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Ashita no Yoichi 28

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:49 | Go to Ashita no Yoichi

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Ashita no Yoichi Chapter 28:

Sword 28: First contest: 400m
Sword 29: Rolling Tsunderella [Cinderalla+ tunsdere]
Sword 30: The melancholy of Takatsusa Angela
Sword 31: Cloudy moonlit night
<3 This work is just fiction.
P1.T1: The student council president, planning to turn the whole female student body into his personal harem, turned
P1.T2: Yoichi into an powerless child----
P2.T1: If he doesn't regains his original form and wins at the sports festival in one week, Ibuki and Ayame will be the president's prize.
P2.T2: And if they refuse, in front of the whole student body they'll face a humiliation.....
P3.B1: This is too much to Karasuma-san's disadvantage. // Please, Oboro-sama, the remedy.....
P4.T1: I'm on a journey. Don't search for me. Oboro
P5.B1: She flew!!!
P1.T1: Sword 28: First contest: 400m

P1.T1: Sports Festival
P2.B1: Next is the female 100m race.
P2.B2: All participants, please get ready.
P3.B1: This year as well class 3-A, lead by President Mejiro, is showing good results.
P3.B2: All other classes, please give your best too.
P4.B1: Get your dumplings her----
P4.T1: Meat Dumpling
P4.T2: Anko Dumpling
P4.T3: Pizza Dumpling
P4.B2: We have meat and anko dumplings---
P5.B1: Wow, look at all these people, Tsu-tan! // Normal friends are now enemies and are dragged into a bloody battle!
P5.B2: Stop that....
P5.T1: They're competing just with normal sports events.
P1.B1: Kyaa! The president is p next! // I have to take pictures!
P1.B2: He's competing with Samurai-kun in the obstacle race!
P2.B1: Samurai.... They mean Karasuma?
P2.B2: Karasuma!?
P2.B3: Karasuma is fighting? I want to see that!
P3.T1: Let's go!
P3.B1: Ah, wait. Tsubasa-sama, the stand.... Enbi-sama!
P4.B1: Why don't you go too, Angela?
P4.B2: Sister.
P5.B1: Leave the stand to me.
P5.B2: As you can see, I got the basics down.
P5.B3: Am- Amazing!! // As expected of my sister, the strongest of the Tsubame Benten school...!!
P6.B1: It's written clearly on your face, that you want to go.
P6.B2: So hurry up.
P8.B1: So- Sorry, Sister.... I'm worried about Tsubasa-sama and Enbi-sama, so...
P8.B2: I'll be back soon.
P1.B1: Nice to be young.
P2.B1: Thanks for the wait!
P2.B2: We'll now begin the male 400m obstacle race!
P3.B1: It's a 1on1 contest. // One has to clear the obstacle written on the randomly drawn lot and the traps lain by the machine research club. // The one who finish the course first, wins!
P4.B1: First participant is class 3-A's Mejiro Tokiya-kun!
P4.T1: Kyaa<3
P4.T2: President<3
P4.B2: Our student council president, who shows amazing result in his events this year again.
P4.B3: Will he also win this event glorious?
P5.B1: So Karasuma's opponent is the president!
P5.B2: He's kinda handsome.
P5.B3: ...Really?
P6.B1: His opponent is the newly transferred and flashy samurai---
P6.B2: !
P1.B1: of class 2-B! [My Minicon heart skipped a beat :P]
P1.B2: Karasuma Yoichi!!
P2.T1: !?
P3.B1: And Karasuma takes up the challenge in the form of a child!
P3.B2: Eh, it seems as part of his training, he took on this form--
P4.B1: Ibuki, is that ok? Training is all good, but this is a contest...
P4.B2: Wouldn't it be better if he returned to normal?
P4.B3: .....
P1.T1: In the end we couldn't find Oboro-san.
P1.B1: Leave it to me, Ibuki-san! // A remedy will definitely be prepared.... by Sakon!!
P1.B2: You say that, but aren't even lifting a finger......
P1.B3: You're really a helpless idiot, Brother<3
P1.T2: And Sakon-chan couldn't finish a remedy in time either....
