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Houkago Wind Orchestra 1

Houkago Wind Orchestra 001

+ posted by pecology as translation on Apr 15, 2008 01:51 | Go to Houkago Wind Orchestra

-> RTS Page for Houkago Wind Orchestra 1

Hi, introducing a new series here, Houkago Wind Orchestra (After-school Wind Orchestra) from JUMP SQ. Looks like there's a translation out there already, but what the heck, I did it so. :P Since I was personally a member of a Wind Orchestra club in Japan too, I'm excited about the series. There's some mentions of competitions and whatnot, so if you think more information is sufficient just mention it and I'll probably be able to answer.

You can find the raw here: http://mangahelpers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27884

I'd love it if someone would give it a glance and proofread it, thanks. I'm pretty sure about the accuracy but I think there might be a few grammar errors and other tidbits.

You can use them for scanlations, only if you ask me first. First come first serve. ;)


彼の名前は平音よしとし 15歳
His name is Yoshitoshi Heion, 15 years old.
He is entering high school this spring.

成績は中の下 帰宅部
Since his middle school years, his hobby is to sleep.
His talent is to erase his presence during class (thanks to this, he has never been called on by the teacher).
His grades are at the bottom end of the middle rank. A member of the Going-Home Club.

Basically, he is not the type to carry out an exciting youth life.

-That is something he is already aware of.

But strangely, his best friend had told him,

You never know what'll happen one step ahead in life.

<新連載47P 放課後ウィンド・オーケストラ>
<New Series 47P "After School Wind Orchestra>


第一話 ちょっと涙出ちゃいました
Chapter 1 I got teary a bit

Little encounters create an ensemble...
Curtains up to a wind orchestra graffiti!


Chiyotani Private High School
Nicknamed Chiyoko

Being average in everything from academics to sports, it is an extremely inconspicious school.

But I wanted to get in, no matter what.

After all, it was only 5 minutes away from my house.

よしとし: 朝は秒単位で長く寝たいし
Yoshi: I do want to get in as much sleep as I can by the second.

よしとし: きっと世の中では可もなく不可もない連中が低燃費な毎日を過ごしてるんだ
Yoshi: I'm sure that there are people out there spending fuel-efficient days everyday, neither good nor bad.

よしとし: なんと俺にフィットすることか
Yoshi: How fitting it is for me.


シロー: あっれ~~敏ちん!?
Shirou: Oh my, Toshi-chin!?

SFX: ドン
SFX: Bam

よしとし: うげぇっ・・・ シロー!?
Yoshi: Eek... Shirou!?

シロー: いかにも~!! / うわ~~敏ちんここに入ったんだぁ~~!!?小学校ぶりじゃな~い!!?
Shirou: Indeed~!! / Wooow~~ You got in here too~~!!? It's been since elementary school!!

シロー: うっひょ~この地味なカオ!!全然変わってないしー!!つっかなっつかしいね―覚えてる?小2んときプールで敏ちん急にうん・・・
Shirou: Aw~ look at this plane face!! You haven't changed at all!! But it brings back the old memories, do you remember? When were in second grade, Toshi-chin suddenly poo...

よしとし: だーーーっっっ!!
Yoshi: Aaaah!!

シロー: 中学違っても毎年年賀状送ってたのに一度も返事くれなかったでしょ~~~!??
Yoshi: Even when we went to different middle schools I sent you a New Year's Card every year, but you never replied did you!!?

よしとし: そっから何か察しろよ!!
Yoshi: Why can't you get the hint from that!?

よしとし: は~~~ / 入学早々最っっっ低だ!!
Yoshi: Argh / School's only started, and already it sucks!!

シロー: ねーねーおばさんとか元気?うっわ~俺のこと覚えてるかな~~!?(ねぇ今度家行っていい?)
Shirou: Hey, how's your mother? Ah, I wonder if she still remembers me!? (Hey can I go to your house some time?)

SFX: チリン
SFX: Ring

よしとし: しっ / 黙れ
Yoshi: Shh / Shut up.

シロー: え?
Shirou: What?


りな: あ・・・おはよう
Rina: Oh... Good morning.

SFX: *run*

よしとし: ほっ
Yoshi: Phew

シロー: うっひょ~~何よ今の美少女!!やだ~敏ちんにきびも治らんうちに色気づいちゃった!?ウヒ~~!!
Shirou: Whoa~ who was that beautiful girl!? Aw~ has Toshi-chin become sexually aware even before his acne has gone away? Hehe~!!

よしとし: っるせーな / 同じクラスなだけだよ
Yoshi: Shut up / She's just my classmate.


シロー: そーいや敏ちんE組だっけ? / なんかすげー可愛い女子がいるってA組でも噂なんだけど / 藤本鈴奈って知ってる?
Shirou: Oh yeah, are you in Class E? / There's a rumor in Class A, too, that there's a really cute girl / Do you know Rina Fujimoto?

よしとし: ・・・・・
Yoshi: ..............

シロー: はぁ?さっきの?
Shirou: Huh? That girl?

シロー: ははー・・・・ / いやね既に絶対おとすーって意気込んでた奴いたから / あ~~・・・・ちょっと敏ちんにはむっずかしーかな~~・・・
Shirou: Mmhmm... / It's just that there were already some guys who were all fired up, like, I'm going to get her! / Aw~... I think she may be a bit too hard for Toshi-chin...

シロー: 残念だったね敏ちん!!!
Shirou: Sucks for you Toshi-chin!!!

SFX: Slap slap

シロー: 敏ちんは多分ねーあの子が他の男と仲良くなってくのを遠~~くから見てるんだと思うよ!!
Shirou: In your case, Toshi-chin, you'll probably just be watching her getting friendly with other boys from faaaaar away!!

