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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Ashita no Yoichi 30

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:51 | Go to Ashita no Yoichi

-> RTS Page for Ashita no Yoichi 30

Ashita no Yoichi Chapter 30:

P1.B1: I wonder where Angela went of to.
P3.T1: Sword 30: The melancholy of Takatsukasa Angela
P5.B1: Ok.
P5.B2: Two Tonkatsu-Sojo-Ramen... Please wait.
P6.B1: Angie, next order~~
P1.B1: Eh, // Pyaaa~~~!!!
P2.B1: What are you doing, Angie? // You just adding everything randomly~~
P2.B2: I- I'm sorry. // I will fix it immediately...
P3.B1: Gyaaa~~~~~
P3.B2: H- Hey, Angela-chan!?
P4.B1: You don't have to help in the kitchen today, go make some deliveries!
P4.B2: I- I'm truly sorry.
P5.B1: That's totally unlike her...
P5.T1: Salty~
P5.B2: ....
P6.B1: Angie...
P3.B1: *peep*
P3.B2: Hyaa!
P4.B1: Ar- Argh... // Just a bird...
P3.T1: ..........
P3.T2: I'm confused...
P4.T1: Could this be...
P4.B1: Angie! Try being like a normal girl too! // Try out love~~! // It's fun<3
P5.B1: Carp?
P6.B1: Carp is really unique, so will it be ordered if we add it to the menu....... [Koi=carp/love]
P6.B2: What nonsense are you talking about? // Here, look at this manga~~
P2.B1: Th- That....
P2.B2: Geez, getting embarrassed over only something like that... // You're still a kid<3
P3.B1: Don't you that? // Experiences, like in that manga, as having your heart race, when looking at a certain someone.
P3.B2: Or your chest getting tight and you being unable speak.
P6.B1: Eh, you have? // Tell me, you have them? // With whom? Tell me!
P6.B2: I- I don't have such experiences....!
P8.T1: As expected of the man you fell for,
P8.T2: quite excellent skills.
P8.T3: As I suspected,
P1.T1: is this what they call love?
P3.T1: But I'm a martial artist.
P3.T2: If loving, turns me into a coward,
P4.T1: Then this feeling will just be a hindrance.
P5.T1: I better keep my distance from Karasuma for now...
P5.B1: And where do I have to deliver this to...
P6.T1: Ikaruga Dojo // Here
P1.B1: Ah, Ayame-dono, wait for me!
P3.B1: God, I can't believe you destroy the Dojo wall with a practice swing. // We brouhgt some basic materials, so fixed it nicely.
P3.B2: I'm sorry.
P4.B1: But thank you for going out with me for shopping with me, Ayame-dono...
P4.B2: G- Going out... // Don't be ridiculous! Idiot!
P5.B1: I bet if I had let go alone, I would have turned into a really embarrassing incident again.
P5.B2: I was also about to take a stroll, so I tagged along.
P6.B1: You seem to have a lot of free time...
P6.B2: Shut up!
P7.B1: Hey, if we don't hurry up, we won't get any lunch!
P7.B2: Ah, right today is ramen. Let us hurry!
P4.T1: What am I doing...
P4.T2: The Ikaruga residence is the other way...
P5.T1: Am I again
P5.T2: running away from these two...?
P1.T1: "Falling in love isn't a bad thing."
P1.T2: "Try out love! It's fun!"
P2.T1: A lie!
P2.T2: It hurts, like someone is resenting me and I feel shameful.
P2.T3: There isn't one good thing about love!!
P3.B1: Right.
P3.B2: It's like you say. // Love is only degenerating humans.
P3.T1: I didn't sense her presence at all.
P3.T2: Just who is she...?
P4.B1: Doubt.
P4.B2: Fear.
P4.B3: Jealousy.
P4.B4: Self-hatred.
P1.B1: The feelings that come along with love, are even at this moment, // dragging your heart into malice.
P2.B1: ....Hi...
P3.B1: Wha- What is this?
P3.B2: Don't worry, I'm just manipulating the ground with this a bit.
P4.B1: For example if that is "love", // your pure heart, only seeking strength, is now bound by that feeling...
P4.B2: ....!
P5.B1: Your current appearance, // is it the appearance you truly desire?
P7.T1: That's right, I was way stronger
P7.T2: before I came here.
P6.B1: I want change back...
P1.B1: I want change back...
P1.B2: Into the me // of that time, where I had no worries and only thought about one thing,
P1.B3: about getting stronger.....!
P2.B1: Then let's do that. // It's hard for me to have to see a talented martial artist like you, fall this deep.
