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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Caterpillar Operetta 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:45 | Go to Caterpillar Operetta

-> RTS Page for Caterpillar Operetta 4

Caterpillar Chapter 04:

P1.B1: Foolish man. // Getting all cocky while not knowing that you're being tricked.
P1.B2: Ma- Mana...ka... // Wh..y...
P2.B1: Why? Why you ask!?
P2.B3: You don't even know why!?
P2.B4: You're really a topnotch fool.
P3.B1: Well, time for you to die.
P3.B2: W- Wait...
P3.B3: P- Please.... // Spare me...
P1.T1: Chapter 04: A strong wind is blowing
P1.B1: Is your club full of idiots?
P2.B1: .......Uh.....
P2.B2: Uhh.......
P3.B1: The beginning was great though. // To think you got to fondle those things.
P3.B2: I want to fondle them too~ // I wish I had entered the drama club too. Or rather, I wanted kill you.
P3.B3: Is what I was thinking,
P1.B1: but then you got killed for real. What's the deal?
P1.B2: Well...
P2.B1: Y- You see, we don't need members that think like you...
P3.B1: We wanted to attract with our costumes and unpredictable plot...
P4.B1: so that we would get members that are purely interested in acting...
P5.B1: And the result was?
P5.B2: No new members....
P1.B1: Figures.
P1.B2: A waste talking about it.
P2.Box1: If have such a beautiful senpai around, // normally just a bit of advertisement is enough to attract new members.
P3.Box1: But instead a guy like you is getting his way with her body,
P3.Box2: and your advertisement fails....
P4.B1: Geez! Just what are you doing!? // You're only motivated in fondling!? // You damn pervert! I'm so envious!!
P4.B2: Aw, damn, it's like you say.
P4.B3: But what can I do? // Normal advertising did a shit!
P4.B4: Mhm, I think it was good in it's own way.
P1.B1: Nuu-san?
P1.B2: Breasts are always sure to capture boys, // and the yandere boom is increasing too.
P1.B3: And your performance, // will surely be remembered for ages.
P2.B1: To be honest, I got kinda interested too.
P2.B2: Nuu-san, then you mean, you will-----
P3.B1: I already joined the manga association though.
P4.B1: N- Nuu-san!!
P4.B2: It's totally amazing there. // A Manga Cafè is nothing to it.
P5.B1: They also have the one you were searching for, Taichi.
P5.B2: R- Really? // Aw, not now...
P6.B1: If Nuu-san won't, then at least you join, Akihiro! // C'mon, let's act together----
P6.B2: Sorry, I already joined the swimming club.
P1.B1: No way. But you said you weren't really interested in clubs...
P1.B2: Is Yanahara-kun here?
P2.T1: The teacher...?
P3.B1: Y- Yes. What do you need?
P3.B2: Don't come me with that.
P4:B1: ?
P4.B2: Do you realize what you have done?
P5.B1: You're being called by the student council.
P5.B2: Come again?
P1.B1: Your club is abolished!!
P3.Box1: Umm...
P4.Box1: That means...
P4.Box2: the plan backfired...?
P4.B1: Hold it!
P1.B1: Abolished you say!?
P1.B2: You suddenly call us up for that?
P2.B1: Don't think I'll let you off just 'cause you're the student council prez!
P2.B2: Sae!
P2.B3: You don't get it?
P3.B1: I think I made myself quite clear there,
P3.B2: guess it's not that easy to talk to you.
P4.B1: Specially if it's someone like you with a low level.
P4.B1: U- Umm, Prez?
P5.B1: We actually really don't understand, // so could you explain it to us?
P5.B2: Geez, // your heads are empty after all.
P6.B1: I wish you could think about that yourself for a bit.
P7.B1: Okay listen. Showing what your club does to the new members,
P7.B2: What reason did you gave them to join your club?
P1.Box1: You confused modern art with murder and obscenity. // It was a really anti-social piece.
P1.Box2: You clearly went to far. // How can we face now the teachers that granted us so much autonomies.
P1.B1: So the first step to reestablish the trust in the students again, we the student council, // have to punish you and let the teacher see you're reflecting on what you did.
P1.B2: B- But suddenly abolishing the club...
P2.B1: Of course I understand how you feel about that.
P2.B2: It's only understandable that you got desperate in your try to recruit new members, // seeing as the lack of members threatens to close your club this term.
P3.B1: But // you're old enough to know what's right to do and what not, right?
P3.B2: And you clearly overdid it.
P1.B1: Talking all highly... when she's just one year older....
P1.B2: Please, calm down....
P1.B3: As it looks you aren't reflecting at all.
P1.B4: It was the right decision to abolish the club.
P1.Box1: No way...
P2.Box1: After I finally entered the drama club...
P3.Box1: After I practiced all these things with the club prez and Shinobu-senpai...
P3.Box2: The club gets now abolished...
P4.Box1: Huh?
P5.Box1: Those boxes...
P6.Box1: Doranoana shipping....?
P6.Box2: And also from Jilonbooks...?
