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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

My doll house 7

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 12, 2011 16:12 | Go to My doll house

-> RTS Page for My doll house 7

My Doll House Chapter 07:

P1.B1: Umm, // we're trying to do a photo shoot here, you know.
P1:B2: Mh?
P1.T1: Let's go to the southern island! 1
P1.B1: Eh? // A swimsuit job?
P1:B2: For real?
P2.B1: Don't wanna, sounds too troublesome. // Besides a swimsuit is too risky. // .....Hey.
P2.B2: Aren't you rejected swimsuit jobs usually?
P1.B1: They said they wanted to take some shots at a southern island.... // Any because... of your abstinence phase, we didn't go anywhere for summer vacation.
P1:B2: The shoot will take at our private beach. It's the perfect place, you can rest assured. // So once the shoot is over, we all could enjoy a belated summer vacation there....
P2.B1: And if you continue modeling, you won't get around doing a swimsuit shoot.
P2:B2: And for certain reasons, I couldn't refuse this time...
P2.B3: Also... // "that" // you understand, right?
P1.B1: I pretended not to see it, // but you just had to tell me....
P1.B2: My hip hurts from tupping like a rabbit. Nothing I can do about it.
P2.B1: Southern island?
P2.B2: Summer vacation?
P3.B1: They're all frustrated because there is no sex now....
P3.B2: But
P3.B3: if you just leave them alone // and the atmosphere gets any worse, what then?
P1.B1: You mean bring them along?
P1.B2: Your hip is almost healed, isn't it?
P1.B3: More than a vacation, I fear a pink hell is waiting for me....
P2.B1: I'll tell them not to overdo it,
P2.B2: so please <3
P2:B3: I can't bear this atmosphere anymore.
P3.B1: I get it.
P3:B2: We'll all go.
P4.B1: Yay----
P4.B2: A vacation! // Let's buy new swimsuits <3
P4.B3: Some bright an revealing ones.
P4.B4: Southern island!!
P1.B1: Speaking of swimsuits, // we're going to do that again?
P1:B2: Sorry.
P1.B3: Please bear with it....
P2.B1: Finally my turn again. // Don't worry! // Leave it all to me!
P2:B2: I'll do it properly this time, so you won't get exposed <3
P2.B3: No....
P3.B1: No way !!
P1.B1: I'm sorry, I have to write a report, so it doesn't look like I can come with you.
P2.B1: It'll just be an big orgy either way.
P2.B2: I have to pass too.
P3.B1: I'm going. // It's only natural, // I'm the manager...
P3.B2: Tch.
P4.B1: What?
P4.B2. N- // No.
P4:B3: Nothing.
P2.B1: Then we'll come pick up in the evening.
P2.B2: Kyaa
P1.B1: Is this really inhabitant?
P1.B2: I heard so, why?
P1:B3: It's bigger than I though. // So I was just wondering...
P2.B1: I wish Miwa would have come too...
P3.B1: Really, what a shame.
P3.B2: Sorry... // I didn't tell her.
P4.B1: Since we wouldn't get to fuck Arisu, if she's around.
P4:B2: ....Yeah.
P1.B1: Excuse me.
P1:B2: We want to start before the sun changes color. // So please hurry.
P2.B1: Okay.
P3.B1: Here... // There are about 15 swimsuits in it.
P3.B2: Please wear them as they're numbered.
P4:B1: Gimme a sec, I'm in the middle of transforming.
P1.B1: Hoo---- // Pretty big this time.
P1.B2: They look natural, good.
P2.B1: Hehehe, // you bet.
P2.B2: And I can take them off faster than before too.
P3.B1: This time again we inflated them with hyaluronic acid. // But I must say, we were pretty brave, even with local anesthetics.