P3.B1: Ah....
P3.B2: I'll...
P4.B1: give you
P4.B2: one advice.
P1.B1: If you don't want to suffer from it,
P1.B2: you just have to break it.
P2.B1: The things that hurt you, // the things that stand in your way,
P2.B2: if you break the root of these things, you will be released from your pain.
P4.B1: You want to change back, right? // Then don't back off.
P4.B2: If you do like I told you, your wish will definitely come true.
P5.T1: The origin of your pain,
P1.T1: Karasuma Yoichi! Defeat him!!
P3.B1: J- Just now...
P3.B2: that girl... where did she go...
P4.B1: !
P4.B2: Oh, no the ramen!!
P6.T1: If you do like I told you,
P6.T2: your wish will definitely come true---!
[no text]
Page120: [I didn't TL the flashbacks]
P2.T1: I have to remember the feelings I had when I came here for the first time to defeat Karasuma!
P2.T2: Yeah, this is my true self...
P5.T1: Ack, don't waver!
P6.T1: If I turn back turn I will revert back into my weak self!
P2.B1: Huh?
P3.B1: Huh....
P4.B1: ......
P5.T1: Nobody is here.
P6.B1: Damn.. Somehow I so worked up....
P6.B2: At this rate I'm going to loose my resolve...
P1.B1: Angie-dono!!
P1.B2: Where are you, Angie-dono!?
P2.B1: Angie-dono---
P2.B2: W- Why am I hiding....
P3.B1: Karasuma.....
P3.B2: Ah, right, the delivery.... // So he came to search for me...
P4.B1: Angie-dono!
P5.B1: I'm glad... You're safe!
P5.B2: We got a call earlier from Tsubasa-dono, that she is worried that something might have happened to you.
P6.B1: ......!
P1.T1: Don't waver!
P2.B1: A- A bat?
P2.T1: Don't be surprised by such a performance.
P3.T1: He is trying to drag you into the darkness with sweet words. // But you already know his trick.
P4.T1: If you let this chance go now, you suffering won't end.
P4.B1: ? // What's wrong?
P6.T1: Fear not,
P6.T2: I'm with you.
P7.T1: Fight to your heart's content!!!
P7.T2: Takatsukasa Angela!!
P2.B1: ....!?
P3.B1: What's wrong, Angie-dono!?
P4.B1: Draw your sword, Karasuma...
P4.B2: Why!? // I can't fight my friends for no reason!!
P5.B1: .....
P5.B2: Friend...
P1.B1: You're so kind.... Karasuma.
P2.B1: Any your kindness made me this weak.....
P3.B1: I hate this self of mine.
P4.B1: By defeating you--- I,
P5.B1: I can change back into my old strong self!
P1.B1: Yesterday's friend, is today's enemy. // To think she would choose my words, over her friends she lived along for so long....
P2.T1: A man lying to others with whatever means possible.
P2.T2: And the people, who cheer for him, leaving him in an instant.
P2.T3: And now this girl....
P3.T1: After all that's just how humans are.
P3.T2: If you just give them a few sweet word and a little push, they betray and hurt each other.
P3.T3: Narcissism, hiding under the cover of charity, is human's true character.
P1.T1: Karasuma Yoichi,
P1.T2: in the end even your kindness is just an excuse for striving for something.
P1.T3: How will you answer to the girl, that bears her fangs at you and has no intention of answering your kindness?
P2.T1: Now---- Draw your sword.
P3.T1: Let your anger free, and defeat this girl!
P1.T1: Show me your true character!
P1.B1: Ka-
P1.B2: Karasuma....?
P4.B1: Ka- Karasuma... // Why didn't you dodge?
P5.B1: Why didn't you draw your sword? // An attack like that, you should have handled easily!!
P1.T1: ......................I attacked thinking that he would be able to withstand it....?
P1.T2: Because somewhere in my heart I know that this is wrong and I thought I'll get scolded for it..........?
P2.T1: Did I trust unconciously so much
P2.T2: in Karasuma's strenght and kindness...??
P3.T1: So just to release myself from a passing suffering.....
P3.B1: Karasuma.
P3.T2: I...
P3.T3: I....
P1.T1: did something I can never take back...!!
P2.B1: Hey...
P2.B2: Karasuma...
P2.B3: Wake up....!
P3.B1: Oho... She has really done it...
P4.T1: Now, Karasuma... what expression will your face hold after being defeated by a friend?
P4.T2: Hatred? Or even despair?
