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Saikyou! Toritsu Aoizaka Koukou Yakyuubu 3


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Saikyou Chapter 03:

[Note: I will use short forms for all positions from now an. FB= first-base, SB= second-base, TB= third-base, SS= short-stop, RF= right fielder, CF= center fielder, LF= left fielder, P= Pitcher, C= catcher]
P1.T1: Farewell
P1.T1: June
P3.B1: Kyaaa!!
P4.B1: Dad, you didn't woke me up!
P5.B1: Of course, not. You are a teacher.
P5.B2: Geez!
P6.B1: If I, as the coach come to late, it's a bad example!
P6.T1: So early in the morning...
P6.B2: Your sure a noisy.
P7.B1: Well, that Suzuo is energetic again, // is thanks to these kids.
P3.T1: Practice match // Aoizaka (Tokyo) vs. Seiwa (Saitama)
P3.B1: Strike!
P3.B2: Nice pitch!
P1.B1: That was in
P1.B2: the strike zone?
P2.B1: The ball suddenly emerges towards my face like a snake.
P3.B1: The really rare left handed submarine pitch is perfectly headed towards my mask.
P4.B1: Kitarou, the next one also in the right upper corner. // Don't miss it.
P5.B1: Okay, Masaharu!
P2.B1: !
P4.B1: Gwar!
P6.B1: RF, forward!
P1.B1: What?
P1.B2: SB is!?
P2.B1: Out!
P3.B1: Ok, 2 outs!
P4.B1: Nice catch, Ukyou!
P4.B2: The divine glove strikes!
P5.B1: Hey, Hey, let them it! // Come! Come to me!
P1.B1: ...Next is...
P3.B1: A left-hander.
P4.B1: Ok, throw!
P6.T1: ....Kou-chan.
P1.B1: What an fearsome genuine Submarine pitcher.
P1.B2: And on top left-handed...
P2.B1: A strange ball trajectory that suddenly emerges from your blind spot.
P4.B1: The left handed batter are completely surprised.
P5.B1: Coach... The right handed batter are also not hitting.
P7.B1: You're right...
P1.B1: Batter out!
P2.B1: Good thing that our districts are different! [A represetative of each district wents to the koushien, 2 for Tokyo, west and east)
P3.B1: Game set!
P4.B1: Ohoho, it's our loss. // You are really lucky to have found such a pitcher. // The batter are also good. I'm jealous.
P5.B1: It seems like you will represent east Tokyo this year.
P5.B2: Ah...
P6.B1: I have a little cheeky request...
P1.B1: We don't have a baseball ground at our school, and we can't train outer field plays... // So if you could perhaps...
P1.B2: I'm really sorry that my players couldn't hit the ball into the outfield. // Wahaha
P1.B3: Hey! Everyone, 50 rounds around the ground!!
P2.B1: Here I go!
P2.B2: And another!
P3.B1: That female coach can really hit well.
P3.B2: But not having an own ground, public schools sure have it hard.
P1.B1: Huh?
P2.B1: Hey! Hey!
P3.B1: If we had hit it into the outfield, we would have won!
P3.B2: Yeah, if....
P4.B1: ...
P5.B1: Now we have 5 wins in a row!!
P6.B1: Aoizaka High School's winning records renewed!
P6.B2: To be honest, I'm scared. Till last year we couldn't even make it to the first round...
P7.B1: And we still have no hit against us!!
P1.B1: It's troubling for us, if you are already satisfied, Senpais.
P2.B1: We only played opponents who made it to the 2nd or 3rd round of the preliminary, till now.
P4.B1: Winning,
P4.B2: was obvious!
P5.B1: Don't match your shouting!
P5.B2: Stop your air-seating. [Lol wtf don't know how it is called, when you try to sit just against the wall]
P5.B3: It's creepy!
P3.B1: Here, Old lady, sit down.
P3.B2: Ah, thank you.
P4.B1: Ah, good to sit down~~
P4.B2: Ahh, doing a kind thing is so refreshing!
P5.B1: Kitarou...
P5.B2: You...
P6.B1: Mh?
P6.B2: I'm doing squats, so~~
P1.B1: Wwar! To you think a pitcher will make it with such legs and loins?
P1.B2: I...I just pitched 9 innings...
P1.B3: Softy! Softy----!!
P2.B1: Stop it, you are going overboard.
P2.B2: Help me stop them!
P3.B1: Captain!
P2.B1: Do I have to stop them...?
P3.B1: Koushien, Go!
P3.B2: Fire
P3.B3: On!
P4.B1: They really plan to beat Toho...
