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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Kaitaishinsho ZERO 8

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 23, 2010 17:00 | Go to Kaitaishinsho ZERO

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Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter08:

P1.T1: Get back the Kaitaishinsho!
P1.T2: Chapter 08: Soutarou and Sword Technique
P1.B1: Who are you!!
P1.B2: Give back that book!!
P2.B1: Hee----
P2.B2: This is a Kaitaishinsho, right...
P3.B1: Seeing as you know what that book is...
P3.B2: are you also a Dark Doctor?
P5.B1: Well,
P5.B2: do I look like one?
P1.B1: !? // Th- Then return this book please!!
P1.B2: The patient needs treatment immediately!!
P2.B1: *pant*
P2.B2: *pant*
P3.B1: Don't order the great me, Shuen-sama, around!
P5.B1: B- But without that book we can't...
P5.B2: So what?
P6.B1: Wha!!
P6.B2: Stop it, Momo.
P6.B3: !? // Sensei.. !?
P1.B1: Mhm, treatment, huh...
P3.B1: When did he!!
P4.B1: Then,
P4.B2: I will tend to him.
P6.B1: Graaaaaaaaaar!!
P7.B1: !!
P3.B1: Hehehe. // Looks good.
P4.B1: See ya!!
P4.B2: Wait!!
P5.B1: Sensei, please wait!!
P1.B1: Wh- What about this Disease Demon..!?
P2.B1: Without the Kaitaishinsho I can't isolate it in the operation room... // Also the scalpel...
P3.B1: We also don't know how to deal with it!!
P4.B1: Momo, you evacuate nearby people.
P4.B2: I'll will that guy and get the book back.
P5.B1: B- But, Sensei, you're unarmed...!
P6.B1: I'll manage.
P7.B1: Just make sure the patient and the others are safe. // Hurry up, Momo!
P7.B2: Y- Yes!!
P1.B1: What's going on? It's so noisy here...
P2.B1: !?
P3.B1: Kyaaaaa-----!!
P4.B1: It's a monster!! Help me!!
P4.B2: P- Please take shelter, everyone!! // Leave this to me...!!
P5.B1: Gramps...!
P7.B1: Old Lady!
P7.B2: Watch out!
P2.B1: G- Gramps is...
P3.B1: Gr...
P3.B2: Ah!
P5.B1: I somehow have to protect everyone,
P5.B2: until Sensei returns!
P3.B1: Oh!
P4.B1: Good, he is following me....
P4.B2: Otherwise it would have been boring!!
P7.B1: !!
P7.B2: He disappeared!?
P2.B1: Urg!!
P3.B1: You avoided a fatal wound, huh....Seems like you can still stand.
P3.B2: That's worth some praise, but what about the next one?
P4.T1: It looked like he disappeared for a moment...
P4.T2: No, wrong!! He just moved incredible fast!!
P5.T1: But with the power of a human---
P6.B1: !!
P4.B1: Ug.
P5.B1: Hehehe, you can't even lift a finger. You Dark Doctors really can't do a thing without your book.
P5.B2: On the other side, I...
P2.B1: have this guy on my side,
P2.B2: the Disease Demon "Grassjumper"
P3.B1: A Disease Demon?
P4.B1: Are you surprised? And this guy isn't even draining my power.
P4.B2: but instead I'm using his power!
P5.B1: So you were the one who did these remodelling experiments...
P5.B2: What's your motive?
P1.B1: Why would I have to tell you?
P1.B2: Really...
P2.B1: Well, but I can tell you, that you Dark Doctors are a bother to us.
P3.B1: If I kill you and the girl, I will be praised.
P5.B1: Oh, you're in?
P6.B1: Enough with the talking.
P1.B1: I have no time, because my patient is waiting.
P1.B2: I will take my book back.
P3.B1: Yahahahahaha!! What do you think you can do with that branch? // Didn't you see my power?
P4.B1: Great, really great!!
P5.B1: I'll torture you and torture you... Torture till you die!!
P1.B1: It's just a branch.
P1.B2: But with it, I can stop you, without killing you.
P2.B1: Hahahaha!! What you're mumbling!!
P2.B2: Idiot!!
P4.B1: He dodged it?
P4.B2: No normal human should be able to follow my speed....
P6.T1: That stance! These movements...!!
P6.T2: This is a Dark Doctor! No, wrong...
P1.T1: Sword Dance!!
P1.T2: Beast King's Destruction Flash!!
P1.T1: This sword technique....
P1.T2: is a killing move...!?
P3.B1: J-...
P4.B1: Just who the hell
P4.B2: are you!?
Sideline: A incredible power defeating Shuen...Next time Soutarou's true character will be revealed-!!

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