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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 231

HSD Kenichi chapter 231 done


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 231

since people are complaining about Kenichi overdose, therefore, i was thinking to slow down a bit.

Page 1
Battle 231: Garyuu X 2=?

Page 2
Apachai and Honoka: It is time for Apachai and Honoka to tell you a story.

Apachai: Kenichi attended a Tournament that is especially designed for disciples, and it is the first ever free-style fighting D of D.

Honoka: And the location for this tournament is Despair Island, but this island is very dangerous because it is protected by missiles and concrete castle wall.

Apachai: The story begins with an invitation letter.

Elder: It is from YAMI.

Castor: Because some YOMI members like Castor and Pollux will also show up,

Honoka: Therefore, Ryozanpaku’s disciple had to join as well

Page 3
Honoka: But, a lot of exciting event happened at this Tournament.

Apachai: The results are in.

Honoka: She is expert gunman Lancelot Grey’s one and only daughter, Jennifer Grey.
Honoka: And she intends to catch all evil leaders of black market. That’s why she came to this island.

Honoka: This person is the leader of Ancient Pakrtion Team!!
Honoka: Although he claims to be the son of Fortuna, but there is something that he didn’t tell us.
Honoka: Finally, we have Tanimoto, also known as Hermit. He was able to reunite with his master after a long separation, what is his feeling now.

Yoka: And here is Ragnarok’s Ex-Leader, Ryuto. Is he a friend of foe?
Yoka: In addional, there is the leader of Yomi, Sho. When will he fight?
Girl next to Yoka: Hey!!

Apachai: Hey, what are you doing during the important part?

Yoka: Because I didn’t have time to show up.
Girl next Yoka: Come back here….

Page 4
Kenichi: Ow!!
Elder: Oh.
Kenichi: Nooo..

Page 5
Castor: What’s going on?
Castor: I thought they are in the same team…..
Nijima: Quickly, stop that old man!! He has gone crazy!!
Akisame: That’s not what you are thinking…
Akisame: Because that’s
Akisame: training.

Page 6
Miu: Ouch!!
Kenichi: Owww….

Announcer: Punches after punch, the mysterious teenager Garyuu X is showing uo mercy, even towards his own comrades.

Audiances: Ha ha, this is a great show.
Audiances: What a rare view!!

Page 7
Kasira: What kind of training is this? They are fighting for real no matter how you see it!!
Ukita: And why is he training them in a time like this?
Nijima: That’s enough!! You guys go and stop that crazy old man!!
Ma: Look carefully!!
Miu: Kenichi, our plan isn’t working.
Miu: Because we have to work together.
Kenichi: Alright!!

Page 8:
Elder: Hmph!!
Miu: Nooo…
Kenichi: What?
Kasira: They got separated!!
Ma: Looks like is going to teach them seperately….

Page 9
Elder: Remember, Kenichi. There are many techniques that you haven’t used yet.
Elder: Listen carefully, Miu. Your attacks need a lot of improvement.
Kasira: Wh...What, He spoke two sentences at once.
Ma: That’s invincible superman’s special ability, “Bi-Vocal”!!
Kasira: What’s Bi-vocal?
Ma: It is after someone divides his trachea, lungs and vocal cord into right and left side, then he produce a special sound.

Page 10
Akisame: Long time ago,
Akisame: He was singing in double voice during whenever we are in a party.
Kasiara: This is not something human can do.
Ukita: Isn’t that a popluar trick?
Elder: Cry out, let it out.
Elder: La la la.
Akisame: That’s not all.
Unknown: He is able to create an axis in the middle of his body, and control his left and right side of body freely yet separately.
Elder: Come, Kenichi.
Elder: Time to fight, Miu.
Unknown: Right now, the Elder acting like two people.

Page 11
Nijima: Super….
Nijima: Superhuman….
Diego: This is interesting.
Unknown voice: Right now, we have to use everything we go to fight him.
Kenichi: Nobody wants to die here..
Miu: At a place like this, why are you using 0.0002 percent of your combination technique?
Unknown voice: Oh, I have my schedule filled up, however, after using this combination technique, even a person like me have to rest for a day or two.

Page 12
Miu: Hyoi Kazekirihane (Feather wind slash)
Kenichi: Strongest Short Combo!!
Kasira: Nicely done!!
Ukita: Nice team work!! If they attack him from two different sides.
Ukita: they probably will impresse the Elder and make him give up.

Page 13
Sakaki: That’s not possible.
Shigure: Look carefully.
Kasira: What?
Kenichi: What, Elder has gone transparent!!
Miu: No, it is only a projection.
Unknown voice: Hyoi Kazekirihane!! Strongest Short Combo!!

Page 14-15 nothing

Page 16
Diego: I could learn a thing or two.
Kasira: He even knows Body-Spliting Technique!?
Ukita: He dare to gone that far? Is he seriously doing want Kenichi and Miu to be together?
Kasira: What did you just say?
Ukita: No. nothing.
Ukita: If Kenichi wins, he will be able to go out with Miu, but this is a secret between him and me.

Page 17
Elder: Hmph!!
Miu: Ow….
Miu: Don’t give up, Kenichi.
Miu: Kenichi!!
Kenichi: Miu!!
Elder: Ha!!!

Page 18:
Elder: Judging from your current fighting ability, you will get killed by Yomi even I spare your miserable lives.
Elder: If that’s the case, I shall send both of you to heaven personally.

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#1. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Oct 21, 2008
If anyone complains of kenichi overdose they should be pimp slapped across the room!

also thanks for the trans!
#2. by MadDog ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2008
Thanks man. I'm going to write-in you and Rogue Sapphire in the election.
#3. by SnIP3RLoRD ()
Posted on Oct 23, 2008
I want some kenichi overdose plz :P

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