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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Kurohime 70

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:53 | Go to Kurohime

-> RTS Page for Kurohime 70

[Special Note: Chapter 70 consists of 2 web chapters. Not that it is important to you, it's just relevant to me translating and the order of the chapters. With that reason I will exclusively for this chapter order my translation according to the cleans of chapter 70. Meaning Page01 is just an awesome picture of Kurohime]

Kurohime Chapter70:

[Smexxy Kurohime]
P1.T1: Chapter70: Asura's village
P6.B1: The trees are dying...
P1.B1: Slowly,
P1.B2: Yasha-hime's barrier is crumbling, huh...
P2.B1: The village getting swallowed by hell is only a matter of time.
P3.B1: Till the whole village is swallowed...
P3.B2: just 13 more hours.
P4.B1: And then everyone will die.
P5.B1: You even understand the future?
P5.B2: No, only the past time that I ate.
P6.B1: But more than the village, the forest...
P1.B1: "Fuji's great forest", // the holy place that protects Mount Fuji.
P2.B1: People and wandering souls can't pass through there.
P3.B1: Meaning... There is no place to run to, huh..
P4.B1: I also don't have a place to go to anymore.
P4.B2: So that's why you tagged along...
P5.B1: You aren't staying with everyone else?
P6.B1: ....You're right...
P7.B1: It seems my companions all will stick with Kurohime, but.... // I... not...
P1.B1: Though I say that, I can't return to my former place...
P2.B1: I too...
P2.B2: have to place to return to....
P3.T1: Wraaaaa
P2.T1: Asura is...
P3.T1: Asura is Yamato-hime's replacement!?
P4.T1: Yamato-hime's life is the earth's life itself.
P4.T2: She is different from the other spirit kings. We can't take her into the sword.
P5.T1: For that purpose Asura was created as a replacement.
P5.T1: Created... you say?
P1.T1: Spirits are the power of nature, and don't posses an own soul.
P2.T1: Only the spirit kings, receiving a "life-force" from Yamato-hime,
P2.T2: have one.
P3.T1: If a fire spirit with such a life-force is born,
P3.T2: it can be used as a replacement for Yamato-hime.
P4.T1: The problem is,
P4.T2: if that spirits holds a consciousness that allows it to rebel against the gods.
P5.T1: .....
P5.T2: And the only life form possible of that...
P6.T1: is a human soul,
P6.T2: with the power of a spirit in it.
P7.T1: Being half spirit...
P7.T2: half human...
P1.T1: ...Does she know...
P2.T1: Of course. // Since she was born, it was told her.
P2.T2: That she is the spirit that will save the world.
P3.T1: No that! // I'm asking if she accepts all that!
P5.T1: Let me out!
P6.T1: Human sacrifice my ass! // Selfishly creating me and selfishly killing me!?
P6.T2: Don't fuck with me!!!
P2.T1: This is a necessary sacrifice.
P3.T1: Sacrifice, my ass! Then, you...
P4.T1: !
P5.T1: Y- You...
P1.T1: When "that" was born, I was burned by the hellfire.
P2.T1: Yamato-hime gave me this life,
P2.T2: until Asura is made the human sacrifice.
P3.T1: If it's to protect this planet and all it's people,
P3.T2: then I gladly give my life for it.
P4.T1: And now, Asura...
P4.T2: is sharing my feelings.
P5.T1: To my clan a single life,
P5.T2: isn't that important...
P2.B1: Haa // Haa...
P2.B2: Haa...
P2.B3: Haa...
P3.T1: That's wrong!
P3.T2: She isn't agreeing to that...
P4.B1: I think it's fine if the world ends.
