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Translations: Gintama 620 by kewl0210 , One Piece 850 by cnet128

Yu-Yuru Executive Office 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 12, 2010 00:24 | Go to Yu-Yuru Executive Office

-> RTS Page for Yu-Yuru Executive Office 2

For use of Ichigo Ichie Scans/Twee Quidam Scans only

YYEO Chapter 02:

[Panel going in the 4-koma style]
P1.T1: Move forward, Executive Office!
P5.B1: I’m bored.
P5.T1: Well because you are doing nothing.
P5.T2: Fly!
P1.B1: About about you do some work?
P1.T1: Because of the new semester there is a lot to do.
P2.B1: Even if you tell me to do some...
P4.B1: I want to play baseball!
P4.T1: That’s completly unrelated to our duties...
P5.B1: Besides, why isn’t Hana coming?
P5.T1: Even though she is my playmate
P5.B2: Now that you mention it.
P6.B1: After I was so kind to her!
P6.T1: Kind?
P7.B1: “She is dead?” A shocking meeting.
P7.B2: Uninvited classvisit. “Congratulation”
P8.B1: “From today on you belong to the executive office!” “Eh?” A forceful recruitment.
P8.T1: The youth nowadays is…
P8.T2: That might be unreasonableness…
P1.B1: Ah, that’s right.
P1.B2: Today after school in the courtyard….
P2.B1: are the club recruitments for the new students and we were asked to patrol.
P2.B2: That’s it!
P3.B1: Just patrolling, don’t play.
P3.B2: To the courtyard. Follow me.
P4.B1: I really wish Yukimaru-san would be here…
P4.T1: Pile of work.
P5.B1: How lively.
P5.B1: Found the baseball club!
P5.T1: Hey, everyone~
P5.T2: Baseball
P5.T3: Tennis
P6.T1: Please..
P6.B1: Let me play baseball!
P6.T2: Ah, the president!
P7.B1: Have you ever hold a bat?
P7.B2: Of course. Who do think I am?
P7.B3: Well, Fa-
P7.T1: Wait, that’s dangerous!
P8.B1: A famous person!
P8.T1: It’s bad to get injured.
P8.T2: That’s right, but don’t worry about that.
P8.T3: Ahaha
P1.B1: *chacchara, chacchara*
P2.B1: *chacchara chacchara*
P3.T1: Is this right?
P3.B1: Fly, Ume!
P4.T1: That’s it.
P4.B1: Ok, let’s go!
P4.B2: You don’t know baseball, right?
P5.T1: Mist likely…
P7.B1: At that time...
P8.B1: Juice-snake
P8.T1: just kidding...
P8.T1: Sawachi Miou’s lonely delusions
P1.B1: Ah, finally over.
P1.B2: Yukimaru-san, are you going home?
P2.B1: Did you decide on a club?
P2.B2: Club? Mh...
P2.T1: Ishimori-san?
P3.B1: From today on you belong to the execute office!
P4.B1: I didn’t decide yet.
P5.B1: Then shall we go check out the club recruitment in the courtyard?
P6.B1: I’m fine even without going there.
P6.B2: I see. What a shame!
P8.B1: Is it ok we that we just ignored her?
P8.B2: You can’t be helped...
P1.B1: Don’t come here!
P1.B2: Eh, what are you doing?
P1.T1: Came back alone, because she was worried.
P2.B1: You came at a good time. Do something about them!
P3.B1: Even if you so...
P3.T1: Found Ume-tan
P4.T1: Seems fun
P4.B1: It’s impossible.
P5.B1: Ah, I made a mistake.
P7.B1: Paper-snake
P8.T1: Deep in her delusions.
P1.B1: Where am I? Help me!
P1.B2: What should we do?
P2.B1: She should just jump down.
P2.T1: No, thats...
P3.B1: Minai-senpai, even if it is the president, that high is just too much...
P3.T1: Really?
P4.B1: Ah, I’m beat.
P4.T1: See?
P5.B1: So why where you up there?
P5.T1: Here, Cream bread.
P6.B1: Mmpf (Well...) Mmpf (I was doing) Mmpf (baseball, but…)
P6.B2: Either eat or speak! (Hana)
P7.B1: Can you hit this ball?
P7.B2: Bring it on!
P8.B1: ...so I went flying like that.
P8.B2: Just how light are you?
P1.B1: Miou-chan, I’m cheering for you!
P2.B1: Thanks. Everyone, thanks.
P4.B1: Miou broke down
P4.T1: Nobody is coming back...
P4.T2: The work isn’t done...
P5.B1: Hiya, I’m back.
P6.B1: I also brought Hana with me.
P6.T1: Hello
P6.B2: Yukimaru-san!!
P7.B1: Please join us. Otherwise I will die because of loneliness.
P8.B1: I- I understand.
P8.B2: Thank you.
P8.T1: Yukimaru Hana officially joind the executive office.

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