シロー: そだ!!もしあの子のメアドゲットできたら一万円やろか!!一万円!!
Shirou: I know!! If you can get her e-mail I'll give you 10,000 yen!! 10,000 yen!!

<Son of president>

SFX: だららっ
SFX: *sweat*

よしとし: おまえ・・・悲しいくらい何一つ改善されてねーな・・・
Yoshi: You... haven't changed for the better at all to the point where it's just sad...


よしとし: あーあそこに500円玉
Yoshi: Oh look, a 500 yen coin over there.

シロー: えー!?
Shirou: What!?

シロー: どこどこどこ
Shirou: Where where where!?

SFX: しゃかしゃかしゃか
SFX: *scramble*

よしとし: 相変わらず金持ちのくせにせこい家系だ
Yoshi: What penny-pincher, like always, despite being rich.

Argh, I know already.

「藤本鈴奈です よろしくおねがいします」
"My name is Rina Fujimoto. Nice to meet you."

Just that brief introduction, and the classroom had rippled with murmurs.


but modest

I could understand that there would be excited boys-

But those kinds of girls are the people on the other sides, and thus... what can I say

先生: えー
Teacher: Alright

先生: 今から部活案内配るので―
Teachers: I'm going to pass out club guides now-

It doesn't matter to me.

生徒: あれ?
Student: Er?

生徒: 一枚たんねーな
Student: We're short one.


よしとし: あー・・・ / 俺いらねーわ
Yoshi: Oh... / I don't need one.

生徒: そ?
Student: Sure?

よしとし: 部活なんか入んねーし
Yoshi: There's no way I'm going to join a club

よしとし: 中学の時もよくあったよな・・・
Yoshi: Happened a lot in middle school too...

よしとし: 気配消しすぎてプリントとか回ってこないの / 忍者なれっかな
Yoshi: I erased my presence so much, they never give me handouts / Maybe I can be a ninja.

りな: あの・・・
Rina: Um...

りな: よかったら・・・ / どうぞ・・・
Rina: If you'd like... / Here...

よしとし: へ
Yoshi: Wha?

よしとし: あ いやいいから・・・
Yoshi: Uh, no it's okay...

りな: いいんです・・・ / 私必要ないから・・・
Rina: It's okay... / I don't need one...

よしとし: あの
Yoshi: Um

よしとし: あ・・・
Yoshi: Uh...


よしとし: あり・・・
Yoshi: Tha...

女子: えーりな部活入んないのぉ?
Girl: Aw, Rina, aren't you going to join a club?

りな: ううん / もう入るトコ決めてるから
Rina: Of course / It's just that I've already decided where to join.

女子: そうなの?
Girl: Really?

よしとし: あ・・・
Yoshi: Uh...

よしとし: ま / いっか・・・
Yoshi: Oh well / Whatever...

SFX: きーんこーん
SFX: *school bell rings*

よしとし: 部活ねぇ・・・ / 部活って見るからに疲れそうだし
Yoshi: Hm, club activities... / Clubs clearly look tiring

よしとし: ・・・興味ねーなー・・・
Yoshi: ...Not interested...

よしとし: 平和な海・・・ / いい眺めだ・・・
Yoshi: The peaceful sea... / What a nice view...

よしとし: やっぱココ入って正解だな・・・
Yoshi: I was right to choose this school...

SFX: ビュオ
SFX: whoosh

よしとし: わっ
Yoshi: Ack

よしとし: 目にごみが
Yoshi: Something's in my eye...

よしとし: うわー最低・・・ / ん
Yoshi: Argh this sucks... / Nn



伊東: やっ☆俺A組の伊東 / 俺さぁーまだ友達できなくてさー寂しーの!
Ito: Hey☆ I'm Ito from Class A / I still haven't made any friends, and I'm lonely!

伊東: だからさー俺のお友達一号になってくんない?
Ito: So, like, will you be my friend number one?

よしとし: あれか・・・
Yoshi: So that's...

りな: 私人見知りするのでー
Rina: I'm shy around strangers-

伊東: マジ?わ~奇遇俺もなのよ! / 気があったとこでとりあえずメアド交換しない?
Ito: Seriously? Wow, what a coincidence, me too! / Now that we've gotten along already, can we trade e-mail's?

りな: あ!平音くん
Rina: Oh! Heion-kun

りな: 先生が呼んでたよ / 職員室に来いってさ!いこ<3
Rina: The teacher was looking for you. / He said to come to the teachers' lounge. Let's go <3

よしとし: ひいい!
Yoshi: Ahh!


りな: ご / ごめんなさいいきなり・・・
Rina: S- / Sorry, taking you by surprise...

よしとし: い・・・いや
Yoshi: N-no problem

りな: 音楽室探してたら迷っちゃって・・・
Rina: I got lost while looking for the music room...

よしとし: 別棟の4Fだな
Yoshi: That's at the 4th floor of the separate building.

りな: え~~っと
Rina: Uuuuuum

よしとし: 一緒にいこうか?
Yoshi: Do you want me to come with you?

りな: え?
Rina: Eh?

SFX: はっ
SFX: realization

よしとし: 馬鹿か俺は!!!これじゃーナンパくん二号じゃん!!!
Yoshi: What am I, and idiot!? I seem like hitter number two!!

りな: いいの?
Rina: Really?

よしとし: へ
Yoshi: Wha

りな: うわ・・・ありがとう助かるかも (実はちょっと方向音痴で)
Rina: Wow... Thanks, that'd really help. (I'm actually terrible with directions)

よしとし: でもさ / 何しに行くの?音楽室
Yoshi: But / what are you going to the music room for?

りな: 仮入部
Rina: For preliminary sign ups.

よしとし: ―ああ
Yoshi: -Oh


りな: あ / ここかな?
Rina: Ah / Is this it?