P5.T1: Every human is afraid of dying...
P5.T2: Even her...
P6.B1: !
P7.T1: To cut Asura with that sword,
P7.T2: is your fate.
P1.T1: If you don't...
P1.T2: this world will be destroyed.
P1.B1: I can't do such a thing.
P2.B1: *pant*
P2.B2: *pant*
P3.B1: If you hurt the nature, Asura will get really angry.
P4.B1: You... know Asura?
P5.B1: You're Kurohime-sama, right?
P5.B2: Asura told me a lot about you.
P1.T1: This world is beautiful...
P2.T1: And humans too...
P2.T2: I have a friend... // Looking at her, made me think,
P3.T1: that humans still have a hope.
P4.T1: Happiness, this village and everyone...
P4.T2: I'll definitely protect them...
P5.T1: together with Kurohime...
P6.B1: ....What....
P6.B2: What friend...
P1.B1: You never....
P1.B2: told my anything about that...
P1.B3: My name is Asura. // I came to lift Kurohime's curse.
P2.B1: Asura!!!
P2.B2: Hell I know, idiot!
P2.B3: Never say "please" again. // It's not like you...
P4.B1: Damn!!!
P4.B2: If you had told me at the beginning, // I wouldn't have a problem cutting you.
P5.B1: What's wrong...?
P1.B1: But how do you expect me to cut you now...
P1.B2: Asura...
P1.B1: *faint breathing in sleep*
P1.B2: *faint breathing in sleep*
P1.B3: *faint breathing in sleep*
P1.B4: *sniff*
P6.B1: Be patient...
P6.B2: Asura...
P2.B1: Th- This is...
P3.B1: Seems the 13 hours were a too positive thinking....
[no text]
P3.B1: The barrier.... // suddenly narrowed.
P3.B2: Why!?
P4.T1: Fufufufufufu...
P5.T1: That's because... guarding this village
P5.T2: is no longer needed...
P2.T1: She made us wait quite a while...
P2.T2: but she finally arrived....
[no text, double spread with23]
P1.B1: I found you... Kurohime.
P2.B1: Yasha-hime's barrier...
P3.B1: At this rate the village will also be swallowed by hell!
P4.B1: Kazushi! // Evacuate everyone to the back of the village!
P4.B2: What about you, brother?
P5.B1: I'll protect the people of Yamato, even if it might take my life.
P4.B1: Oh, no...
P4.B2: Like this, the village will be annihilated...
P5.B1: Where is Kurohime?
P5.B2: Yeah, where is she!?
P6.B1: Commander Soudo isn't here either!
P4.B1: Fufufu.... Recovery magic, huh...
P5.B1: I wonder how much you will entertain me....
P5.B2: !?
P2.B1: Grr!
P3.B1: You'll need a lot of these magic bullets.
P4.B1: I'll cut of your arms and legs as much as it needs, // for you to run out of magic.
P4.B2: I wonder if doing so will ease the wound of my heart a bit...
P5.B1: I'll totally slaughter you.
P7.B1: Isn't it supposed to be a really great sword?
P1.B1: Mh... But not in that meaning.
P2.T1: Besides...
P2.T2: her opponent is Yasha-hime, one of the top gods...
P3.B1: Dark Rei-sama...
P3.B2: Please tell me, when you're coming over...
P4.B1: I prepared some tea. // How about accompany me?
P5.B1: I appreciate the thought, but I have to decline.
P6.B1: I can't leave the underworld alone that long.
P9.B1: Don't look back.
P9.B2: !
P2.B1: Let's go...
P3.B1: At that time, I understood...
P3.B2: that even the ruler of the dead, Dark Rei-sama, feared Yasha-hime...
P4.B1: She is not an opponent I can match...
P3.B1: I'm here.
P4.B1: .....Ug!
P5.B1: Do you now know the pain I suffered?
P6.B1: Gwaaaaaar!
P1.T1: Dark Rei-sama was everything to me...
P1.T2: I admired him... He even was my first love...
P2.B1: And you turned him into that mortifying state...
P2.B2: Gaaaaaaa!
P3.B1: I couldn't endure it...
P4.B1: So I smashed him...
