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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Guardian Dog 6

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 9, 2010 21:17 | Go to Guardian Dog

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Guardina Dog Chapter 06:

P1.T1: [#6] Guardian Dog
P2.B1: Just...who are...
P2.B2: you...both?
P1.T1: What are...What are you going to do?
P1.B1: So you are the girl called Towada. // Excuse me.
P2.B1: Eh??
P2.B2: First let my correct my mistake.
P3.B1: !?
P2.B1: !?
P3.B1: ?
P4.B1: I broke what she called "smell", the seal.
P4.B2: Now those monster won't came after you again.
P1.B1: Well for now, have some tea,
P1.B2: since you saved me and all.
P2.B1: H-Hey, what are you going to do? It's not going to work like with Akagi.
P2.B2: I know. ...The situation is already complex enough.
P3.B1: But though we can't decieve her,
P3.B2: we can't really tell her everything.
P1.B1: Don't worry.
P2.B1: Whatever this conversation is about, // I won't tell what happen earlier to anyone.
P2.B2: Because I doubt they would believe me. Even if I told them...
P3.B1: I'm sure I would be taken to a doctor.
P3.B2: ...Mh
P4.B1: It seems you are way more clever than Kurosaki.
P4.B2: Though it's unpleasent to be compared to that idiot.
P1.B1: Well, here. // Though it isn't much.
P2.T1: Eh? I get this? eh?
P2.B1: Thank you. I will help myself.
P2.B2: Yeah, please do.
P4.B1: I'm differnt from you.
P5.B1: I'm a forged existence.
P1.B1: I'm a observer.
P1.B2: I'm not a habitant of this planet.
P2.B1: What's that?
P2.B2: Why are you her?
P3.B1: ...
P4.B1: To protect...
P4.B2: the legacy.
P1.B1: I'm here to protect
P1.B2: the legacy our ancestors left behind.
P2.B1: ...legacy?
P3.B1: They were created in acient times.
P3.B2: Namely: You.
P1.B1: Wai- Wait a moment! So you are saying we are created?
P2.B1: Listen to the end, Towada.
P2.B2: To be more precise, "you were given cultur".
P3.B1: Why did that happen?
P4.B1: So that you, as our food,
P4.B2: would increase.
P1.B1: !!
P1.B2: Don't worry. It's not like we are eating you completly.
P2.B1: Ah! This morning....I see.
P3.B1: That's right, We absorb a bit of your energy like that.
P3.T1: Uwa, what's that?
P3.B2: That's most effective.
P4.B1: It's what you call the pleasure of fight---
P4.B2: Well, it tastes delicious.
P1.B1: Though I don't know why it tastes so.
P2.B1: It could be that beings, who are able to think on a high level, are the most delicious. // And there are a lot who remember that taste.
P2.B2: Well we are already able to absorb the energy out of lifeforms, // but there are others who use a "different eating" kind of absorption.
P3.B1: You mean...like to get completly eaten?
P3.B2: That could be an explanation for the vanishing of humans.
P4.B1: Unfortunatly...the numbers of these predators is high. As much as there are stars.
P4.B2: To banish them and to garantue human's safety, // is my job as an observer.
P1.B1: All that aside, I'm really sorry to have you caused trouble, // Towada.
P2.B1: ...
P3.B1: ...
P3.B2: ...I understand.
P4.B1: I won't tell anyone about it. I will forget it.
P4.B2: Can you came with me for a bit, // Kurosaki?
P1.B1: Mh? What?
P1.B2: It's not "What". That explanation isn't enough.
P2.B1: I understand her circumstances more or less.
P2.B2: But I still don't know about these "eyes". What are they? Are you ok?
P3.B1: Ah,...no...You are wrong...These are...probably
P3.B2: not a...bad thing... // Really!
P4.B1: ...
P6.B1: Mh, so you can't explain it. Well even I don't understand it yet...
P6.B2: You were probably captivated by that beauty and somewhat it ended in this, right?
