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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Open Sesame 76

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 28, 2010 19:30 | Go to Open Sesame

-> RTS Page for Open Sesame 76

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Open Sesame Chapter 76: 

P3.B1: I remembered my mother.
P3.B2: How uncool of me.
P4.B1: That’s not true. Definitly not.
P1.T1: …Why did Mogami do such a thing?
P1.B1: Hmm
P2.T1: Mogami is…
P4.B1: Uwa
P1.B1: What’s up?
P2.B1: What? You don’t have to act so surprised.
P2.B2: Myo?
P3.B1: Ah, no.
P4.B1: What’s up with you? Spacing out like this.
P4.B2: Nothing.
P4.B3: Even though we asked if it’s ok to sit down.
P4.B4: Ah, it’s ok.
P5.B1: I’m hungry.
P5.B2: Yeah. Itadakimasu.
P6.B1: Does the tennis club have training today?
P6.B2: Yeah, like always.
P1.B1: Delicious.
P2.B1: Do you also have club training, Haruna?
P2.B2: Yeah.
P3.T1: Mogami’s always so well-behaved.
P5.B1: What?
P6.B1: It’s nothing.
P4.B1: Return to your seats.
P4.B2: ok.
P1.B1: Fight!
P1.B2: Yeah!
P2.B1: One! Two!
P1.B1: One!
P1.B2: Two!
P2.B1: One!
P2.B2: Two!
P3.T1: Am I the only one who’s still thinking about yesterday?
P4.T1: Was she just comforting me?
P4.T2: …I don’t know.
P5.T1: Am I thinking too much?
P5.T2: I can’t seem to shake off this concern...
P6.T1: I have to stop worrying.
P6.B1: Ahh.
P6.B2: Change the mood!
P1.B1: cluck
P2.B1: Thanks, Sumire.
P2.B2: cluck
P3.B1: Mail, from who?
P4.B1: From Mogami?
P4.T1: Come to the station within 15 minutes. Please. Mogami
P5.B1: And I thought I could stop thinking about her.
P5.T1: This is bad.
P5.B2: cluck
P6.B1: Even so, coming within 15 minutes...what could she want?
P6.B2: cluck
P2.B1: Danjou-kun, over here.
P2.B2: Mogami…
P2.B3: cluck
P3.B1: What happened?
P3.B2: cluck
P3.B3: Sorry for calling you out so suddenly.
P4.B1: Did something happen?
P4.B2: cluck
P1.B1: I wanted you to come shopping with me.
P2.B1: What? Shopping?
P2.B2: Cluck
P3.B1: Yes. To tell you the truth, it’s my father’s birthday today.
P3.B2: Really?
P4.B1: And we’re going out to eat with the whole family. So I wanted you to help me choose a present before that.
P5.B1: So that’s what this is about.
P6.B1: I don’t have time and I have no idea as to what to get, so I thought I would ask for your opinion.
P1.B1: There are so many things. I don’t know what to pick.
P2.B1: How about this for the coming season.
P2.B2: cluck
P3.B1: Ah, that could be good.
P4.B1: Hmmm
P5.B1: She isn’t listening… 
P5.B2: cluck
P6.B1: Oi, did you decide?
P6.B2: cluck
P7.B1: Ah, sorry, not yet... I can’t image it well.
P1.B1: That’s it!
P1.B2: You could…
P2.B1: Eh?
P3.B1: cluck
P5.B1: How’s this?
P6.B1: As I thought, seeing it on a person really gives a better image.
P6.B2: Will you pick this?
P7.B1: No, wait a moment.
P7.B2: Eh?
P1.B1: Here, try this on.
P1.B2: Ok
P1.B3: Next this.
P1.B4: Eh? More?
P1.B5: Next this please.
P1.B6: EEH?
P2.B1: Stop it already. How many pieces are you going to make me try out?
P2.B2: cluck
P2.B3: Do you really want to pick one?
P3.B1: But I just can’t decide on which one to get…
P4.B1: Ok, this is the last one.
P4.B2: Eh? More?
P5.B1: You said you would accompany me today, so don’t complain.
P5.B2: Fine.
P5.B3: Now hurry up.
P6.B1: cluck
P1.B1: How is it?
P2.B1: Ah, it looks good.
P3.B1: With this necktie together…
P3.B2: Hmm
P4.B1: Hey, stand over there.
P5.B1: O- Ok
P1.B1: It really fits well.
P2.T1: Something is different about us two…
P3.T1: It’s like...
P4.B1: Somewhat refreshing.
P4.T1: Eh?
P1.B1: Yeah
P1.T1: Does Mogami feel the same?
P2.B1: So, what are you going to pick?
P2.B2: Hmm...
P3.B1: Ok
P4.B1: What? You decided on one?
P4.B2: cluck
P5.B1: Now I’m really pumped!
P5.B2: Let’s go search for the perfect present!
P6.B1: Are you serious?
P6.B2: cluck