P2.T1: Yoichi-san...
P3.B1: Samurai...
P4.B1: So the Samurai really became small. // That really sucks-
P6.B1: How typical of Yoichi-san. // Such a surprising entrance.
P6.B2: As expected of the man, our theater club captain choose----
P7.B1: Karasuma-kun....
P2.B1: Ok, the stage is prepared. // Now show me,
P3.B1: the most interesting
P3.B2: interlude.....
P1.B1: It seems like you couldn't turn back.
P1.B2: So my victory is obvious.
P2.B1: The battle hashnt started yet. // I won't give up schill the end!
P3.B1: Heh. // Just a bluff.
P4.B1: But isn't the president's victory total obvious?
P4.B2: Yeah. // Going all out against a child isn't very mature...
P5.T1: That's right! Going all out against a kid will only damage his reputation!
P6.T1: Everyone is on Yoichi-san's side....!
P7.B1: I guess I will cheer on the samurai<3 He's cute and all.
P7.B2: Me too.
P7.B3: I'll do so too. I don't want the president to hug all the good parts for himself.
P1.B1: By the way, Karasuma-kun.
P1.B2: I heard that you have this from because of training, but do you intend to compete with this handicap?
P2.B1: Doesn't that mean...
P2.B2: your own training is more important than the victory of your class..?
P6.B1: Wha...
P6.B2: Ohhh, trying to make excuse?
P6.B3: Even though you're martial artist!!
P7.B1: Such a selfish behavior.... As the student council president I can't overlook this.
P1.B1: I'm sorry, but I won't hold back..... // All the more of a reason if you're treating this as training....!
P2.B1: H- He got a point there....
P2.B2: Yeah...
P2.B3: Right..
P2.B4: So selfish....
P3.B1: Y- You're wrong. // He is like that, because the president did...
P3.B2: What?
P4.B1: Didn't you say it by yourself that it was training, Ibuki-san!
P4.B2: And here i thought he could win against the president....
P4.B3: He doesn't care about our class at all!
P4.B4: But you're taking his side. // you're favoring him too much!
P4.B5: Did you hear that? She wanted to blame the president!
P1.B1: Go for it, president!!
P1.B2: Crush that egoist!!
P2.T1: Heh. Since I dealt with pleads of girls since I was born, I'm good with words!
P2.T2: Don't take me lightly!
P3.B1: Wh- What's this? // They're all against Karasuma!?
P4.B1: Captain....
P5.T1: The atmosphere reversed so easily...!
P5.B1: Because I tried to make a strange excuse...
P7.T1: Just a second ago, they were all on Yoichi-san side...!
P8.B1: ...What's that.. // With just a few words... // why do they all think that Samurai is at fault here?
P1.B1: Even though you all
P1.B2: don't know a thing about him!!
P2.B1: Geez, // Humans get influenced so easily.
P3.B1: What foolish beings.
P4.B1: Heh..... // How do you like it, when I bare my fangs, Karasuma?
P4.B2: It's frightening, right....
P5.B1: ..........gh
P1.B1: Sc- // Schorry!!
P5.B1: I sure had my head full of Ibuki-dono and Ayame-dono... // and lacksched the confidence to represchent class 2-B....!
P6.B1: I wronged you, president! // You're the head of the students after all!
P6.B2: Instead of focusing on personal victory, // I have to schink about the group too!
P1.B1: I couldn't turn back to normal and lack therefore power, // but I will fight you wisch the other students of 2-B in mind!
P1.B2: So I ask you to use your full power!
P1.B3: ......gh
P2.T1: Why is he so carefree...
P3.T1: Doesn't he feel any pressure
P3.T2: from the audience?
P4.B1: Yoichi-san...!
P4.B2: What a strong heart he has!
P4.B3: Lame....
P5.T1: Not only that, but he is taking it half-hearted too. Is he an idiot?
P5.T2: Could it be a bluff? Or
P5.T3: does he have some kind of plan?
P6.B1: Then, on your marks---
P7.B1: Ready, Start!
