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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Sora no Kanata no! 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 30, 2010 01:11 | Go to Sora no Kanata no!

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Sora no Kanata no Chapter 02:

P1.T1: #2: Tuning person
P1.B1: I'm Riu. // I'm your ally.
P2.B1: A- // Ally!? // This kid?
P2.B2: Hey, look here. // My power!
P4.B1: Whatever I draw with this fingers, turns into reality.
P4.B2: *appaer*
P1.B1: A pig?
P1.B2: A chicken!
P2.B1: And
P4.B1: it also can return the humans, who turned into monsters, to normal.
P4.B2: Cool, right?
P1.B1: Did you get this crazy power from him?
P1:B2: Yeah!
P3.B1: You are also monsters!
P3.B2: That's rude.
P3.B3: Can't be helped.
P3.B4: *sound of a chicken*
P4.B1: Uwa!
P5.B1: *grab*
P6.B1: For now, it's dangerous here.
P6.B2: Let's move to a safer place.
P4.B1: Let us introduce each other.
P4.T1: There was a convience store on the way
P4.B2: Teacher!
P5.B1: Here! // I'm Futaba Sorano.
P5.B2: From Gotakadai middle school. A first year. 12 years old.
P5.B3: I'm in the tennis club.
P6.B1: I'm Riu.
P6.B2: I'm a human.
P6.B3: An earthling.
P6.B4: A japanese.
P7.B1: A japanese?
P7.B2: What a liar! Isn't he an alien?
P7.B3: ..I'm Suzuki.
P1.B1: Cheers!
P1.B2: ...
P2.B1: Tzz
P2.B2: You are so carefree. // Even though you were crying a while ago.
P3.B1: Well
P3.B2: Because you abondoned me, // Riu-kun saved me when I was in danger.
P4.B1: Kyaaa
P5.B1: *swish*
P3.B1: Are you ok?
P1.B1: Eh?
P1.B2: Y- // Yeah.
P2.B1: Ah!?
P2.B2: You are!!
P3.B1: ? // ?
P4.B1: What? // Do I have something on my face?
P4.B2: Ah
P4.B3: No, it's nothing. // Sorrry.
P5.B1: Grab on.
P6.B1: Kyaa
P6.B2: Don't panic, don't panic.
P1.B1: Eeh? It became like this all over the world?
P2.B1: Yes.
P2.B2: This is an global catastrophe.... // No, a war...
P3.B1: But don't worry! // We can return the world to normal, // there are a lot of people in the world, who didn't turned into monster like you.
P3.B2: Really??
P4.B1: I see...
P4.B2: We can return it to normal...
P5.B1: I'm glad...
P6.B1: So, // How do we return it to normal?
P6.B2: Why didn't I turn into a monster?
P6.B3: ...
P6.B4: Calm down, calm down.
P6.B5: I will tell you everything later.
P1.B1: That is a monster from the other world.
P2.B1: With giant poles, called divine pole, planted into the ground, // they destroy the principle of this world and rewrite it.
P2.B2: They are powerful beings.
P3.B1: At the moment here is one pole.
P3.B2: But with just this one, the people are degenerated to monsters. They are "dissimilated".
P4.B1: There are a lot of different poles // and every time it is planted into the ground, something is rewritten.
P4.B2: Animals - Cities - Mountains - See - Atmosphere
P1.B1: When all poles are planted, // earth will have completly changed.
P1.B2: Into a mysteroius planet, without a trace of humans.
P3.B1: You want me to believe that?
P3.B2: Wha-
P3.B3: It's not about believen, this is "reality". // Because reality is somtimes unreasonable andsenselessness.
P4.B1: *teeth grinding*
P1.B1: No matter what you say, you look like a grade schooler.
P1.B2: You are cheeky.
P2.B1: What are you doing?
P2.B2: It's ok, even if he is a grade schooler. // He saved us two.
P3.B1: Right?
P3.B2: Right!
P3.B3: Tzz
P3.B4: Creepy guy.
P4.B1: Take this, Suzuki-kun.
P4.B2: What's that?
P5.B1: A device called "tolar talk". // It brings out your hidden ablilites.
P6.B1: Ah, it's this.
P6.B2: If you use it, you will be able to use the "tuning power" like me.
P6.B3: "Tuning power"?
P1.B1: When that fish head appeared, // all the nearby humans turned into stone, right?
P1.B2: That's because when it appeared, // a fallen special energie had an effect on their bodies. // The "Shackle Event"
P2.B1: But you, who carry a rare factor... // You, who are called "reciever", are fine when hit with this energie.
P2.T1: Unkown energie[above middle]// accumullating within the body[right side] // Emerge[left side]
P2.B2: This device is an inverter, which turns the accumulated energy in you into shape.
P2.B3: Power
P3.B1: Don't kid me!
P3.T1: Ohohoho
P3.B2: Into a simple brat-like power, like Sora's?
P4.B1: No, // the power varies from person to person.
P4.B2: It will turn into a shape only fitting you.
P5.B1: ...
P1.B1: The only ones who can save this world are you recievers!
P1.B2: I want you to give your best to protect this world!
P2.B1: *toss*
P3.B1: Hey
P3.B2: Don't waste it. // I don't have much ofit.
P4.B1: After Riu-kun did it for us...
P4.B2: Unnecessary effort!
P5.B1: Is there even a point to save // this world?
P5.B2: Isn't it better if it gets destroyed like this?
P1.B1: Wha-
P1.B2: I won't force you. // It's your decision.
P2.B1: Perhaps for unnecessary concern, I will leave this here.
P3.B1: But
P4.B1: don't think // you can survive in this time without power.
P4.B2: If possible, // I don't want you to die a meaningless death. // That are my true feelings.
P1.B1: Then
P1.B2: Then shall we go, Sorano-chan? // To destroy that pole.
P1.B3. Yeah
P2.B1: Do you can destroy the pole with the tuning power?
P3.B1: Of course! // "The power to restore earth"!
P3.B2: That's what the tuning power is.
P4.B1: You go first.
P1.B1: You are too reckless.
P1.B2: How can you believe this crazy stuff from that kid?
P2.B1: Wa
P2.B2: It's not
P3.B1: It's not like I understand it all. // Unbelievable such just happen after another...
P3.B2: ...but
P4.B1: aren't you worried?
P4.B2: About what?
P5.B1: About your family!
P5.B2: Not really...
P6.B1: I really worry a lot.
P6.B2: Because my papa died, my mama is giving her best alone... // She is my only family!
P7.B1: So I'm thinking if my mama if one of them, // I get really anxious....
P7.B2: So I want to return the world back to normal as fast as possible.
P1.B1: And I don't care if it's reality or not!
P1.B2: But I don't want to loose to reality!
P2.B1: Tzz
P2.B2: She is happy positiv thinking girl.
P2.B3: Don't joke with me.
P4.B1: ...Even if I want to use it,
P4.B2: how do I use it?
P1.B1: So how are we destroying this?
P1.B2: It's easy.
P2.B1: We just have to destroy the "Rikyuu" ball on top of the pole.
P2.B2: That's all?
P3.B1: Leave it to me!
P4.B1: *stare*
P1.B1: Here I go!
P1.B1: That pig is useless.
P1.B2: You have to create one with more destructive power.
P2.B1: It's a CHI-CKEN!
P2.B2: Ah, sorry.
P3.B1: Mh--
P4.B1: One with destructive power...
P4.B2: Some kind of weapon...
P5.B1: What's that?
P5.B2: A katana.
P6.B1: A gun.
P7.B1: A canon.
P8.B1: A missile.
P9.B1: A tank.
P1.B1: Good! // That's good. // This...
P2.B1: Mechanical something!
P2.B2: It's a lovely crab!
P3.B1: Hii...
P4.B1: Go crab!
P4.B1: Oh no, // more are coming.
P5.B1: These aren't humans anymore. // These are lifeforms from the other world, created by reconstructing the atomic structure.
P1.B1: They don't have instinct or a free will. // They are just being moved by "their" voices. // They are only marionettes.
P1.B2: Turn them back to humans with your crab!
P1.B3: Go crab!
P4.B1: Careful..
P4.B2: I'm sorry if I hurt you, // I don't have a tuning power.
P1.B1: Of course,
P1.B2: I'm going easy on you!
P3.B1: Has it started?
P3.B2: I can see it well.
P5.B1: Binoculars...
P5.B2: Leaving a thing like this behind, // what is Riu thinking?
P2.B1: Mh?
P1.B1: Strange
P2.B1: It is supposed to be a fight for the fate of the world...
P2.B2: ...but it only looks like a bad joke.
P3.B1: Kyaa
P1.B1: Fly on it, Sorano-chan!
P2.B1: Make it bigger!
P2.B2: Concentrate!
P3.B1: Yeah.
P1.B1: E---i
P2.T1: Wair for me, mama!