よしとし: 吹奏楽部?
Yoshi: The Wind Orchestra club?

SFX: ガラっ
SFX: *open*

りな: 中学の時ずっとやってたの
Rina: I've been doing it all throughout my middle school years.

りな: 高校でも続けようと思って
Rina: I'd been thinking about continuing it during my high school years, too.

りな: わぁ・・・すごい立派な楽器庫
Rina: Wow... What a splendid instrument storage room!

よしとし: すいそーがく・・・って / どんなだっけ?
Yoshi: Wind orchestra... / What was that again?

りな: これだけ揃えば大編成だって―
Rina: If there's this much prepared, we might even be able to participate in the large-orchestration category-

よしとし: 大編成?
Yoshi: Large orchestration?

SFX: ガラっ
SFX: *open*

小宮山: ん?
Komiyama: Oh?

小宮山: 新入生?
Komiyama: Freshmen?

りな: あ・・・はいっ入部希望なんですが・・・
Rina: Um... Yes, I'd like to sign up...

よしとし: あ / おれはちが・・・
Yoshi: Oh / I'm not...


小宮山: あちゃー悪いなー
Komiya: Uh oh, I'm sorry

小宮山: 今年から吹奏楽部なくなってんだけど・・・ / 部活案内かなんかに書いてなかった?
Komiyama: There's no wind orchestra club from this year on... / Didn't it say so on the club activity guide or something?

りな: え?知らない・・・
Rina: Huh? I didn't know...

よしとし: 読んでない・・・
Yoshi: Didn't read it...

よしとし: 人が足りないとかですか?
Yoshi: Is it because you don't have enough people?

小宮山: んー・・・それもあっけどー・・・ / 校長が突然去年の対外成績が悪かった部をなくすって言い出して / まーうちもそのひとつで
Komiyama: Hm... That too, but... / The principal suddenly decided last year that he was going to get rid of all clubs which didn't achieve very good results / And, well, we were one of them

小宮山: ま去年のメンバー9人しか残ってなかったし / ハイ解散!って言われた時も誰も反対しなかったし・・・
Komiyama: Then again, there were only 9 of us left from last year. / And no one really argued when we were told to disband...

小宮山: 結局そのままグダグダっと廃部に・・・
Komiyama: And so we were eliminated just like that...

よしとし: 9人? / 9人もいりゃ十分でしょ
Yoshi; 9? / 9 people is more than enough, isn't it?

よしとし: 練習試合だって組めるし・・・
Yoshi: You could even set up practice matches...

よしとし: あれ? / 吹奏楽って一チーム11人?
Yoshi: Oops? / Did wind orchestra need 11 to a team?

りな: ・・・・・・・・・
Rina: ...............


小宮山: この辺市民の吹奏楽団とかあるし / よかったらそっちあたってみたら?
Komiyama: There are community wind orchestra's around here / Why don't you try that, if you'd like?

小宮山: んじゃま悪いけど・・・
Komiyama: Oh well, sorry about it...

SFX: がっくり
SFX: *disappointment*

よしとし: ざ 残念だったな
Yoshi: Th-that was a bummer.

よしとし: でもほら仕方ないし / え~~~とバイオリン?とか?別に部活でなくてもやれるし・・・
Yoshi: But hey, you can't do anything about it / Like uuuum violins? or something? You could do that without a club...

よしとし: そ・・・そーだよ!!吹奏楽よりもっと楽し~<3って思えること探せばいいじゃん!!
Yoshi: That's... that's right!! You could just find something that's waaaay more fun than wind orchestra!!

SFX: ぴく
SFX: twitch

りな: は?
Rina: What?

りな: じゃあ聞くけどなに? / 部活より楽しいことって・・・・
Rina: Then let me ask you, what? / What the hell is more fun than club activities, huh?

りな: 何!?
Rina: What is!?

よしとし: ああああああわわわ / ぼぼ僕何か失礼なことを・・・・・・
Yoshi: Ummmmm um / D-d-did I say something offending...


りな: あんた何一つわかってないのね!!!起立!!!
Rina: You really don't know a single thing, do you!? Stand up straight!!

よしとし: は・・・はひっっっ
Yoshi: Eee... eep

りな: まずひとつ!!
Rina: One!!

りな: 吹奏楽ってーのは読んで字の如く「吹く楽器」による音楽!!
Rina: Wind orchestra is just like you read it, music made by instruments in which you blow wind into!!

りな: 大別すれば金管楽器木管楽器打楽器!!
Rina: Dividing them into categories, there are brass, wind, and percussion!!

りな: ゆえに弦であるバイオリンは含まれない!!!(コントラバスは入るけど)
Rina: Thus violin, which is a string is not included!! (Although there is contrabass included)

よしとし: はっははははははひっわかりましたっ
Yoshi: E-e-eeeeeeeep I g-g-get it

りな: 復唱!!!
Rina: Repeat!!!

よしとし: すすすす吹奏楽は吹く楽器に音楽でうんぬんかんぬん
Yoshi: W-w-w-wind orchestra is a music in blowing wind into instruments and yadda yadda

りな: ふたつ!! / パート(楽器)は全部で30くらいになるし練習場所と楽器の確保を考えればむしろ部活は最適!!!
Rina: Second!! / There are roughly 30 instrumental parts in all, and considering practice places and securing instruments club activities are the most beneficial!!!

よしとし: ひっっっ
Yoshi: Eeeee

よしとし: ひいっ・・・
Yoshi: Eep...

よしとし: ごめんなさっ・・・
Yoshi: I-I'm so...

