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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Guardian Dog 17

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 24, 2010 16:54 | Go to Guardian Dog

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Guardian Dog Chapter 17:


P2.T1: Ah, water...
P2.T2: I want water...
P3.T1: I'm thirsty...
P3.T2: Here it's...
P4.T1: so
P4.T2: dry!
P1.B1: Gulp...
P2.B1: Gulp...
P3.B1: Ah...
P3.B2: I'm still thirsty...
P4.T1: Damn.. My head also hurts.
P4.T2: What's happening to me?
P6.T1: I really want more water...
P1.B1: !
P2.B1: Gwar...
P3.B1: ----!
P4.B1: ...Wha- // What's up?
P5.B1: *pant*
P5.B2: *pant*
P5.B3: I'm.. fine. // Nothing wrong.
P6.B1: But what's with you?
P6.B2: I'm already fine again.
P1.B1: You don't look well to me. // Did something happen?
P1.B2: Nothing.. happened.
P2.B1: I will go for a walk. // It's a fine Sunday after all.
P4.B1: I'm off, later.
P4.B2: ....
P1.T1: What's wrong with me?
P2.T1: I feel sick... // It feels like a bad dream...
P5.B1: Nice weather.. // Perfect.. for a walk.
P6.B1: Oho..
P7.B1: It's.. Kurosaka.. -ku-
P2.T1: ...What with.. him?
P2.T2: I'm.. scared of.. him... // So much.. I don't.. want to.. go closer...
P3.B1: ...Gr ...!
P4.T1: This is.. not the.. time for.. that!
P5.B1: May I.. set here,.. Kurosaka.. -kun?
P5.B2: !
P1.B1: Are.. you.. okay? You.. look.. pale...
P2.B1: Ah, Sensei. Good day. I'm just..
P2.B2: not in top form today...
P3.T1: I have.. a bad.. promotion...
P5.T1: I understand.. that inside.. him is.. something...
P5.T2: but what.. that power.. is, I.. don't.. know...
P6.B1: Can.. I help.. you?
P6.T1: But.. I was.. scared for.. sure earlier...
P6.B2: Mh?
P2.B1: Se-...
P2.B2: Sensei?
P3.B1: I'm.. sorry...
P3.B2: I'm.. so sorry.. Kurosaka.. -kun...
P4.B1: It might... // be a.. mistake for.. us to.. come to.. this planet...
P5.B1: ...Sensei?
P6.T1: I can hear her heartbeat.
P6.T2: It calms me down...
P1.B1: Lucky for you, Akagi-chan, // that one skirt was left!
P2.B1: Yeah, the size was perfect! So lucky! // ... Huh?
P2.B2: Isn't that Karino-sense-
P4.B1: !
P6.B1: What's the meaning of that?
P6.B2: What.. you ask? It can only be "that"!?
P7.B1: I mean he is really popular and so!
P8.B1: He is!?
P1.B1: Yeah, he is...
P1.B2: You didn't know, Sayo-chan?
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: !?
P4.B1: Hey, Kurosaka!
P4.B2: What are you doing?
P1.B1: Big text: Geez Sayo-chan you idiot!
P1.T1: I have nothing to do with that, bye.
P2.B1: ...
P3.T1: Sensei is crying...?
P4.T1: *embarrassed*
P5.T1: *even more embarrassed*
P5.T2: *falling over*
P6.B1: Towada.. -san.. It's.. not.. like it.. looks!
P6.B2: Well.. it might.. have looked.. like it,.. but it's.. a misunderstanding..!
P1.B1: It's.. really a.. misunderstanding..!!
P1.B2: *wimmer*
P2.B1: Mh
P3.B1: Humans tend to fall in love easier in crucial times,
P3.B2: but for the boy and his friends, this feeling his a first.
P4.B1: Even Yuuoko-chan...
P6.B1: A bad trend!!
P6.B2: For peace at least.
P1.B1: *clatter*
P1.B2: *clatter* // *clatter*
P1.B3: *clatter*
P2.B1: And it seems this planet
P3.B1: is done fore.
P4.B1: I'm more interested if they can pull if off, rather than
P4.B2: that the observer have given up this planet.
P5.B1: ....
P7.B1: ... I see! // With "Noa"!
P7.B2: Completely destroying everything once and then rebuild it with given genetic information again!
P1.B1: But if...
P1.B2: that's true then...
P2.B1: it will be a carnival, huh....
P3.B1: It doesn't matter what you do,
P3.B2: when you already plan to reset everything...
P1.B1: That sounds nice...
P1.B2: Trying to eat as much humans as possible.
P2.B1: Well, // what shall I do?
P4.B1: Being on the eating side isn't all that bad...
P4.B2: But making an enemy of all observers, with no chance of winning....
P1.B1: Hmpf // It isn't really the kind of opponent, worth of risking...
P2.T1: Thank.. you.
P3.B1: ...my life for... Mh.
P3.T1: She was so cute...
P4.B1: The foolish Lucifer, who stand up against God, // became the cocky satan, without having any great power.
P5.B1: But half of the angels went with him. // ...That means
P1.B1: God isn't always right.
P5.B1: ....
P5.B2: ...You see, // I'm having a really cruel dream lately.
P1.B1: Eh?
P2.B1: I'm seeing it again and again. It's really frustrating.
P3.B1: ---It's a dream of me dying.
P4.B1: We are involved into something really strange, right?
P4.B2: So perhaps it's because of that...
P5.B1: You don't know what you are saying.
P5.B2: Sayo-chan,
P5.B3: face realtiy already.
P7.B1: ....
P1.B1: I- I'm sorry, Sayo-chan.
P1.B2: Ahaha... I'm exaggerating, right?
P2.B1: I just thought I wouldn't like to die without having a boyfriend,
P2.B2: after seeing that dream.
P3.B1: ...T- That's right, Akagi-chan!
P3.B2: That's the reason we are buying some new clothes today!
P4.B1: That jacket was so nice. A shame it was sold out. Perhaps next time.
P4.B2: Let's go buy the skirt you wanted next.
P5.B1: Ok, let's do that, Sayo-chan!
P5.B2: Hey! // Towada!
P1.B1: Mh?
P1.B2: That earlier is really a misunderstanding!
P2.B1: I would be killed, if it would be true.
P3.B1: By who?
P3.B2: A really scary person!!
P4.B1: ...Urg!
P5.B1: Hey.. Kurosaka? What's wrong?
P5.B2: Uh.. // I'm.. fine. Just a little headache...
P6.B1: Haha, I'm really behaving strange lately, right?
P7.B1: I wonder what happened to me...
P1.B1: ----!
P2.B1: Stop it!
P2.B2: Eh?
P3.B1: Stop it already!
P3.B2: I don't understand anything!
P4.B1: Akagi-chan was scared! And Sensei was crying!
P4.B2: And you are in pain!
P1.B1: H- Hey...
P4.B1: Ah, Hey! Towada!
P4.B2: ... I'm uneasy without any reason...
P5.B1: It feels like everything is going crazy!!
P6.B1: Towada...
P1.B1: I- I'm sorry. Hey...
P2.B1: Your breasts are actually quite big.
P2.T1: Ah
P2.B2: So I'm getting kinda turned on.
P3.T1: Really, then die!
P3.B1: Gwaaa
P3.B2: Give up! // I give up!!
P4.B1: Good,
P5.B1: that's more like you!
P6.B1: ----Tz..
P7.B1: Somehow... I'm afraid
P7.B2: everything will disappear. // What do you think?
P1.B1: I don't know about, too. // But...
P2.B1: should something happen, I will protect you!!
P3.B1: Ok...!
P4.B1: Ah, by the way, you have a headache, right? // Do you have a painkiller, like aspi*in?
P4.B2: Ah.. I think I only got bandages at home...
P4.B3: Can't be helped. Come with me, I will give you some.
P1.B1: Hoho, so cute~
P2.B1: Are you jealous?
P3.B1: Don't be silly.
P4.B1: By the way,
P4.B2: you got it too, right?
P5.B1: That letter saying:
P5.B2: "Destroy the civilization"
P1.B1: That's really annoying. // The civilization, once called "Prehistory Civilization", was destroyed.
P1.B2: And now it will happen again.
P4.B1: Well,
P5.B1: from now on the fight between God and Demons will begin.
P5.B2: That is already // inevitable.
P1.B1: Which side // will you take, Ishtar?
P3.B1: Wishing to eliminate mankind, God's side,
P4.B1: or whishing to protect mankind, Demon's side?
P1.B1: So you know, I'm on Demon's side!
P1.B2: Because Yuuko-chan wished to protect mankind!
P2.B1: Answer me, // You are
P4.B1: I- I am....
P5.B1: on God's side, right?
P2.B1: You are an observer. // Not minding Demons.
P4.B1: And you too--
P1.B1: Planning to live like a human, because for a woman?
P1.B2: Of course. // How about you get yourself woman too?
P2.B1: And then die?
P3.B1: I wonder about that.
P3.B2: It might be unexpectly be the Demons who hold God's bolt.
P4.B1: But before that, I will have to dispose of you.
P4.B2: So a serious fight to death?
P1.B1: Right, // Buddy?
P1.T1: End of Volume 3

