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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Guardian Dog 10

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 3, 2010 21:08 | Go to Guardian Dog

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Guardian Dog Chapter 10:


P1.B1: Hey!
P2.B1: You don't look well, Ken-chan. What's up?
P2.B2: ...Somehow...too much in the morning...
P3.B1: Morning! You awake yet?
P3.B2: Mh?
P4.B1: Ah, Morning..
P1.B1: Already tired in the morning? Keep it together, boy!
P1.B2: You can use this if you want. // It's a cologne sample, I got this morning. Perhaps that will change your mood.
P2.B1: A cologne, huh... No, thanks. But I appriciate the thought.
P2.B2: Ok, everyone sit down! // First period will be self-study.
P3.B1: Ehhh~~~?
P4.B1: It seems Karino-sensei isn't feeling well today.
P4.B2: Hey! Sit down! Now!
P1.B1: Hello? Yes.
P2.B1: Yes, I will start now.
P2.B2: It's fine. Of course I set up a barrier.
P3.B1: Later.
P4.B1: "Barrier", huh...A relic's intelligence, mh.
P1.B1: Well, then
P1.B2: cheers on the "wonderful imagination power
P2.B1: of relics"!
P2.B1: !
P3.T1: Self-study
P4.T1: What was that? ...I'm sure it was nothing.
P5.T1: I got a strange feeling...
P1.T1: !
P1.T2: What is this scent?
P2.B1: Ah...
P3.T1: I...
P3.T2: I got a really bad foreboding...!!
P1.B1: Ah.. // AAAAHH
P3.B2: Hii!
P3.B3: !
P1.B1: Wha..What is that? // What is thaat?
P2.T1: Only // Akagi and Towada are sane?
P2.T2: What is happening here?
P3.B1: What... // happened to everyone?
P3.B2: Ah...Ahh....
P3.B3: Hey!
P4.B1: Akagi! Towada!
P4.B2: We are running! Come!
P1.B1: Kurosaka! What is this?
P2.B1: I don't know either!
P2.B2: For now we escape!
P3.B1: What will we do about them?
P3.B2: At this rate...
P4.B1: !
P1.B1: Kyaaaaaaaa
P3.B1: Akagi!
P3.B2: Akagi-chan!
P4.B1: ~~~~Ug!
P1.B1: Let- // Let go of me!
P3.B1: !


P1.B1: A...Aka... // Akagi-san?
P1.B2: Kyaaa, what's that?
P2.B1: Hey! Are you still conscious? Are you conscious?
P2.B2: Yeah I am. I am, but // what the hell is that?
P3.B1: For now, we could to escape from here.
P4.B1: We will talk after that! So get going.
P4.T1: While they are suprised, let's go.
P4.T2: No way.
P4.B2: Uwa...
P5.B1: Eh?
P1.B1: The... They aren't just here!
P1.B2: Everyone in the other classroom is the same...!
P2.B1: ...I don't really want to, but I will have to fight trhough...
P2.B2: Ku...Kurosaka...
P4.B1: !
P5.B1: You are fine? Something is odd...
P5.B2: It...hurts...
P1.B1: Da....
P1.B2: Damn it!
P2.B1: Why are everyone like this to begin with...
P3.B1: Should I tell you?
P4.B1: Here a hint: Nose. Scent!
P4.B2: And countermeasures are
P1.B1: just one.
P2.B1: Fuu...
P3.B1: !
P3.B2: Wha-! What are you doing?
P4.B1: Do't panic, ladies.
P4.B2: It won't cause damage to this baldy.
P3.B1: I came because I wanted to see my lovely Yuuko-chan and I get something like this-- // Are you ok?
P3.B2: Ah..Yes.
P4.B1: For now... Thank you...Eh.
P4.B2: ...~~Aniki!
P5.B1: Hahaha "Aniki" has such a nice rin gto it!
P5.T1: Let me go!
P5.B2: You are a freak! Definitly a freak!
P1.B1: Kurosaka, I won't say anything about your hobbies, but who is that person?
P1.B2: A strange old man I met this morning at the park!!
P1.B3: Ahahaha, Hello, cute ladies.
P2.B1: ...To be able to keep your sanity in this kind of situation.
P2.T1: So cute.
P2.B2: Do you have some kind of "resistance"?
P3.B1: ?
P3.B2: ?
P3.B3: Well, whatever.
P4.B1: If you want to help the guys, who turned into monster, you have to physically attack them. But not the head, because that doesn't regenerate.
P4.B2: If they recieve a shock like earlier, they will turned back. But lightning will burn also the real body, so that's out of question.
P5.B1: That's it. You should be able to manage alone from now.
P5.B2: I will take my leave.
P1.B1: Hey! Aren't you going to help us?
P1.B2: Of course not! I came to meet Yuuko-chan! // Like I have time to help you!
P2.B1: But if you insist, I can tell you one thing.
P3.B1: The one causing this ruckus, is somewherer here.
P3.B2: Find him and give him a beating. If you do so, everyone, that four-eyes girl too, will revert back.
P4.B1: Ho- How are we suppossed to find him?
P4.B2: Think that up for yourself. // I will let you try out, how to use your power! Adieu!!
P1.B1: Hey, wait!! Don't "Adieu" me!!
P1.T1: Ah, idiot.
P4.B1: Even if he ...didn't ignore us...
P4.B2: we are already surrounded!
P1.B1: Wha- What shall we do, Kurosaka?
P1.B2: "W..What" you say...
P2.B1: Calm down, Akagi-chan!
P2.B2: Kurosaka! You can fight, right? Like before!
P3.B1: Well, yes.. I can.
P3.B2: ...It pains me, but fighting is outside my abilities...
P4.B1: Therefore please save everyone!
P5.B1: ...Yeah, of course!
P1.B1: Akagi and I will create a path!
P1.B2: Don't get seperated from us, Towada!
P2.B1: I...I can't...
P2.B2: It's ok! You just have to swing around those arms!
P2.B3: We want to go outside, so first to the stairs...
P3.B1: Let's go!
P2.B1: Gr..
P3.B1: Kyaaaa
P1.B1: I can see them! There they are!
P1.B2: Keep it up!

P3.B1: ...To...
P4.B1: Towadaa!!!
P1.B1: Towada! Towada!!
P1.B2: Sayo-chan! Wake up!
P2.T1: Protect...her...
P3.B1: Damn! Damn it!!
P3.B2: Please wake up!
P4.T1: protect...that...girl...
P1.T1: ...if not...I will...
P3.T1: kill...you!!
P5.B1: Towada!!
P5.B2: I'm glad...You ok?
P5.B3: ...Man...
P1.B1: First that female teacher and then old man earlier...
P1.B2: is this planet only full of monster?
P2.B1: He...Hey?
P2.B2: Towada...?

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