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RideBack 1

Memory of Trembling

+ posted by persona_1 as translation on Jul 4, 2010 17:33 | Go to RideBack

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Memory of Trembling
Narration:September 11th 2001 The girl was born in Ogata family, named Rin.
Narration:January 2002 Her paternal grandmother Miyuki Ito she divorced nad lived with them.
Narration:April 25th 2003 her brother Kenji was born.
Narration:September 2004 She entered Ogata dance school in kids section.

Narration:She got first prize in Modern dance competition in kids section.
Narration: “Angel's leaf”------ monthly “dance news”
Narration:Fairy who is thoroughbred of famous Yuki Ogata and Munetatsu Ito's daughter debut gorgeously..----Magazine “Dance Journal”
Narration:Musical “Miracle rouge” she was chosen as kid heroin!!-----Magazine ”Musical Japan”
Narration: 2014 Her mother Yuki Ogata died in huge earthquake.
Narration: 2015 She got total of 6th position with prize in Japan jazz dance competition.

Narration: 2016 she apprentice dance teacher Hoga Kano who is teaching at Musashino Literature University, Majoring Art department with theater art section.
Narration:December 2016 She got role in audition of stage named “song of Ancian Legime”
and she took the heroin Legine.
Narration:March 2017 She broke her left leg in “song of Ancian Legime” and she left her role.
Narration Her father Munetatsu Ito went to America for Theater art job alone.
Narration: April 2020 Rin Ogata Entered Musashino Literature University.

Rin: D buliding, D building----uh-
Rin: Ha--
Rin:Guess I lost again...

Rin:I have no choice....
Rin:I should ask someone.
Caption Rideback club.
Rin: Excuse me.
Rin:It really smell awful.
Haruki:Aren't you fresh grade?
Haruki:Wanna join this club?

Haruki:Yahoo--- grad a girl!! And she is so neat type girl!!
Haruki:Welcome to Rideback club!!
Rin: Um. I... just...
Haruki:I'm really grad such a cute girl coming to us.
Rin: That's not right! Stay away from me.
Rin:You smell so oilly.

Haruki: That's the Rideback!
Haruki: You have seen them in TV right?
Haruki:Oh really?
Haruki: In US, it was already recognized and able to get number for them./ And yet in Japan people call us maniacs if I custom them.
Haruki:Oh my...
Rin: You really looks like maniac.
Haruki:Oops, That's a harsh word!.

Haruki: Yeah! Why don't you ride on this!
Rin:Excuse me?
Rin: Ride on ..that well.
Rin:You mean rideback?
Rin:B..but I.
Haruki:Oh yeah I forgot to ask your name yet.
Rin: I ...I am
Rin:...Ogata ...um Rin Ogata.
Haruki: Rin chan---that's a good name---.

Haruki:By the way my name is Haruki Hishida. English Literature Second grade.
Rin: He...hey I just coming here to ask where the D building is.....
Haruki:I have no concern on riding, just customizing. My favorite food is potato in meat potato soup.
Haruki: Tada---EW band.
Rin: Oh my.....I have to meet Kano teacher now....
Haruki: This is for Entry Wristband.
Haruki The name EW band coming from abbreviation of that.
Haruki: Rideback recognize the person who wear this by censor.
Haruki: And obey the person's order.
Haruki: Fuego! SIT!
Rin: Ha....
Haruki:This is “Fuego Type L” in mountain trail RB 3500 CC class made by Teljian Kadole/ Co.
Haruki: Fuego means fire in Spanish.
Haruki: ...Anyway./Here EW band.
Rin: Uh—Yeah.
Haruki: I'll keep your bag.
Rin: Ha.....
Rin: I should finish it in no time and get out from here.
Haruki: To ride on, there are little trick for beginners.
Haruki:First you go back of rideback and put your right leg in step and...

Rin:....Isn't this okay?
Haruki: Yeah!
Haruki:You are good on sports.
Okakura: Fuck off!!

Okakura;I never work with “Joint struggle committee” or “BMA” at all and never won't.
Activist:Yes I understood.
Activist: S..so, You agree on help some standing posters right?
Okakura:I already said so.
Okakura: Huh! Brats!
Rin: ----Is.... this ?
Rin: Wow.
Haruki: Good, nice work! Then accel! You turn your right grip.
Haruki:Just little by little!

