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Translations: Bleach 645 by cnet128

My doll house 6

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 12, 2011 16:11 | Go to My doll house

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My Doll House Chapter 06:

P1.T1: #6: Hold in, hold in
P1.B1: Hey, // Please wait.
P1:B2: No way~ // Not gonna wait~
P1.B3: Ever since Miwa-chan came here, you've been totally ignoring us!
P2.B1: Mahiro---
P1.B1: We won't
P1.B2: let you get away today.
P2.B1: [music note]
P3.B1: Mi- // Miwa.
P1.B1: Morning, Mahiro-kun <3
P1.B2: M- Morning.
P2.B1: You're up early.
P2.B2: Go hide.
P2.B3: How cruel, // Mahiro.
P2:B4: Yaah.
P3.B1: Ehe..
P3:B2: It's already noon.
P3.B3: You've already gotten quite used to the work, haven't you?
P1.B1: What are you doing?
P1.B2: Mizuki-san....
P2.B1: Because he doesn't want to be hated by Miwa-chan,
P2.B2: he desperately tries to hide the fact that he's screwing us.
P3.B1: I have to work, so see you later <3
P3:B2: I see... And that's why you're hiding here.
P3:B3: Ssh. // Ssh.
P3:B4: O- Okay.
P4.B1: Then why don't you just dress as Arisu inside the house too?
P1.B1: [music note]
P2.B1: If I do that.... // there won't be any progress with Miwa....
P3.B1: Aren't you just wishing for progress because you can't get to interact with her normally?
P4.B1: If only it were that easy....
P1.B1: Okay... // It seems to be going well there, so let's add one more. // I'll let you choose...
P1.B2: Yes. // Right now... there are 5 good ones.
P2.B1: *sneak* // *sneak*
P2.B2: *sneak* // *sneak*
P2.B3: The girls won't attack me when you're around. That really helps....
P3.B1: I'm that scary?
P1.B1: Guess they're all wearing the maid clothes now....
P1.B2: That's because Miwa-chan brought them in...
P1.B3: Well, // thinking it was a good opportunity, I allowed it. // It will help them be more aware of why they're staying here and it will serve as an excuse to others....
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: Why // did you make Miwa a maid?
P3:B2: What are these circumstances you spoke of...?
P3.B3: Mhm....
P1.B1: At her dad's company, M&A....
P1.B2: all the higher-ups except the CEO retired....
P2.B1: Eh----- // Why didn't you tell me this sooner!
P2.B2: Calm down.
P3.B1: They have business ties with the Bansaka group....
P3.B2: And both your families have a long-standing relationship, that's why our president funded their new project... // So the worst scenario could be avoided....
P3.B3: I see...
P4.B1: But.... For that project, Matsuda-san has to go with his family to America. // And Miwa-chan, who never did go against her parents before....
P1.B1: Father, Mother, // I'm sorry.
P1.B2: But // I'm not going anymore! // Because...
P2.B1: I still want to study at the university... // All my friends are here...
P2.B2: And....
P2.B3: I still want to see the cherry trees in front of the university bloom and my favorite cake store is here.... // The cat from the 3rd street who always plays with me.... // The ramen shop with a strange name in front of the station... // The cafe with its horrible Neapolitan... // The postman I sometimes meet....
P2.B4: And.... // And....
P1.B1: Seeing her saying she definitely won't leave Japan
P1.B2: showed me how stubborn she can be.....
