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My doll house 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:23 | Go to My doll house

-> RTS Page for My doll house 1

My Doll House Chapter 01:

[color cover]
#1: Mahiro and Arisu
#2: <3 in Campus
#3: Secret plan
#4: Temptation
#5: Service
#6: Hold in, hold in
#7: Let's go to the southern island! 1
#8: Let's go to the southern island! 2
P1.B1: Umm...
P1.B2: I'm Kubota Sayaka. I'm here for today's audition.... // I think I'm expected.
P1.B3: Please wait a moment.
P2.B1: Who is that kid, the boss is kissing up to?
P2.B2: I'm not exactly sure... but I think he's the son of our greatest auctioneer. // He's still in university, but rumors say he's already leading three companies.
P2.B3: The world is really unfair...
P2.B4: Eh, sounds fishy. Like straight from a manga. // That's why I said rumor...
P2.T1: #1: Mahiro and Arisu
P1.B1: Arisu! // There are only 15 minutes till the meeting. // Come back immediately!
Top: #1: Mahiro and Arisu
P1.B1: I know. // I'm back in 5 minutes.
P2.B1: Geez--- // Just be careful you don't get found out.
P2.B2: Just the other day it was really close...
P2.B3: I- // I'll be careful.
P1.B1: At least when I'm wearing this outfit, // she should give me a bit more freedom.
P1.B1: Aw, damn.
P1.B2: I'm lost again.
P1.B3: And it's soon time for the audition... // Why are all television studios like a labyrinth....?
P1.B4: She's so strict. Geez.
P2.B1: My!
P2.B2: Excuse me.
P3:B1: I would like to ask you something...
P3.B2: !?
P4.B1: !
P4.B2: Eh, // Huh?
P4.B3: Aren't you the boy I saw in the lobby earlier...?
P4.B4: Huh?
P5.B1: Geh.
P1.B1: !
P1.B2: Kyaa
P2.B1: ....
P2.B2: Hey,
P2.B3: What you're doing?
P3.B1: Ouch. // Let me go!
P5.B1: Yaah!
P5.B2: I'm doing model work... with this. // Though my main field is magazines and shows....
P1.B1: For that, I completely become a woman...... // But sometimes they are people with sharp sense...
P1.B2: and notice my secret.
P2.B1: I was my first time seeing a transsexual, // so I was surprised...
P2.B2: And it slipped of my slips....
P3.B1: I-
P3.B2: I'm not a transsexual! // I'm just cross-dressing!
P4.B1: I'm sorry. // I promise I won't tell anyone, so please forgive me!
P1.B1: I can't trust you.
P2.B1: That's why I have to seal your lips....
P2.B2: Mm.
P3.B1: Ah, // Mm...
P4.B1: Ah....
P4.B2: Mmm...
P4.B3: Mm...
P1.B1: You're already this wet...
P1.B2: Ahh, // not there!
P1.B3: Wow, // it's my first time feeling like that.
P1.B4: Hyaa // Mm.
P2.B1: Mm...
P3.B1: !!
P4.B1: Yah, // Save me.
P4.B2: I'm turning strange. // Uh.
P4.B3: Ah // Hii.
P1.B1: *knock* // *knock*
P2.B1: You can hear your voice from outside.
P2.B2: Ah....
P2.B3: Uh, // Wah...
P2.B4: Oops-
P2.B5: I'm coming. // uh.
P3.B1: You weren't coming back....
P3.B2: and you're here doing this again!
P3.B3: Sorry. // She found out my cross-dressing... // So my bad habit kicked in and I did her.
P3.B4: Ah... // I still feel it...
P4.B1: Don't say that
P4.B2: while dressed like that!
P1.B1: I know your pheromones and techniques are amazing, // but it's always girls who experience it first-hand....
P1.B2: You should know that the best, right?
P3.B1: You're right...
P4.B1: Aww, I did it again.
P4.B2: I'm such an idiot. // While do I always get down to business with men I don't know?
P6.B1: Kyaa! // The time for the audition----!!
P6.B2: Wah.
P1.B1: ....