Haruki: This feeling......

Rin: I did Look down,
Rin: my mother's smiling.
Haruki: How was it?
Haruki: How do you feel by RIDE ON BACK.
Rin:W.. well nothing....
Haruki: Ooops. That's another harsh comment.
Okakura: Hey Hishida!
Okakura: Sorry, But you go to the entrance gate with rideback.
Haruki: Hey, Leader!
Haruki. Entrance gate, you mean student cooperativesl?
Okakura; No school autonomy association.
Rin: Blood!?
Okakura: I'll catch you there, when I finish little job
Haruki: Roger that.

Haruki: Since it's a good timing why don't you come with me?
Haruki: It would be better if you ride outside.
Rin: Uhm....but.
Rin: If I left here that scary leader is the only one left with me.
Rin;: I will.
Haruki: Yahoo--
Haruki: Then we are going.
Haruk:Rin chan! Turn the accel just little. It will move forward.
Rin: y...Yes.
Rin: Wow.

Haruki: Basic control was done by accel, handling and oral orders./ If you stop in hurry you grip the bar next to handle.
Rin: Wow! It crouched by itself.
Haruki: The censor was also heading to rider./ and check the status of rider and it's behavior to follow.
Rin:Wow....The branches of cherry are so near.
Haruki: Oh yeah.
Haruki: University has pretty complicated organizations.
Haruki:School Autonomy Association was made by student that protect the school autonomy.
Haruki: They control the clubs, so we often help them building the standing posters.
Haruki: Standing posters are like these boards standing there.
Haruki:Student like us ….Non Poli which mean people who have no interests on political movement/ can never understand them.

Haruki:Anyway as long as we obey them we can enjoy our moratorium.
Haruki: Hey, We are rideback club. How it's going!?
Activist2:Hum! So robot club must be.
Activist2: You build this standing poster for us!
Haruki: Oh this one.
Haruki:Then, let's carry this./.... Oh yeah.
Haruki: There are several way to move its arm, but this time you can “order by oral and body signs”.
Haruki:Even very rough order might be recognizable./So do what ever you want.

Rin: T...Then, Fuego.
Rin: Carry that standing poster.
Rin: wow!
Haruki:Neat type
Student1:Hey this way.

Rin: What am I doing.
Student: Alright! alright!
Police:HEY! YOU!!
Police: Eh?
Police:What do you think you are driving one like that in public road!!
Police Just step down now!!
Police From the beginning you students are …..
Activist3: SHUT UP DOG!!

Police: What did you say!?
Haruki: That's not me.
Police You brat just come with me.
Haruki:Ow---wait wait.
Activist4:What happened !!
Activist5: That stupid police was shouting like hell!
Police2:Hum? Who is that police man.
Police3: Jeez From anything else, they peek the Musashino students
Police3:Godamn! The trouble seems getting bigger now.
Police2: we should call for help beforehand.

Police3: Student over them!! stay calm now!
Police4: It doesn't matter just arrest some.
Activist:Mobile Police there!!
Activist: Just bring more weapons now.
Activist:We agree!!
Activist:W..what on earth I care!!
Mobile Police: I will shoot you seriously!
Activist:You Brat!!

Haruki: Ow ouch...
Haruki: I didn't do anything.
Rin: Se..
Rin: Senior....
Mobile Police: Step down now!!
Okakura: Another struggle huh....

Rin:I have... no idea what's.... going on here.
Rin:.....but …..this heart trembling....
Rin: When I feel this.....
Okakura: Cross anchor landing!!?

Police: Stop Now!!

Rin: Oh my...!!
Haruki:Don't worry!/ They are just painting bullet!!
Okakura: Give me!!
Activist:This is my precious agitation speaker...
Okakura: Come over here! inside the gate!
Okakura:They can't enter school territory that easily!!
Rin: ….Yes.

Haruki: You save my life!! Thank you!
Haruki: Rinchan/ Are you really sure that it's your first riding?
Rin: I was really doing that for my life....
Haruki: You did that action just by that?
Haruki: That's awesome!
Okakura: You didn't wear a helmet. That's bad.
Haruki: Haha....I never imagine we will drive that crazy actions though.
Okakura: I didn't mean it.
Okakura: Maybe they took some.
Okakura: of your photos.
Okakura: Which means the police might check you in black list.
Rin: Blacklist?

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