P7.T1: No, I can't get confused. Whatever plan he has, // the one, who will win is obviously me!!
P1.B1: Oho, as expected, Mejiro-senpai is faster! // He is already at the first obstacle!
P2.B1: The first obstacle is a random one. // The first person to arrive decides the obstacle by drawing a lot.
P3.T1: (left top): Wall (right bottom): Woman
P4.B1: Wall-woman...?
P4.B2: Don't look at me!!!
P4.T1: Around here like a wall.
P5.B1: !?
P1.B1: Everyone! Now is our chance to hug Mejiro-senpai as much as we want!
P1.B2: Get him---<3
P2.B1: This is an attempt to stop the participants, conducted my volunteered female students!
P2.B2: A wall of women! A Womanwall so to speak!
P3.B1: W- W- W-.... What isch schat....
P3.B2: And Karasuma-kun got a nosebleed!
P4.B1: What an obvious expression!
P4.T1: Wall....
P5.B1: Hahahaha! // I'm going ahead!
P5.B2: !
P6.B1: Oh no, I have to hurry too---!!
P1.B1: We won't let you go, Samurai!!
P1.B3: That's right! So that our Mejiro-senpai can win!
P2.B1: Wha....
P3.T1: Yes... Now whatever plan you had, will be meaningless!
P4.T1: Because all the girls participating here,
P4.T2: are all cute kitties of mine!
P5.B1: That's is it girls. // Keep it up like that.
P1.T1: In the last week, I tamed various girls carefully into cooperation, so I'm at an advantage now.
P1.B1: Roger!
P1.T2: I will show you how much I'm loved!
P2.B1: Karasuma-kun can't get out there. // Just what happened to him?
P2.B2: Ohohoho, so he is a real pervert, huh.
P3.B1: What are you doing? Get your ass up!
P4.T1: Even if you tell me to, // with this body I can't overpower these girls....!!
P4.B1: So... painful...
P6.B1: Oh, no. My hand slipped!!
P6.B2: !?
P7.B1: Ah....
P1.T1: The girls of the theater club!!
P1.B1: We fooled them effectual<3
P2.B1: Hey, who's hand just slipped? // That can't be!
P2.B2: I thought it was strange... It was intentional of them after all.
P3.T1: I don't know what happened, but I will return the favor of your help at our play!
P3.T2: Go win... Karasuma!
P4.B1: ..... // Thanks, theater girls.
P5.B1: Mh.
P6.B1: Next I have to ride schis board!
P1.B1: !!
P2.B1: Karasuma-kun fell down really hard...!
P2.B2: That was really uncool!
P3.B1: Angie...
P3.B2: Yes, Enbi-sama.
P3.B3: Eh? What's up?
P4.T1: Just now...
P5.T1: it seemed the skateboard moved
P5.T2: before Yoichi-san get on it....
P6.B1: Ahh.
P6.B2: I'm going first!
P7.B1: Mejiro-kun is graciously avoiding the colored cones.
P1.B1: That was good. It looked really natural. // Keep it up like that....Girls of the machine research club!!
P2.B1: Fufu.... Just leave it to us, President<3
P3.B1: All the following obstacles are under our control<3
P3.B2: So don't worry and go on, President<3
P1.B1: Haha... What's that....With his small body he can't keep up after all. // So much for thinking about the class....
P1.B2: Yeah, right.
P1.B3: B- But,
P2.B1: doesn't it seem that he is more worn out than he should be....?
P3.B1: N- Next I have to ride this...
P5.T1: This
P6.T1: This
P7.T1: This is just strange, however you think about it!
P7.B1: Samurai!
P7.B2: Yoichi-san!
P7.B2: Sto---p!
P1.B1: If outsider help him, he will get disqualified.
P1.B2: Is that fine with you?
P1.B3: The president promised me a date if I let him win<3
P2.B1: .......gr
P4.B1: I'm sorry, Yoichi-san. // It's because I said your small body was part of your training.
P5.B1: I'll take responsibility. // I'll become his price.
P5.B2: So please don't injure yourself anymore in this match, you can't win...
P6.B1: Wha....