P1.B3: And on my own accord, // I asked her parents to let us take care of her. Please forgive me...
P2.B1: I'm sorry for not consulting you before.
P3.B1: Rena!
P3.B2: Good job!!
P3.B3: .... // What will you do?
P1.B1: Nothing.
P1.B2: If she learns the truth, I'll be hated...
P2.B1: Mahiro....
P2:B2: Yeah.... // Any normal woman would give someone like you the pass.....
P3.T1: Right.
P3.T2: I can't go on like this....! I have to end this thing with the other girls and become a normal man worthy of Miwa.
P3:T3: For now, sex is prohibited!!
P1.B1: Found him?
P1:B2: No. He vanished....
P2.B1: It doesn't look like he went out, though....
P2:B2: Got any luck?
P2.B3: I went around two times, but couldn't find him.
P3.B1: Did you find him?
P3.B2: Not yet....
P3.B3: He's not even in his room....
P1.B1: Geez.
P1.B2: This house is just ridiculously big. Searching everywhere gets to be such a pain.
P2.B1: Just go away.
P3.B1: I won't last if this continues every day....
P1.B1: U-
P1.B2: wa.
P1:B3: Found you <3
P2.B1: Do me too <3
P2:B2: Look... I'm all ready already.
P3.B1: Eeh. // Those panties are in fashion now?
P1.B1: Kyaa
P2.B1: Ah-- // He ran!
P2:B2: Sorry. // I decided to stop this already!!
P2:B3: Oww. // My butt.
P4.B1: Haa
P4:B2: They're not chasing me...?
P4.B3: Haa // Haa
P1.B1: !
P1.B2: *touch*
P2:B1: Hey, hey.
P2.B2: Ah. // Aahn.
P3.B1: *pissed*
P3.B2: You want it that bad....
P3.B3: Ah... // No. // Your fingers... Ah... put them in...
P4.B1: Hyaa // Nng.
P1.AllBubbles: Ahh.
P2.B1: Nnng....
P3.B1-3: Haa
P3.B4: Guess I'm safer as Arisu for now...
P2.B1: Arisu-chan~ Show yourself~ // Let's play at the pool together~
P2.B2: Arisu-chan~
P2:B3: I saw him... // escaping here...
P3.B1: Damn, it's no good!
P3.B2: He got away again.
P4.B1: Somehow... I can't anymore... // Ah...
P4:B2: I'm going crazy...
P4.B3: Rena-san!
P1.B1: Haa // Haa
P1.B2: No good.... // Even as Arisu, they don't let loose.
P1.B3: Haa
P1:B4: Haa // Haa
P2.B1: Something is weird.
P2.B2: They're too extreme.
P3.B1: Wah.
P3.B2: You don't want Miwa-chan to find out... // that you have been desperately holding it in, right?
P4.B1: It seems that it is increasing the power of your pheromones and affecting those around you.....
P4.B2: Even Miwa-chan got affected....
P1.B1: What? Even Miwa......!?
P1.B2: Don't worry. It won't make her want to fuck you.
P1:B3: But it seems to have another effect. // She's in bed with a high fever.
P2.B1: Miwa.....
P3.B1: ....She looks pained.
P3.B2: Ugg....
P3:B3: I can't cause her more worries now. // ....Mh.
P4.B1: That // happens when you jump around too much.
P1.B1: Geez.
P1.B2: Where did he go....
P2.B1: Arisu!
P2.B2: Found //
P3.B1: Ahh. // Not so suddenly.
P3.B2: You're wet enough.
P3.B3: No, // stop.
P3.B4: Ah....
P3.B5: I'll come immediately like that.
P4.B1: Arisu <3 // So you're finally up for it.
P1.B1: Ah.
P1.B2: Ah. // Ahh.
P1:B3: I'm coming.
P1.B4: Aww,
P1.B5: Hurry and do me too.
P2.B1: Nng... Ah.
P2.B2: Ah...
P3.B1: Inside. // Cum inside.
P3.B2: Ahh.
P1.B1: Haaa // Sex rocks!
P1.B2: !
P2.B1: How is it?
P2.B2: You feeling better?
P3.B1: Mm... // Good morning. // The fever seems to be gone. I feel better.
P4.B1: Good to hear. // But now Mahiro is bedridden.
P4.B2: Huh?
P5.B1: Don't worry <3 His hips just hurt a bit.
P5.B2: From overuse....

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