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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Caterpillar Operetta 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:45 | Go to Caterpillar Operetta

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Caterpillar Operetta Chapter 03:

P1.B1: Here, your ordered things.
P2.B1: Oh! Thanks! // You sure get it done fast, Tanaka-san. Quite handy.
P2.B2: No problem. I'm doing it for hobby too.
P2.B3: What?
P2.B4: Taichi's costume.
P3.B1: Gah, what a cheeky newbie. // A costume is wasted on him.
P3.B2: Wah, wonderful. // I can take this off, right?
P3.B3: She's so picky. // Wait, that means I did that for nothing!?
P1.T1: Practice for a certain goal.
P5.B1: Still, she eats a ton like always...
P5.B2: Don't let it bother you. // Just by looking I already get fat...
P5.B3: It's amazing she can eat so much.
P4.B1: And also how she can prepare all that every day...
P4.B2: Mh?
P1.B1: No way! You're making all that by yourself?
P1.B2: Mh? Everyone can do this, if you have enough practice.
P2.B1: We- Well, yeah...
P2.B2: No one can make this much!
P3.B1: That's not true! // Besides acting is all about stamina!
P3.B2: Since Yanahara-kun is back, we gonna continue practicing. // And without stamina, we won't survive that!
P3.B3: There is still a week left till the performance. Do you plan to eat like that every day...?
P4.B1: Yanahara? That new club member?
P4.B2: Yeah. He has quite the great fondling technique. So cute.
P5.B1: Speaking of, how many new ones did your club get?
P5.B2: Zero.
P6.B1: When our seniors graduate, we're down to 5 people.
P6.B2: So we need to recruit 2 people at least.
P6.B3: Isn't it fine? We're still lacking 1 member.
P1.B1: You should lend us one.
P1.B2: Ah, my meat!!
P2.B1: Nihi. // Unlike you, my growth insufficient.
P2.B2: Taking one piece shouldn't be much of a problem.
P3.B1: What are you saying after you already ate so much?
P3.B2: Man, you damn glutton.
P3.B3: In one way I'm envious. // Just where is all that nutrition going?
P4.B1: Of course to my head.
P4.B2: It's working 24/7 to create more interesting plays.
P1.B1: Didn't blow already? // I mean the story this time is so random...
P1.B2: S- So rude!
P1.B3: It's a romantic and violent suspense! // Without doubt it will move all the new students!
P2.B1: You gonna make a new one?
P2.B2: Each club only gets 15 minutes, right?
P2.B3: Shortening the current script into that, might be too difficult.
P3.B1: And here I thought we had something original...
P3.B2: Haha. It's turning "weird" again, huh.
P3.B3: I said it's a romantic and violent suspense!
P4.B1: Just wait! // It'll be a big success!
P4.B2: You saw such a fading dream...?
P1.B1: Go- Good morning!
P2.B1: Haa
P2.B2: Haa
P2.B3: Sorry! // I'm late!!
P3.B1: Making your seniors wait, great guts you have.
P3.B2: Sorry....
P3.B3: Homeroom wouldn't end...
P3.B4: We were worried, you might have run away again.
P4.B1: N- No. The explanations for the performance went on and on...
P4.B2: Okay, leave the chatter for later.
P4.B3: Get changed already.
P5.B1: Geh. Don't undress while I'm still here!!
P5.B2: Hahaha, Sorry.
P6.B1: But are you still worried about the panties-incident?
P6.B2: Li- Like I said....
P1.B1: I don't mind having you see it all.
P3.B1: Damn, this stupid pervert.
P3.B2: Yanahara! You go ahead to the rooftop!
P3.B3: S- So cruel...
P2.B1: Okay, Sae will pair up with me.
P2.B2: And Yanahara-kun with Shinobu. Time for stretching. // First the arms.
P3.B1: Place your hands on your partner's blade bone.
P4.B1: And then slowly raise up.
P5.B1: Okay, hold there.
P5.B2: Ng.
P1.B1: And then slowly letting down, while the legs are stretched.
P2.B1: Okay, once more.