P6.B2: What are you thinking, Sister!
P6.B3: Don't try hugging the good part by yourself! I'm also....
P8.B1: Ibuki-dono,
P8.B2: Ayame-dono,
P8.B3: schorry to have you worry.
P1.B1: But
P1.B2: something like a unwinable match.... // a match, where the outcome is already decided beforehand, doesn't exists.
P2.B1: ....but if you insist,
P2.B2: that such a match exists. The outcome would be decided, // when onesch own heart gives up!
P3.B1: But my heart hasn't give up yet! // So don't worry, you two!!
P5.B1: Yeah, that's right, girls... // Even if the outcome isn't decided yet, // at this rate I'll win and make you two mine!
P1.SFX: Puff
P2.B1: ....?
P3.B1: H- Huh? What's that? A malfunction?
P3.B2: Hey research girls, respond!
P4.B1: Girls what happened!?
P4.B2: Wa... Wawa...
P5.B1: Respo....
P6.B1: Man... // And I here I thought there was something strange----
P1.B1: Isn't that rather unfair?
P2.B1: Acting in the shadows is really cheap. // You can't match us of the Tsubame Benten School.
P3.T1armband: Committee
P3.B1: Gr, activate the backup powe.... // ..r, gyaaa!
P3.T2: The cord!
P3.B2: What's with this long cord?
P4.B1: Hey girls, // Karasuma made it possible for Tsu-tan and Enbi to make up.
P4.B2: And you are ganging up on him with sneaking words and an unfair match!! // If you're bully him any more, I'll spank your butts!
P1.B1: What's wrong?
P1.B2: He has no gas?
P2.B1: Just now the voice out of the transmitter.
P2.B2: Could it been Enbi-chan?
P2.B3: So he was cheating after all, huh.
P4.T1: Tsubasa-dono, Enbi-dono, Angela-dono...
P5.B1: Take this chance, Samurai.
P5.B2: But his bike is also broken...
P7.B1: Washizu-kun! // Torigaya-kun!
P7.T1armband: Execution comittee
P7.B2: I'm in the execution comittee for the sports festival, so I'm no outsider!
P8.B1: Washizu-dono...! // You ficsched it for me?
P8.B2: Idiot! It wasn't for you! // Don't be so conceited, Samurai!!
P9.B1: But
P9.B2: you're a guy who really takes every contest serious. // You aren't someone who would prioritize his own training above his opponent.
P1.B1: At least that I will acknowledge.
P1.B2: I don't really know what happened, // but don't you dare loose against something beside me. Idiot---
P2.B1: Washizu-dono...!
P2.B2: ....
P3.T1: I... thought Yoichi-san was fighting alone against that booing....
P4.T1: but that wasn't the case.
P5.T1: In whatever tenuous situation he is in, he has friends fighting with him.
P5.T2: He as so much friends believing in him---!
P1.B1: Hey, // Karasuma is coming...
P2.B1: Do something against it... Hey, Girls...!!
P3.B1: *crackle*...
P3.B2: *bzt* *bzt*....
P4.B1: Hey machine club, what are you doing? If the president looses, I can't go on a date with him!
P4.B2: Then don't just leave it to us and do something yourself!
P4.B3: You're pushing the responsibility on us? I can't believe you! That's why you....
P4.B4: I don't to be told that by a stupid girl like with an ugly personality like you!!
P5.B1: You not got only a ugly personality but also an ugly face! You fatty! Die!!
P5.B2: What? You're the one who should drop dead!!!
P1.B1: Just shut the fuck up, you damn girls!! // I'm telling you, to help me win already!!!
P2.B1: Because of you my plan to humiliate Karasuma is scattered! // Damn, you're all useless...
P4.B1: For what did I even gave Karasuma the medicine that shrunk him...
P3.B1: Wh... What#s with you all... // Why are you looking at me like that...
P3.B2: I.... I just...
P5.B1: .....gr
P6.B1: Oboro...
P6.B2: I know you're there, Oboro.
P1.B1: You're the only one on my side now.. // Please.
P1.B2: Do something about this!
P3.B1: Oboro....
