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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Change123 60

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:36 | Go to Change123

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Change123 Chapter 60:

Top: Final Case: -Answer-
P1.B1: ....
P1.B2: Taking advantage of a fainted person----My rib is gone for.
P2.B1: Just stand there and watch, Son-in-Law.
P2.B2: But...
P3.B1: No buts. It seems she----
P5.B1: is really serious about finishing me off.
P1.B1: .....
P1.T1: The summer two years ago she speaks of...
P2.B1: He's the rumored Kosukegawa Teruharu-kun, huh.
P2.B2: Yes. I let him through on my own decision.
P2.B3: I'm prepared for any punishment later...
P3.T1: Final Case: -Answer-
P1.T1: In the summer two years ago, Hifumi was attacked by Ralf-san's group.
P1.T2: That was an act, to get all of Motoko-chan's personalities to merge.
P2.T1: But once those three lost consciousness, a new fourth personality appeared. A rather brutal one----
P4.T1: That was Zero.
P1.T1: But Zero already merged with Hifumi and is no longer----
P1.B1: !
P1.T2: I get it!!
P2.T1: If Motoko-chan is still existing somewhere in their heart, where Hifumi just can't sense her,
P3.T1: then it must be
P4.T1: where Zero existed in the past!!
P5.B1: ...Then this fight is to drag her out from there?
P1.T1: According to Kannami
P1.T2: what's needed for a personality merge is a mutual goal and mutual cognition.
P2.T1: Right now, the three of them are trying to bring out Motoko-chan together.... They're prepared to merge with her.
P3.T1: They know----
P3.T2: that this is their last fight!!
P4.T1: And because it's their last one---
P1.T1: they want an opponent who can take their everything.
P1.T2: And that's Tatsuya-san.
P3.T1: Fujiko-san...
P2.B1: Gyaa
P2.T1: Mikiri-chan!
P3.B1: Ah...!
P3.T1: Don't cry...
P3.T2: I can't cry!
P4.T1: Hibiki-kun!!
P1.T1: I have to....
P1.T2: watch every single moment of them!!
P2.B1: Gah!
P3.B1: Hehe... That should have worked.
P4.B1: Huh?
P5.T1: The ground is getting closer...
P2.B1: !
P2.B2: A single color is a match for pitch black!?
P3.B1: It seems, that's...
P3.B2: your limit.
P4.T1: Shit.... My heart is beating like crazy.
P4.B1-4: Haa
P4.T2: I'm at my limit too.
P1.B1: Kuh...
P1.T1: Both my hands are broken... Not that I have any strength left.
P1.B2-6: Haa
P1.T2: It's just a bit more till I lose my consciousness and can go look for Motoko-chan----
P2.T1: I wonder....
P3.B1: No one knows what will happen when they all merge, but I-----
P4.T1: why I'm fighting so hard...?
P4.B1-2: Haa
P5.B1-2: Haa
P5.B3: Oh,
P5.B4: you get back up...
P1.B1: Hibiki, Fujiko, Michiri...
P1.B2-3: Haa
P1.B4: you're amazing.
P2.T1: I see-----
P3.T1: We wanted to be praised by Father too.
P3.B1: Heh.
P3.B2: Obviously. I have one punch left!
P1.B1: Then, bring it on. // I'm going over my limit too.
P1.T1: Fujiko, Michiri. One more attack. Give me all your power!
P2.T1: We have to show Father and Kosukugawa!!
P2.T2: Okay <3
P2.B1: Okay... Here we go.
P1.T1: Just wait, Kosukegawa!!
P1.B1: Catch her, Son-in-Law!!
P1.B2: Eh?
P2.T1: I'll catch her!
P3.B1: Yes!
P4.B1: !!
P4.T1: A single color won!?
P5.T1: And accept
P5.B1: Guuh.
P5.T2: her everything!!
P1.B1: Hibiki-kun!!
P1.B2: Fujiko-san, Michiri-chan! // Hey!
P2.T1: Good, he caught her.
P2.T2: Sending off his daughter to marriage [rephrase please, me is lazy]
P3.T1: is a father's duty...
P3.T2: after.........all.
P4.B1: Wow...
P6.B1: !
