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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Kaitaishinsho ZERO 5

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 2, 2010 13:09 | Go to Kaitaishinsho ZERO

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Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter05:

P1.T1: Increase to 24 pages, because of it's popularity.
P1.T2: Chapter05: Regret and decision
P1.T3: The miracle Scalpel strikes again!!
P1.T1(side): The by a Disease Demon possessed...
P2.T1: What is he doing?
P3.T1: The patient is right in front of him, but he isn't lifting a finger...! // He seems to be waiting for someone...
P3.T2: If we waste precious time like this, the patient's life will be in danger!!
P3.T3: Then Momo and me will have to do something...
P4.T1(side): Kuuta will be saved by...
P4.B1: Momo, that guy is useless! I will tell you what to do!!
P4.B2: Eh!?
P4.B3: T- That's impossible! I can't use a scalpel. I only now how to summon the tools!!
P2.B1: Waa!!
P2.B2: Kya!!
P4.B1: !!
P5.B1: No way...!!
P5.B2: Damn!! // You two are completely useless!!
P4.T1: Don't you want to help your friend?
P4.T2: Human life isn't insignificant. // Same goes for Kuuta's, right?
P5.B1: Even if you say that... // I don't want to be dragged into trouble by him anymore...
P5.B2: ----Mh?
P6.B1: This is...
P6.T1: There is treasure! // I have to go there with Kaito!
P1.B1: Damn Kuuta, he thought up already the next prank...
P1.B2: What an idiot...
P2.T1: He was always like that...
P2.B1: Come on, greet him, Kaito.
P2.T2: And I was always quiet...
P3.B1: My son doesn't know many kids, // so he rarely goes out to play...
P3.B2: Then, // I will play with you.
P4.B1: Come with me!
P4.B2: I know a really fun place!
P1.B1: Kuuta...
P1.B2: Should he be gone... // then... I...
P2.B1: !?
P3.B1: Wha- What's going on?
P4.B1: !! // Kuuta's house is...!!
P1.B1: Hey!! // Useless pack, do something about it!
P1.B2: Kyaa!! // Even if you tell is to...
P2.B1: Momo, bind him again!!
P2.B2: Yes, // Sensei!!
P3.B1: Kaitaishinsho Page 8!!
P3.B2: Binding Snake Tie!!
P2.B1: Good! With this...
P4.B1: !!
P1.B1: Kyaaaaa!!
P2.B1: Ur...
P3.B1: Gr..ar...
P3.B2: Aaa...
P4.B1: Gr..!! // It's getting bad!!
P4.B2: Shout his name with a loud voice!
P4.B3: Eh? Why...
P4.B4: Just do it!!
P5.B1: Kuuta!!!
P5.B2: K- Kuuta-kun!!
P5.B3: Kuuta!!
P6.B1: Ur...
P6.B2: Grar...
P7.B1: What's the use of us shouting here? Explain it to me!!
P7.B2: It's to return his consciousness!
P7.B3: !?
P1.B1: At the moment, the Disease Demon is corrupting his consciousness.
P2.B1: If we don't stop that, his brain will suffer inrepairable damage.
P2.B2: So we have to remove it after he regained his consciousness!
P3.B1: Momo!! Kaitaishinsho Page 18!!
P3.B2: Yes, // Sensei!!
P4.B1: Kaitaishinsho Page 18!!! "Spiky Bucktooth Mouse"
P4.B2: It's an omnivore!! // During the day it rest and becomes active at night!
P5.B1: Procedure is to destroy the core after removing it from the patient!!
P1.B1: The day is almost over.. // He will reveal his true character...
P2.B1: Ur... // Aa...
P2.B2: And if we cut it off now, we can heal his brain...
P3.B1: That's really bad...
P4.B1: Don't be so relaxed! Do something!
P4.B2: W- What are we going to do?
P5.B1: Till he comes,
P5.B2: we'll wait.
P6.B1: Wha?
P6.B2: He? You mean Kaito-kun?
P7.B1: Get a grip!! There is no way he will come, with that monster here!!