りな: それでいて人数やジャンルの幅もかなり自由度が高くて気軽でおちゃめ!!かつ楽しい!!! / あたしはこのために高校入ったっつーーの!!
Rina: Plus there is a wide variety of the number of people and genre, with a lot of flexibility and lightheartedness!! And it's fun!! / This is what I came to high school for!!


りな: みっつ!!
Rina: Three!

よしとし: まだあんの!?
Yoshi: There's more!?

SFX: はっ
SFX: *realization*

りな: わ・・・私たら・・・
Rina: Oh... I'm so...

りな: わ~~っ平音くんしっかりっっごめんなさい~っっっ
Rina: Aaah, Heion-kun, are you okay? I'm sorry~~

りな: わわ・・・私その / なんか吹奏楽部に関することになると極端に沸点が低くなるというか・・・
Rina: I-I... I'm, well / When it comes to wind orchestra, how do you say, my boiling point becomes extremely low...

りな: 高校では出さないようにと・・・
Rina: I was trying not to show it at high school...

よしとし: さ さっそく出たね・・・
Yoshi: I-It came out already, didn't it...

りな: ごめんなさい・・・ / 平音くんは出会ったばかりの人なのに・・・
Rina: I'm sorry... / And I just met you...

よしとし: あ / で でも
Yoshi: Um / B-but

よしとし: よく知りもしないのに軽はずみなこと言って俺の方も悪かったのかな・・・とか
Yoshi: I kind of thought that... I took stuff lightly when I didn't even know it well...

りな: よかったぁ・・・
Rina: I'm relieved...

<Whoa... This girl is not fair...>

よしとし: そ それが藤本のやってた楽器?
Yoshi: Is- is that the instrument you played?

りな: あ うん
Rina: Oh, yes.


りな: 中一からずっとトランペットやってたんだ
Rina: I've been playing the trumpet since my first year in middle school.

よしとし: おおすげー / ・・・高そう (さわらしてっ)
Yoshi: Oh wow / ...looks expensive (let me touch)

よしとし: 使わないのももったいない話だな
Yoshi: It seems like a waste to not use it.

りな: ほんと・・・こんなに揃っているのに・・・
Rina: Really... And there's so much prepared...

りな: このままじゃ楽器が傷んでいくだけじゃない
Rina: The instruments are only going to spoil like this.

よしとし: 藤本のいた中学って・・・ / 上手かったの?
Yoshi: Was your middle school... / good?

りな: ううん別にフツー・・・
Rina: Not really, just normal...

りな: 私も上手いわけじゃなくて
Rina: It wasn't like I was good, either.

りな: でも楽しかったし毎日休まずでてたら
Rina: But it was fun, and after going to practice everyday without a single absence


I got a really important solo for a competition, during my third year.

I practiced desperately...

When I got up on that stage for the real thing

When I thought, oh, this might be the last time I'll be able to play with these same members...

I really thought that I couldn't fail

りな: へたくそかもしれないけど / 一生懸命頑張ったもん
Rina: I might be a bad player / But I tried as hard as I could.

りな: その成果をすべてだすんだ・・・!!
Rina: I have to bring out all that hard work...!!

りな: まぁ・・・結果から言うと・・・
Rina: Well... Telling you the results first...

SFX: ブベー・・・
SFX: Buuu

りな: 思いっきり事故ったんだけど・・・
Rina: It was a total disaster...

(That means I failed)

So... I was so scared of hearing the results...

SFX: ずずうう

I ran out of the hall and depressed about it by myself...

よしとし: そ それはさ / トラウマとゆーか
Yoshi: Didn't that / What do you call it, trauma?

よしとし: 嫌な思い出にはならなかったの?
Yoshi: Didn't it become a bad memory?

りな: うーん
Rina: Hmm

りな: そうなるかと思った
Rina: I thought it would.

よしとし: え?
Yoshi: Eh?


男: 発表は聞かないんですか?
Man: Aren't you going to go hear the results?

りな: いいんです / 最後の大会なのに・・・全然上手くいかなかった・・・
Rina: It's alright / It's my last competition... And it didn't go well at all...

男: 中学生に「上手さ」を求める審査員いません
Man: There is no judge who asks for "skill" in middle school students.

りな: 知ってるこの人 / 「常勝」賢洋高校の顧問・・・
Rina: I know this person. / He's the music director of "invincible" Kenyou High...

りな: で では・・・ / 何を求められていたんでしょうか
Rina: Th-then... / What are we asked for?

男: いやぁそういわれると難しいところですが アハハ
Man: Ah, it's quite hard to explain when you put it that way, haha.

男: ただね・・・ / 僕なんかが学生の音楽を聴くと
Man: It's just that... / When someone like me listens to music made by students

男: 彼らが何に憧れそのためにどんな毎日を送ってきたのか― / そんなことがすべて見えてくるんですねぇ
Man: What they yearn for and what kind of days they've spent for it- / It all comes into sight, you see.


男: その制服・・・千賀中ですか / 実にイイ演奏でした
Man: That uniform... Chiga Middle School? / It was an excellent performance.

男: 是非高校に入っても音楽を続けて / いつか今日の続きを聞かせてください
Man: I do hope you continue music even when you go into high school / Let me hear today's continuation.

りな: 今日の・・・つづき?
Rina: Today's... continuation?

仲間: あーっりないたーっ!!
Friend: Ah, Rina, I found you!!

仲間: 金賞だったよーっ
Rina: We got gold!!

SFX: ばたばたばた
SFX: *running*

仲間: だめ金*だったけどーっ!! / よかったぁーっ!!
Friend: Even though it was a dud gold!! / I'm so glad!!

*Dud gold: It's gold place, but they cannot continue on to the next competition.

男: 仲間が迎えに来ましたよ
Man: You're friends have come for you.