P7.B1: I can't agree to this!
P1.B1: The sports clubs are the ones who are recruiting in a freaking way... // If you call ours overdoing, then theirs too!
P1.B2: Yeah! Not only take they the students, but the good part of the expenses!
P1.B3: Jealousy is unsightly.
P2.Box1: The baseball club is placed in the best 4 in the prefecture.
P2.Box2: The soccer club won the national winter cup-
P2.Box3: Of course they get the members and the money.
P3.Box1: I'm talking about their advertisement! // They use their manager's charm to tempt new members in!
P3.Box2: The other clubs are the same.
P3.Box3: The female tennis club is giving out tickets for a musical! // And the male tennis club has mixers with other schools!
P1:B1: The judo clubs has co-ed matches! // The Kendo club has hakama dressing classes! //The Track and field club has a macho-poseing photo book! // The swimming club has maids in swimsuits!
P2.B1: You allow all that, but you're closing our club? Isn't that weird!?
P3.B1: Achievements.
P3.B2: ------!?
P1.B1: They're producing achievements.
P1.B2: Prefecture achievements are a given, and there are a lot in the interhighs too.
P2.B1: To not let that fame go away, first it must be assured the club gets members. // From them, those with talents will be trained used for the next generation.
P2.B2: For that you need money.
P3.B1: That's why we overlook trivial matters.
P4.B1: But you, who have no achievements at all, are different.
P3.Box1: Well, we're abolish your club, but you can still exists unofficial.
P4.Box1: Of course that means no funding and no club room.
P5.B1: Dammit...
P1.B1: I'm gonna rip her another hole.
P1.B2: Sae!?
P2:B1: Don't be unreasonable. Violence won't settle this. Right!?
P2.B2: The club is gone either way, so let me do what I want!
P2.B3: What's the use in getting suspended after that!
P3.B1: Let me go! Like I care about that!!
P3.B2: If you want to go on a rampage,
P4.B1: then do it on me.
P1.B1: You all told me before it was overboard,
P2.B1: this is the result of me not listening.
P3.B1: So hit me first.
P5.B1: You have a point...
P6.B1: S- Sae!
P6.B2: Hey, Sae-senpai!?
P2.B1: .....?
P4.B1: Gu~~~~~
P4.B2: S- Sae-senpai!
P4.B3: I hit you because you told me to.
P5.B1: Geez, at least I feel a bit better.
P7.B1: Sorry.... and thanks.
P7.B2: Hmp.
P1.B1: I have to apologize to you too, Yanahara-kun...
P1.B2: Eh?
P2:B1: I had you join us and participate in our weird play, // and now it turned out like this.
P2.B2: Ah, no... // Midway I once ran away, // I should be apologizing...
P2.B3: Ahahaha, guess so...
P3.B1: But
P4.B1: the one who has to apologize
P4.B2: is me after all.
P5.B1: I'm really sorry.
P5.B2: ....
P4.B1: ....Can't we
P5.B1: Can't we just go on unofficial...
P1.B1: We can do a play if we have at least one actor.
P1.B2: And I have seen play without scenery before...
P2.B1: Don't make is sound so simple.
P2.B2: But... he got a point.
P3.B1: The rooftop and gym are only partial accessible, so practice could be a bit troublesome, // but as long as we don't mind specters we can technically practice everywhere.
P3.B2: I- In fact we want specters. // We'll get used to it.
P3.B3: Don't get overexcited from a bit approval.
P4.B1: But well, we can just bring costumes and props from home.
P4.B2: And for sceneries, maybe if I kiss up a bit to Tanaka-chan, we could get some...?
P5.B1: I got to check it again, but I think there was an unofficial club participating in the Summer play before.
P5.B2: H- Huh? // Then an unofficial club doesn't seem all that bad...
P1.B1: Yeah! We can do it, Prez!
P1.B2: Unofficial is no problem at all!
P2.B1: Ya- Yanahara-kun...
P2.B2: Ah, Taichi---
P3.B1: Nuu-san?
P3.B2: Am I interrupting? It won't take long, so you got a minute?
P1.B1: Here, for you.
P2.B1: This...?
P2.B2: Actually renting is forbidden, but somehow I have a special privilege.
P3:B1: So I can lend it to person I trust.
P3.B2: Th- Thanks...
P3.B3: If there's more you want to read, hit me up. // I'll get them.
P4.B1: Then, later.
P4.B2: Ah, yeah, later...
P6.B1: Nuu-san, wait a min!
P2.B1: Fufu....
P2.B2: Fufufu.....
P3.B1: Wonderful....
P3.B2: The Uke needs to be fleshy after all... [Boys Love, Uke=reciever and Seme=attacker]
P4.B1: Speaking of, Numata-kun who joined recently...
P4.B2-3: Haa
P4.B4: He had quite the well build body too.... [well build as in her opinion= fat]
P5.B1: !?
P1.B1: Wha- What!? // What do you want!?
P1.B2: There was no need to kick the door.
P1.B3: Idiot~ An entrance needs to be flashy.