P5.T1: This time for sure, I'll get my fun...!
P1.B1: Ou- Ouch....
P2.B1: You haven't become weak at all,
P2.B2: Angie-dono!!
P1.B1: Karasuma....!
P2.T1: Eh?
P2.T2: A smile~~~?
P3.B1: Wa- Waaah~
P3.B2: What has become weak is your reservation. // Your footwork and timing was perfect!
P4.B1: But there was one flaw,
P5.B1: I felt something like confusion in your fist....
P2.B1: !?
P3.T1: Your kindness made me weak...!
P4.B1: I'm sorry, Angie-dono....
P4.B2: I'm still inexperienced, and didn't notice that my actions weakened you, // Therefore...
P1.B1: So until the confusion in your fist disappears, // hit me to your heart's content!
P3.B1: And when your confusion has disappeared,
P3.B2: you can become stronger than you were ever before. // Let's us train together!
P1.B1: Okay, Angie-dono!
P2.B1: ......
P3.T1: What's this... You're getting even more confused?
P3.B1: ....!
P4.B1: !?
P4.T1: The bat is speaking..?
P5.B1: You're really a weak woman... // Geez, Can't be helped.
P1.T1: !?
P2.B1: Wraaa
P2.B2: Karasuma!
P3.B1: Th- This is...!?
P3.B2: That are the negative feelings of this girl. // Her grudge and hatred towards you for becoming weak...
P4.T1: The thought: "If you just wouldn't exist"!!
P5.B1: I'll do the finishing strike instead. // The feelings she couldn't convey----
P6.B1: I'll convey them to you instead!!
P6.B2: Gwaaaaaar
P7.T1: She made use of the electric flow in the earth?
P1.B1: Stop it!!
P4.B1: Angie-dono...!
P4.B2: Grr...
P5.B1: Ugg...
P6.B1: Why are you going against me? // And here I was going to fulfill your wish...
P7.B1: Wrong!!
P1.B1: Thanks to you I understand one thing.
P1.B2: No matter how much I injured Karasuma... // My heart didn't ease one bit...!
P2.B1: Even now, // I
P2.B2: don't want Karasuma to disappear..........!
P3.B1: The origin of my suffering
P3.B2: is myself for trying to blame others // for my own weakness and not facing it right on.
P1.B1: The confusion, // Fear,
P2.B1: Jealousy, // Self-hatredy
P3.T1: and the pain of thinking about Karasuma!!
P4.T1: I'll accept them all,
P4.T2: and overcome them!!
P4.T1: And I'm sure what awaits me after I overcome my weak self,
P5.T1: is my true "strong self"
P5.T2: that I wish for...!!
P7.T1: ....No way.
P7.T2: Such a "straightforward feeling"
P1.T1: is the true character of a human..!?
P2.B1: !
P3.B1: J- Just now.. // Angie-dono, get a hold!!
P3.T1: Eh? What an appearance!
P9.B1: Yo-I-Chi-Sa-N....
P1.B1: We all were searching for Anglea-san, you know~~~!
P1.B2: What were you doing by hiding here~~?
P2.B1: Eh!? Wh- What, you ask.... Just when I found here, something like tentacles came out and...
P2.B2: Hey, Angie-dono, please also say something....
P3.B1: Ubou~~~
P4.B1: Samurai!!
P4.B2: You mean some kind of tentacle play---
P4.B3: Gya--
P4.B1: That's not interesting....
P5.T1: Karasuma Yoichi,
P5.T2: you're always, always ruining the stages I prepare.....
P5.T3: The immature sense of justice of youth----I'm gonna puke!!
P1.T1: You're just a human.
P1.T2: Your true character is the same as theirs....
P2.T1: Love - Friendship - Justice --- I won't accept these as a true character!
P3.B1: Someday I'll rip down your false disguise....!! // You damn hypocrite!!
P3.B1: Earlier that was your doing, right, Oboro-dono?
P4.B1: I said it at the time with the president....
P4.B2: Making use of one's weakness and causing twist, // playing around with the delicate heart...
P1.B1: Taking pleasure by watching other's suffering, // is something I can't forgive!!
P2.B1: Just what is your aim?
P2.B2: Oboro-dono!
P3.B1: Not even one bat is flying today. // Though they were flying around, like the were on survey, before...
P3.B2: What are you doing, Lucy?
P4.T1: I get the feeling I saw that girl somewhere before.
P4.T2: Could it be in the literature....
P1.T1: Suginomiya Oboro // ~~~~~~ // A prodigy creating miracles that surpass the human mind.
P1.T2: Suginomiya Oboro // ~~~~~~ // A demon, with the power to influence people.

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