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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Guardian Dog 15

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 24, 2010 16:53 | Go to Guardian Dog

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Guardian Dog Chapter 15:


P1.B1: *chirp*
P1.B2: *chirp*
P3.B1: *chirp*
P3.B2: *chirp*
P3.B3: *ratter*
P5.B1: ...Nice weather
P5.B2: today.
P1.B1: Recently I wake up so refreshed, // I wonder why.
P1.B2: Proof that I' healthy? Or...
P2.B1: I'm I just tired because of all these strange things recently? // Kurosaka also changed a lot.
P4.B1: ...Maybe I should go hang around with him. // I'm worried about that woman too...
P5.B1: I bet he is till sleeping, though.
P1.B1: ...Hey,
P2.B1: Yes?
P3.B1: I had an apron here?
P4.B1: It's a present.
P4.B2: From whom?
P5.B1: Him.
P5.B2: He seems to be enjoying it...
P5.B3: Mhm... I think it's finished.
P1.B1: Eat up.
P1.B2: Ok, // Itadakimas-
P2.B1: Or do you want to take a bath? // Or m-e?
P3.B1: ...Ishatar-san.. What's the meaning of that?
P3.T1: It's written here.
P3.T2: Newly Weeds, don't be shy.
P3.B2: You mean this? // He that it would be useful and left it here. He also left a lot more.
P5.T1: These?
P5.T2: Yes.
P6.T1: Heave-ho!
P6.T2: Ah.
P1.B1: Was that ok? These were presents.
P1.B2: It's fine.
P1.T1: *crash*
P2.B1: Oouch!
P3.B1: ?
P5.B1: What are you doing?
P5.B2: Ah, Towada.
P2.B1: Oh! Good morning! // Were you ok after that?
P4.B1: How was it? You feel better now, right?
P5.B1: Yeah... Thanks... // Ah, I came to pick this fellow up.
P5.B2: Ah, yeah, school.
P6.B1: Hey, let's go, Kurosaka! I don't want to be late!
P6.B2: Oouch! Don't pull me!
P1.B1: ...Ouch~~~
P2.B1: Don't complain. It hurt for me too!
P2.B2: I feel bad about it.
P3.B1: ..By the way,
P4.B1: ...that woman...
P4.B2: became cuter, right...
P5.B1: So... there is no problem?
P1.B1: That's right.
P1.B2: No problem.
P3.B1: But one observer // was killed!
P3.B2: He just acted on that on his own.
P4.B1: .....
P4.B2: There is no problem.
P1.B1: Then our conversation is over.
P1.B2: We will let you continue your regular mission.
P4.B1: ...Does it bother me so much because someone died?
P4.B2: Or is there another reason?
P6.B1: ...
P1.B1: ... Guess I will go...
P1.B1: You came earlier than I thought.
P2.B1: Do you finally started // to doubt the higher-ups?
P3.B1: I'm not doubting my observer-existence.
P4.B1: ...But there is one thing I would like to know.
P5.B1: ...What is it?
P1.B1: Do you know "why we exist"?
P2.B1: That's a rather philosophic question...
P3.B1: Well it's not like I can't answer that.
P4.B1: Listen. We are a different race than humans and have a lot of appearances.
P4.B2: And each appearance holds it's own power. // If you think about it, that is strange.
P1.B1: "Principle of life forms"
P2.B1: Our existence, // can only preserve it's own kind.
P2.B2: It is different from other lifeform's principle.
P1.B1: Going by that, the relics are
P1.B2: far more closer to a pure breed than us. // Don't you find that mysterious?
P2.B1: That's just how we are.
P2.B2: For example:
P3.B1: You have exactly the same form of a relic, // and if it's bothering you, you simply can adapt to their lifestyle.
P3.B2: But Six Eyes had a completely different composition. // And breeding is impossible.
P4.B1: Why do you think that is?
P1.B1: Do you know the answer to that?
P2.B1: ...Well.. First I will take a smoke.
P3.B1: I came to this conclusion:
P4.B1: We were even // earlier created than the relics.
P4.B2: We are artificial created beings.
P1.B1: Impossible!
P2.B1: I mean, it was us who gave the relic, culture!
P3.B1: Your thesis doesn't match the records!
P4.B1: Calm down a bit.
P5.B1: We only gave them culture 1000 years ago, // but mankind already existed 3500000 years ago, right?
P5.B2: .... Sh...
P1.B1: ...Then that
P1.B2: brings up a third party, // who created us!
P2.B1: There is a third party, right?
P2.B2: Without doubt.
P3.B1: But I don't know their motive.
