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My doll house 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:24 | Go to My doll house

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My Doll House Chapter 03:

P1.T1: #3: Secret plan
P1.B1: Today you're assisting Sera-chan.
P1.B2: Yes~
P1.B3: She's our number one, so you can learn a lot from her.
P2.B1: Thanks.
P2.B2: I'm in your care.
P3.B1: Oh, new face, I see.
P3.B2: I like new things.
P1.B1: .....
P1.B2: Guess that makes me an old model...
P1.B3: No, you're still my favorite, Sera-chan.
P1.B4: You know, right?
P2.B1. Make sure not to get exposed.
P2.B2: Yeah, yeah...
P3.B1: .....I hope it goes well.
P1.B1: But today, she comes over here.
P2.B1: Gotta teach the rookie a bit.
P2.B2: In a non-offensive way, please.
P3.B1: Kyaa
P3.B2: *grope* // *grope*
P4.B1: Ah.
P5.B1: Uwa.
P6.B1: Hey! // What're you doing?
P6.B2: Oops~~~
P1.B1: Use this to dry it.
P1.B2: Ah... // yes.
P2.B1: Ah.
P3.B1: Not... good.
P4.B1: You.... Just go help over there!
P4.B2: Yes~
P5.B1: I'm joining you~
P1.B1: !!
P1.B2: Ah.
P2.B1: Arg.
P2.B2: Kyaa // Your head is burning!
P3.B1: Arisa
P3.B2: B- // Boss...
P3.B3: Got a minute?
P4.B1: You idiot.... // .......
P4.B2: You......!
P4.B3: ......!!
P5.B1: Uwaa~ // He's furious.
P1.B1: Next time you're fired. // Got that?
P2.B1: Maybe I should have fired her immediately.....
P3.B1: Why do I even have to disguise myself?
P4.B1: No choice there.
P4.B2: You already appeared a few times on TV....
P4.B3: What if someone recognizes you?
P1.T1: I see...
P1.T2: As Arisu I'm a celebrity.
P1.B1: Huh?
P2.T1: If it gets found out that
P2.T2: that Arisu is working at a Cabaret.....
P1.B1: Just when I thought I saw you before,
P1.Box1: Not disguised Arisu
P1.B2: you're Hanabusa Arisu!
P1.B3: Ah!
P1.B4: You're right.
P2.T1: Ah! In no time, rumors spread.
P2.T2: And through a magazine Mizuki gets wind of it too....
P2.Magazine: Shocking scoop part 2 // The popular model has a risky night job // [top right] Hanabusa Arisu // A daily man hunt, labeled as a job? // [right side] The popular fashion modal Hanabusa Arisu works at a Cabaret. A big scoop! // [left side] Her motives are unclear.
P3.B1: Mahiro-san, what's this?
P3.B2: How did it come to this? // Could you explain it to me in a way I can understand?
P4.B1: Indeed.... that would be bad.
P4.B2: Yeah.
P4.B3: Anyways, // please don't forgot why you're here.
P1.B1: You don't want the girl you love taken by another man, right?
P1.B2: Yuri....
P2.T1: I know a good way how to protect Miwa-chan.
P2.T2: A good way....?
P3:B1: You just have to seduce the man, who is courting Miwa-chan.
P3.B2: Eh? // Me?
P4:B1: Yeah.... // You just have.... to show her... how fickle that man... is. // Then.... Miwa-chan won't ... get together.... with him...
P4.B2: Ah...
P1:B1: Ah. // I can't // hold back anymore.
P1.B2: Ah // A // hhh....
P1.B3: Hn // Kuh.
P2.B1: Haa
P2.B2: I might cross-dress and be a model.. // But I'm still a guy.
P2.B3: Haa // Haa
P3.B1: Haa
P3.B2: Like I could seduce another man...
P3.B3: That can't work...
P1.B1: You sure?
P1.B2: Ah, // don't pull it out yet.
P1.B3: Stay like this... // I like the feeling when you lose your boner inside me.....
P1.B4: ....That man is sticking to Miwa-chan like clue...
P1.B5: Or like a bodyguard....
P2.T1: His imagination
P3.B1: Aw, now he's all pissed.... // Somehow that makes me angry.
P1:B1: Mm.
P1.B2: Mm....
P2.B1: But I have no confidence....