P1.B1: Well, we are like a crested ibis or a Iriomote wildcat to her... [what's with that weird reference?]
P1.B2: On top of that, we are their food...so something like their livestocks.
P2.B1: L-Li-Livestocks?
P2.T1: You are an idiot...
P2.B2: Didn't you realize that?
P3.B1: But...
P4.B1: She is a hot beauty.
P5.B1: WHAT?
P5.B2: That's my opinion. You don't think so?
P6.B1: Gr...I lost...
P6.T1: I'm jealous...
P6.B2: What are you doing?
P1.B1: Is doing strange things a custom on this planet?
P1.T1: slowly... // ?
P1.B2: What? No way.
P2.B1: Well, it's because I only know about things of this planet from him.
P2.T1: Speaking blunt
P2.B2: Ah! That's no good. Because he is an idiot.
P2.B3: Dam---
P3.B1: Mh, I see.
P4.B1: Excuse me.
P4.B2: He?
P5.B1: !
P1.B1: !?
P2.B1: Wh- wh- wh- wh- what?
P2.T1: Uwa
P2.B2: ....
P2.B3: Mmh... That's more information than he had,
P3.B1: And...
P1.B1: You are really nice, worrying about him. Don't worry.
P1.T1: That's not it.
P1.B2: His standpoint is at the moment, // well like that of a dog.
P2.B1: DOG?
P3.B1: !!
P4.B1: I see, so it's ok to make him listen by force.
P4.T1: Ouuch
P5.B1: Towada, you idiot!
P6.T1: Mh? What did you say? // No, stop // Towada is so energic.
P1.B1: Well, sorry to have bothered you.
P1.B2: If something happens, tell me. // I'm now responsibile because I involved you.
P2.B1: Then, bye.
P3.B1. Bye...
P1.B1: ...I don't understand anything...after all..
P1.B2. ...but...
P3.B1: Oh right, y bath! Gotta warm it up and go in.
P3.B2: That will fresh me up!
P4.B1: ...Hey, was that ok?
P4.B2: When I read her memory, I also understand her personality.
P1.B1: Compared to you regarding comprehension she is a positiv thinking human.
P1.T1: You get to know that much?
P2.B1: But...that I made such a mistake...
P3.B1: Oho...Good...evening...
P3.B2: to...you...both...
P4.B1: !?
P4.B2: S-Sensei!
P1.B1: So it's you!
P2.B1: Stop...it...How...ungraceful...
P2.B2: I wish...you would...study more...
P3.B1: Do you think...just being strong...is enough for being...an observer?
P3.B2: If you think so...than you are gravely...mistaken...
P4.B1: ....Gr!
P1.B1: Because you have some good moving...arms and legs...and a head to coordinate that...
P1.B2: you have to think..your actions...through more...// I came today...to say that...
P2.B1: By the way...
P2.B2: did you ... tell Kurosaki-kun about it...already?
P3.B1: About "That giving the humans fire,... the prometheus plan
P3.B2: was for the sake...of eating humans..."?
P1.B1: Then... see you,...// Kurosaki-kun,...
P2.B1: ...Observer-san...
P3.B1: Haaa--
P1.B1: Thinking about it doesn't really help me...
P1.B2: Everything I saw was reality...
P2.B1: Ah---I will wash my face! // Stay strong, myself!
P5.B1: !
P1.B1: Nice to meet you.
P2.B1: Ha?
P2.B2: A
P2.B3: A
P2.B4: Don't be scared, your cute face is being ruined.
P3.B1: A...
P3.B2: Hii...
P3.B3: Hey...I have a request...// can you lend me your body for a bit?
P1.B1: ---!?
P3.B1: ...Well then...
P1.B1: I wonder...if Towada-san...// is really safe...
P3.B1: I'm... worried
P5.B1: ...
P1.B1: Ding dong
P2.B1: Ding dong
P3.B1: Ding dong
Volume 1 END

P1.T1: (Title: Ali*n) These are the japanese news.
P2.T1: Laughing is good...
P3.T1: * a movie called Al*en
P4.B1: Is A*ien that scary?
P4.B2: Isn't that your natur?
P5.T1: (Title: Six Eyes passing by) A man called Six eyes assimilated me.
P5.T2: Though he lost his consiousness to save me.
P6.T1: But sometimes he appears-
P7.T1: Isn't that girl a bit too slim?
P8.B1: Don't appear at such times!
P8.B2: Isn't it alright? Even I want sometimes...
P8.B3: Disappear!

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