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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Change123 59

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:35 | Go to Change123

-> RTS Page for Change123 59

Change123 Chapter 59:

P1.T1: Case 59: Factor Analysis
P1.T1: Her next move-----
P3.T1: He's starting to get used to my rhythm.
P3.T2: It's Fujiko now ,huh.
P3.T3: Yeah!!
P4.B1: !?:
P1.T1: His punch changed course...
P2.B1: Ugg.
P2.B2: Hehe.
P3.B1: At least the speed of my punches is on par with you <3
P3.B2: It doesn't work as a decisive blow, // but it can stop----
P1.B1: your movements!!
P1.B2: Kuh.
P2.T1: Shit, I need to get used to his rhythm
P2.T2: too....
P5.B1: What's wrong?
P1.B1: Jin could dodge this fist----
P1.B2: !
P1.B3: and stab me in the side with a knife!
P2.T1: Father Jin....
P3.T1: His bloodline, huh------
P3.B1: The next one
P4.B1: I'll dodge!
P4.B2: *cough*
P1.B1: That's the spirit!
P1.T1: He changed the course of his punch knee-jerk to where I dodged.
P2.T1: With that I can't predict where it's gonna hit.
P3.T1: Leaves me just one choice.
P3.T2: Counter a reflex
P4.T1: with reflex----
P1.T1: And I can dodge it!!
P1.T2: Bingo!
P2.B1: Naive!
P4.B1: A judo move!?
P1.T1: It's Mikiri, huh!!
P2.B1: Guh.
P3.B1: !
P1.T1: Now Hibiki!?
P1:T2: They finally manage to switch in combat----
P1.B1: And again Mikiri.
P2.B1: Gwaaa
P3.B1: That was a perfect timing I only expecting Takezou-san to manage, but...
P4.B1: You two...
P4.B2: Eh?
P1.B1: have a completely different weight!!
P3.T1: When in a fight, he wouldn't even spare his own daughter from crashing on paving.
P3.T2: That's the man called Rukawa Tatsuya------
P1.B1: !?
P2.B1: .....
P2.B2: Close call.
P3.B1: She got one of my fingers.
P4.B1: Not bad.
P5.B1: Ouch.
P5.B2: *crackle*
P1.T1: All good again.
P1.B1: Somehow I'm about to piss my pants of excitement now <3
P2.T1: That's the man
P2:T2: Hifumi choose for their final opponent! [Hifumi is considered as three people, so no third-person "S"]
P3.B1: Guess I have no choice but to bet on Fujiko-chan's double strike.
P3.T1: Yeah! That's gonna work.
P1.T1: Even his trained neck will expand tp absorb the power of the first hit,
P1.T2: the second hit then will directly hit his head and shake up his brain.
P2.T1: Mikiri and I will initiate a wild punches.
P4.T1: When we're close enough, it's your part, Fujiko-chan!
P5.T1: I understand. But such a trick will only work once against him.
P1.T1: If he loses consciousness because of the attack, end it.
P1.B1: Ok!
P3.B1: !?
P5.B1: Oh...
P2.T1: They're coming at me with Hibiki's brute attacks.
P2.T2: I get the feeling they're up to something----
P3.T1: Good!
P4.T1: Come at me with everything you have!!
P1.B1: Gah.
P2.T1: Now!!
P3.B1: !!
P1.T1: Ah.
P1.T2: Shit. My brain...
P2.T1: Good!
P2.T2: Now with full power!!
[no text]
P1.B1: Geh... He didn't lose consciousness!?
P1.T1: It was effect, and he's unconscious. I fear-----
P2.T1: He's fighting on instinct alone now!
P3.B1: Tch.
P2.T1: That's his power....
P3.B1-2: Haa
P3.T1: with no consciousness!?
P1.B1: Damnit!!
P1.T1: ----Geez.
P1.B2: Haa
P1.B3: Haa
P1.T2: What an annoying fellow.
P2.T1: He's
P2.B1-2: *Fuh* [breathing out]
P3.T1: our father
P4.T1: for sure!!
P1.T1: The father of you all, meaning of Gekkou Motoko is----
P2.B1: going by the DNA portion, without doubt, // Rukawa Tatsuya.
P3.B1: .....
P3.B2: But there's also a small part of Kuruma Takezou's
P4.B1: and Hayase Jin's DNA.
P1.T1: DNA test nowadays can trace back generations.
P1.T2: The Soe Clan, acting in the shadows, survived by taking in good genes into the family without marriages-------
P2.T1: Basically, it wouldn't be strange if the Gettou Family crossed path
P2.Box1: Gettou Family
P2.T2: with the long wielding martial arts families Kurama and Hayase.
P3.B1: But even if there's a blood connection, without the right environmental conditions, your atavismic talent wouldn't have awakened.
P1.B1: The main reason because you three came into existence
P1.B2: wasn't because you were born into that family,
P2.T1: but because of the time you spend with them.
P1.T1: We're
P2.T1: glad to have been
P3.T1: born into this world!!
P2.B1: Gaaah
P3.T1: Hibiki, Fujiko, Mikiri, it was a great fight. I'm proud of you all three.
P4.T1: Now just Motoko----
P1.B1: Hibiki-kun!!!
P3.B1: !?
P4.B1: Why----
P4.B2: .....
P1.B1: Oops.
P1.B2: Not good. Not good. I kinda lost my conscious there...
P1.B3: So close!
P2.B1: How did it come to this!? Why are you fighting----
P3.B1: And I told you to wait for me.... Well, now you're here, so could you jus quietly watch, Kosukegawa?
P3.B2: This is a good fight without any anger.
P4.B1: But we didn't want to see your pained or teared face,
P4.B2: so we came here without telling anyone.
P5.B1: Unlike the summer 2 years ago, we're doing this now out of our own will.
P1.T1: They're talking in turns...
P1.B1: 2 years ago?
P2.B1: So could you closely watch our fight, Kosukegawa?
P2.B2: Please <3

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