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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Seikon no Quasar 13

[Seinen] Qwaser of Stigmata Chp. 13 by Sanguine

+ posted by promfret as translation on Jan 16, 2008 02:42 | Go to Seikon no Quasar

-> RTS Page for Seikon no Quasar 13

Raw: http://www.mediafire.com/?2zmd12z2ayj

Thanks NFKira from JCafe for the raws and PlumCity for some clarifications of term usage.

page 1

Chapter 13

The Trials of the Masters of Q and R

page 2

Policeman [---that's how it is...]

Policeman [Mikhailov Academy Academy is just straight up this road.]

Policeman [i already said to turn left from the first set of traffic lights didn't i!?]

Q [We are very sorry to bother you....]

R [but could not you instruct us?]

page 3

Policeman [Gah~~~!! These 'instruct' and 'punish' things from before!!]
Policeman [i'm going to get quite angry if you keep making fun of me!!]

Sfx [bang]

Q and R [!!]

Q [This person wants to scold us does not he...?]

R [Then could he be our Master!?]

Policeman [?]

Sfx [Flop]

Sfx [Rummage]

Sfx [Click]

Sfx [Readied]

page 4

Q [Everything is prepared~]

R [Do as you please!! Our Master!!]

Sfx [Gong, gong] 'Bells ringing'

{Ootori-Sensei is attending a study tour (Overseas!! - Want to know where~) so for the

next 3 three hours "Self Study!!!"}

Sfx [Tap]

Mafuyu [uwoah!!!]

Sfx [scattering]

page 5

Sfx [Tumble]

Mayuri [Well~ Perhaps the Class-Caretaker-san should not have been given such


Mayuri [Now that everyone's notes and subject printouts have become such a mess.]

Mafuyu [What are you talking about Mayuri!! Right now it was you who stuck out your


Mafuyu {That hurt!!}

Sfx [bang]

Mayuri [You shouldn't make such false accusations.]

Mayuri {Not at all}

Sfx [Polite]

page 6

Mayuri [Though recently you have become a little more conceited than usual~]

Mayuri [You do know there is nothing you can do about your position in class?]

Mafuyu {Even that....}

Fumika [Ah....um....!!]

Mafuyu and Mayuri [?]

Sfx [slightly tilt]

Fumika [i think it's wrong....]

Fumika [To force whatever you want onto Oribe-san and her friends...]

Mayuri [oh my, Mitarai-san. After being the Class President for so long~]

Mayuri [Have you also come to realise your own position?]

Sfx [Walking]

Fumika [s...Something like that....]

Mayuri [Perhaps you have lost even that too? Since you want to stick up for them, help

them out and so on~]

Mayuri [Why don't you go join your Class Caretaker comrades as well?]

Mayuri {Ohoho}

Sfx [Walk, walk]

Girl A [it's fine if you want to hang out with Oribe and her friends from now on


page 7

Girl A [Do you really want it to become like Middle School again?]

Girl A ['Obenjyoufu-chan']

Note: Directly translates into Toilet, Lavatory, Restroom or Latrine - So use your own


Fumika [...]

Mafuyu {Geez...}

Fumika [sorry Mufuyu-san.]

Mafuyu [it's fine....you get used to it.]

Mafuyu [seriously...that Mayuri. The moment that Sasha isn't here she becomes like her

oldself again.]

Fumika [Today, Alexander-kun is....?]

page 8

Mafuyu [Tomo has a slight cold so he's looking after her.]

Mafuyu [~Well, actually it's really just an excuse to skip class/]

Fumika [so that...Tomo-san's....]

Mafuyu [Do you have business with Sasha?]

Fumika [No....nothing....nothing at all]

Sfx [Patting, patting]

Mafuyu [?]

Mafuyu [but thanks Class President.]

Fumika [Eh?]

Mafuyu [Except for Sasha, this is the first time that someone's stood up for us.]

Fumika [....!!]

page 9

Sfx [Wind blowing]

Fumika <Sasha-kun....>

Teacher [our transfer student from Russia, Aleksander=Hel-kun...]

Fumika <The first i saw you, i really thought you were a Prince....>

page 10

Sasha [Who gave you permission to call me Sasha?]

Fumika <Amazingly strong...and coldhearted....>

Fumika <I thought he was frightening person until~>

Fumika [!]

Fumika [?]

Fumika [! ah~]

Sfx [Various cat noises]

page 11

Sasha [Really now....]

Sfx [Clink]

Sfx [Moving]

Sfx [sharpening]

Sfx [Cat sounds]

Sfx [Chuck]

Sfx [slice]

Sfx [Puff] (landing)

Sasha [something that can't protect even itself doesn't have any qualitfications to


Sfx [Nya~?]

