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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Guardian Dog 14

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 24, 2010 16:52 | Go to Guardian Dog

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Guardian Dog Chapter 14:


P2.B1: ...Uhu // So you are playing the knight?
P1.B1: Well it's you, we are after, but
P1.B2: we will let you live as long as you let as play with the Miss.
P2.B1: P-... Play..!?
P3.B1: Play with Yuuko-chan, you say?
P4.B1: What rude words are
P5.B1: you trash using in front of a lady?
P5.B2: Listen well,
P1.B1: The only one who plays with Yuuko-chan, is me!!
P1.B2: Outsiders stay silent!
P2.B1: ....
P2.B2: ....
P1.B1: ...Well, whatever. If you want it so, then let's start.
P2.B1: First I will crush that face of yours.
P3.B1: Ho, what's up, Trash-kun?
P3.B2: You are jealous of my face?
P4.B1: Are you messing with me, asshole?
P3.B1: *splash*
P4.B1: Did you know? // Guys who reduce their vocabulary to less then 3000 words, turn wild.
P4.B2: They can't communicate well anymore.
P1.B1: So not understanding words, you snap really easily, right?
P1.B2: You know yourself that you are trash, right?
P2.B1: ...Why... // aren't you burning?
P3.B1: ...It has a temperature of 3000 grad. That's the boiling point for silver.
P3.B2: But even that won't burn me.
P4.B1: Gr...
P1.B1: I see... You are also controlling fire. // Therefore you are resistant.
P3.B1: But I don't just have fire.
P4.B1: ...hey, hey.
P4.B2: Don't just send out someone who is just strong with his fists.
P5.B1: If you can't us your head, you are just trash.
P5.B2: You have to consider intelligence!
P1.B1: ? // Who are you talking about?
P2.B1: Who?
P2.B2: Of course, it is...
P3.B1: your owner!
P1.B1: And you guys are already in my world.
P1.B2: You can't bring out your original powers.
P2.B1: What is this?
P2.B2: Something like "mysterious space"?
P1.B1: So? By dragging us to this place, // you think you can win?
P3.B1: Don't we outnumber you?
P5.B1: ...Merging, huh?
P6.B1: Ahahahaha!
P6.B2: What do you think?
P2.B1: That's totally
P3.B1: disgusting!
P4.B1: Useless!
P4.B2: That's useless!
P5.B1: You are... absorbing it, huh.
P6.B1: Whatever you do,
P6.B2: I won't work on u--
P1.B1: !
P2.B1: I think that is mostly useless too,
P3.B1: but it hurts, right?
P3.B2: Gr...!
P4.B1: Don't make fun of me!!
P4.B2: Die!!

P1.B1: Hahahahaha!
P2.B1: So fucking weak. What an idiot!
P2.B2: After putting up such a front.
P3.B1: Good, next is that woman...
P3.B2: to...
P3.B3: Ah...?
P2.B1: E..h?
P2.B2: ..We.. are...
P1.B1: The same as the boy, huh. Well, but...
P1.B2: ...suddenly getting this strong...
P2.B1: It would have been bad, if Yuuko-chan was alone.
P2.B2: Would have the boy and Ishtar managed it?
P3.B1: Well their cells aren't bad, but
P3.B2: they weren't anything special either.
P5.B1: ...Well, thanks for this fine body.
P5.B2: With this I can live on for a while.
P1.B1: Well, then.
P2.B1: I can't return, looking like this.
P2.B2: It will be bad, if she treats me like some pervert.
P1.B1: Where.. were.. you?
P2.B1: You aren't injured, Yuuko-chan? // I defeated them.
P4.B1: So if you can, I would like you
P4.B2: to give me a kiss as a reward.
P5.B1: Don't.. kid.. around...
P5.B2: I'm not kidding.
P5.B3: I want your lips. // Whoever I have to make my enemy or whatever I have to do for that.
P1.B1: ...Wha ...
P3.B1: No....
P4.T1: Ok!
P4.T2: Now in one go...!!
P5.T1: *Ring*
P1.B1: *sigh*
P1.B2: Y.. Yes? Who is it?
P2.B1: Ah, is that you Aniki? Is this number right?
P3.B1: It's wrong!!
P4.B1: I was.. about to.. be sucked.. in by.. they atmosphere...
P5.B1: Don't say that Yuuko-chan.
P5.B2: It's.. already.. late.. so go.. home...
P6.B1: ...But...
P1.B1: thank.. you.. for.. saving.. me...
P2.B1: ...Ah...
P2.B2: Yuuko.. -chan...!
P3.B1: I love you!!
P3.B2: Go home...!!
P1.B1: Even though according to the data is was sufficient.
P2.B1: Those brats didn't stand a chance!
P2.B2: Damn...
P3.B1: Calm down.
P3.B2: If you get angry, everyone is scared and can't do their jobs.
P4.B1: It is a problem of my prestige.
P4.B2: Your worry is not needed.
P1.B1: Hey...
P2.B1: Fighting isn't something that affects your prestige, right?
P2.B2: This wasn't your fault.
P3.B1: Well seeing their fight, showed us it was too earlier, // so it's best to just observe for now.
P3.B2: ... I understand.
P4.B1: Drink some tea and take it easy.
P1.B1: This case. // Ok?
P3.B1: Beep--Beep--Beep
P3.B2: ?
P1.B1: What was that...?
P1.B2: Did something happen?
P2.B1: ...Ah well that Aniki told me his cellphone number, but...
P2.B2: ... That man...
P3.B1: Do you trust him?
P4.B1: ...Eh?
P5.B1: Well he saved me... // and you too...
P5.B2: He could have just done that because it's benefits himself.
P1.B1: ...Aren't you // too distrustful?
P2.B1: Eh?
P2.B2: Even if turns out he is our enemy, // we will deal with it at that time, right?
P4.B1: If you are always on your toes, // you will get tired.
P5.B1: Is the place you come from, only full of distrustful people?
P5.B2: Of course not!
P1.B1: ...My // My heart is empty.
P1.B2: That's just it...
P2.B1: Haha..ha.. I wonder what // I should do at a time like this?
P2.B2: ....
P3.B1: ...It would be nice to have some friends to talk to.
P4.B1: You are all alone, // because you think that you are all alone.
P4.B2: ..Therefore---
P1.B1: ... I don't have anyone to open my heart to.
P1.B2: ...My only sister was taken by Six Eyes.
P2.B1: My dearest person... I...!
P3.B1: ...Hey...
P3.B2: ... I...
P4.B1: I might not be able to replace that,
P4.B2: but I think I can at least become your friend.
P1.B1: You.. will, huh?
P2.B1: Am I not good enough..?
P5.B1: Haha.. Hahahaha
P5.B2: What's with you? Well we might be just pets to you, but...
P1.B1: ...You got it wrong! It's not like that. // It's really not like that.
P3.B1: I'm happy.
P4.B1: Ah..?
P5.B1: ...I'm sorry for worrying you.
P5.B2: Thank you very much.
P1.B1: Then please...
P1.B2: become my friend.
P2.B1: ...Ah... Yeah!
P2.B2: Of course!
P3.B1: Ah... Somehow all that speaking made me hungry. // Let me suck you.
P3.B2: Eh? You will suck even your friends?
P3.B3: ...That are two different matters.
P3.B4: Come to me~~~~

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