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Kaitaishinsho ZERO 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 25, 2010 22:25 | Go to Kaitaishinsho ZERO

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Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 03:

P1.T1: #3 Kaito and Kuuta
P1.T2: A young doctor and
P1.T3: a beautiful nurse
P1.T4: are slaying Disease Demons---!!
P2.B1: Mmpf!! // Mmpf!!
P2.B2: Geez-- // If you gorge it down like that, you will choke on it.
P3.B1: You have to chew your food well.
P3.T1: *stare*
P4.B1: Large tits.
P2.B1: You idiot!!
P2.B2: Why don't you have any eating manners?
P2.B3: And besides mine aren't all that small...
P3.B1: Only eating sweet stuff...
P3.T1: Sorry
P3.T2: I'm sorry.
P4.B1: If you stuff yourself now, // you won't be able to eat lunch, right?
P4.T1: I'll have soba.
P4.T2: Mmpf mmpf
P4.B2: Mh? // This is my lunch though...
P5.B1: Don't just eat snacks! Eat some proper food too!
P5.B2: Chut up!! That's my decision!!
P6.B1: Oho, your younger brother?
P6.B2: Brother!?
P6.B3: Must be hard to be the older sister.
P1.B1: My kid also doesn't listen to me--- Small text: Hohoho
P1.B2: He is sitting there.
P2.B1: I always tell him to go play outside with his friends, instead of just reading books...
P2.B2: Books?
P2.T1: Do Sensei and I look like siblings?
P3.B1: Here! Here!
P3.B2: I think books are wonderful!!
P4.B1: ...
P5.T1: Infinite knowledge...
P5.T2: A world that sets your imagination no bounds!!
P5.T3: Books are a world of their own!!
P6.B1: Right,
P6.B2: boy!?
P1.B1: Not really.
P2.B1: Eh?
P3.B1: I just read them to kill time. // And everyone leaves me alone while I read.
P3.B2: Ah! Hey, Kaito!!
P3.B3: I don't want to be grouped together with you. // Since it's getting noisy here, I will go elsewhere.
P4.B1: Man, what an uncute kid!!
P4.B2: He could be a little more social!!
P5.T1: Somehow, I became very sad...
P6.T1: *pat*
P3.B1: Hey!! Kaito!!
P3.B2: !!
P4.B1: Kuuta!!
P4.B2: Hehehe
P5.T1: *dash*
P5.B1: Hey!! // Why are you running away?
P6.B1: That's obvious!!
P6.B2: When I'm with you, nothing good happens!!
P7.B1: The Miss from the fish-shop is standing over there naked!!
P7.B2: What!!
P8.T1: *turn around*
P1.T1: *Bam*
P2.B1: Gyahahahaha!! Why did you fall for such a lame trick?
P2.B2: Y- // You--!!
P3.B1: Nothing good comes out of hanging around with you...
P3.T1[left of B1]: *splash* // Take that! // Tossing me into the river
P3.T2[under B1]: Tricking me into entering the woman's bath // Ah, No, this is...
P3.T3[left of T1]: Pushing the blame of pranks on me. // HEY! // Eh? Eh? // *dash*
P3.T5[Under T3]: Letting me eat spicy things. // Urg //Hihi
P3.B2: Since their are no other kids around, I had to play with you...
P3.T6[above B2]: So many bad memories.
P3.B3: Such a cruel fate...!!
P4.B1: You always make a dark face while reading, so I wanted to brighten it up.
P4.B2: I'm reading books, because I don't want to be around you!!
P5.B1: So mean~~ I did all this while thinking of you.
P5.B2: I didn't ask you to!
P1.B1: Mhm~~ // So you don't want to hear this super interesting story.
P1.B2: ?
P2.B1: Well, if it's just listening, I am in for it...
P2.B2: Oh~?
P3.B1: Didn't you hate being with me?
P3.B2: So will you keep me company?
P4.B1: ---..
P2.B1: Wait for me, Sensei...
P2.B2: Where are we going?
P3.B1: Look above.
P3.B2: ?
P4.B1: That...
P5.B1: A red bird!
P5.B2: It's a messenger form the association!!
P1.B1: I wonder what they want. Will they scold us, because our search isn't going well?