Sfx [lick]

Sfx [shock]

Sasha [oi~ I'm ticklish so stop it~]

Sfx [Nyah~ Nyah~]

page 12

Sfx [blush]

Sfx [Heartbeat]

Sfx [Head turning]

Fumika <From that time onwards...>

Fumika <For a while before....>

Fumika <I have not taken my eyes away from him.>

page 13

Fumika <Eversince then>

Fumika <I've wanted to stand up even a little for Yamanobe-san and her friends~>

Fumika <So as to one day earn the right to call him 'Sasha'...>

Yuri [How is it? Tomo-san's condition....]

page 14

Sasha [Her fever's gone down. It was most likely the result of the trouble she caused

while naked the other day...

Yuri [And her required treatment?]

Note: I was tempted to say 'breast feeding' here but this made much more sense...

Sfx [Flap]

Teresa [Today especially...]

Sfx [unyah~] (Sleeping)

Sfx [uhm, uhm] (Sucking/Biting)

Teresa [However, its pace is still increasing steadily....]

Teresa [Though it doesn't seem to be in much hurry in doing so.]

Yuri [There has also been a recent increase in activity within The Adept's 'Paracelsus


Sasha [Those 'Human Reconstructionalists'?]

Yuri [The Nazi's Racial Hygienics Research Unit and the remnants of the Former Japanese

Army's Medical Inspection Corps among others....]

page 15

Yuri [They are intruding into God's domain.]

Yuri [Doctors obsessed with their dominion over life.]

Sasha [i hate doctors.]

Sasha [Especially those who toy with people just to push them to their very limits~]

page 16


Fumika [Aleksander=Hel-kun...?]

Q [Yes.]

Q [Please instruct us on where to go to meet with him.]


Sfx [Giggle]

Fumika [This is a chance to meet Sasha-kun.]

Fumika [um...sorry. Is it okay if we make a little stop along the way...?]

Sfx [Fidget]

Q [is anything bothering you?]

Fumika [that is.....the toilet....]

Q and R [Ah!!]

Sfx [sits down]

R [Please leave this to us!!]

Fumika [Eh?]

Sfx [Pulls]

R [if you please~ (Aaaahnnn~)]

Sfx [lift up]

p 18

Fumika [Kyaaaaahh~~~!!! (Gasp~)]

Fumika [Wha...what are you doing!!? Please stop that!!]

Q [Are you going to scold us...?]

R [so will you also be punishing us as well!?]

Sfx [Perks up]

Fumika [!]

Fumika [it isn't something i can do...that is punish you...]

Q [is that so?]

R [so Very disappointing.]

Sfx [Ringing]

Q [My.]

R [oh my.]

Q [Welcome.]


Sfx [Keeeennn] (Tense atmosphere)

Sasha [You are...?]

Fumika [sa....Aleksander-kun!! A...uhm!! These girls~]

Sfx [Zaaan] (Foreboding)

Q [i am Q.]

R [i am R.]


<Our duty of punishing you~>

<It will be as Okaa-sama instructed.>

Sasha [~~~!!]


Sfx [Turns]

Sasha [Fumika. There's going to be trouble!! Get out of here quickly.]

Fumika <My name....?>

Q [My, my...would you just look at them.]

R [but not just that. About our thorough punishment...]

Sfx [Fidget]

Fumika [i wo...won't do something like that...]

Q [oh, in that case...]

R [You are disqualified as our Master.]

Sasha and Fumika [!?]


Sfx [Kiss]

Sfx [lick]

Sfx [Drip]

Sfx [Falling]

Sasha <That's....>

Fumika [Wha...what's that....]

Sfx [shock]

Sfx [backs away]


Sfx [surging]

Q [Disqualified people must die!!!]

Sasha <Silver....>

Sfx [Grab]

Sfx [shaking]

Sasha <~~~No.>

Sasha [it's Mercury!!!]

Sfx [splash}

Sfx [Rumble]


Sfx [snatch]

Sfx [Throws]

Sfx [Pierces]

Q [Aaaaa~...!!]

Sfx [Gasping]

Sasha [Go back and tell Mafuyu~]

Sasha [Qwasers have come!!]

Fumika [Qwasers...!?]

Sfx [Crying]


Sasha [Just go!!]

Sfx [Dash]

<A Mercury user from The Adept...>

Sfx [Drip]

Teresa [The 'Quicksilver Witch'?]

Sasha [That's what i've also heard....but~]

Sfx [Pulls out]

Q [Aahh...!! Wonderful....so fantastic Sasha-sama...!!]

Sfx [Rubbing, twisting, sliding]

Q [That gentleman that came before you was so trying...!!]


Sfx [Dripping]

Sasha [The 'Witch' known as the 'Blood Queen' is supposedly a genuine sadist....]

Sasha [However, she has been active as a Qwaser for a very long time, something that

these two could not have.....]

Sasha [...are they new apostles?]

Sasha [i don't know....but as Yuri would say.]