りな: その先生最後にこう言ってくれた
Rina: That teacher said to me last,


りな: 「15歳が『今日できなかった事』を悔やむ必要なんかどこにもない」
Rina: "There is no need for a 15 year old to regret about 'something you couldn't do today'."

りな: 「大事なのはこれから先何ができるようになるかだ」って
Rina: "What is important is what you will be able to do from this step."

りな: あー・・・ / だからかな
Rina: Ah... / Maybe that's why.

りな: つい部活にこだわっちゃうの・・・
Rina: Why I seem to fixate on club acitivities so much...

よしとし: ―
Yoshi: --

よしとし: いいんじゃない? / ここでも音楽・・・つづけられるといいな
Yoshi: Why not? / Hope you can... continue music here, too.

りな: ありがと
Rina: Thanks

りな: そうよね
Rina: You're right

りな: 新入生に声かけたりできることあるよね!!
Rina: There's a lot of things I could do, like invite some of the freshmen!


りな: ―平音くん音楽は?
Rina: -Heion-kun, do you do music?

よしとし: お 俺? / ムリムリぜってーーームリ
Yoshi: M-me? / No, no no no, impossible!

りな: ―そっかごめんなさい
Rina: -Right, I'm sorry.

よしとし: あ・・・
Yoshi: Uh...

りな: つきあってくれてありがとね / 私一年の校舎まわってみる
Rina: Thanks for helping me / I'm going to try scouting around the freshmen building.

よしとし: あ・・・ああ
Yoshi: Uh... right

SFX: *running*

What they yearn for and what kind of days they've spent for it-

And what kind of days they've spent for it...

SFX: ずずずずず
SFX: slide

SFX: どはーーーっっ
SFX: siiiiigh

<Rush of sudden faitgue>

I just exceeded my conversation amount with girls during my three years of middle school... probably...


It changed this much because of just one word...

If I took one step foward...

what would happen...?


SFX: ガシャン
SFX: thud

Wait a second!!


SFX: ガシャン
SFX: thud

よしとし: 考えてもみろ 音楽だぞ? / 中学んとき2だったし楽譜もよめねーし
Yoshi: Think about it, it's music. / I had a D in middle school and I can't even read music.

よしとし: 手伝えること・・・ないな うん
Yoshi: Something I can help... there's nothing, yup.

SFX: わいの わいの
SFX: *bustling*

よしとし: お・・・
Yoshi: Hey...

SFX: ワイ ワイ ガヤ ガヤ
SFX: *talking crowds*

よしとし: どの部も勧誘はじまってんだ・・・
Yoshi: All the clubs are beginning recruiting...

SFX: ドン
SFX: bump

生徒: おっと
Student: Oops

生徒: わりーな急いでんだ
Student: Sorry, I'm in a hurry.

生徒: 一度入部したら一学期間は変えられねーからな ブヒャヒャヒャ
Student: Once you sign up you can't change clubs for one semester, muhaha.

生徒2: とりあえず入部させりゃ勝ちっすね先輩!
Student 2: That means we win if we get them to sign them up, right, senpai!?


よしとし: ふーん / 大変だね・・・頑張れ
Yoshi: Mhm / Sounds tough... good luck

よしとし: ・・・・・・・・ / ・・・・・・・・・・・・
Yoshi: ........ / ..........

りな: わー / 教室ほとんど人残ってない
Rina: Ah / There's barely anyone left in the classrooms.

りな: ん?
Rina: Hm?

りな: あ
Rina: Oh

りな: 中庭で部活の勧誘やってる
Rina: They're doing recruits at the courtyard!

SFX: だだだだだっ
SFX: *running*

りな: どーりで!
Rina: Figures!


ゆい: り~~~なっ!!
Yui: Riiiiiiina!!

りな: きゃあっ・・・ / ―長谷部さん
Rina: Ah... / -Hasebe-san

ゆい: もー
Yui: God

ゆい: 唯でいいってば
Yui: I told you Yui is fine.

ゆい: ねーねー吹奏楽部の仮入部どうだった?
Yui: Hey, how'd sign ups for wind orchestra go?

りな: あ それが・・・
Rina: Oh, that...

ゆい: そいやさ / 中庭でこんなん配ってたよぉ~~
Yui: Oh yeah / They were passing out this at the courtyard~

SFX: ぴらっ
SFX: flap

りな: な・・・
Rina: Wha...

りな: なぁーんだ!他にもやりたい人いたんだ! / わたし手伝ってくる・・・どこにいた?
Rina: Oh! There are other people who want to do it, too! / I'm going to go help... where were they?

ゆい: こっから見えるよ?
Yui: You can see from here.


りな: え?
Rina: What?

よしとし: あーすいません!そこゆく人!
Yosh: Um, excuse me! Passing people!

よしとし: 吹奏楽部入りませんか?
Yoshi; Would you like to join the wind orchestra club?

りな: ・・・・・・・・・・
Rina: ...............

ゆい: どっかで見た顔・・・ / 誰だっけ?
Yui: I've seen that face before... / Who was he again?

よしとし: 新一年も歓迎です! / 吹奏楽部は部員募集中でーーす!
Yoshi: Freshmen are welcome too! / The wind orchestra club is looking for new members!

よしとし: こんな大声出すの何年ぶりだ / 明日ぜってー声枯れてる~っ
Yoshi: I don't know how many years it's been since I've yelled this much / My voice is so going to be dying tomorrow


りな: わ・・・わたし
Rina: I... I

りな: ちょっと行ってくる・・・!
Rina: I'm going to go...!

ゆい: ―りな待った!!
Yui: -Wait Rina!!

りな: へ!?
Rina: Huh!?

ゆい: 人を集めたいんでしょお?
Yui: You want to collect people, right?

