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Sengoku Rance 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:34 | Go to Sengoku Rance

-> RTS Page for Sengoku Rance 1

Did that on a request, but the deal went off, so this was never used.
Anyone in interested releasing this chapter, pm me.
I'm not doing anymore of this though.

Sengoku Rance Chapter 01:

P1.B1: Division samurai, foot soldier and archer, formation 80% complete.
P2.B1: Isn't the enemies' movement.... a bit dull?
P2.T1: The hero of the land is here!! Rance is whirling like a hurricane again!!
P1.B1: Seems so. // Working together with Ashikaga seems to be problematic.
P3.B1: Ashikaga?
P4.B1: Ashikaga is the feudal lord of the neighbor province.
P4.B2: We aren't war with them yet, // but it's a dangerous alliance to us.
P5.B1: Just 'cause of a rebellion they paired up with the enemy?
P5.B2: Yeah. // Quite cowardly.
P1.B1: But we have the advantage.
P1.B2: Now's the time to attack!
P2.B1: Sill, // Send them a magical greeting.
P2.B2: Ye- // Yes.
P3.B1: But, // our formation is still-
P4.B1: If we let slip this chance now, it'll get ugly later.
P1.B1: Times like this, call for initiative!
P3.B1: Inferno break!
P1.B1: Oh~!
P2.B1: Follow after Rance-dono!
P1.B1: I leave that side to you!
P3.B1: This way.
P4.B1: Wraar
P1.B1: Haa
P2.B1: Forward! // Attack!
P3.B1: So, it begun...
P1.VerticalText: The beautiful maiden in Owari <3
P1.T1: Turn 01: Taking the military power
P2.Box1: --- One week earlier.
P3.Box1: A Dango shop.
P4.B1: Wow.
P4.B2: This Dango is really great!
P4.Box1: The demonic soldier from Osaka // Rance
P5.B1: Thanks for that.
P1.B1: My brother's dango are said to be japan's best.
P2.B1: Let me eat some too...
P2.Box1: Rance's partner // Sill
P3.B1: Watch your mouth, servant!
P3.B2: Uhh...
P4.B1: Geez... // Don't bully girls.
P4.B2: Why are you two in Owari?
P4.B3: Here, // some Dango.
P4.B4: Thank you.
P1.B1: Since Japan is famous for it's hot spring, // we decided to
P2.B1: Who cares about hot springs!
P3.B1: Ah,
P3.B2: this...
P4.B1: It's about Japan most beautiful girl! // The sister of Oda Nobunaga----
P4.B2: Kouhime.
P5.B1: I came to do her!
P5.T1: To do?
P1.B1: Good day.
P1.Box1: A close living priestess // Tamaguji Fuuka
P2.B1: Oh, // what a lovely priestess.
P3.B1: Nobunaga-sama, Kou-sama, // Good day.
P3.B2: Good day, Fuuka-san.
P5.B1: Just a sec...
P5.B2: You're Nobunaga?
P1.B1: Yeah.
P1.B2: I'm the feudal lord here.
P1.Box1: Feudal lord and dango store owner // Oda Nobunaga
P2.B1: This store is my brother's hobby.
P3.T1: Brother~
P4.B1: ....!
P5.B1: Th-
P5.B2: This means...
P1.B1: I'm
P2.B1: Oda Kou.
P3.B1: From... // From this pamphlet?
P3:B2: That // is something my brother did on his own.
P4.T1: I told him not to, since it's embarrassing...
P5.B1: In the future, you'll look like that for sure.
P6.B1: Well, yeah, Kou-chan is cute...
P1.B1: But I can't do
P1.B2: a kid like her!!
P2.B1: Hey, I think we need to have a good long talk.
P2.T1: Can't do?
P3.B1: Looks tasty. // Sill, get the sake.
P3.B2: Y- // Yes.
P4.B1: Where do you know each other from?
P1.B1: When I was hold by evil slave traders...
P2.B1: Rance-sama bought me free.
P2.B2: That's why I can do whatever I want to her!
P3.B1: So to you, Rance-san is // your prince on a white horse, huh.
P3.T1: So romantic~
P3.B1: Wrong!!
P4.Box1: After that, he rescued the captured Queen Ria // in the Rizasu Kingdom on the mainland.
