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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Focus on Your Color 16

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 12, 2011 16:31 | Go to Focus on Your Color

-> RTS Page for Focus on Your Color 16

Kimiiro Focus Chapter 16:

P1.T1: Photo 016: Her After School Time
[no text]
P1.T1: Hmm… At a second glance,
P1.T2: she's really cute...
P1.B1: You just thought they're small, right?
P1.B2: My breasts.
P2.B1: There!!
P3.B1: Uwa!!
P4.B1: Heh. I don't care.
P1.B1: Small breasts symbolize status! // They're a rarity.
P2.B1: Aw~~ Geez, say something back.
P2:B2: "They aren't" // Something like that.
P3.B1: Ah, well. // Let's just forget that <3
P3.B2: Haa.
P1.B1: Let's go!
P2:B1: Ah.
P3:B1: Mh? // What?
P3.B2: Ah, nothing....
P4:B1: So, where to? Want to eat something?
P4.B2: Wherever.
P4.B3: Ahaha. Quite the monotone guy <3
P2.B1: Wh- What's with that development?
P2:B2: Not only was he allowed to take photos of a beauty like her, but to thank him she even takes him on a date…// It’s incomprehensible!
P1.B1: Wh- What's the meaning of this?
P1:B2: Tell me, Senpai.
P2.B1: PIA!!?
P1.B1: Do you always have your camera with you?
P1.B2: Yes.
P3.B1: You never know when a good scene will come your way.
P3:B2: I missed the opportunity once.
P4:B1: Hoo----- // You're quite dedicated.
P1.B1: So are there photos besides mine on it?
P1.B2: Yes there is.
P2:B1: Let me sneak a peek.
P2.B1: ...Umm, is this legal? // Did you get permission from these girls...?
P2.B2: Eh? Permission?
P3:T1: Hii What a shock~~~!!
P3.T2: The photography club goes that far!?
P4.T1: But...
[no text]
P2.B1: Thanks. I get it now.
P3.B1: You're quite something.
P3.B2: You flatter me...
P1.B1: Truly a [bold] Friggin Pervert [/bold] <3
P3.B1: You're just a high schooler, but you take such great photos~~~
P1.B1: You can photograph
P1.B2: a girl's good side. That shows taste.
P2.B1: You can even make it look natural.
P3.B1: Normally people like that are also skilled speakers... // But you don't look like that at all. Mysterious.
P1.B1: !!
P2.B1: Say,
P3.B1: how do you do it!?
P1.B1: What are you doing to them
P1.B2: to draw out these expressions?
P2.B1: Please.
P3:B1: I'm really interested in that,
P2.B1: !?
P2.B2: but we'll leave that for later.
P3:B1: Now then... // where shall we go, Mr. boyfriend? <3
P1.B1: Eeh!?
P1.B2: I told you it's a date. // So you're the boyfriend.
P2:B1: I... // I see.
P2:B2: Ehm....
P3:B1: Zong~~ Time's up!!
P1.B1: Umm, where are we going?
P1.B2: To a place I want to go <3
P1.B1: Never thought he would have the guts to cheat.
P2.B1: By the way,
P3.B1: you're fine with this, Sumire? // Your boyfriend is doing a grand job of cheating on you.
P3.B2: He isn't my boyfriend, or anything else!!
P2.B1: Is that true!?
P2.B2: It is!!
P4:B1: Hoo--- I see. That's how it is. // Mhmhm.
P5:B1: Then I'll take him <3
P5.B2: Eeeh!?
P1.B1: How did come to this!?
P1.B2: He's interesting, we have the same hobby, and I think we hit it off pretty well~~~
P2:B1: I was holding myself back because of that incident involving you.... // But now, mhm <3
P2.B2: No, that...
P3:B1: Now that I know, I need to collect some coaxing material.
P3.B2: Coax!?
P3.B3: Will he be okay?
P3.B4: Wah, so scary~~~!!
P1:B1: You don't mind, Sumire-senpai!?
P1.B2: Mind or not, it has nothing to do with me!!
P2.B1: Eh!? // You really aren't dating? // Senpai!?
P3:B1: Don't stand there. // Come----
P3.B2: Y- Yes.
P1.B1: Lucky—The new one is still here<3
P2.B1: Mh? What's up?
P2.B2: No, nothing...
P3:B1: Ah, sorry!! // Could it be you dislike anime and manga!?
P3:B2: No, that's not it!!
P1.B1: I see. // Good to hear.
P2.B1: But this isn’t what I wanted to show you, but rather what is above here.
P2.B2: More maniac [star symbol]
P3:B1: You'll definitely be surprised. // You'll see me in a different light.
P3.B2: ?
P3:B3: Ufufu <3
P4.B1: C- Cosplay costumes!?
P1.B1: Isn’t this shop just amazing?
P1:B2: What's even more amazing is that you can even try them on and take photos!!
P1.B3: Eh, really?
P2.B1: I’ve always wanted to take a photo wearing it!
P3.B1: Ah.
P4:B1: Yep.
P4:B2: Please <3
P1.B1: Taadaa // This, for starters <3
P2.B1: The one loved by all girls, Sailor Moon!!
P3:B1: Sorry. // I guess this was too much for you.
P3.B2: Don't worry; I was just a bit surprised!!
P1:B1: Cosplay seems to be getting more popular lately. // I think it's cute and funny.
P2.B1: Really?
P2.B2: Yeah.
P3:B1: Then OK <3 [Ok was in original]
P1.B1: Damn, I might die of excitement <3
P1.B2: Next one <3
P3.B1: Next, next <3
[no text]
P1.B1: Y- You're quite into it.
P2.B1: Sorry, I just can't stop myself.
P2.B2-4: Haa
P3.T1: Aw--- What now.
P3.T2: I never thought it would be this much fun.
P4:T1: Oka~~~~y, this one next <3
P3.B1: Huh...
P3.B2: Maybe you are feeling bored?
P4:B1: No....
P5.B1: Rather than bored... Umm...
P5:B2: ?
P1:B1: I would like to take some of my own....
P2.B1: Ah...
P3.B1: I see. Sorry. // You have your own ideas.
P1.B1: <3
P1.B2: Okay, I don't mind.
P2.B1: Do as you like <3
P2.B1: ?
P4:B1: !?
P2.B1: *lick* // *slurp*
P3.B1: That is enough mischief from you, Daria-chan.
P3:B2: Yesh, Onee-shama <3 // I'm shorry <3
P1.B1: But as excepted.
P1.B2: She has a lot of dangerous information~~~
P2:B1: Huh?
P2.B2: What's up?
P3:B1: This girl....
P3.Paper: [circled] Secret [/circled] // Voice Actress idol // Hirano Ayako (Real Name: Hiramoto Aya) // High School Divions Class 3-B [framed] Acting Class [/farmed] // --not yet known, but // will become clear <3
P2.B1: is one of our students!?

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