P2.B2: Holding.
P3.B1: Okay, switching. // Holding.
P4.B1: Slowly down.
P4.B2: Grr...
P5.B1: Next is by shoulder.
P5.B2: Haa
P5.B3: Haa
P5.B4: Get back to back.
P2.B1: Ah.
P4.B1: Grr...
P4.B2: Ugg.
P4.B3: Next is the hip joint and the side.
P1.B1: Slowly, without forcing it.
P2.B1: Agg..
P2.B2: Gu...
P4.B1: Ge!?
P5.B1: Ouch!!
P5.B2: Ah, sorry.
P6.B1: Are you okay? You have this painful look...
P6.B2: I- I'm okay... My body is just so stiff...
P1.B1: My, it's really stiff.
P1.B2: Wh- Where are you touching!?
P2.B1: Hey, if you fool around, you get injured.
P2.B2: So- Sorry....
P3.B1: You weren't in a sports club in middle school?
P3.B2: N-No. I always hated moving around too much...Gah!
P4.B1: I was... pretty useless... // Gwarr!?
P4.B2: What a wimp.
P4.B3: From today on, you'll have self-practice.
P1.B1: Do 30 minutes of stretching everyday when you get out of the bath.
P1.B2: And sit-ups too.
P2.B1: Aim is 50 times!
P2.B2: Fi- Fifty!?
P3.B1: The basis of the voice comes from the stomach. // Your voice is too gentle. So to increase the volume, don't skip on it.
P3.B2: Since I'll suddenly test you sometimes.
P3.B3: Y- Yes.
P4.B1: But it was a bit unexpected...
P4.B2: What was?
P5.B1: That actors // also have to train // their bodies properly...
P5.B2: Don't be stupid. If you call this training already, then a sports club would kill you.
P5.B3: Yeah. Our sports club are pretty strict with training.
P1.B1: But it shows in their result.
P1.B2: And thanks to that, // people and money always go there.
P2.B1: That's why we have to make an impact,
P3.B1: at the next club presentation.
P4.B1: I want to get more members.
P5.B1: Ah, that's why...
P5.B2: Yeah.
P1.B1: We gonna attract them with boobs.
P2.B1: Ahhh! // They're crushing me!
P2.B2: Though they are so soft?
P2.B3: Hey, you two!
P3.B1: I already said...
P3.B2: you would get injured if you fool around.
P1.B1: Didn't I!?
P2.B1-3: Haa [She looks happy]
P2.B4: Geez!
P2.B5: Stretching is over! If you're ready we'll continue!
P4.B1: Okay, How is it?
P4.B2: We- Well...
P5.B1: Does it
P5.B2: suit me...?
P1.B1: Pfft!
P1.B2: Wha!?
P2.B1: Don't laugh!
P2.B2: So- Sorry.
P2.B3: It's okay.
P3.B1: It really suits...
P4.B1: Pffft!!
P4.B2: Whaaa!?
P5.B1: You're so mean, prez!!
P5.B2: So- Sorry. It's okay! I won't- // Pfft!
P5.B3: Prez!!
P5.B4: We're ready too.
P2.B1: As expected, quite the eye-sight.
P2.B2: It really suits her...
P3.B1: Don't get excited!
P3.B2: So- Sorry.
P3.B3: Fufu. But it's not my what gets Taichi-kun excited,
P1.B1: but rather Manaka, right?
P1.B2: Me?
P2.B1: No way.
P2.B2: The dress might be awesome.
P3.B1: But I don't compare to you, Shinobu.
P4.B1: Right?
P4.B2: Ah, no.
P5.B1: It really looks good...
P1.B1: Well...
P1.B2: Really...
P1.B3: Cu- // Cut.... [missing e intended]
P1.B4: Mh?
P2.B1: Huh? What's up?
P2.B2: N- Nothing! // It's suits her! Yes!
P2.B3: That's all?
P2.B4: That's all!!
P3.B1: I don't get it, // but let's get on with practice.
P3.B2: Are you ready?
P3.B3: Y- Yes!
