Ferris wheel's were made to kiss in.

Matsudaira: Seriously!? I didn't know! Kuriko-chan is in danger!

Kondou: We need to do something! Thinking is later! Let's go!

Matsudaira: Urgent, get it ready right now!

[ Hijikata-han, Hijikata-han ]

[ Hijikata-han is so handsome and cool ]

[ you must be very popular between women. ]

[ Not really. ]

[ Oh, you liar ~ ]

[ Hijikata-han, Hijikata-han ]

[ Eh? What's that you're eating? ]


[ Hijikata special rice. Want some? ]

Hijikata: Ha.

Hijikata: ...I'd thought / that love was just an illusion.

Shichibei: But Kuriko, you really are something. / You'd usually dump them, if your boyfriend wets their pants. I really thought it was the end there.

Kuriko: I won't dump you for such a little thing, Shichibei-sama.

Kuriko: Besides, you didn't dump me when I wet my pants, too, did you?

Shichibei: But that's because...


Kuriko: Because?

Shichibei: Er... um... because... well... I... / um, l-l-lo

Kuriko: Lo?

Shichibei: Lo... / Lo-

Kuriko: Kyaaaaaa!

K & S: W... What is that!?

M & K & O: Killer Samurai 13. / We're here for your lives.


Shichibei: What the heck!? What gibberish are you...

Kuriko: Kyaaaa! / Someone help us!

Shichibei: That's...

Matsudaira: Wha- / Toshi!!

Hijikata: Toshi? / Who's that?


Hijikata: I am the Love Warrior / Mayora 13

Hijikata: Idiots who try to thwart others love / disappear!

Matsudaira: No! The propeller!



Shichibei: Mayora 13!?

Kuriko: How handsome...

Hijikata: I wish you two happily every after. / See you.

Hijikata: [ Hmph... Perhaps falling in love and whatnot isn't so bad after all... ]

Kuriko: Wait, Mayora 13-sama!

Kuriko: Um, I'll break up with this poop-guy, so will you go out with me please?


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#1. by ibra87 (MH Senpai)
Posted on Jul 14, 2007
Awesome, thank you :D
#2. by Silver_Sea (Translator)
Posted on Jul 14, 2007
Hello Aki!!

Thanks for the script! ^^
#3. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Jul 14, 2007
Hi pecology!
Welcome to MH! Thanks for posting your translations here!!

I like this part, it's funny! :tem

Matsudaira: He's not her boyfriend! Daddy will never approve of such a frivolous guy!
Hijikata: Shut up! I will never approve of you as our police chief!
Okita: And I will never approve of Hijikata-san as our vice-captain!
Hijikata: You stay out of this!

By the way, what does the 'han' in 'Hijikata-han' means? Another kind of addressing someone?

And if you aren't aware yet, you can just check out the Gintama section here. :)
#4. by pecology (Translator)
Posted on Jul 15, 2007
Hello! Thank you for reading. :D 'Han' lines with 'san' and 'kun', as another way of addressing someone. It's like 'san', but a bit old-fashioned. Nobody uses it anymore in modern Japan. I often hear it in dramas that take place in like Edo.
#5. by n8starr (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 15, 2007
thanks for the trans, and i hope you keep posting more gintama translations! Great job!
#6. by Sai (THE MH FOODIE)
Posted on Jul 15, 2007
Great job on the translation. Also, Welcome to Urakai.
#7. by eaballer10 (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 15, 2007
Hey Pecology! (Or should I say, Aki? :p)

Though, I haven't read Gintama yet, I still read your translation and I love how easily it flows. I'm probably going to start Gin really soon, though (just a lot of vols to read :sweat).

I can't wait to start working with you! Welcome~~~ :D
#8. by Belle (Registered User)
Posted on Jul 15, 2007
Great translation. ^_^ Thanks for doing Gintama.. I'm reading the volumes as well. Welcome to the forum, Aki.

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