P4.B1: It might have been just their whim. // Or an accident.
P5.B1: But I can say one thing for certain:
P1.B1: Even if this thesis is true, // it won't change the fact that I'm me.
P1.B2: Same for you, right?
P2.B1: The one speaking with you right now, // is me.
P2.B2: I'm not an existences that is ordered by someone.
P4.B1: Do you follow me?
P1.B1: N- Not really...
P2.B1: I don't // like the idea of a "god".
P2.B2: But in something that is able to control the genetic level of life forms. // That this something exists is a fact.
P4.B1: And we all might be playing at his hands.
P4.B2: Is that related to headquarters?
P5.B1: I'm sure it is, but I don't know their plans.
P5.B2: They also could be controlled.
P1.B1: ...Why am I alive... huh?
P1.B2: "Because I am" seems the only answer.
P3.B1: Correct! // It's fine so.
P3.B2: ---I...
P4.B1: Just what should I do.
P4.B2: ...I wonder.
P1.B1: How about having some kids?
P2.T1: Me?
P2.T2: Yeah
P3.B1: How do I do that?
P3.T1: Amoeba?
P3.T2: *Dong*
P4.B1: You see, I'm telling you to breed with a relic!
P5.B1: Well that might be an extreme, // but how about just living alongside them?
P6.B1: ...Breeding is forbidden.
P6.B2: By who?
P7.B1: Eh?
P1.B1: ~~Don't know. That's interesting and all, but I don't have such feelings.
P1.B2: That's obvious.
P2.B1: Because the observers blocked these kind of emotions,
P3.B1: so you won't commit such a "mistake".
P3.B2: But that makes things boring, right?
P4.B1: *pat*
P4.B2: ?
P5.B1: !
P1.B1: Now you are all set.
P1.B2: That blockade is gone.
P2.B1: Now you can do whatever you want.
P2.B2: I'm on your side!
P3.B1: ....
P4.B1: ...That's suspicious...
P4.B2: Why? Life is something you decide by yourself!
P5.B1: Ah, and take this as a present.
P5.B2: Mh? What's that?
P6.B1: Something akin to the things a gave you the other time.<3
P6.B2: Oh, ok. Thanks.
P1.B1: Ok, then bai bai.
P1.B2: ....
P2.B1: I hope he just doesn't throw it away again... Mh?
P2.B2: "Ecchi Ecchi Nurse' big venture 4"?
P3.B1: "Sexy Maid Kafe" "Bandage Mistress 2"
P3.B2: -----Mhm
P4.B1: Interesting...
P6.B1: Thanks for cooperation, 00863.
P1.B1: Mhm, I never thought I would join forces with a observer.
P2.B1: But one wrong step and she will die, right?
P3.B1: That's how fate is.
P4.B1: That's a rather cruel statement.
P4.B2: Then you just have to protect her.
P5.B1: Me?
P5.B2: I'll pass.
P1.B1: Unfortunately I'm cruel too.
P1.B2: At least so much not to bother protecting her.
P2.B1: ...
P3.B1: Well, she won't be defeated that easily.
P3.B2: Because she has
P4.B1: a quite strong // and interesting fellow at her side.
P2.B1: Ding...
P3.B1: Dong... Dang... // Dong...
P2.B1: Gen! Let's get it over with!
P2.B2: We will scolded, if you are caught skipping again.
P4.B1: ... Kurosaka, huh.
P5.B1: She was really cute with an apron...
P5.B2: Sayo-cha~~~n!
P1.B1: You have cleaning duty today, right? Aren't you going?
P1.B2: Ah, I just wanted to join these idiots below.
P2.B1: ? What's up?
P3.B1: I'm thinking "You seem kind of down"...
P3.B2: So if something happened, I more than willing to listen to you.
P5.B1: You are a really good friend, Akagi-chan!
P6.B1: Hey! Towada!
P1.B1: Do you plan to skipped by yourself?
P1.B2: We already saw you, so come down!
P2.B1: I'm on my way! Just wait!
P2.B2: Can I also help with something, Sayo-chan?
P3.B1: Just watching is fine. Ok?
P3.B2: Yeah.
P4.B1: ...Somehow... today it's so peaceful...
P4.B2: Mh? Isn't it like always?
P5.B1: Ahaha, you're right.
P5.B2: I see, they don't remember it.
P1.B1: There was always some commotion, since I have these eyes....
P2.T1: Wanna join me?
P2.T2: Hiroshi's magic broom~
P2.B1: Wow
P3.B1: Urrg
P3.B2: Idiot
P4.T1: I'm kind of forgetting that his was my every day life...
P4.T2: That is my really peaceful every day life...
P5.B1: That was also in the box. It looks kind of skimpy. What do you think?
P5.T1: String-panties.
P5.B2: Eh? Try it on? I will definitely freeze in it.
P5.T2: This too, probably...

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