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Watashi ni xx shinasai! 22

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:39 | Go to Watashi ni xx shinasai!

-> RTS Page for Watashi ni xx shinasai! 22

Watashi ni XX Shinasai Chapter 22:

SmallPinkText: What is the sweets loving Wolf planning?
SmallBlueText: Akira, visiting the sick Yukina, is approching EXTRA fast----!?
Title: Mission 22: Nurse me!!
P1.B1: Akira...
P1.Box1: Moved by Akira's kindness----!?
P2.B1: Yukina-chan....
[no text]
P2.B1: Sweet dreams,
P2.B2: Yukina-chan.
P4.B1: ...Mm...
P3.B1: Akira....
P2.B1: Thanks... // Akira.
P3.B1: Morning~ // I heard the snow woman is down with a cold.
P3.T1: Shigure, morning~
P3.B2: A cold!? [small text] Even though she's a snow woman? [/small text]
P4.T1: Never thought!
P4.B1: ....
P1.B1: Hey,
P1.B2: Shimotsuki-kun.
P3:B1: Yes?
P3.B2: Don't play dumb! Why did you say that stuff yesterday!!
P3.B3: Shigure was about to found out!!
P4.B1: Y- You said you would support me.
P4.B2: That's why I have you stay away from him to get his attention.
P1.B1: The reason that kinda slipped from me...
P1.B2: is because he pissed me off.
P2.B1: He doesn't even know about your feelings, right?
P3.B1: St...
P4.B1: Stop it.
P4.B2: HEY.
P2.B1: She's absent today.... // Is it that bad?
P3.B1: She's fine.
P3:B2: I watched over her all night.
P5.B1: .....
P1.B1: I see...
P2.B1: ....?
P3.B1: Mami... Are you alright hanging out with him?
P3.B2: Eh!? // Y- Yeah? [Small text] Guess so. [/small text]
P4.B1: Okay then....
P4.B2. I'm...always butting in... [small text] Sorry. [/small text]
P5.B1: Th- That's not true.
P1.B1: ....She weak to social stress.
P1.B2: If something happens, you have to pat her head, else she won't calm down....
P2:B1: Eh...
P2.T1: Ah...
P3.T1: That's why she // was crying that time
P3.T2: and getting patted....
P1.T1: ....And why is he telling me that!?
P1:T2: It doesn't concern me.
P1.B1: I'm leaving it up to you.
P2.B1: Shigure...?
P3.Sign: Himuro
P4.B1: Mhm.
P4.Booklet: Dolche's Secret Trianoni [seriously, I have no clue, damn katakanas]
P5.B1: I was bored so I tried Dolche's novel....
P5.B2: But this is...
P1.T1: a strong rival.
P2.T1: It's about the forbidden love between a Prince and a Maid...
P2.T2: It's a painful story, but yet
P2.T3: filled with sweet narrations....
P3.T1: Gah, I'm not losing to this!
P3.B1: Y- Yukina-chan!!
P4.B1: A- A-
P4.B2: A boy is here to visit you-----
P5.T1: Hm?
P2.B1: Have some tea.
P2.B2: Thank you very much, Sister of Yukina-san.
P2.B3: Eh? I'm her mother.
P2:B4: My, you looked so young I thought you were her sister.
P2.B5: Eheh
P3.T1: Take your time.
P4.B1: Hey, you're skipping school.
P4.T1: The hell are you doing?
P4.B2: Man, you have a wonderful mother. [small text] Ah, and a cute cat too. [/small text]
P5.B1: HEY.
P1.B1: Here,
P1.B2: I brought you some ice. [small text] You like this, right? [/small text]
P3.B1: Haa... /// I was worried about your health and here you're all energetic.
P4.B1: Yesterday you were burning up so much.....
P4.B2: ....
P1.B1: I'm sorry....
P1.B2: that I didn't notice it...
P3.B1: Don't be stupid.
P3.B2: You aren't a doctor, so not noticing is the standard.
P4.B1: Eh.
P4.B2: ...Besides
P1.B1: Akira was with me...
P1.B2: so I'm fine again.
P3.B1: ....Gr
P4.B1: S- Say!! Got any wishes!?
P4.B2: What's with that out of the blue?
P4:B3: Just tell me!!