P5.Box1: In the Kingdom of Zeth, he chased away the demons // and so averted the collapses of the kingdom.
P6.B1: In short, to those 2 kingdoms, // I'm their savior!
P6.B2: A living legend!
P1.B1: Living legend... // huh.
P1.T1: I wonder...
P1.B2: Hey,
P1.B3: you say how great I am too!
P1.B4: Eh... // Umm...
P1.B5: Th- // That's really amazing, Rance-san.
P2.B1: Well...
P2.B2: Unexpectedly it's all true.
P3.B1: What's with the unexpectedly?
P3.B2: Hiiii
P4.B1: Japan is also in a warring state.
P4.B2: But...
P5.B1: I have no ambition to conquer.
P1.B1: Then, I'll do it in your stead.
P3.B1: Really...
P3.B2: Then I count on you?
P4.B1: And while I'm at it, I'll fuck every good woman out there.
P4.B2: Since Japanese girls are so tight!
P2.B1: My only wish is
P2.B2: that Kou is happy.
P3.B1: Ge- // Geez, brother...
P4.B1: In 5 years, I'll definitely rob her viginity
P4.B2: and make her crazy about me.
P5.B1: No, you won't.
P5.B2: I'll definitely prevent that.
P6.T1: He's always so quick to pat people on the head---
P2.B1: So,
P2.B2: with that,
P3.B1: I'm the great Rance, new deputy of this province!
P4.B1: Is... // Is he serious?
P4.Box1: Strategist of the Oda Clan // 3G
P5.B1: Well,
P5.B2: yeah.
P1.B1: Wh- // What's with strange gramps?
P1.T1: He has 3 faces!!
P2.B1: 3G isn't a human, but a Youkai.
P2.B2: I'm the caretaker of the Oda clan.
P3.B1: Most of the youkai in Japan, serve the Youkai King.
P3.Box1: Youkai King // One-eyed Dragon Masamune
P3.B2: But there are also Youkai, like 3G, who live along humans.
P4.B1: Someone from the mainland is a rare sight.
P4.B2: You're an even more rare sight.
P1.B1: I'm Shibata Tatsuie, leader of the foot soldiers.
P1.B2: Howdy, Rance-dono.
P1.Box1: First General to serve the Oda Clan // Shibata Tatsuie
P2.B1: ...I just follow orders.
P2.B2: Since that's what my master decided.
P2.Box1: Female General, serving the Oda clan // Ran Maru
P3.B1: Nobunaga-sama!
P5.B1: Hiranuma... // Kubota...
P1.Box1: Oda Clan general // Kubota Hougan
P1.B1: We can't do this!
P2.B1: To let a stranger
P2.B2: lead our troops.
P2.Box1: Oda Clan general // Hiranuma Gen
P3.B1: Shut up!
P3.B2: If you don't like it, get out!
P1.B1: Then... // we'll retreat now,
P1.B2: but we'll be sure to stop you.
P3.Box1: Oda Headquarters
P3.B1: Imprudent fools...
P3.B2: Well, though it's nothing rare in this unstable times...
P1.B1: But still...
P2.B1: To think they would attack us withAshikaga.
P3.B1: Isn't that just a betrayal?
P4.B1: From the beginning, // it was the Ashikaga calling out to those two.
P4.B2: What pitiful end...
P5.B1: But still, he's quite something.
P6.B1: The hero of the mainland,
P6.B2: Rance-kun.
P1.B1: He's quite skilled with the sword,
P1.B2: but he also it quite know ledged in strategy.
P2.B1: Hard to believe with that character of his.
P3.B1: Rance-san is really amazing.
P4.B1: But if it weren't for him, // there might have been no betrayal to begin with.
P4.B2: They were just waiting for the right moment.
P1.B1: Therefore,
P1.B2: I'm kinda grateful to Rance.
P2.B1: Well, that might be true,
P2.B2: but being grateful goes to far.
P2.B3: Hahaha...
P1.B1: So that's why... // we reached their headquarters so fast...
P1.B2: Not good, retreat back into Ashikaga territory!
P2.B1: This way! // Here we should be able to-
P3.B1: ! // ...gu.
P2.B1: I won't let you pass.
P2.B2: Grr.
