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Translations: One Piece 777 by cnet128 , Bleach 616 by cnet128 , Gintama 531 (2)

Guardian Dog 18

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 31, 2010 18:43 | Go to Guardian Dog

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Guardian Dog Chapter 18:






P1.B1: Speaking of... // It's our fist fight to death, right?
P1.B2: Yeah.
P2.B1: I wonder why...
P3.B1: Let's see... because we are friends?
P5.B1: !
P6.B1: ---Gr!
P7.B1: Ishtar, set up a barrier.
P7.B2: H- Hey!
P1.B1: One with a radius of 10m should be enough.
P1.B2: And then you also go away.
P2.B1: And you, stop your child's play.
P2.B2: There is nearly no difference in our powers, so don't hold back.
P1.B1: Good girl, Ishtar, now leave the rest to us. // Thanks.
P1.B2: Wait! I have to let the ones I have to "protect" // kill each other?
P3.B1: ...No idea.
P3.B2: Do what you want.
P5.B1: We are just going to fight.
P5.B2: Right, Buddy?
P1.B1: Why do you stick to relics?
P3.B1: I like them<3
P4.B1: Though you might loose your life?
P5.B1: I could also survive.
P1.B1: Even if you assemble companions,
P3.B1: you won't win against headquarters!
P4.B1: That's not definite.
P4.B2: Unexpected we might win.
P1.B1: Do you have a trump?
P2.B1: ...At least again the headquarters...
P3.B1: There are other enemies?
P4.B1: Just some God...
P5.B1: ...Interesting...
P5.B2: That really sounds interesting!
P6.B1: Yeah, so come and join my side.
P1.B1: ...
P1.B2: That could be nice...
P2.B1: *pant*
P2.B2: *pant*
P2.B3: *pant*
P2.T1: Just by standing on the sideline of their fight, this happened...
P4.T1: Those monsters!!
P4.B1: *pant*
P4.B2: *pant*
P5.B1: *pant*
P5.B2: *pant*
P5.B3: ...Miss?
P1.B1: You are injured. Are you ok?
P1.B2: Does your stomach hurt?
P1.B3: Blood is coming out there.
P2.B1: Are you okay? // Don't cry, Miss.
P3.T1: ---Th...
P4.T1: They can kill.
P4.T2: They can kill so easily.
P5.T1: But they are supposed to protect!!
P1.B1: It would // have been nice walking the same path as you.
P1.B2: But I'm already to far away from your path.
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: I would have been happy to fight with you,
P3.B2: but I don't see any future for you "path".
P4.B1: I don't think you can stop the "carnival" now.
P5.B1: The whole world is the target.
P5.B2: Can you stop that?
P1.B1: Unfortunately, // I don't have any interest in the world.
P1.B2: I will just protect this town.
P2.B1: ....What?
P3.B1: Then mankind will be extinct.
P3.B2: Why?
P4.B1: Because there will be to less left for survival.
P5.B1: Think of the old testament.
P5.B2: Why was Noah saved? // Because he had the ark!!
P1.B1: ....!
P2.B1: Mankind still has hope. // We are wrong thinking mankind's evolution is at an end.
P2.B2: "We" are the unfortunate ones.
P3.B1: We are just Pierrots,
P3.B2: who continue to live.
P4.B1: That's right, we are Pierrots.
P4.B2: But Pierrots also have a future for them.