P1.Title: Aniki's high ambition 2 [Huh? Where is 1?]
P1.T1: Aniki wants to get closer to Yuuko-chan, no matter what.
P1.T2: *House visit (Bedroom)
P1.T3: It's handmade...
P1.T4: What a cute cushiony3
P2.B1: I would like you to sleep with me while hugging me...
P4.T1: But it seems impossible. (For the bedroom)
P4.B1: Gyaaaaa
P5.Title: Aniki's high ambition 3
P5.T1: Aniki can't get his dearest wish fulfilled.
P5.T2: Here, a handkerchief
P5.B1: Don't cry! You're an adult, right?
P6.B1: What can I do, to roll my face in Yuuko-chan's breast?
P6.T1: A perv adult...
P6.B2: Don't come to me with this kind of worries!
P7.T1: Yuuko-chan is so sweet~~
P7.T2: He really likes woman....
P8.B1: Do you thin this would work?
P8.T1: Nekomimi.
P8.T2: Nya~~
P8.B2: ...Just disappear already.
P1.Title: A real story
P1.T1: The artist made some finger dolls of Sensei. [Writers are also refered to as Sensei, GD has different writer and artist]
P2.B1: Which do you want? The normal or the angry one?
P2.T1: In a meeting
P2.B2: Mh... Which~~~
P3.B1: ..................I
P3.B2: ...will pick the angry one<3
P4.B1: ...So Shirakawa-san is a "M"...
P4.T1: Just like I expected, you were always giving such vibes~~
P4.B2: Hey, just wait!

P1.T1: Karino Yuuko is to one half a plant.
P1.T2: She can communicate with plants.
P2.B1: Oh.. you want.. to come.. with me..?
P2.B2: Oh.. Oh.. you.. was well?
P3.T1: So the clubroom
P3.T2: I'm home!
P3.T3: became a jungle.
P4.T1: Some are used for attacking intruders.
P4.T2: Trespasser

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