SFX: きらり~ん
SFX: sparkle

ゆい: いい考えがある<3
Yui: I have a good idea <3

SFX: わい わい

SFX: やい やい

SFX: がや がや

SFX: わた わた

SFX: Above four all *chattering*

よしとし: あ / あの
Yoshi: Uh / Um

よしとし: こちら吹奏楽部でっ・・・
Yoshi: This is the wind orchestra club and...

岩崎: へえ吹奏楽部か
Iwasaki: Hm, the wind orchestra club

岩崎: 君が代表?
Iwasaki: Are you the representative?


よしとし: あ・・・その / なんとゆーか / ・・・ハァ
Yoshi: Um... well / whadya say / ...yeah

岩崎: それカッコいいねどうやって吹くの?
Iwasaki: That looks cool, how do you play it?

よしとし: えっ
Yoshi: Uh

よしとし: ―たぶん・・・ / これは― ・・・その
Yoshi: -probably... / this is... um

岩崎: たぶん?
Iwasaki: Probably?

よしとし: ここに息を入れて・・・ / 音を出す?
Yoshi: You put air through here... / And make sound?

岩崎: どうやって
Iwasaki: How?

SFX: ぱく
SFX: bite

SFX: スカー
SFX: air sound

岩崎: ―ふむ
Iwasaki: -hm


SFX: ガサ
SFX: slip

岩崎: ―なんか / 根本的に何かが絶対的に足りてない気がするなぁ・・・
Iwasaka: -It seems / That you're essentially lacking something absolute...

よしとし: そ・・・そお?
Yoshi: R...really?

岩崎: あ
Iwasaki: Oh

岩崎: これじゃない?これつけて吹くんじゃない?
Iwasaki: Maybe it's this? Don't you blow with this attached on it?

よしとし: お!
Yoshi: Ah ha!

よしとし: ―正解です
Yoshi: -That is correct.

SFX: ガシャコン
SFX: clank

岩崎: て・・・手の込んだ前フリするのね・・・
Iwasaki: What a complicated preface...

SFX: プスゥー
SFX: air sound

岩崎: いや・・・いい加減しつこいし・・・
Iwasaki: Um... It's already kind of persisting...

SFX: ぱっ
SFX: grab

よしとし: !!?
Yoshi: !!?

岩崎: 誰?
Iwasaki: Who?

よしとし: ちょい / あんた誰っっ(つか返してっ)
Yoshi: Hey / Who are you!? (give it back)

生徒: ・・・構え方も知らないのあんた?
Student: ...You don't even know how to hold it?


SFX: ガシャ
SFX: rustle

生徒: 口の端引いて
Student: Pull out your lips

SFX: ぐっ
SFX: pull

生徒: ―「ぷっ」
Student: -"Pu"

よしとし: 「ぷ」?
Yoshi: "Pu"?

生徒: そう あくまで軽く
Student: Yes. Lightly.

生徒: 真っ直ぐ構えて
Student: Hold it straight.

SFX: ガシっ
SFX: snap

生徒: 遠く見て / そのまま
Student: Look far ahead / And like that

よしとし: そのまま?
Yoshi: Like that?

よしとし: 「ぷ」?
Yoshi: "Pu"?


SFX: パン
SFX: Pam

よしとし: ―・・・
Yoshi: --...

よしとし: うおっ!! / 今の見た?
Yoshi: Wow!! / Did you see that?

岩崎: 見たとゆーか うん聞いた
Iwasaki: Dunno about seeing, but yeah, I heard it.

よしとし: うわ 今すっげ楽に音出たし!!
Yoshi: Wow, the sound came out really easy just now!!

よしとし: すげ―・・・何つーの? / 音に当たった時
Yoshi: Wow-... How do you say? / When I got the sound

よしとし: すげー気持ちいー!!
Yoshi: It felt really good!!

岩崎: なんか面白そうだな / 俺一年C組も岩崎ってんだけど
Iwasaki: Looks fun. / I'm Iwasaki from freshmen class C

岩崎: 仮入部してみようかな
Iwasaki: I might try preliminary signing up.

よしとし: お まじで?
Yoshi: Hey, seriously?


岩崎: それに / 初心者でもやれそうだ
Iwasaki: Besides / Looks like even a beginner can do it.

ゆい: はーーーいみなさーーん<3<3
Yui: Hellooooo everyone! <3<3

よしとし: ん?
Yoshi: Huh?

ゆい: 私たちと楽器やりませんかー<3
Yui: Would you like to play instruments with up? <3

ゆい: 吹奏楽部でーーっす<3<3
Yui: We are the wind orchestra club! <3<3

りな: ・・・・・・・・・・
Rina: ...........

目立ちたい?とりあえず露出よ露出― (アイドル研から借りてきたわー)
You want to stand out? Then expose, esposing works best (I borrowed these from celebrity studies)

What about it hunk?

りな: あ・・・
Rina: Um...

りな: は・・・
Rina: I-I'm...


よしとし: 藤本・・・!
Yoshi: Fujimoto...!

りな: 平音くん・・・
Rina: Heion-kun...


よしとし: 藤本・・・
Yoshi: Fujimoto...

りな: 手伝うね
Rina: I'll help

りな: 遅くなりました!!
Rina: Sorry for being late!!

校長: おいなんだうるさいな / しかも何だねその破廉恥な格好は
Principal: Hey what is so loud? / And what is with that embarassing outfit may I ask?

校長: 何部だね!代表者は!!?
Principal: What club are you!? Who is responsible for this!!?

よしとし: げげっ・・・誰?
Yoshi: Uh oh... Who's that?

岩崎: 校長だろ
Iwasaki: Probably the principal.

ゆい: すみませんー / この人の指示なんです
Yui: I'm so sorry / It's his orders.

SFX: うるっ
SFX: tear

よしとし: はぁ!?
Yoshi: What!?