P1.B2: Don't know, I just hope it's nothing troublesome...
P3.B1: Urg...
P3.B2: Eeh? What does it say?
P3.B3: Is it my bad mouth? // It says to stop that?
P4.B1: It's a magic circle.
P4.B2: !?
P5.B1: It's encoded multiple times, so it might be something important. // I leave decoding it to you, Momo.
P5.B2: O- OK!
P6.B1: Magic Decoding!!
P1.B1: !?
P2.B1: So small and cute!!
P2.B2: Cute?
P4.B1: He is writing something. // Mhm what does it say...
P5.B1: Unknown Demon Disease spotted at the shrine in the forest south of Akamatsu. // Till another member arrives,
P5.B2: don't let anyone go near that shrine...
P1.B1: A shrine? Do you know anything about that, Momo?
P1.B2: ?? // N- Not really. It's my first time here too...
P2.B1: Ah!! Hey!! You leaving already?
P2.B2: Tell us where it is!!
P3.B1: "Don't go near" huh... // What will we do, if someone gets there before we find the shrine?
P3.B2: Then it will be our fault, right? // Will we get scolded?
P4.B1: Man...
P4.B2: That's complicated...
P3.B1: Are we really going there?
P3.B2: Yeah!
P4.B1: But, it says that going near that shrine will curse you...
P4.B2: Haha, you believe that?
P5.B1: That's just made up. It just means the adults don't want us to go there.
P5.B2: They are hiding something there!
P1.B1: See? Someone set something up here.
P1.B2: "Someone".. Who?
P1.B3: We came here, to ascertain that. There is definitely something hidden!
P2.B1: So this is what you meant with interesting story.
P2.B2: Yeah, of course!
P4.B1: I- I will go home!
P4.T1: *turn*
P4.B2: Ehhh? // We already came this far.
P5.T1: *whoosh*
P6.T1: *swirl*
P6.B1: *grab*
P7.B1: !!
P7.B2: Gyaaaaaaaa!!
P1.B1: !?
P1.B2: *reveal*
P2.B1: Wahahahaha!! I got you again!
P2.B2: !
P3.B1: Tada~~
P3.T1: I prepared it for this occasion!
P3.B2: It's just a rope!
P4.B1: You were so scared! Hihihihi!!
P4.B2: It's so funny I'm pissing my pants! Hahahaha!!
P1.B1: ---Geez... You...
P1.B2: Let's just look inside and go home.
P1.B3: Mhm? Through that opening?
P2.B1: See, there is nothing strange in there.
P2.B2: Mh---
P4.B1: Take that!!
P4.B2: !!
P1.B1: Ahahaha!!
P1.B2: Serves you rig-
P2.B1: ht...
P1.B1: It- It- It's...
P1.B2: a monster!!
P2.B1: Hii!!
P5.B1: Gi... // Gi...
P6.B1: Ku..
P6.B2: Kuuta!
P1.B1: Kuuta... // That wasn't my intention...
P1.B2: Kuuta...!!
P3.B1: Kuuta!!!
P5.B1: Sensei, why are we searching clueless like this? I think we should go back to the town and ask...
P5.B2: ....4
P5.B3: 5
P5.B4: 6
P1.B1: 7...
P2.B1: Looks like an animal with small mouth, but it's biting force is greater than that of a bear...
P2.B2: There are more traces, the deeper we go into the forest.
P3.B1: Damn association, forcing this trouble on me... // Well it's a Disease Demon we are dealing with...
P3.B2: ?
P3.B3: ?
P3.B4: There is one thing to do...
P4.B1: To not let anyone get hurt!
P4.B2: That's all!
P5.B1: Let's go, Momo!!
P5.B2: Eh? O- OK!
P3.B1: Gaa-!!!
P3.B2: It stinks, so filthy!!
P4.B1: But this mountain of animal corpses, // proves that someone was doing experiments here...
P5.B1: Damn.. What a nasty place...
P5.B2: Let's get this over with!
P4.B1: Ho~~
P4.B2: This is...
P5.B1: ---... // Next is the shrine, huh...
P5.B2: I wonder if those guys already arrived.
P1.B1: Well, who cares. I just have to do my own work.
P1.T1: Could it be that this girl who also holds a Kaitaishinsho is talking about Soutarou? Find out next time!!
P2.B1: I'm looking forward to seeing his idiotic face again.

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