P4.B2: Fire
P4.B3: On!
P4.B4: But here is the wrong place!
P6.B1: Geez! You all...
P7.B1: Fire
P8.B1: On!
P8.B2: ....Sugawara-sensei?
P1.B1: Koushien, Go!
P1.B2: Fire
P1.B3: On!
P2.B1: Fire
P2.B2: On!
P3.B1: ...Vice-principal...
P3.B2: Fire
P4.B1: ....Wha...
P5.B1: On!
P2.T1: Tokyo Aoizsaka Public High
P2.B1: Osu!
P2.B2: Morning!
P4.B1: Fire
P4.B2: *pant*
P4.B3: Koushien, Go! // Fire
P4.B4: On!
P5.B5: On!
P1.B1: Are you kindergarten teacher?
P2.B1: No, a high school's...
P2.B2: So is it! // That's absolutely right!
P2.B3: What was that yesterday? That was so embarrassing....
P3.B1: I'm really sorry for that.
P4.B1: Koshien! Fire
P4.B2: On!
P4.B3: Wah! // Gross!
P1.B1: But they kept winning in practice matches! // Already 5 times!
P1.B2: 5!
P2.T1: Mh, today is..
P2.B1: What' that?
P3.B1: ...
P4.B1: They are doing that since the morning. Imai-san too.
P5.B1: They are more devoted than before.
P6.B1: Speaking of, you were in the baseball club, right?
P6.B2: When Sugawara became the coach, I quit.
P7.B1: It's just meaningless struggle--
P7.B2: *pant*
P7.B3: I mean this is a public school...
P1.B1: So what's the use in trying so hard?
P1.B2: Koushien!
P1.B3: Fire
P1.B4: On!
P2.T1: Recently even public school manage to scout some students for sport clubs like basball, but
P3.T1: compared to the powerhouses, who already have first rate player in middle school, it's not only a question of player,
P3.T2: also of special adviser, equipment and budget. The gap between them is too big.
P4.T1: The passion of the players entering such a school is also different from players entering a public one.
P1.T1: There a public high schools who won the Kosuhien, but
P1.T2: they always get labeled as "Public Stars" and that just proves how far away the Koushien is for public high schools.
P2.T1: Between private high schools, regularly visiting the Koushien
P2.T2: and our "Aoizaka" public high school, who only does club training,
P3.T1: even lost the last years in the first round, does not have an own baseball ground and isn't a school specialized in sport activities, exists a gap as big as between the earth and the sky.
P4.T1: Kitarou and the others, shouting "We are aiming for the Koushien", are seen by teachers and the other students as just idiots, chasing nothing but a dream.
P6.B1: I'm hungry, Uncle Masa~~!
P7.B1: I got some fine quid today. // So good it will amaze you.
P7.B2: I will eat it!
P1.B1: But first some Tuna!
P2.T1: wet towel
P2.T2: Again with his tuna, this idiot!!
P3.B1: Let me eat, what I want to eat, Uncle Masa. // It's because of this attitude that there are so less customer.
P4.B1: Then how about you go also around the corner?
P5.B1: Ah~~~ No way.
P5.B2: I just know about sushi, because I ate yours since I was small.
P6.B1: Don't speak like you know, You just want to eat tuna.
P7.B1: Nyihihi
P2.B1: Ah... // Wah!!
P3.B1: Ah~~!
P3.B2: He! He is!
P3.B3: ....So,
P4.B1: how are you doing, Kitarou?
P5.B1: I'm in top form~~!! // We got 5 wins without a hit against us.
P6.B1: A high schooler can't hit my pitches.
P6.B2: Oho, already a poser.
P7.B1: But there is always someone atop. // Like that Kou-chan.
P2.B1: That once fatty Kou-chan, // is now the number 4 of the famous Toho Academy. [Number 4 is the cleanup hitter, a really great player]
P2.B2: He hit the all deciding base-loaded homerun and is now a hero allover Japan.
P2.B3: You never know when or how men will develop.
P3.B1: Uncle Masa.
P3.B2: On who's side are you?
P4.B1: On both! He is Suzuo's discipline, right?
P4.B2: So on both!
P5.B1: Didn't you hear it from Suzu-nee?
P5.B2: Welcome!
P1.B1: Good evening.
P4.B1: Oh! // Kou-chan!
P4.B2: If it isn't Kou-chan! // We were just speaking of you!
P1.B1: It seems you delivered over some sushi after the Spring Koushien. // I'm sorry couldn't come earlier to express my gratitude. I had a training camp and some matches.
P2.B1: Ah, don't worry about it.