P3.B2: I used small particle this time, which explains it's natural tenderness and feeling <3
P1.B1: And because they particles are so small, absorbing them will be easier, // so even if we make them this big, in about half a year it's back too normal....
P1:B2: There's nothing I can do about the nipples though, that's why I took some attach nipples, // I think I did a good job there though... [attach nipple? wtf, I don't know]
P1.B3: Will this really be alright?
P1.B4: Yeah, you shouldn't stay with breasts for more than 1 year, like last time.
P2:B1: We're really lucky to have you, Kurumi-chan.
P2:B2: Though you don't look like a plastic surgeon at all. // Fufufu
P3.B1: Hmp
P3:B2: I had a workshop a week ago. // I'm over 30 already though....
P1.B1: Aw, geez, // We can't have it stand up. // How am I supposed to bind it to the back, like this?
P2.B1: No other choice.
P2.B2: Let's give you a quickie and get it small......Mm.
P3.B1: Mm.
P3:B2: Mmg.
P4.B1: Ah....
P4.B2: *suck*
P4.B3: *suck* // *suck*
P4.B4: *suck*
P5.B1: Ah...
P5.B2. Ah, // Ahh...
P5.B3: Whatever, just hurry....
P2.B1: Ok. // That's great, Arisu-chan!
P2:B2: Keep looking her and tend your head to the left...
P1.B1: Reflect board!
P1.B2: Hold them properly!
P2:B1: !
P3:B1: Hey, // What the hell you doing? // You're sleeping?
P4.B1: Sorry...
P4:B2: But.... That, // the girls Arisu-chan brought along, I can't help but looking.
P1.B1: Ufufu...
P1.B2: <3
P1:B3: Fuh...
P1:B4: <3 // Ufuh.
P1:B5: Ahah...
P1.B6: *smirk*
P1.B7: Fufun <3
P1.B1: Please don't mind them. // Just concentrate on your job.
P1:B2: D- // Don't get distracted // and do your job properly.
P2.B1: Yes.
P3:B1: Even she tells us that....
P4.B1: Ufufu <3
P1.B1: Huh?
P2.B1: I'm sorry, // I think I got diarrhea...
P2:B2: Hey, hey.
P2:B3: Be quick.
P3.B1: Aww.
P3.B2: I'm kinda bored. // Won't someone play with me....
P1.B1: I, // gotta go to the toilet...
P1.B2: ?
P1.B3: Ah, // Me too...
P2:B1: The hell!
P2:B2: Every single one of them!
P3.B1: Dammit, small break then!
P3.B2: Okay, good. // Then please change into the next one.
P1.B1: Ehm,
P1.B2: The next, number 7 is....
P1.B3: Ah...Mh?
P3.B1: A // ri // su
P2.B1: Hanabusa-san!
P2.B2: Oww....
P2:B3: What's wrong? // You okay!?
P3:B1: I'm okay. // It's nothing.... // Don't mind me.
P3.B2: Can't she leave me alone? // There's no way I can tell her I'm in pain from my 000, forcibly sticked to my butt, that is about to wake up!
P1.B1: Haa // ...Ng.
P1.B2: Ah.
P1:B3: Oww....
P1:B4: Cut it out already!
P1:B5: Ahh.
P1:B6: Ahh.
P1:B7: Ouch.
P1.B8: Ah. // Ah.. Ng.
P1.B9: Eh! // Eh? // Huh?
P1.B10: Where did everyone go?
P1.B11: Speaking of, // they sure a taking a long shit......
P2:B1: Okay. // Everyone get back! // It's not the time for that.
P2:B2: Let's get this photo shoot over with. // We don't have much more time until the plane is back!
P1.B1: Okay. // Everyone get back!
P1:B2: Eh-- // It's at a good spot just now.
P1.B3: It's not the time for that. // Let's get this photo shoot over with.
P1.B4: Haa
P1:B5: Aw, geez.
P1.B6: We don't have much more time until the plane is back!
P1.B7: Shit. // We have to go back!
P2:B1: Hurry, // Hurry!
P2:B2: Haa
P2.B3: Don't idle.
P2.B4: Hey, wait.
P3:B1: Haa
P3:B2: Haa // Haa
P3.B3: Haa
P3:B4: Haa

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