P1.B1: There is no way I could accept your reasoning. // I'm stubborn after all.
P1.B2: ... I know.
P2.B1: ...Man, how can I use my cell phone now, // with my right side missing.
P4.B1: Beep.
P1.B1: It's me. I'm sorry but I won't be coming back. Yeah, that's right.
P1.T1: Hahaha
P1.B2: I'm sorry I can't eat with you tonight. // For now do what we discussed.
P2.B1: Yes. That's fine. ...See you.
P3.B1: Beep.
P4.B1: Go to my firm. // I told my secretary about you.
P5.B1: Use everything there like you want.
P5.B2: ---Hey, it can't be-
P1.B1: There is really no time left?
P1.B2: Don't mind me!
P2.B1: Go, Buddy.
P3.B1: ....
P5.B1: Bye
P1.B1: Damn... I was really looking forward to that Italian restaurant.
P1.B2: Pasta is fine, // but their ice is even better!
P2.B1: And I.. went to the... trouble to reser... // ve..
P5.B1: And? Do the painkillers work?
P6.B1: Yeah, I have calmed down.
P6.B2: But thanks to the water I think. // Drinking it made me calmer.
P1.B1: For real? // Then perhaps we should have gone to the sea.
P3.B1: That's a really good idea.
P3.B2: *Ring*
P4.B1: Hello?
P4.B2: Hey, boy!!
P4.B3: A- Aniki?
P4.B4: You doing well? Now listen to me!
P5.B1: What?
P5.B2: Do you have someone you like?
P6.B1: EH??
P6.B2: If you have, go date her. // As long as the world still exists.
P1.B1: ---!?
P1.B2: The world will change soon.
P2.B1: ?
P3.B1: It seems to be a serious conversation...
P3.B2: Perhaps her?
P5.B1: Towada.
P5.B2: Mh?
P6.B1: Want to go to the sea?
P2.B1: I was awaiting you.
P3.B1: The president told me everything. // This way please.
P4.B1: ...
P1.B1: *clack*
P1.B2: ...He is dead.
P1.B3: *clack*
P1.B4: *clack*
P2.B1: I'm aware.
P3.B1: *clack*
P3.B2: *clack*
P3.B3: *clack*
P4.B1: You...
P4.B2: know of this? // This data is like...
P5.B1: I don't know anything about that. I will prepare some tea, // so please wait a moment.
P6.B1: ...
P1.B1: That idiot. // He planned to die from the beginning.
P1.B2: Everything well?
P3.B1: *step*
P3.B2: You were supposed to kill him.
P3.B3: *step*
P3.B4: *step*
P4.B1: You told me not to interfere, so it came to this.
P4.B2: Didn't
P5.B1: you told
P5.B2: me recently?
P1.T1: That we came to this planet to stay alive.
P2.B1: That's the sea.
P2.B2: Yeah, the sea.
P3.B1: Being near the water eases my heart. // I feel safe.
P3.B2: What?
P4.B1: Ah, nothing. Just me mumbling.
P1.B1: ...He behaves strange.
P2.T1: The plan was simple at the beginning.
P3.T1: The research possibilities for our evolution,
P3.T2: we were to conduct experiments here. Meaning creating a strong body.
P4.T1: If that body was strong, // it would add to the forces of the observers.
P1.T1: To tell the truth I planned to steal that body.
P1.T2: But unexpected things happened.
P2.T1: Not caused by me, // but by the relics.
P3.T1: And the observers found one possibility.
P4.T1: That the relics might surpass them.
P5.T1: The "Owner" became scared of his "pet".
P1.T1: Therefore, // they shall be erased.
P4.B1: ---Kurosaka?
P5.B1: Hey, Kurosaka!! // What,
P6.B1: are you doing?
P1.B1: Kurosaka!
P1.B2: ---Everything will end...?
P2.B1: ...No. Then won't
P2.B2: I just have to erase all observers?
P3.B1: ...Who are you?
P1.B1: Just who are you?
P1.B2: You aren't Kurosaka...
P2.B1: I- I'm... // I...
P4.B1: I...!
P1.B1: Kurosaka...-kun...
P1.B2: !
P2.B1: Get back.. here, you.. two... // or else.. you will.. catch a.. cold...
P3.B1: Se- Sensei, why are you here?
P4.B1: Sensei, // did you also get a call from Aniki?
P4.B2: ...Kurosaka.. -kun...
P1.B1: It's too.. early to.. despair yet...
P2.B1: ...Eh?
P3.B1: ....
P4.B1: Let us.. talk a.. bit...
P4.B2: Come to.. my house...

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