P4.B2: His soul... with these hands...
P5.B1: Can you understand this pain? // No, you can't....
P6.B1: But I'll carve an equal pain into your body!!!
P2.B1: Bitch....
P2.B2: You say... you killed Dark Rei-sama?
P3.B1: If I remember... You are a Shinigami Angel...
P4.B1: Why are you going against me?
P6.B1: Soudo....
P1.B1: I entrust all my power.... // No,
P1.B2: everything I have to you!
P2.B1: Let's crush Yasha-hime, Kurohime!
P3.B1: I'll chop you both to pieces! Wraaa!
[no text]
P1.B1: At last...
P1.B2: At last you made me angry....
P2.B1: You little bitch!! Wraaaar!!
[no text]
P2.B1: Idiot....
P2.B2: You can't trick me.
P3.B1: Those who anger me awaits a fast death. // But not you.
P4.B1: I'll let you live a bit longer and taste a bit more of hell.
P5.B1: *pant*
P5.B2: *pant*
P1.T1: Waaaaaaah
P2.B1: Everyone, take shelter at the shrine.
P5.B1: I won't let you put even one finger on the people of Yamato!
P6.B1: There is no end...
P6.B2: At this rate, we'll run out of magic. // Just defending takes all what we have.
P4.B1: Asura-sama came to protect the village!
P3.T1: ....It's impossible...
P3.T2: This isn't even a fight...
P4.T1: She... is just playing with me...
P1.T1: Damn.... So it's impossible to go against a god after all?
P2.B1: There is a way.
P3.B1: You have a way to fight them, right?
P4.B1: The spirit blade in which the 4 great spirit kings reside.
P4.B2: An ultimate sword that can cut everything.. right.
P5.B1: To seal such a dangerous thing away,
P5.B2: I confined each spirit king.
P6.B1: It seems you obtained Genbu and Byakko,
P6.B2: but Yamato-hime is along Mount Fuji in my hands.
P7.B1: But the wind spirit king isn't captured, right?
P7.B2: ....!
P1.B1: Yeah, I didn't hear anything about him being captured.
P2.B1: But it is nothing known about his true form.
P2.B2: It's said that he is a complete mystery...
P3.B1: Wind hasn't a solid form...
P3.B2: It just "floats" through spaces.
P5.B1: That is the same for "times" with similar quality.
P5.B2: This is generally known as "space-time"
P6.T1: And the one controlling this space-time is the wind spirit king.
P7.T1: He can't be caught, because he has no real form.
P7.T2: He can't be found, because he doesn't exists in this time.
P1.B1: For I am the wind spirit king, Seiryuu.
P2.B1: The... Sea Dragon...
P2.B2: is the wind spirit king?
P3.B1: The Sea Dragon is my medium, like the turtle island was for Genbu.
P1.B1: But then why didn't you tell us before!?
P2.B1: For the same reason as the other spirit kings.
P2.B2: I had to ascertain the person who is supposed to take my soul.
P3.B1: !?
P3.B2: And this is the answer.
P4.B1: I entrust you my soul with my utmost trust...
P4.B2: Kurohime...
P1.T1: With that, the water, earth and wind spirit kings are collected.
P2.T1: Only the power of the fire spirit king is left.
P3.T1: So only Asura, as her replacement needs to be captured!
P4.T1: Now...
P5.B1. Wh- What....
P6.T1: Complete the ultimate god-slaying sword, Kurohime!!!
P1.B1: That fire spirit girl...
P1.B2: is a replacement for Yamato-hime?
P2.T1: ...Asura...
P3.B1: I won't allow that! Wraaaar!!!
P4.B1: !!?
P1.B1: This is your only chance!
P1.B2: This shoot will decide the future of this planet and mankind!
P2.B1: Shoot her!!!
P5.B1: What does that mean?
P5.B2: Will you kill Asura?
P6.B1: ...!
P3.T1: Volume 17 End.

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