P3.B1: I know quite the right place for training, let me ask there<3
P4.B1: Ah
P4.B2: Haa
P1.B1: Mitsuki-san.
P1.B2: Huh....What do you think?
P1.B3: When it comes to Miwa-chan, Mahiro-san acts like a normal guy.
P1.B4: Haa
P2.B1: Why don't he just uses his pheromone power like usual?
P2.B2: Well...
P3.B1: That's....
P3.B2: not working on Miwa-chan alone.
P4.B1: Not at all?
P4.B2: Yeah, // not a bit.
P6.B1: Ah, // that girl?
P6.B2: Ah, that's Yuri-chan. From the cabaret.
P7.B1: There are a lot of girls there, right?
P1.B1: Haa
P1.B2: Mahiro-san <3
P2.B1: I heard it all from Rena.
P3.B1: Just leave it to me. // I'll turn you into a popular girl <3
P3.B2: Oh, // it's about that.
P3.B3: So she meant you....
P1.B1: Guess it's no good...
P2.B1: What is?
P3.B1: I thought
P3.B2: I could hold myself back in front of you...
P4.B1: But look...
P4.B2: It went in so easily. // Mm...
P5.B1: Ahh. // Great.
P5.B2: So great.
P1.B1: ....So?
P1.B2: What should I do to become a woman mentally too?
P2:B1: You just... have to work with me at a cabaret.
P2.B2: There are... a lot of techniques... to get popular with the men.
P2.B3: Mm.
P3.B1: Cabaret!?
P3.B2: Me?
P4.B1: Why don't you just teach me directly?
P4.B2: No!
P4.B3: Ahh!
P4.B4: Ih.
P5.B1: It won't be good without actual experience.... // Ah. // I'm coming...
P6.B1: Can't // any longer.
P6.B2: Ah // hhh // hhh // hhh.
P1.B1: You... got a pretty loud voice.
P1.B2: If we're getting caught now, you're the most in trouble, or Yuri?
P1.B3: Haa // Haa
P1.B4: Sorry...
P1.B5: Haa
P1.B6: Haa
P2.B1: Ah...
P2.B2: I have to go back... or the manager will get angry at me.
P3.B1: You better come back soon too....
P3.B2: I'm still suspended....
P1.B1: Then be a good girl here then, // Okay?
P2.B1: Yeah...
P3.B1: Then, // I gotta head back.
P4.B1: Aww...
P4.B2: That rabbit isn't satisfied yet....
P4.B3: ....
P6.B1: *clack*
P1.B1: Yuri? // Did you forgot something?
P1.B2: !!
P2.B1: You're
P2.B2: a guy, right?
P3.B1: What are you planning
P3.B2: by coming here // and deceiving everyone?
P3.B3: Sera-san.....
P4.B1: Heh...
P4.B2: When did you find out?
P1.B1: I'll report you immediately and then you'll be....
P1.B2: Since when?
P1.B3: W // H // E // N?
P2.B1: I see Yuri going into the room you where in.........
P2.B2: So I took a peek...
P3.B1: Eves-dropping on our moaning, huh?
P3.B2: No, that's...
P4.B1: Were you that interested in me? // Thinking you're no match to, since I'm so cute?
P4.B2: Don't talk nonsense.
P4.B3: A clumsy one like you......
P1.B1: Just now... you felt superior, knowing my secret.
P1.B2: N-
P1:B3: No....
P1.B4: .....?
P2.B1: No?
P2.B2: N- // o...
P3.B1: So you weren't turned on by our moans and wanted to be hold by me too?
P3.B2: What's this fragrance...? // From him?
P3.B3: Ah.
P4.B1: Mh?
P4.B2: It got stronger...
P5.B1: N-
P5.B2: o.... // AH.
P1.B1: Hold me! // Now!
P1.B2: And hurry, // else I'm going crazy.
P2:B1: You won't spill the beans?
P2.B2: I won't!
P3.B1: You promise?
P4.B1: I promise. // I promise, so!!
P1.B1: Ahh, great... // First time I feel like this.
P1.B2: Ah
P1.B3: Great.
P1.B4: That's the spot!!
P2.B1: Huu // Hnnng
P2.B2: Can't anymore. // I'm coming.
P2.B3: I'm coming! // I'm comiiiing~! // Hii // Ahh
P3.B1: Weren't you hear for techniques to seduce men?
P3.B2: What's the point in getting the woman?
P3.B3: <3
P3.B4: I'm not doing this because I want to. // Don't just stand there, help me.
P3.B5: <3

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