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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 194

Kenichi chapter 194


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 194

once again, another exciting chapter, what will Castor do to Kenichi, find it out next time :eyeroll:)

Audiences: Are you telling us this steel cage match is also a death match?
Announcer: That is absolutely correct! And because we have so many different bidders; therefore, gloves, bare hands, and even weapons are all allowed.
Battle 194: Knifes, Swords and My Fists
Sakaki: In another word, this arena promotes almost every kind of match….
That’s why this is called underground duel arena, and let’s not forget about age…

Page 2:
Sakaki: Also, gender is not a problem here.
Castor: woohoo !! I overcame the odds again.

Page 3:
Referee: Why are taking picture here? This is underground duel arena.
Cell phone guy: Sorry, I am so sorry.
Audiences: AH!!!
Castor: Yo. This show has just got good, so don’t ruin the mood.
Otherwise, I will kill you.
Challenger: Young seems pretty cocky, miss.

Page 4:
Castor: Awe!!!!
Announcer: Oh my goodness, a hungry berserker has entered the ring, and he is showing no mercy.
Kenichi: That’s a dirty trick; he assaulted her so suddenly without warning her.
Sakaki: You said it yourself, a surprise attack has no warning. Let’s go, Kenichi.
Announcer: What a shameless, yet cruel, and bone-chilling assault.
Our new contender, Tokumei Kibou* is serious trouble!!
* Tokumei Kibou* means Anonymous Hope

Page 5:
Announcer: Although this match can be very unpredictable, but please stick around and enjoy the show, everybody.
However, is there anybody out there willing to place their bid on our new contenders?
Kenichi: Please run, it is dangerous in there.
Sakaki: Come on, let’s go.
Bold guy: He he he, where did your cockiness go?
Castor: oww….. oww…..
Ethan*: Hen..
*Ethan is the lady’s brother
Castor: Is that the best you can do, big guy?
Your movements are pathetic, and you call yourself a man?
Bold guy: What did you just say?

Page 6:
Bold guy: You fucking bitch!

Page 7:
Page 8:
Kenichi: WOW! It is the first time I seen a move like that!
What a great match!
Sakaki: Whoa…. Seeing Lucha Libre in here, now that’s a rare.
Kenichi: Lucha what?
Sakaki: Lucha Libre, a flying style wrestling taught in Mexico.
Although they have a lot of fancy maneuvers, but most of them became useless once a person is engaged in combat. It is the first time I seen it here.
Kenichi: alrighty, lady Tokumei*
* Tokumei means one without a name
Sakaki: What are you two doing over there, our real goal is to win some money today.
Sakaki: It is better for Kenichi to not face that woman in a match!

Page 9:
Announcer: The terrfying Tokumei Kibou* (18 years old) beat the odds once again!!
(Words right of Castor): She is beating the odds easily yet she did it purposefully…
(Words left of castor): Kenichi probably will have a tough fight against her, and we need to make some money for living today
Sakaki: Therefore, we have already picked a suitable opponent for you, Kenichi.
Muscle Man: Please teach me well.

Page 10:
Muscle man: Oh, I pit you, Death Sentenced Prisoner.
And I am your Executioner, Muscle Richard the Third.
Kenichi: Se… SENSEI
Referee: Are you sure he is going to be alright without gloves?
Sakaki: About that, there will no problem. And I also heard more money is given at a match that has no rules, right?
Then, let’s get rid of the rules as well.
Kenichi: What do you think you are doing? Are you trying to send me to hell by taking off all the rules?
Sakaki: Calm down, this is a strategy.
Kenichi: How can that be a strategy.
Sakaki: First, listen. If you wear gloves, you will not be able to win.
Kenichi: Ah?

Page 11:
Sakaki: Think carefully, if an adult fights a child, who will win?
Kenichi: Ah? Of course it’s the stronger person. And I am in that situation now.
Sakaki: What if both of them carry knifes?
Kenichi: Adult, maybe. But it also depends on who is more experienced.
But why are we talking about that now.
Richard the 3rd: What are you doing, prisoner?
Sakaki: What if
both of them carrying swords instead?
Kenichi: Ah!!
Ah!!, I finally understand now.

Page 12:
Sakaki: No wonder you are my disciple, you figured it out pretty quick.
Kenichi: But that’s not a good reason..
Referee: Begin!!
Richard the 3rd: Here I come!!
Richard the 3rd: Prepare to be executed!!
Kenichi: Ya!!!
Kenichi : Whew, that was close.
Audience: Ha ha, this really is mismatch, that young man has no chance of winning!!

Page 13:
Announcer: Is there any idiot in the audience who placed his bid on the CHILD A? That’s like throwing your money away.
Announcer: Ah, finally, the percentage is here.
If the Child A somehow managed to win, his prize money will be 600 times more than regular.
Audience: Ha ha! 600 times!
I heard he is the disciple of Ryōzanpaku, but…
Audiences: From the looks of his, he must be a good example of failure…
Richard the 3rd: Here comes your execution.
Kenichi: ow!
Kenichi: I am physically no match to him…

Page 14:
Kenichi: Se… Sensei, if his attack hits me, I am doomed.
Sakaki: Then, dodge his attacks.
Announcer: Oh mine, he is crying for help already.
Announcer: Run, run! But all the preparation for your execution is done now!!
Kenichi: I knew I shouldn’t waste my breath with you, Apachai-sensei, any words of wisdom?
Apachai: It is too long, I will tell you after you win!!
Sakaki: If both of them were wearing gloves, one of them has an advantage.
However, if they are fighting with bare bands, that means their weapon is the same. In a situation like this, a more skilled person will emerge victoriously.

Page 15:
Sakaki: We have taught you well
About this our technique
Sakaki: Let everyone see your strongest punch!!
Kenichi: My strongest punch!!
Announcer: Our newest contender has defeated 14 of her challengers, and she has no intentions of quitting.
Is there no one else wants to challenge her now? Is everybody scared?
Castor: It is over already? So boring.
Castor: That ring over there is pretty popular.
Announcer: Finally, he is trapped. He is about to be executed.
Goodbye, Child A, we will remember you forever.

Page 16:
Richard the 3rd: Performing Death Sentence!!
Audience: KILL!!
Kenichi: A little
Sakaki: Finally
You should have done that from the very beginning.

Page 17:
Kenichi: MUBYOSHI!!

Page 18:
Kenichi: Ouch!
Announcer: What an unexpected turn of event!!
Sakaki: That’s one down.
Announcer: Winner, Child A. Everyone in this arena is cheering!!
Castor: Unforgivable…..
He is getting more attention than i did!

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#1. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#2. by Dragon04 ()
Posted on Oct 4, 2008

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