校長: な・・・な・・・なんという・・・
Principal: Wha...What...

よしとし: ちょっ・・・この女・・・
Yoshi: Argh... this woman...


SFX: すっ
SFX: slip away

よしとし: あ / あいつ・・・一体何者?
Yoshi: Hey / That guy... who was he?

りな: あの / 吹奏楽部―です
Rina: Um / We're... the wind orchestra club.

りな: すみませんでした・・・
Rina: I'm sincerely sorry...

校長: ―吹奏?―ああ・・・
Principal: -Wind Orchestra? -Oh...

SFX: チッ
SFX: ch

校長: 潰したはずだと思ったが・・・?
Principal: I thought I got rid of it...?

SFX: カチン
SFX: click

りな: も / もう一度立ち上げたいんです
Rina: I / I want to restart it again.

校長: フン
Principal: Ha

校長: 「強い部活」かどうか / 私の判断はそこだけだ
Principal: Whether it's a "strong club" or not / That's the only meter I have.

校長: 吹奏楽部の強さとは何だね / 大会にでて「強豪」と呼ばれることだろ?
Principal: What is the wind orchestra clubs strength? / It's to perform in competitions and to be dubbed as a "powerful school" right?

校長: とにかくだ / 結果も残せず学校のお荷物になる部活に
Principal: Anyway / For clubs' who won't bring back results and pull the school's leg

校長: 次などないんだよ
Principal: There are no nexts.


りな: お・・・ / お言葉ですが校長先生は
Rina: P.../ pardon me for saying so, but

りな: スクールバンドの価値のありかたを / 誤解なさっているのでは・・・
Rina: I believe you're misunderstanding / the value of a school band...

ゆい: りな・・・
Yui: Rina...

校長: その価値を計るのがコンクールだろう
Principal: And competitions are what measure its value, is it not?

校長: 私もこの学校の演奏を聞いたことがないわけではないんだよ
Principal: It's not like I haven't heard this school's performance before.

校長: ただプースカ煩いだけで芸術性のかけらもない
Principal: They just blow and blow, just being loud and noisy, without a scrap of artistry.

校長: ただでさえ目にも見えん 形にも残らん その上他人からは評価されない / そのくせ金ばかり喰うそんな部活動に意味などあるのかね
Principal: Not to mention that it's not visible, nor does it leave behind some kind of form, and to top it off it gets no credit from others / And yet what is the meaning of the existence of a club which only consumes money?


ゆい: なにこのおっさん!! / 感じ悪いわね ねぇり・・・
Yui: What's with this old man!? / How rude, right, Ri...

SFX: コソ
SFX: *whisper*

SFX: ぎょっ
SFX: *surprise*

りな: は?
Rina: What?


Uh oh

よしとし: あ / あの!
Yoshi: Uh... / Um!

よしとし: も― この辺で!!!
Yoshi: Just- Stop right there!!!


よしとし: こ・・・ここはひとつ
Yoshi: Wha... Why don't we-

よしとし: 今後の活動を見て判断してもらうってわけにはいきませんか?
Yoshi: -have you determine our existence after seeing how we do in our activities for a while?

校長: 何だね君は
Principal: And who are you?

SFX: むぎゅ
SFX: *squeeze*

よしとし: あ・・・俺―・・・ / そ・・・その!俺です!
Yoshi: Uh... I... / It's... Um! It's me!

よしとし: 俺が部長です!!!
Yoshi: I'm the president!!!


ゆい: あーつっかれたー!!
Yui: Phew, I'm so tired!!

SFX: ぐったり
SFX: *droop*

ゆい: あんた結構度胸あんのね
Yui: You were braver than I'd expected.

よしとし: おまえがゆーか!! カチーン
Yoshi: You say!! *anger*

よしとし: 確かにあの状況だったとはいえ
Yoshi: Even though it was under those circumstances...

よしとし: まーいーけどそんなんあとでどうとだって・・・
Yoshi: Oh well I don't care, it'll all be fine later...

小宮山: 平音くんだっけ?
Komiyama: Was it Heion-kun?

よしとし: あ・・・
Yoshi: Oh...

小宮山: 二年の小宮山! / いや~帰ろうとしたらオモロイもん見たわ~
Komiyama: I'm Komiyama, a second year! / Came across a really amusing show, when I was about to go home~

小宮山: いや・・・笑うとこちゃうな / うち去年のコンクールだめだったからねー 校長やたらとそれが気にくわないみたいで・・・
Komiyama: No... That's not something to laugh about. / We failed last years competition, you see, and the principal really seemed displeased about it...

小宮山: あの女の子にも悪いことしたね
Komiyama: We did something bad to that girl, too.

よしとし: いや・・・
Yoshi: No...

よしとし: いえ いいんです
Yoshi: It's okay.

よしとし: うまくいかなかったなら
Yoshi: If it didn't go well


よしとし: こっから皆で続き始めればいいんじゃないすか?
Yoshi: Shouldn't we continue on again from here?

小宮山: ―ん
Komiyama: -yeah

小宮山: 私もちょっと皆に声かけてみるわ
Komiyama: I think I'll call out to the others again.

よしとし: ま まじすか!
Yoshi: R- really!?

岩崎: おー / よかったね
Iwasaki: Ah / Good for you.

ゆい: あたし入ってもいいわよ!! / 今日みたいなオモロイもんが見れそうだし<3
Yui: I don't mind joining!! / Besides, I bet I'll be able to see some amusing stuff again like today <3

岩崎: いや それはどうよ
Iwasaki: Heh, I don't know about that.

小宮山: なんとかなりそうね―
Komiyama: Looks like it's be okay --

岩崎: じゃ また明日な―
Iwasaki: Hey, see you tomorrow-

よしとし: よかったな藤本
Yoshi: Good for you, Fujimoto

よしとし: 高校でも音楽続けられて・・・
Yoshi: Now you can continue music in high school, too...