P2.B1: Y- You guys....
P3.B1: Hello, we're the drama club.
P4.B1: Grr----!
P4.B2: I see, you finally started to resort to violence, huh.
P5.B1: Okay! Do what you want with me! But that won't change a thing!
P5.B2: Please don't misunderstand. // We just want to have a talk with you.
P1.B1: About the manga association, that is.
P2.B1: !?
P3.B1: My, I must say, I was really surprised when I heard and saw it.
P3.B2: That the classroom in the old school building is full of manga.
P3.B3: Even a Manga Cafè would bow to that.
P4.B1: But it's a bit mysterious.
P4.B2: Why do those fellows have an own club room?
P1.B1: There is one more mystery.
P1.B2: Those boxes over there.
P2.B1: Aren't those boxes used for manga shipping stores.
P2.B2: Is there a member of the student council with such a hobby?
P3.B1: Wh- Who knows! Those were just left here!
P4.B1: Let's get to the point.
P4.B2: Show us the book you're hiding behind your back and we're done.
P5.B1: .....!?
P6.B1: It seemed to be a rather big one.
P6.B2: But it wasn't a magazine.
P7.B1: That means, a Doujin...
P7.B2: L- Like I know! I don't have------
P8.B1: Don't play dumb!
P1.B1: Th- That!?
P1.B2: It's yours after all? // We found a lot of those in that classroom.
P1.B3: There are too many for a single high school student, who can't be seen with such books. // I bet you bought them with the funding of the literature club?
P2.B1: D- Don't be stupid....
P2.B2: Then you won't have a problem if we check the address on those boxes?
P3.B1: You can't have them send to your house,
P3.B2: so sending them to the student council saves you the trouble.
P4.B1: And can we get a full list of the ordering?
P4.B2: If we compare them with the club expenses, it should become clear.
P6.B1: Uh....
P6.B2: Ah....
P7.B1: God, you rotten girl.
P8.B1: Even being rotten has a limit.
P8.B2: .....!
P2.B1: I... // I understand...
P3.B1: I'll nullify your club abolishment...
P4.B1: Therefore...!!
P4.B2: Don't bother.
P5.B1: We don't mind an abolishment.
P6.B1: .....Huh?
P7.B1: W- What are you saying...? // Wasn't it to revoke that, that you....
P7.B2: No, we just came to play with you. // Nothing else.
P1.B1: When we thought about it, it doesn't matter if it's an official club or not.
P1.B2: Because as long as you have actors, it's a play.
P2.B1: What we seek is,
P3.B1: to be the whole world to be a stage.
P1.B1: So you don't need to mind us. We actually know already,
P1.B2: but could we hear it from you personally too?
P2.B1: Ug...
P3.B1: How's it, President?
P4.B1: ....Ugg....
P5.B1: P-r-e-z?
P6.B1: Uh.
P6.B2: Uhh.
P1.B1: Cheers.
P2.B1: Case closed.
P2.B2: Aren't we a bit too naive? // Just because we have the club back, doesn't mean we should let her off.
P2.B3: She utilized expenses for private use, you know.
P2.B4: Don't worry.
P3.B1: She had quite the collection in the council room too,
P3.B2: but what counts are her premium ones.
P4.B1: she was keeping them like a passionate collector. // This should get us some money.
P4.B2: Besides
P5.B1: there is no gain in exposing someone, you know a weakness off, right?
P5.B2: Wah, scary.
P1.B1: This is all thanks to Yanahara-kun.
P1.B2: N- No. // It's just a coincidence my friend was in the association...
P2.B1: Fufu, not about that.
P3.B1: About you saying that it doesn't matter to be an official club.
P3.B2: Eh?
P4.B1: At that time, I was really shocked be the abolishment.
P4.B2: I thought it's the end.
P5.B1: I felt really sorry to Sae, Shinobu,
P5.B2: the alter Malta and specially to you. // I was near despair.
P6.B1: But
P6.B2: it wasn't such a big deal.
P1.B1: In the end we escaped the abolishment,
P1.B2: but official status or a club room, // aren't what is important.
P2.B1: Because you can act wherever you want.
P3.B1: That's an obvious fact, but I forgot it.
P3.B2: But, // you reminded me of it again, Yanahara-kun.
P4.B1: So it's all thanks to you.
P5.B1: Therefore
P1.B1: Thank you so much.
P3.B1: Wah.
P3.B2: No....
P4.B1: That wasn't such a big deal that it would need a thanks...
P1.B1: Such a clueless woman. Poor Taichi-kun.
P1.B2: Eh?
P2.B1: Instead of words take actions of gratitude.
P3.B1: Such a case calls for a kiss!
P3.B2: !?
P4.B1: Kiss? Kiss you say!?
P4.B2: Where does that come from? Obviously I can't do that!
P4.B3: Why not. It's not like it's your first time.
P4.B4: Of course it's my first time!!
P4.B5: My, really?
P4.B6: ------!? Always teasing me!
P4.B7: But the prez...
P5.B1: loves fat Uke... Respect...

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