Sfx [Rumbling]

Sfx [Ripple]

Sfx [Grabbing]

Sfx [sharpening]


Sfx [serious]

Sasha [From here on anything is possible...!!]

<Russian Federation, Moscow>

Guy [This is the first time i've had someone referred to by the formal Secretary

General come here.]

Sfx [Creaking] (Door opening)

Guy [These here are the oldest surviving manuscripts of the Rostov Chronicles.]

Guy [Collectively known as the 'Iona Codex']


Ootori [{Russian}]

Note: I have no idea about Russian...so i left this blank...

Ootori [i'd expected our search would take longer due to delays, but this has already

been prepared.]

Guy [Not long ago someone else came down here to inspect these manuscripts as well.]

Guy [He was also referred by someone amazing.]

Ootori [...what?]

Guy [May we speak of it only here? That person is~]

Ootori [!?]

Ootori <The Vatican's~~~!?>


<Vatican City State>

Other Guy [Cardinal.]

Cardinal Gregory [beautiful...]


Other Guy [Cardinal Gregory...Your Grace, the Pope, calls for you.]


Cardinal Gregory [As he commands.]


R [sasha-sama...]

Sfx [Frustrated]

R [so mean choosing only Q!! Please punish R too~ R too!!]

Sfx [Whirls]

Sasha [!!]

Sfx [Dripping]

Sfx [slash]

Sasha [Tsk, I can't cut it~]

Sfx [splash]


Teresa [sasha!!]

Sfx [shoots]

Sfx [splash, Splash]

Sfx [Moving]

Sfx [Crawling]

Sasha [Damn it~ It's crawling up towards me!!?]

Sasha [~~~!!!]

Sfx [Dodge]


Q [Hehe....]

Sfx [steps back]

Sfx [Drips]

Q [We can't enjoy ourselves for long with something this big.]

Sfx [Giggle]

Sfx [Pours]

Sfx [Gleans]

Q [Therefore, you should definitely use plenty of these...]

Q [We so want you to punish us with them.]

Sasha [What the hell are you two....!!]

Q [We exist to be slaves for okaa-sama and everyone at the Monastary.]

Q [Maybe you didn't know this power was given to us by her as well?]

Sasha [Then you are the 'Quick Silver' Witch's...!!]


<Well Master...>

<Humiliate us~>

<Violate us~>

<Punish us....>

<Run us through~>

<Carve us up~>


Q [Please be as wanton as you like.]

R [or otherwise~]

Q and R <You will be disqualified~!!>

Sfx [swirling]

Sfx [blocks]


Katya [Not just yet Maytr Sasha.]

Sfx [Dwindling] (Of attacks)

Katya [What you are doing only serves to pleasure these 3-way masochists.]

Note: The 3 ways refer to the three categories of BDSM i believe - Bondage and

Discipline, Domination and Submission, and Sadomasochism.

<The Copper Puppeteer~>


Sasha [i won't give you thanks.]

Katya [i'm just paying back my debt from during the 'Atmos'~]

Note: Atmos is the name given to a standard unit of pressurised atmosphere.

Sasha [....hm.]


Katya [but...do you have the time to play around? They are probably here as decoys.]

Sasha [What!?]

Sfx [Ringing]

Sfx [bubbling]

Katya [You didn't feel it? Not something like these imitation masochists but a strong


Sasha [~~~!!]

Sfx [Dooon] (feeling of tenseness)

Sign {Class 1-A}

Sfx [slide open]

Fumika [Mafuyu-san!! Sasha-kun is in trouble!!]


Mafuyu [sasha is!?]

Sfx [startle]

Teacher [Mitarai!!! What are you raising a ruckus about during class~]

Teacher [Guu!!]

Sfx [slap] (the stuff on his face)

Sfx [Falls]

Fumika [Kyaaaa!!!]

Eva [My, my...didn't Sensei just start talking as well?]

Eva [He wasn't being very quiet in the middle of class.]

Sfx [step]


Sfx [step, step]

Eva [because your teacher has collapsed to sudden illness, i'll be taking over this


Eva [Children who don't listen to what i say will be disqualified, understood?]

<The 12 Apostles of The Adept; The "QuickSilver Witch" Eva Silver>


Mafuyu [...!!]

Sasha <Wait for me Mafuyu~!!>


Q [Are you also our Master...?]

Katya [No.]

Katya [i am your Queen.]

Q [That won't do at all!!]

R [only Okaa-sama alone is permitted to use that title!!]

Sfx [bubbling]


Katya [i don't particularly want to criticize genuine punishment-wanting masochists


Note: Poor Hana~ :P

Katya [i guess i can hold back my dislike because it is rather fun.]

Sfx [sigh]

Katya [Very well~]

Sfx [Flutter, flutter]

Katya [The meaning of judgement truly befitting a 'Queen'~]


Katya [Allow me to teach that to the both of you!!]

Chapter End

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