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Saikyou! Toritsu Aoizaka Koukou Yakyuubu 8


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Saikyou! Chapter08:

P1.T1: Don't get conceited!
P3.T1: Second inning. Aoizaka High School on the offense again.
P4.T1: Number 6 Third-Baseman, Imai-kun.
P2.T1: Number 7 Right-Fielder, Daibutsu-kun.
P3.B1: Ok, bash it away!!
P4.B1: I'm sorry... I striked out...
P4.B2: Don't worry. It was just your first time.
P4.B3: You swinged well, there.
P5.B1: Ok, next time I will... // definitely hit!
P6.B1: Daibutsu! Aim 2cm above the ball! 2cm above!!
P7.B1: Ma-sa-ru!
P7.B2: Ma-sa-ru!
P1.B1: Strike!
P2.B1: Batter out!
P2.B2: Oh.
P4.B1: That's his fifth strike-out!
P4.B2: All his outs till now are strike-outs!!
P5.B1: And here I thought that Pitcher would collapse, when he gave up two runs.
P5.T1: yawn
P6.B1: And his speed is getting faster!!
P1.B1: Hihihi
P1.B2: 22 strike-outs left!
P3.B1: Don't get conceited, shit guy!
P4.B1: Don't just look at the pitches, Daibutsu-kun.
P5.B1: Ah... // Sorry.
P5.B2: ....
P6.B1: Ah!
P1.B1: It's no fun just standing there, right?
P2.B1: I couldn't quite muster my power to swing.
P2.B2: I'm really sorry.
P3.B1: Don't worry about it. I'm sure you will blow it away if you swing. // Show it us next time.
P3.B2: I- I will.
P4.B1: How are his pitches really? // Any good?
P5.B1: Not the ones I want to catch. // He doesn't follow any lead.
P6.B1: Eh?
P7.B1: As expected of our catcher...
P8.B1: Yeah...
P8.B2: That's a compliment.
P1.B1: It feels like the mount isn't far away. // Like it's just 5.. no 7 or 8 meter in front of you. [Mount distance: ~18m]
P1.B2: Yeah, yeah. The ball is really humming.
P1.B3: Mhm, // I see.
P2.B1: I'm batting ninth, so I hope he will let his guard down.
P3.B1: Well... But,
P4.B1: Kotetsu's 2 runs are potent.
P5.B1: Baseball begins with 2 outs!
P5.B2: So go with all your power!
P1.B1: Send it flying, Kitarou~~~
P1.T1: Number 8 Pitcher, Kitaooji-kun.
P1.B2: One hit with all you got, Kitarou~~~
P2.B1: Huh?
P1.B1: Didn't I say, you wouldn't made it
P1.B2: to the Koushien?
P2.B1: Fuck you, shit-guy! [too abusive?
P3.B1: Hey! Watch what your saying!
P4.B1: Stop with insulting provocations!
P4.B2: That was really terrible! // It killed my nose! // Makes you wonder what he ate...
P4.B3: So he didn't flushed it again...
P1.B1: Let's hurry up and end this already.
P2.T1: You will repeat these tears.
P3.B1: If we waste our time here, Kou-chan will laugh at us.
P4.B1: Hey, Kitarou!! Concentrate!!
P4.B2: That's why he is no good at batting...
P4.B3: Instead of saying "no good", doesn't it seem more like he has no interest in it?
P5.T1: That guy...
P5.B1: With such a batting stance...
P6.B1: there is no way he wouldn't have any interest in batting.
P7.B1: Mh?
P1.B1: It's the one-leg batting stance!
P2.B1: What a weirdo~~
P2.B2: You won't hit!
P3.B1: Hit 2cm above // the ball!!

P1.B1: Strike!
P1.B2: You swung too late!
P2.B1: No!
P2.B2: It pulled back midway.
P3.B1: ...Swinging 2cm above the ball?
P4.B1: Hihi, just an ordinary...
P5.B1: Then...
P6.B1: I just have to swing 3cm above the ball!!
P7.B1: Hi
P7.B2: Hi
P7.B3: Hi
P1.B1: Grr!
P3.B1: !
P4.B1: Foul!! // Strike two!!
P4.B2: What an idiot... That was a ball however you look at it.
P4.B3: What a boring way to corner him...
P4.B4: But he hit!
P5.B1: So he has a good sense!
P1.B1: Don't be arrogant!
P2.B1: Foul!
P4.B1: *throw*
P5.B1: Gr
P6.B1: Foul!
P6.B2: Oh, he is persistent!!
P7.B1: Kitaooji is amazing!
P8.B1: Foul!
P9.B1: Please be careful of the foul balls.
P9.B2: What is that idiot doing? // One of his bad habits came out...
P11.B1: ....
P2.B1: Ball!
P3.B1: 3-2, a full count!
P3.B2: Oho, he really is persistent. The next pitch is number 14.
P4.B1: Hey.
P5.B1: You know, I can see the seams of the ball.
P1.B1: Hihihihi.
P1.B2: So it's time for me to get really serious~~

P1.B1: Strike! Batter out!
P1.B2: Change!
P2.B1: *pant*
P2.B2: *pant*
P3.B1: Third down...
P4.B1: D-
P5.B1: amn!!
P6.B1: "Damn" my ass!
P1.B1: Are you in a position where you can afford to exhaust yourself like that? What you think?
P1.B2: Forgetting your position as a pitcher and getting all fired up about batting. Do you know why you're batting eight?
P1.B3: If it effects your pitching now, I will kick your ass.
P2.B1: We meet a fast pitcher and this happens...
P3.B1: So you think he is better than me?
P3.B2: I never that said!
P4.B1: For now calm down and catch your breath.
P4.B2: ... I will return this favor!
P5.B1: He is so conceited, // even though I'm faster.
P6.T1: Number 4 Pitcher, Takarada-kun.
P6.B1: *pant*
P6.B2: *pant*
P6.B3: *pant*
P6.B4: I will show you the difference between a genius and an ordinary one.
P6.B6: Hihi.

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