P1.B1: Mhm, it's so sudden....
P2.T1: Cell phone novel....
P3.T1: Oh right! Last issue Lilia failed in with her temptation plan...!
P3.T2: All thoughts on the novel....
P3.T3: Then she'll be found by the enemy and get wounded... // Then I can have Knight Cain have her ease her wound with a kiss.
P4.T1: And the Count can even pay her a ill visit.... [don't know the english word, leave it to you pibb]
P5.B1: Okay!! Mission 15:
P5.B2: Nurse me!!
P1.B1: Okay.
P3.B1: Eh, no complains? Creepy.
P3.B2: Shut up!!
P4.B1: Be a bit more spoiled when you're ill.
P5.B1: Ah....
P1.B1: Your... // hair...
P2.B1: ?
P3.B1: Never mind.
P3.B2: Wanna eat the ice?
P3.B3: Yeah!! And with nursing, this calls for "Ahh~".
P3:B4: You serious?
P4.T1: She's still she,
P4.T2: but since she's so different at school...
P1.T1: I'm strangely nervous now....
P2.B1: Oh, tasty <3 [small text] More! [/small text]
P3.T1: Actually, she's in her pajamas....
P3.B1: Shigure?
P3.B2: Shigure!
P3.B1: ......
P3:B2: S- Sorry.
P3.B3: A towel. I need a towel. [small text] Ah, there. [/small text]
P4.B1: Hold still.
P4.B2: !
P5.B1: Hey!! More gently!! [side text] It hurts!! [/side text]
P5:B2. Oh? Okay.
P1.B1: H- How's that?
P1.B2: Good. // There's a bit on my neck too.
P2.B1: ...Mm....
P3.B1: Shigure... // Also...
P1.B1: on my breasts....
P4.B1: ...Of course I'll do it myself,
P4.B2: Idiot.
P1:B1: You------
P1.B2: It's your fault. You're acting all strange. I had to tease you.
P2.B1: Ah, // there's some under [?] your armpits too.
P2.B2: Huh? As if there.... Gyaaa... // GYAHAHAH
P3:B1: Ha... // Haha
P3:B2: Geez... it's always like this.
P4.T1: Haa
P1.B1: ....But...
P2.B1: from this little love game... // isn't really formed a bond between us....
P1.B1: Eh...?
P2.B1: A strong bond like you have with Mizuno or I have with Akira.
P2.B2: We don't have such a bond, do we?
P3:B1: It's just all about the mission.
P4.B1: We only have a shallow relationship.
P1.B1: Wha---
P2:B1: If Mizuno is so precious to you, stay with her.
P2.B2: Don't worry about me.
P4.B1: Only come to me for a mission.
P1.B1: ...Shallow... // Bonds...
P1.B2: The heck with that...
P2.B1: .....I.....
P1.B1: RRR [wtf?]
P1.B2: Not picking up....
P2:B1: Shigure...
P2.Cell: Sorry. // Today I'm leaving early.
P2.B2: why did you went home....?
P3:B1: Mizuno-san~
P4:B1: Eh...?
P5.B1: !?
P1.B1: Say, since Kitami is gone already, let's go home together.
P1.T1: Despiteful guys.
P1.B2: We always wanted to talk with you! [small text] You already talked with Shimotsuki. [/small text]
P2.B1: O- Okay....
P2.B2: Yahoo
P3.B1: ....
P3:T1: Then say, wanna stop somewhere on the way?
P3:T2: I mean, perfect opportunity and all....
P4.B1: I can't after all.
P5.B1: Oh, Mizuno. How are you feeling?
P6.B1: ?
P3.B1: Huh...
P3.B2: Mizu----
P5.B1: Wah.
P1.B1: Hey.... Again!?
P2:B1: How often do you plan to storm at me....
P1.B1: .....
P1.B2: .....Eh?
P2.B1: Good. // Your fever is nearly gone.
P3.B1: My, Papa<3 Welcome hom---
P3.B2: Eh?
P4.B1: A boy is outside?
P3.B1: Shigure.... Don't tell me stood here...
P3:B2: ....No matter what you think about it,
P1.B1: having come this far // I don't have any intention to let is stay a shallow relationship.
P2.B1: Eh....
P1.B1: Yukina....
P1.B2: Go out with me.
P1.T1: Eh...What!! // Don't miss the // development next issue!!

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