P2.B2: As it would be expected of the Koushien winner, you are quite busy.
P3.B1: Hahaha
P6.B1: What's with this money... // What#s the meaning of that?
P7.B1: A distinction.
P1.B1: What kind of joke is that? That sushi was a gift from me! // To celebrate your victory. That are my feeling, so no way I would take that money.
P1.B2: That is troubling for me.
P2.B1: Isn't just wasabi enough for // a traitor like him?
P2.B2: If he is eating for free.
P5.B1: Don't say that, Kitarou. // If he had just been born a month later, I'm sure he would...
P1.B1: That's impossible.
P3.B1: Grr~~ Childhood friends not even looking into each eyes. // What happened to you?
P4.B1: He treated Suzu-nee as an half-assed teacher.
P5.B1: ...It was "bad example teacher".
P6.B1: Is that wrong?
P1.B1: We were seeing the same thing, but feeling different about it.
P1.B2: That's all.
P2.B1: Think what you want.
P2.B2: Do don't have to put it into words...
P3.B1: I'm also extremely surprised.
P3.B2: To think that you guys were still planning to take her to the Koushien.
P4.B1: I'm home.
P4.B2: Geez, what an awful rain.
P5.B1: !
P1.B1: Kyaa. You came here, Kou-chan?
P1.B2: Welcome.
P2.B1: The drawing for the summer Koushien is near, right?
P3.B1: Do you think we will face you?
P4.B1: We are seeded, // so if you don't win at least one game, we won't meet.
P5.B1: Then I will excuse myself.
P5.B2: Oh, already?
P7.B1: Hey!
P3.B1: Kou-chan,
P3.B2: you better don't loose.
P1.B1: Kou-chan.
P2.B1: Whatever our position now are,
P2.B2: I still like your play.
P4.B1: *clack*
P5.B1: Oh, right.
P6.B1: *shuffle*
P4.B1: It's no longer needed.
P5.B1: ...Is that a good luck charm?
P6.B1: ....Yeah.
P1.T1: Smiling in a pinch, gets you the victory! [paper]
P1.T2: Smiling in a pinch, gets you the victory! [ball]
P1.B1: Farewell...huh.
P3.B1: Congratulations on finishing it all!
P3.T1: New record: 1500g in 53 minutes (both)
P4.B1: Nothing better than eating for free.
P4.B2: Kotetsu! Ramen eating contest! 20 Minutes, price 10000 yen.
P5.B1: Together it's 20000!
P5.B2: Let's go, Afro!
P2.B1: That will be 970 yen.
P2.B2: Ah, receipt please.
P2.B1: Toho!
P2.B2: Toho!
P3.B1: Koma. // Koma. // Koma. [He is saying the same, but written differently, so use other fonts each time, for toho too]
P4.B1: Hey.
P4.B2: Hey, Kitarou!
P5.B1: Wherever I look, that what it is saying.
P5.B2: I don't understand it.
P2.B1: ....Mh? // Lunch break is over?
P2.B2: Oh, shit. You have to tell me that, Masaharu!
P3.B1: Baseball club, huh...
P4.B1: Won't you stop with your shouting "Koushien! Koushien!"?
P4.B2: It's miserable.
P5.B1: Our school isn't like that.
P6.B1: Also from our district come some famous schools.
P6.B2: So if you keep on going shouting that, you will just look like idiots!
P3.B1: Sensei--
P5.B1: When this summer is over, I will be on the cover.
P5.B2: Me too!
P3.B1: Ah, Koushien.
P3.B2: Koushien!
P5.B1: Koushien, Koushien.
P5.B2: Hey, Koushien.
P6.B1: Well... // it's fine..
P6.B2: The rain isn't stopping.
P7.B1: Again training inside?

P2.B1: I will cheer you on,
P2.B2: for the Koushien!
P1.B1: ...From our class?
P1.B2: ...She is...Chiba...Chiaki.
P3.B1: An ally?
P4.B1: From Miya middle school.
P4.B2: OH!!
P4.B3: Height: 153cm. // Weight: ...
P5.B1: Masaharu!
P5.B2: The rain stopped!
P1.B1: Ah.
P2.B1: Everyone.
P2.B2: Hurry up. Hurry up!
P3.B1: Use these sponges and draw out the water.
P4.B1: Let's play baseball!
P5.B1: Yeah!
P1.B1: Koushien, Go!
P1.B2: Fire
P2.B1: On!
P4.B1: Fire
P5.B1: On!
P6.T1: Summer is coming!
P6.B1: Fire
P6.T2: 21 days left till the regional tournament!

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