P3.B1: They predicted our movements?
P4.B1: Wrong.
P5.B1: !
P1.B1: We lured you here.
P2.T1: He-
P2.T2: He got us.
P3.B1: Wha-
P4.B1: What a blunder...
P5.B1 !
P1.B1: I don't want o hear any excuses!
P1.B2: Traitors only deserve, // DEATH!
P2.B1: Gu...
P3.B1: Str- // Stranger...
P3.B2: Kan-sama is...
P5.B1: Kan-sama is at fault!
P1.B1: Don't shift the blame to others!
P2.B1: If it weren't for Kan-sama....
P2.B2: Something like betrayal would never...
P3.B1: You guys agree, right?
P1.B1: ----
P1.B2: I just fight for Oda.
P2.B1: Even if there might be discontent,
P2.B2: I'll never forgive betrayal.
P1.B1: Even so, I thought about our land...
P2.B1: For you land, you say?
P3.B1: Then why did you paired up with the enemy?
P4.B1: Selling out comrades for one's own benefit. You're cowards.
P4.B2: I don't want to hear any more stupid excuses!
P5.B1: Rance-sama hates cowardice. // aside from his own, the most.
P1.B1: Then!
P2.B1: I'll at least open a way
P2.B2: for Kan-sama...
P4.B1: Divine Punishment!!
P1.B1: Da- // damn...
P2.B1: Overwhelming win!
P3.B1: Those idiots!
P3.B2: They did, what they never were suppose to do...
P5.B1: I'm sad, Kubato, Hiranuma...
P1.B1: It ended, huh?
P1.B2: For now we got a break.
P2.B1: The problem starts from now.
P2.B2: Mm... // You're right.
P3.B1: Brother...
P3.B2: Will we be fine?
P1.B1: I'm the lord of this land, after all,
P1.B2: so I'll watch over it till the end.
P5.B1: Hurry up!
P5.B2: Y- // Yes.
P1.B1: Still...
P1.B2: We were supposed to visit hot spring, // but suddenly we're dragged in a war. Really surprised me.
P1.B3: Well, if it's me leading, it'll be an easy win!
P2.B1: Speaking of surprises.
P2.B2: The small Kouhime-sama was one too.
P3.B1: ....
P4.B1: Yeah... // She was too young to do her...
P4.B2: but oh well...
P1.B1: If I unify the whole land,
P1.B2: all the good women will be mine!!
P2.B1: If we can stop by a hot spring on the way, that's fine too.
P2.B2: Ugg... // I see.
P3.B1: As a reward for today's battle. I'll do you.
P4.B1: Since I only did Japanese girls, since we're here.
P4.B2: !
P5.B1: Y-
P5.B2: Yes!
P1.B1: First, clean me up with your body throughout!
P1.B2: Okay, // one body-wash coming.
P2.B1: Mh...
P3.B1: It's foaming so much...
P4.B1: Okay, time to start.
P5.B1: Here we go...
P5.B2: How's it?
P6.B1: Quite nice.
P1.B1: Then, next is...
P2.B1: Washing the back with my breasts.
P2.B2: Good, // exactly what I wanted.
P4.B1: Ahh
P5.T1: My breasts... are tickling...
P6.B1: You horny servant. // Your nipples are already hard.
P6.B2: Ah... // Uh~~
P6.B3: So embarrassing.
P2.B1: How is my great spear?
P2.B2: It's an amazing long-spear...
P3.B1: Wah... // The tip is really hot.
P4.T1: Mm...
P4.T2: It's been so long, so I guess I'm a bit thigh...
P1.B1: Ah!!
P1.B2: In with it already.
P2.B1: No...
P2.B2: No way.
P3.B1: Hyaa?
P4.T1: It reached in so deep.
P4.B1: Ah.
P5.B1: Ahh.
P5.B2: You're so wild, Rance-sama!
P5.B3: Kukuku // I'm hitting a good spot, right?
P1.B1: Okay, here I come...
P2.B1: Mhm
P4.B1: Good.
P5.B1: My spear still seeks more!
P1.B1: Indeed,
P1.B2: is it quite the long spear.
P2.B1: Wh-
P2.B2: Who's there?
P2.B3: Rance-sama, above!
P3.B1: Nihohohoho.
P3.B2: !
P2.B1: I'm Suzume Mikami.
P2.B2: Your life please<3
Bottom: Turn: 01 End Continued in Turn: 02.
Side: An assassin appears from the bath ceiling! Next time some more spear action!?

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