P4.B1: Good grief.
P1.B1: You // are saying I'm on your side...?
P3.B1: I thought I told you at the beginning, // that I just
P3.B2: want to see something interesting.
P4.B1: Could that be... the remedy?
P5.B1: Good grades.
P5.B2: Great looks. // At the top at whatever he does.
P1.B1: Let me tell you something.
P1.B2: Seeing humans, like you
P1.B3: who are "gifted", falling down from their high horse, is the most interesting thing!
P2.B1: !!
P5.B1: No way...
P6.T1: Everything I have done till now,
P6.T2: everything I obtained,
P1.T1: that all....
P1.T2: in just a moment.....!
P2.B1: You're so cruel, President---
P3.B1: He just saw me as a tool, didn't you!!
P5.T1: Ah... Nobody will come to my rescue.
P5.T2: They all abandoned me....
P6.T1: But he had friends who believed in him and supported him in whatever state he was in...
P6.T2: What is the difference between him and me?
P7.T1: Just where does his popularity comes from?
P6.B1: I'm sorry, girls of the machine research club---
P6.B2: You especially build this--
P1.T1: Ukiha Kamikaze Swordplay 7th Strike
P1.T2: "Tornado"!!
P3.B1: He....
P4.B1: He is back....
P5.B1: Yoichi-san is....
P5.B2: back to normal!!
P1.B1: Ka-
P1.B2: Karasuma... // Why....
P2.B1: Oh, no I destroyed the obstacle...
P3.B1: With this, tricks aren't needed anymore!
P4.B1: President,
P4.B2: let's us compete who will be faster!
P5.B1: Wha.....
P6.B1: Don't kid me! What are you thinking??
P6.B2: Why are you smiling....
P7.B1: Ah, I see. I understand. // You want to let me loose and turn the situation around!!
P1.B1: Everyday you participated in a lot of club activities. // To encourage them.
P1.B2: You gave your best to stay at the top, as the head of the students...
P1.B3: I'm respecting that strong will of yours.
P2.B1: So don't rely on someone else medicine.
P2.B2: I want to compete with the real President!
P4.B1: .....gr
P5.B1: Do- Don't push your ideals on me. // It's not such a great thing.
P6.B1: I just wanted to be popular with the girls.
P6.B2: It wasn't for the sake of the students... It was just for myself--
P1.B1: And what his wrong
P1.B2: with chasing one's own ideals?
P3.B1: The greater your ideals are, the more your current self suffer.
P3.B2: If your too hasty, you might even harm yourself.
P4.B1: But when you go wrong, there are people who will scold you.
P4.B2: And at times you're uneasy, there are people who will lend you a shoulder---
P5.B1: This is a school. // It gathers all who are still learning.
P5.B2: It's a place to grow side by side, instead of scolding someone else mistakes, right?
P1.B1: Right, everyone?
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: I....
P4.B1: Bing called a machine freak, I avoided others. // But the president told me: "The machines you create are fantastic"....
P4.B2: For the first time someone accepted me...
P5.B1: To me too.... I had a complex about my high... But he said I looked like a model...
P5.B2: To me too.
P5.B3: Me too... He called my rattling, cute and nice....
P7.B1: There are a lot of people you saved with your words, President! // Realizing that... I'm sure from now on you can get even closer to "your own ideals".
P1.B1: Then, President,
P2.B1: Let's compete.
P2.B2: With // our "true self's" aiming for our ideals.
P3.B1: Karasuma-kun.....
P4.T1: The despair I tasted by loosing the thing I clung to--
P4.B1: Then, you two,
P4.B2: On your marks.
P4.T2: And the one who saved me from that despair, that loneliness
P4.T3: was the no one else than the guy I hated the most---
P1.T1: Karasuma Yoichi!!
P1.B1: Ready, Start!
P1.T2: I think I understand now why you have so many friends......
P4.B1: Ibuki-san! Here is the remedy my Saginomiya family created with all it's might.... // Eh? He is already back!
P6.B1: This feeling of being completely forgotten! // Ah geez, You really are unable to be pushy<3

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