P7.B2: What's more, he would be just a bother here!! // He would just get in the way!!
P8.B1: ---...
P9.B1: Tch.
P1.T1: I thought he had a trump left, but...
P2.T1: there is no other way...
P3.B1: Hey, Soutarou! Get out of the way!!
P3.B2: ---... // He!!
P4.B1: Kaito-kun!!
P4.B2: You came. // Come here.
P4.B3: What's with that brat? You were waiting for him?
P5.B1: W- What about Kuuta?
P6.B1: He'll be fine.
P6.B2: Now that you're here.
P1.B1: Good, now run to Kuuta,
P1.B2: and bring him back to his sense!
P2.B1: What are you saying?? Letting him face a Disease Demon...
P2.B2: It's too dangerous!!
P3.B1: I will definitely protect him.
P4.B1: !!
P5.B1: Momo, Scalpel!
P5.B2: Y- Yes!
P6.B1: Kaitaishinsho Page 18! Scalpel...
P6.B2: "Mooncloud"!!
P7.B1: Sensei!!
P1.B1: I.. became scared, more than I was angry at him. thinking...
P1.B2: what I would do.. if he is died because of me...
P2.B1: You did well coming here.
P2.B2: You are the only one who can wake him up!
P3.B1: Because there is nothing better
P3.B2: than the word's of a friend to reach the heart.
P6.B1: Run, Kaito!!
P6.B2: *dash*
P3.T1: Impressive scalpel handling!!
P3.T2: I never saw such swordsmanship before!!
P4.T1: But trying to bring his consciousness back with the unscientific way of having his friend call out to him... // will that work?
P4.T2: I can't allow to have that brat die!! // I have to do something by myself...
P5.T1: This gift will kill the patient!!
P5.T2: It's to avoid more damage... // Don't think bad of me...
P1.B1: Kuuta!
P2.B1: Ur...
P3.B1: Gaaaa!!
P3.B2: !!
P6.B1: Ga!!
P7.B1: I... hate you!!
P8.B1: I'm bad at socializing....
P9.B1: But you were always spirited and popular in the town...
P9.B2: Ga...
P9.B3: I hated you because of that...
P1.B1: Gaaaaaa!!
P1.B2: !
P3.B1: Kaito-kun!!
P4.B1: Kyaaa!!
P5.B1: Whenever I looked at you, I came to hate myself...
P6.B1: Why can't I become like you...
P7.B1: Gr...
P1.B1: Wake up, Kuuta!! I admire you!!
P1.B2: When you're gone, who is going to hang out with me?
P2.B1: Ga...
P3.B1: Aa...
P4.B1: !! // Just a bit more! Purification needles, Momo!!
P4.B2: Y- Yes, Sensei!
P7.T1: That's the divine pressure point!!
P8.B1: Even at a time like this you're selfish... // and causing troubling...
P8.B2: Sorry...
P2.B1: I'm sorry... // Kaito...
P2.B2: Causing you trouble... // I'm sorry...
P3.B1: No way! His consciousness is back?
P5.B1: What are you saying?
P5.B2: That's not like you, Kuuta.
P6.B1: Gr...ar...
P6.B2: Aa...
P7.B1: Don't stop calling out to him!!
P1.B1: Kuuta you idiot!!
P2.B1: Kai...
P2.B2: to...
P6.T1: Sensei is so cool~
P1.B1: Momo!!
P1.B2: Seal the Disease Demon!!
P2.B1: Yes!!
P2.B2: Kaitaishinsho Page 26, Disease Demon absorbing... King Boa's Jar!!
P5.B1: Ur...
P5.B2: Ouch...
P6.B1: Where...
P6.B2: Mh?
P1.B1: Haha, you got
P1.B2: a really funny face...
P2.B1: Arg, damn you!! You're only causing trouble... // I- I...
P2.B2: Wa!! // Go away! It's disgusting!!
P3.T1: Stimulating the brain by striking the divine pressure-point...
P3.T2: And excises the Demon the moment his consciousness returns... Impressive judgment and power...
P4.B1: Hey...
P4.B2: !
P1.B1: You're going to take this back with you for research, right?
P4.B1: You are...
P4.B2: impressive.
Sidetext: Soutarou saved Kuuta's life and their friendship! Next issue a new development!

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