P1.Box1: Image it.
P2.Box1: A forest near the beach. // A silent night, where you can't even hear any bugs.
P2.Box2: You're camping with your best friends.
P3.Box1: And while everyone is asleep, // you two start making out.
P4.B1: Stop it.
P4.B2: Suddenly this!?
P1.B1: It's not suddenly, you tempted me, right?
P1.B2: No way, you can say "stop" now.
P2.B1: But, you're too rough!
P3.B1: I...!
P3.B2: I can't...!
P4.B1: Fufu, your body says otherwise.
P1.B1: Your nipples are so hard, I can tell even through the clothes.
P1.B2: No! Not true!! // That's not true!
P2.B1: You're so stubborn... but!
P2.B2: Ahhhh!?
P3.B1: Hyaa!?
P3.B2: S- Stop. Any more...
P3.B3: I- I...!
P4.B1: Ah! AHHHH!!
P1.B1: GAH!?
P1.B2: GUU.
P2.B1: GWA // AAR!!
P2.B2: AAA // AAAR
P3.B1: AGH
P4.B1: Ahh
P4.B2: A...
P4.B3: Silly man...
P1.B1: Getting all cocky, while not knowing you're being tricked.
P1.B2: Ma- Manaka...!?
P2.B1: You're pretty cruel too, Shinobu. For getting into this.
P2.B2: Fufu. It's more fun that way, right?
P2.B3: Yeah, I barely could keep myself from laughing. // I couldn't tell if it was real or a play.
P3.B1: Men are so silly.
P3.B2: Sh- Shinobu...
P4.B1: Wh...y...
P5.B1: Heh.
P7.B1: Why!? Why he asks!!
P1.B1: You don't even know that?
P1.B2: What an unbelievable idiot you are.
P2.B1: Okay, now die.
P3.B1: Wa- Wait...
P3.B2: I don't want to.
P4.B1: Please...
P4.B2: Sav- // Save....
P5.B1: Become a man seen in plays!
P5.B2: Of course, women are welcomed too! // The Drama Club!
P1.B1: What the hell is this!?
P2.B1: Wow, nice done! // Tanaka-chan sure knows her professions.
P2.B2: Of course it was stunning, but that's not the point!
P2.B3: What's with this plot? // If we show something like this, we'll only scare everyone away!!
P3.B1: You're naive, Yanahara-kun! // This is chosen to get rid of boys, who're only captivated by boobs!!
P3.B2: There is a limit to everything!!
P4.B1: We clearly overdid it.
P4.B2: But nowadays everything is extravagated, right?
P1.B1: Getting the audience angry has more of an impact.
P1.B2: We- Well, you have a point there...
P1.B3: You don't agree?
P2.B1: S- Sorry..
P2.B2: In the spur of the moment I said something prying...
P3.B1: But...
P3.B2: I think we're doing it wrong.
P4.B1: Impact and sorting out idiots is important too, // but we're getting away from our goal to recruit new members, or?
P4.B2: Yeah... // I get the feeling the "bait" me is distancing from my role at this rate.
P4.B3: Though I would rather have no new members than idiots.
P4.B4: That's definitely going in the wrong way!
P5.B1: Mhm.
P5.B2: Just recruiting the right ones...
P6.B1: Okay, I understand.
P6.B2: Then how about this?
P6.B3: ?
P2.Box1: Nowadays every media exaggerates.
P2.Box2: There is no need to shorten the appeal part.
P3.Box1: But losing sight of our recruitment goal, is clearly wrong.
P3.Box2: What to do in that case. // The answer is easy!
P4.B1: To balance out an already exaggerated play,
P4.B2: we just need to add fan-service!
P5.B1: We can win!
P5.B2: We can win with this!
P1.B1: That's overdoing it!!
P2.B1: E- Eh!? // Why? Tell me why!
P2.B2: There is nothing to discuss.
P2.B3: Simply overdoing it, idiot!
P2.B4: I'm not an exhibitionist!
P3.B1: Fondling is one thing, but showing is no go!
P3.B2: Huh?

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