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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Focus on Your Color 14

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 12, 2011 16:30 | Go to Focus on Your Color

-> RTS Page for Focus on Your Color 14

Kimiiro Focus Chapter 14:

P1.T1: Photo 014: I Want to Take Photos

P1.B1: I can't understand,
P1.B2: why Ran chose you.
P2.B1: No one cares about that.

P1.B1: Answer me.
P2.B1: Will you stop taking peep shots or not?

[no text]

P1.B1: I'm afraid I have my own reasons for that,
P1.B2: so whatever you do...
P2:B1: I see...

P1.B1: I definitely want to hear it.
P2.B1: Those reasons.

P1.Box1: It was one year ago, when I was still a freshman.
P3:B1: Yay!!
P3.B2: I got it!! I really got it!!
P3.Box1: Back then, I spent my days alone taking photos of animals.

[no text]

P1.B1: Impressive. Sacrificing yourself to protect the camera.
P2.B1: You okay?
P3.Box1: That's how I first met Ran.

P1.B1: Incredible!!
P2.B1: This photo is really good!!
P2.B2: Ehehe.
P3:B1: I really like honest people,
P3.B2: who give their best to take a good photo.

P2.Box1: That's how I was confessed to for the very first time.
P3.Box1: Passion & Poison Berry Mix.
P4.Box1: A flavor I never heard of before.

P1.Box1: The vow of two friends.
P2.Box1: The ceremony to seal the vow of sharing both our dreams and future.

P1.Box1: That's what I thought.
P4.Box1: But that was all a misunderstanding on my part.
P4.Box2: Without being told, even a single word, I was abandoned.

P2.B1: I couldn't forgive her...
P2.B2: for her sudden change....

[no text]

P1.B1: I'm sure I lived up to her expectations.
P1.B2: But she abandoned me and chooses you instead.
P2.B1: So, to get the Prez's attention again, you did all that?
P3:B1: Just what is different about our photos... // Damn...

P2.B1: I understand now.
P3.B1: If you promise to never to lay a hand on Sumire,
P4.B1: I'll help you
P4.B2: to solve your problem.

P3.T1: Is what I said,
P3.T2: but can I really take a photo of the same scene
P3.T3: as Shinobu-san!?
P4.B1: Coming~

P1.B1: My, Ooji-kun.

P1.T1: !?
P2.B1: What's up? // Do you need something?
P4.B1: Ooji-kun!? // Hey, are you okay!?

P1.B1: No
P1.B2: problem!
P2.B1: Your sexiness just hit me too hard.
P2.T1: !!

P1.B1: Senpai, dressing like that only tempts the wolves.
P1.T1: You mean, yourself?
P2.B1: I have something that I can only consult with you about.
P3.B1: Will you listen to it?
P3.B2: Huh? Sure.

[no text]

P1.B1: Mhm--
P1.B2: It still looks a bit unnatural...
P2:B1: Is that how you brush your teeth every day?
P2.B2: Eh!? // W- Well, that...
P3.B1: Huh!?

P1.B1: I'm worried about the professional job we talked about before.
P1.B2: To take a private photo of Hirano Ayako.
P2.B1: But I have no clue about the privacy of a woman.
P3.B1: So I thought I would practice on you, who is image-wise, // the closest to her...

P1.B1: I want to grab my chance
P1.B2: to become a professional.
P2.B1: Ooji-kun....
P3.B1: For myself...
P3.B2: and even more, for your dream.

P1.B1: ..............
P2.B1: I know, how about a scene where I comb my hair!?
P2.B2: No, brushing your teeth is fine.
P3.B1: Aw, okay, I get it!!
P3.B2: How about coming out of the bath!? // I'll strike a pose, wrapped in a towel.

[no text]

P1.B1: Senpai, your face is getting red.
P1.B2: Please don't mind me, // and just relax.
P1.B3: Don't kid me!!
P2:B1: But this is an unexpected natural pose. // Getting to see such a situation is the real charm of privacy shots.
P3.B1: I learned something new.
P3.B2: Fufufu.

P1.B1: You keep on blabbering, but how far do you want to take this?
P1.B2: Enough already. We're done--!!
P2.B1: Hurry and get out--!!
P2.B2: Thank you very much.

P1.B1: Geez--
P1.B2-4: Haa
P1.B5: That Ooji-kun.

P1.Sign: Photography Club
P4.B1: What's this?
P4.B2: What are you trying to pull here, Ooji-kun?
P4.B3: Ah, no. That...

P1.B1: Please take a closer look.
P1.B2: Which would you choose, // as a privacy shot...
P5.B1: This photo....

P1.B1: The prey comes back as the hunter... // or what?
P1.B2: Eh?
P2.B1: What do you intend by having me choose between your and Shinobu's photo?
P3.B1: Umm...
P3.B2: I heard everything from her.

P1.B1: But I don't know the reason.
P2.B1: Didn't you acknowledge
P2.B2: her talent?
P4.B1: I had... no choice.

P1.Box1: You know, our club adviser // right now is temporarily the school nurse Hiiragi-sensei .
P1.Box2: But last year, we had a different one.
P2.Box1: He was a cruel person. // He played tricks and harassed the new girls.
P2.Box2: So they all quit.
P3.Box1: But Shinobu-san didn't.
P3.Box2: She said she would fight together with me for this club.

P1.Box1: But that teacher was the son of the Chairman of the school.
P1.Box2: One wrong move and this club and she herself, would be in danger.
P2:B1: Don't tell me... // because of that you made her hate you on purpose?
P3.B1: She's an honest kid. // It was the only way.

P1.B1: Don't you regret it?
P1.B2: I do.
P2:B1: But I protected her talent.
P2.B2: And her passion for photography.
P3.B1: That's enough for me...
P3.B2: time will solve the rest.

P1.B1: It's solved now!!
P1.B2: Ran!!
P2.B1: You cared that much for me... // But I, instead...
P2.B2: I....

P2.B1: Ran...
P2.B2: I want to take photos together with you again.

P2.B1: I won't anger you anymore.
P3.B1: So please...
P3.B2: again together...

P1.B1: Don't wanna.
P2:B1: What's with this photo? Huh!? // When did you take this!?
P3.B1: Hand over all the photos you took until now. // We can talk after that!!
P3.B2: Hiii!!

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