よしとし: な
Yoshi: Wha

よしとし: 涙・・・?
Yoshi: Tears...?

りな: あー・・・なんか疲れちゃったね
Rina: Oh--... It was a tiring day.

りな: 帰ろっか!
Rina: Let's go home!

よしとし: あ・・・ああ
Yoshi: Er... yeah.

よしとし: お / 女の子は
Yoshi: G- / Girls

よしとし: 疲れると泣くのか・・・
Yoshi: Cry when they're tired...

よしとし: 知らなかった・・・
Yoshi: I never knew...


よしとし: は― 濃かった・・・
Yoshi: Phew-- What a deep day...

よしとし: 今日一日で中学の三年間ぶんくらい疲れた・・・
Yoshi: I feel three middle school years worth of fatigue from this one day...

母: 何言ってんの / あとさっき携帯鳴ってたわよ
Mother: What do you mean? / And your phone was ringing just then.

よしとし: メール?
Yoshi: An e-mail?

よしとし: あービラ見て・・・
Yoshi: Oh yeah, from the flyers...

<メール受信 件名:藤本です 本文: 藤本鈴菜です。>
<Received Mail Subject: This is Fujimoto Body Text: This is Rina Fujimoto.>


This is Rina Fujimoto.
Thank you for today.
Thanks to you, it looks like I'll be able to continue my wind orchestra activities from tomorrow.
Heion-kun helping me


surprised me, but I was happy.

I got teary a bit.

See you tomorrow.

Rina Fujimoto

よしとし: う
Yoshi: Oops

SFX: ぴろりろりん
SFX: *ring ring*

よしとし: おおおおおお見たかシロー!!

SFX: パチパチパチ
SFX: *clap*


よしとし: シロー!!?
Yoshi: Shirou!!?

SFX: パチパチパチ
SFX: *clap*

Shirou: Man... I'm moved.

よしとし: つーか何故いる!!
Yoshi: Hey, why are you here!?

シロー: 夕飯食べにきてたのよ 久々に
Shirou: I came to eat dinner, it's been a long time.

シロー: まさか一日で部活の長となり / あの子のメアドまで見事ゲットするとは・・・
Shirou: To think, that you'd become the leader of a club in one day / And even get that girl's e-mail address...

よしとし: シローおまえ・・・
Yoshi: Shirou, you...

よしとし: 見てたのか?
Yoshi: You were watching?

シロー: なんか中庭ではずかしーことやってんなーって
Shirou: I was thinking how you guys seemed to be doing something embarassing.

よしとし: 見てたんなら手伝え!!!
Yoshi: Help out, if you were watching!!

母: でもまさかよしとしとシローちゃんが同じ学校になるなんてねぇ
Mother: But to think that Yoshitoshi and Shirou-chan would be going to the same school again

シロー: いやー金積んで入れてくれた最高ランクだったんす~ / でもまさかとしちんがいるとは思わなかったっす~<3
Shirou: Nah, it was the highest ranked school they'd let me in after piling up the dough / But I'd never imagined that Toshi-chin would be there~ <3

シロー: でもね・・・おばさん僕思うんですよ
Shirou: But... mother, this is what I think

シロー: 人生一歩先では何が起こるかわかんもんだな~~~~って
Shirou: You never know what'll happen one step ahead in life~~

Ne... <3

SFX: ニカ~っ
SFX: *smile*

SFX: ムカっ
SFX: *irritated*

よしとし: ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・
Yoshi: .............



生徒: あー掃除終わったー
Student: Phew, done with the cleaning.

生徒: 平音はどこか仮入部したん?
Student: Heion-kun, did you sign up for something?

よしとし: あ・・・いや俺は別に
Yoshi: Uh... No not really

ゆい: あ!こんな所にいた部長!!!
Yui: Hey! Here you are, Mr. President!!!

よしとし: ちょっ悪いけど俺は入る気ないし・・・
Yoshi: Hey, I'm sorry but I'm not joining...

ゆい: 何言ってんのー音楽室に入部希望者待たしてるんだからー
Yui: What are you raving about? People interesed in joining are waiting at the music room!

よしとし: いや待て俺楽譜よめねーし音楽なんかやったこと・・・
Yoshi: No wait I can't read music and I've never done music before...

ゆい: ノープロブレム!!!あたしも岩崎って人も完全初心者だし!!!なんとかなるっしょ!!!
Yui: No problem!!! Me and that guy called Iwasaki are complete beginners', too!!! We'll manage!!!

ゆい: でもあたしは結構楽しみなのよ
Yui: But I'm pretty excited

ゆい: 初めての人たちと初めてのことをやるって・・・
Yui: A bunch of beginners doing something for the first time...

ゆい: なんだかワクワクすると思わない?
Yui: Don't you think it's pretty thrilling?

Beginning a new year, already an unexpected turn of events--

He was experiencing mixed feelings.


One was

An extremely huge block of anxiety

SFX: ガラッ
SFX: *open*

ゆい: やっほー!
Yui: Hello-!

And contrary to that

りな: 平音くん!!
Rina: Heion-kun!!

SFX: ガタッ
SFX: *bump*

りな: 来てくれたんだ?
Rina: You came for us?

<The first... single step!>

From now on forward

A feeling that everyday something new would be waiting--

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#1. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Apr 15, 2008
thanks for the translation! I am looking forward to the next chapter!
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Posted on Apr 16, 2008
mind if i use parts of this translation for my scanlation?
#3. by Vangelis ()
Posted on Apr 16, 2008
Thanks for the translation xD. I think that I'll made this manga in spanish ^_^.

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