P2.B1: She did it!
P3.B1: Unbelievable!

P2.B1: Ha?
P3.B1: I'm glad.
P3.B2: Everyone turned back.
P4.B1: Kyaaa
P1.B1: Be careful,
P1.B2: if they disappear, your powers will disappear too.
P2.B1: Does it mean it's over?
P3.B1: No.
P3.B2: That was the first round.
P3.B3: They will attack as often as they can.
P4.B1: I see..
P5.B1: Mh, it's ok.
P6.B1: In the end, she did it alone.
P7.B1: Oi, Suzuki-kun!
P7.B2: I did it!
P1.B1: What a carefree girl.
P1.B2: A girl with determination is strong.
P2.B1: At the time // she used tolar talk she said.
P4.B1: ....// With this I can save everyone?
P5.B1: If you wish for that.
P5.B2: Then give it to me!
P6.B1: I have a person I want to protect!
P1.B1: I thought for sure she meant you.
P1.T1: Well, she flew earlier...
P1.B2: Don't talk shit.
P2.B1: If you don't pull yourself together, she will dominate you.
P3.B1: Don't fuck around!
P3.B2: Hahahaha
P3.B3: See you.
P4.B1: Tzz
P4.B2: What's this "I have a person i want to protect".
P5.B1: Disgusting.
P3.B1: Mama!
P3.B2: Sorano!
P4.B1: Mama!
P4.B2: Sorano!

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