P1.B1: Too expensive.
P2.B1: My dad already has enough of these… 
P2.B2: Hey.
P3.B1: We didn’t come here just to try on clothes. Just decide on one already.
P3.B2: But there are so many good ones to choose from…
P4.B1: Well, that’s true but…
P5.B1: What should I do?
P5.B2: I just can’t decide on one…
P7.B1: Come with me.
P7.B2: Eh?
P1.B1: Where are we going?
P1.B2: Just follow me.
P3.B1: Isn’t that the store we went to first?
P4.B1: Yeah, your father has his own preferences and it’s not like he will wear the same things every day.
P5.B1: So if it’s a present from his daughter, then it should be something he can carry with him every day.
P6.B1: Something he can carry with him...everyday?
P1.B1: So what about this?
P3.B1: A wallet?
P3.B2: Yeah
P4.B1: You can’t really have preferences when it comes to wallets.
P5.B1: I see.
P5.B2: That’s a good idea.
P6.B1: I will go buy this.
P6.B2: Ok.
P1.B1: I’m glad I asked you to come along.
P1.B2: Thank you!
P1.B1: Delicious. Walking around so much really makes one thirsty.
P1.B2: Yeah, but aren’t you glad you finally found a present?
P1.B3: cluck
P2.B1: Yeah
P5.B1: Ah, did you know?
P6.B1: Hmm, what?
P6.B2: cluck
P7.B1: That it’s good for a girl to drink orange juice on her first date?
P1.B1: What’s that...Some sort of jinx?
P2.B1: No, the reflection of the orange juice makes her hand more beautiful.
P3.B1: I wonder if it’s true.
P4.B1: Who knows...
P4.B2: Are girls really worried about such things?
P4.B3: cluck
P5.B1: Perhaps not, but they’re always happier when they appear more beautiful.
P1.B1: What’s wrong?
P1.B2: Ah? What?
P2.B1: You’re very quiet.
P3.B1: Well…
P4.B1: cluck
P5.B1: That time…
P5.B2: Eh?
P6.B1: That time in the kitchen, why did you hug me?
P1.B1: What?
P2.T1: Oh no, I asked her...
P4.B1: I was wondering why you would do such a thing so suddenly.
P7.B1: I’m being serious here. Don’t laugh.
P7.B2: But...
P1.B1: You don’t have to be so wary of something like that.
P1.B2: It’s just a natural reflex.
P2.B1: Natural?
P3.B1: Yeah, natural.
P4.B1: Because you cried after talking of your mother, you seemed like a kid,
P4.B2: so I just wanted to comfort you with “Good boy, good boy”.
P5.B1: You!
P6.B1: Because…
P1.B1: You’ve always been idiotically cheerful, with a persistent ability to adapt...
P1.B2: you don’t like to bend to anything and in crucial times you are reliable.
P2.B1: But in spite of this you were crying so much.
P3.B1: But I like your idiotic cheerfulness and your annoying cheekiness.
P4.B1: Oi, you don’t have to go so far…
P4.B2: cluck
P1.B1: Were you a crybaby as a kid?
P2.B1: O- Of course not!
P3.B1: It was a joke.
P1.B1: Oh no! It’s already 7 p.m.
P2.B1: Ah, your family dinner is at 7, right?
P2.B2: cluck
P3.B1: Yeah, so I’m in a hurry. Sorry
P3.B2: It’s ok. Let’s hurry up.
P3.B3: cluck
P4.T1: ...I see.
P5.T1: That was Mogami’s kindness.
P6.T1: She’s selfish, strong-willed, cheeky…
P7.T1: but also innocent and cute.
P7.T2: After all, I...
P1.T1: Huh?
P1.T2: How did I want to finish that sentence?
P5.T1: I see...
P1.T1: I…
P1.B1: What’s wrong?
P1.B1: love Mogami!!
P1.T1: What’s wrong? You are making a troubled face again.
P1.T2: If I’m near Mogami, I get nervous.
P2.T1: I’m happy when Mogami is...
P2.B1: Eh? My face was like this, right?
P3.B1: Weird face!
P3.T1: I smile when Mogami is smiling...
P4.T1: There are so many people,
P5.T1: so many cute girls.
P1.T1: But Mogami is...
P1.B1: Danjou-kun?
P2.B1: Really, what’s wrong?
P2.T1: my number one after all.
P3.B1: Shall I do a “Good boy, good boy” again?
P3.B2: What are you saying...
P4.B1: Let’s go.
P4.B2: Ok
P4.T1: I don’t know when Mogami became my most important person.
P1.T1: But that is what it means to love.
P1.B1: Wait for me, Danjou-kun. I said wait!
P1.T2: To love….

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