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Saijô no Meii 26

A Kind Person

+ posted by phichan as translation on Sep 18, 2010 12:27 | Go to Saijô no Meii

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Saijou no Meii – chapter 26
By phichan, to be used exclusively by Trinity Bakuma

Page 21

Title: A Kind Person.

Page 22

Miyabi: My name is Koushima Miyabi. I’m an anesthesiologist.

Miyabi: I liked being an anesthesiologist because you weren’t often mixed up with what other doctors were doing, but…

Miyabi: Because of the incident earlier, I’ve gotten myself into big trouble.

Miyabi: I’ve realized one thing from this incident though: nothing good comes from getting into the affairs of others.

Miyabi: The kinder a person is, the more he risks losing.

Page 23

Miyabi: Saijou Mikoto is the perfect example.
Mikoto: C’mon, please stop crying.

Sena: But, you were doing everything for the patient, yet…

Sena: You might get torn down by the evil mayor (the Asst. Director) just like the statue from the picture book “The Happy Prince”!

Page 24

Mikoto: What is she talking about?
Miyabi: Yes, this is the harsh reality.

Sena: And his friend the sparrow (Ayame) will die from the cold.
Mikoto: Um, isn’t that just a fairy tale?
Miyabi: Mikoto did the right thing, but in the world of medicine
Miyabi: It’s a thin line between life-saving and reckless acts.
Miyabi: And there are always people who take advantage of this ambiguity.

Miyabi: As a result, potentially effective treatments would be constantly nitpicked and taken apart, and have been piling up over the years to collect dust.

Page 25

Miyabi: It’s the same for medical errors. There’s no one who can draw a perfect line between the unavoidable errors and the criminally negligent.

Miyabi: Because of that, it is unpredictable whether a court judge will favor or disfavor the doctor.

Miyabi: In other words, medicine is all about interpretation.

Miyabi: There is ample room for politics and evil to intervene.
Mikoto: Hey.
Mikoto: Where’re you going Miyabi?

Miyabi: Oh, just for a walk.
Miyabi: Of course, it’s not just a walk.

Page 26

Miyabi: I wouldn’t normally get involved, but I am partially responsible for this mess.

Miyabi: If that man were to abuse his power as the chairman of the ethics committee and twist the truth on the report…

Miyabi: Then, as someone who witnessed the entire operation, I can’t stay quite.
Miyabi: Excuse me.

Miyabi: I have to stand up to this wily, notorious, poker-faced man…!

Miyabi: This is odd…

Page 27

Miyabi: This is beyond poker-face.

Miyabi: He’s like a statue…no, a Haniwa!
Miyabi: Um, Asst. Director?

Miyabi: Asst. …

Sadame: Ah.

Sadame: Oh, well if it isn’t Dr. Koushima.
Sadame: What can I do for you?
Miyabi: Well…

Page 28

Miyabi: It’s about yesterday’s surgery’s incident report…
Sadame: Oh, you don’t need to worry about that.

Sadame: Please leave.
Miyabi: But, I need to say something…
Miyabi: What’s going on?

Miyabi: It’s like he’s lost all of his energy.
Sadame: Oh, and another thing.

Sadame: If it’s about Dr. Saijou receiving a commendation from the ethics committee, the answer is no.
Miyabi: A commendation?!

Miyabi: What are you talking about?
Sadame: Enough talking.

Sadame: Please, just leave me alone for today.

Page 29

Miyabi: What was all that?

Miyabi: And what did he mean by a commendation from the ethics committee?
Haga: Oh, Dr. Koushima.

Haga: I suppose I should apologize to you also about yesterday.
Miyabi: Dr. Haga…

Miyabi: You’re actually just the person I was looking for.

Miyabi: If you’re even thinking about bending the truth in the incident report…
Haga: Ah, yes.

Haga: I suppose I did bend the truth a little.

Page 30

Haga: In Dr. Saijou’s favor.

Haga: Oh, it was brilliant.

Haga: To see the Asst. Director freeze into a Haniwa like that…

Haga: And just for the hell of it, I also recommended that Dr. Saijou get a commendation from the ethics committee.
Miyabi: For the hell of it…?

Miyabi: What in the world were you thinking?

Page 31

Miyabi: If you write the incident report in Mikoto’s favor, then your mistake will be made even worse looking.

Haga: True.
Haga: Writing that report will end my career as a heart surgeon.

Haga: But more importantly…

Haga: I can stay a doctor.

Page 32

Miyabi: Dr. Haga…
Haga: Saijou-kun opened my eyes during that surgery.

Haga: That licenses, colleges and titles don’t make you a doctor.

Haga: It’s your heart.

Miyabi: But…
Haga: Aren’t you the same?

Haga: From what I’ve heard, you’re supposed be the lone wolf, mercenary anesthesiologist, scouted by the Director himself.

Haga: And yet here you are, talking up the Asst. Director and me.
Miyabi: Well, that’s…

Page 33

Haga: Honestly, I’m very jealous. Maybe if I had friends like you guys when I was younger…

Haga: Dr. Koushima, please tell Dr. Saijou for me.

Haga: That his righteousness has gotten through to me.

Sign: Pediatric surgery.
Sena: Dr. Ayame!

Sena: Is it true that Dr. Haga is leaving this hospital?!
Ayame: Yeah…

Page 34

Ayame: Apparently, he’s quitting heart surgery and moving back to the little town where he’s from and opening a small cardiovascular medicine practice.

Ayame: Really…
Ayame: He’s such an idiot.

Ayame: It takes so long to refine the technique for heart surgery, and now he’s thrown it all away.

Ayame: Well, that loser probably wouldn’t have gotten any better anyway. At least he was able to show off one last time.
Sena: Hold on…

Sena: That’s enough, Dr Ayame!

Page 35

Sena: You don’t have to go that far!
Sena: Dr. Haga ended up doing the right thing!

Page 36

Miyabi: Hey, Sena-san.

Miyabi: It’s about this picture book.
Sena: Yes?

Miyabi: It’s true that in the end, the prince’s statue gets torn down and the sparrow dies.
Miyabi: But, in the very, very end…

Miyabi: Don’t the prince and the sparrow get taken to heaven?

Sena: Oh…!

Page 37

Sena: That’s right…

Miyabi: My name is Koushima Miyabi. I’m an anesthesiologist.

Miyabi: I’ve come to realize something from all this.

Page 38

Miyabi: Kind people don’t always lose everything.

Miyabi: Eventually, they gain something important and irreplaceable.

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