P2.B1: What did they say?
P3.B1: I'm out...
P4.B1: Since I was always aiming for auditions, I haven't done any proper jobs...
P4.B2: This was my last chance....
P5.B1: Also the place I was living in, was the dorm of this office... // and now I have to move out within a week.
P1.B1: Eh?
P1.B2: You can just crash at my place. // As a maid...
P1:B3: I'll proper pay you too.
P4.B4: Arisu!
P2.B1: Well... though there is barely any work to do.
P2.B2: Just thing of it freeloading, // and you can aim for your own thing again.
P3.B1: Eh...?
P3.B2: Just come already.
P3.B3: Eh?
P4.B1: Now... get going.
P4.B2: Eeh!?
P1.B1: This is the Kagosaka mansion you'll be living in from now on. // C'mon, get in.
P2.B1: It's written as Kousaka,
P2.B2: but read as Kagosaka....
P3.B1: Umm... // You are... Arisu-chan's manager... right?
P3:B2: I'm Tagaya Mizuki.
P3.B3: Just Mizuki is fine.
P1.B1: You're here...
P1.B2: I'm Mahiro-san's secretary.
P2.B1: Ah...
P3.B1: He's still a student, but his father entrusted him with various companies... // Hanabusa Arisu is alias for when he cross-dresses. His real name is Kagosaka Mahiro.
P4.B1: Mhm... Exactly like the rumor says.
P4.B2: Ahh...
P5.B1: You thought he was a transsexual when you met him? // He's modeling as Arisu... // That his first photo shot appointment there.
P6.B1: Most of the higher ups of that company know about Mahiro-san cross-dressing, so they made a big fuss welcoming him in the lobby...
P6.B2: He hated that, so we'll probably don't do it again.
P6.B3: I see.. // I clearly thought he would appearing in TV. // He was so beautiful... If I hadn't remembered his smell from when he passed behind me in the lobby, I would have never guessed.
P1.B1: This is your room.
P1.B2: Waaah.
P1.B3: This room is bigger than the house of my parents...
P2.B1: On the paper you're employed as a maid, but you can do what you want. We'll pay you and provide you with anything you need.
P2.B2: All residents are woman besides Mahiro-san, though they seem to be out at the moment... Mahiro-san's family member all have their own residence, so they rarely come here.
P3.B1: Why is he doing so much for me...? // I thought it was settled with that one....
P3.B2: Don't worry about it... This is somehow like a hobby to him.
P1.B1: Then, I'll excuse myself now...
P1.B2: Ah... Right, // Don't ever tell anyone that Arisu is Mahiro-san.
P1.B3: That's all we ask of you.
P2.B1: Ah... yeah, I understand. // Thank you.
P2:B2: Now I can chase my dream again... // I didn't want to go back to my parents, yet...
P3:B1: Hobby...?
P1.B1: *knock* // *knock*
P1.B2: It's Sayaka... // Can I came in?
P2.B1: Yeah.
P2.B2: It's open.
P3.B1: Eh!
P4.B1: As promised...
P4.B2: as of today, I'll serve as your maid...
P1.B1: Haa... What are you doing?
P1.B2: I didn't brought you here to have you serve me with your body...
P1.B3: Besides that aren't even maid clothes...
P2.B1: But....
P2.B2: though I didn't plan this.... oh well.
P3.B1: Actually I wanted to do it with Arisu.... // Ah... AH.
P3.B2: I don't cross-dress within the house... // to draw a line to my complex
P3.B3: Uwa... // You get wet pretty fast...
P3.B4: You wanted it that bad?
P1.B1: Ah, // AH.
P1.B2: aAH. // So great.
P2.B1: It feels so good. // AAAHH.
P3.B1: Tch. // It came to this after all...
P3.B2: His collection went up by one.

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