P1.T1: There she is!!
P1.T2: Motoko-chan!!
P2:B1: Motoko, wake up!
P2.B2: Motoko-chan!
P3.T1: Leave me alone!
P3.T2: You can have my life and body!
P4.T1: Since I'm not supposed
P4.T2: to be happy!!
P1.B1: Like I give a damn! We came here for Kosukegawa's sake!
P1.B2: Kosukegawa's love and we three, come all from you.
P2.B1: So you just have to be happy with Kosukegawa.
P3.T1: Kosuke-niichan's bright smile,
P4.T1: His smile he always looked at us with,
P4.T2: will heal your wounds.
P1.B1: Hifumi...
P2.T1: And that----
P3:T1: will bring us all happiness!!
P1.B1: Motoko-chan!!
P2.B1: !
P2.B2: Welcome back, Motoko-chan....
P2.B3: Kosukegawa-kun...
P3.T1: I see----To him, I....
P1.B1: Chu!
P1.B2: !?
P2.B1: .....
P2.T1: Oops...
P2.T2: I wanted to kiss him on the cheek...
P3.T1: What should I do? I----
P1.T1: didn't know that I love
P1.T2: him that much!!
P2.B1: For the sleeping beauty to give the kiss is against the rules... // Here, your glasses <3 I held on them.
P2.B2: Th- Thank you....
P1.B1: Now Gettou can get back to our normal life with Kosukegawa...
P1.B2: Rukawa-san.
P2.B1: Dad Tatsuya?
P3.B1: No way....
P1.B1: Mh?
P1.B2: I'm not dead.
P2.T1: He's way too amazing!!!
P5.B1: Ginga!
P5.B2: Gyoutenmaru!!
P1.B1: What are you doing here----
P1.B2: Mh?
P1.B3: Hino-san!
P2.B1: Kosukegawa-san!?
P4.B1: Motoko!
P1.B1: My deepest apologizes, I------
P1.B2: think this is for the best though.
P2.B1: I believe in Kosukegawa-kun too.
P3.B1: But now, you're all alone again...
P4.B1: Aren't you with me?
P5.B1: Sora should be back from rehab too. Guess she's a bit late.
P5.B2: Ah, she called before.
P6.B1: She'll come back after sightseeing Tokyo---
P6.B2: Oh... Sora is sightseeing? It might snow tomorrow.
P1.T1: After that day, 7 months passed without Hifumi appearing again nor talking to Motoko-chan from within.
P1.B1: The exam room was pretty hot----
P2.B1: The test is over now, but I really hope we can get into the same university.
P2.B2: Yeah.
P3.B1: Mh? You're not having your usual vanilla?
P3.B2: Ah, no.
P4.B1: I don't know if it's from the relief of the finished test or whatever, but I felt like having chocolate mint today...
P1.B1: Speaking of
P1.B2: didn't I challenge myself to every flavor on my birthday before?
P1.B3: Eh?
P2.T1: That is one of Michiri-chan's memories....
P2.T2: And chocolate mint was Fujiko-san's favorite-----
P3.B1: [you see as much as I, nothing....]
P3.B2: What?
P4.B1: Geez, he's making quite the noise-----
P5.B1: Mhm?
P5.B2: You got a probl....
P1.B1: GAH!!
P2.T1: S- She's from back then~~~~!!
P4.B1: Don't put on glasses.
P4.T1: Can't he be more considerate?
P4.T2: It's troubling others.
P4.B2: ....
P1.T1: It's not like she forgot about Hifumi, or that they disappeared.
P1.B1: Aha...
P1.T2: They're already one person.
P2.B1: Kosukegawa...-kun?
P3.T1: They're all-----
P3.B1-2: *hic* [sobbing sfx]
P3.T2: right here.
P1.B1: What's wrong? Upset your stomach?
P1.B2: I'm- // I'm fine... I was just so happy, tears came out.
P2.T1: I really laugh a lot and cry fast.
P3.T1: I thought that was because I was still a kid.
P4.Box1: But
P4.B1: Okay, cheeese <3
P1.Box1: Even now as an adult---
P1.Box2: I'm still quick to cry.
P1.B1: Okay, let's go home <3
Bottom: END // Children need time for crying, laughing, and getting angry. But we do hope, if possible every child would have longer time of joy and laugh tham of tears and sorrow. [<- original engrish text from the author, fix it]

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