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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210


+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:00 | Go to SWOT

-> RTS Page for SWOT 5

SWOT Chapter 05:

P1.B1: So, who did this, Toudoucchi?
P1.T1: Suspicious 4!!
P1.B2: The red-head that transferred here recently. Manabizaki or something.
P2.B1: Ah, right, // that swot that hangs around with Hasuno, who quite the bats.
P2.B2: !
P3.B1: Hasuno...
P3.Side: Glasses 5: Teppen and Resolve
P4.B1: What's wrong Okiku-chan?
P4.B2: Nothing.
P5.B1: Huh?
P6.B1: That's strange...
P6.B2: Mukai, you know anything?
P7.B1: ...
P7.B2: ....How gloomy.
P1.B1: Let's go, Kirishima.
P2.B1: Just by standing around we can't reach the "Teppen".
P3.B1: He.
P4.B1: You're right.
P4.B2: Heh.
P1.B1: Ohhh--- // So that's your room.
P1.B2: Y- Yeah.
P2.B1: It's pretty dirty. Hahaha
P2.B2: Mind your own stuff.
P3.B1: .....
P4.B1: I- I have // something to tell you.
P4.B2: Mh!?
P5.B1: The.. truth is...
P6.B1: I love you.
P6.B2: !?
P7.B1: I really love you.
P7.B2: !!?
P1.Sfx1: Gah!
P1.B1: !?
P1.B2: Wake up, boss!!!
P2.B1: H- Huh? Where am I?
P2.B2: What're you saying, // of course you're at school.
P2.Box1: After school // 6th Building's courtyard.
P3.B1: The extra exam begins in 30 minutes, // is it alright to be sleeping here?
P3.B2: Mh.
P4.B1: A dream...huh.
P4.B2: Hahaha...
P5.B1: I bet it was about Hasuno. What were you dreaming?
P5.B2: Eh!?
P6.B1: It didn't dream.
P6.B2: Hehehe.
P1.B1: Hasuno told me to tell you to give your best,
P1.B2: since she is busy with cleaning duty.
P2.B1: I- I'll give my best even without her telling me that!
P2.B2: Look how happy he is.
P3.B1: Should I buy you a coffee can?
P3.B2: Lately my eyes are bleary 'cause I lack sleep.
P4.B1: I was about to buy me a drink too.
P4.B2: Thanks.
P6.B1: To think I dreamed something like that.
P6.B2: How careless.
P7.B1: Red hair and glasses.
P7.B2: Mh?
P1.B1: You're Manabizaki Kyou?
P2.B1: Mh.
P3.B1: Heh.
P5.B1: What should I get.
P6.B1: Hey!
P6.B2: !
P7.B1: That vending machine belongs to our boss "The king".
P7.B2: Don't go and use it so casually.
P1.B1: Or do you wanna die so bad? Huh?
P1.T1: Wh- What do they mean it belongs to?
P2.B1: Don't make a fuss in front of the King's vending machine.
P2.B2: !?
P3.B1: King!!
P4.B1: Yo!
P4.B2: Good day!
P4.B3: You're fabulous today too, King!
P4.B4: Big and robust, he must be strong.
P5.T1: Gr, whatever I do, I get in trouble with dangerous guys.
P6.B1: Normally I would kill you now, but I'll make an exception today.
P6.B2: Eh!?
P7.B1: I'm a man of men, I don't have time to trash small characters, like you.
P1.B1: That's our King, such a big heart.
P1.B2: So gracious and lovely. [lol this guy's a freak]
P1.B3: Dude, no one uses lovely anymore.
P1.B4: Deciding all on your own who's vending machine it is, makes me wonder how big of a character you are...
P2.B1: Well,
P2.B2: I'm saved. So it's fine.
P3.Sign: Girl's toilet
P4.B1: Fu~~~
P4.B2: Cleaning the toilet alone is really tiring~
P5.B1: Geez,
P5.B2: actually there was supposed to be a two-man team.
P6.B1: But who had thought the other one would be Ouno...
P2.B1: ----I'm all set.
P2.B2: Now to hurry back to Boss.
P3.B1: ....Mh?
P4.T1: Th- That's Yamikura-kun!
P5.T1: What's more, he's studying!?
P6.T1: Totally unexpected, since all he does is fighting!
P7.B1: What you're staring at?
P7.B2: !?
P1.B1: You wanna die that bad?
P2.B1: Eh, no, that..
P2.B2: Of course I don't.
P3.B1: Ah, right.
P3.B2: Thanks for saving me before.
P4.B1: ....
P4.B2: I don't remember saving you.
P4.B3: Eh.
P5.B1: Next time, you stare at me, you die.
P6.T1: .....
P6.T2: Killing me because I just look at him?
P7.T1: He's scary after all...
P2.B1: You're a bother. // Don't just sit down next to me.
P3.B1: It's fine. // Let's talk a bit about politics.
P4.B1: I have an exam in 30 minutes, // and on top of that my eyes are irritated 'cause of lack of sleep.
P5.B1: If you don't wanna die, disappear this instant.
P6.B1: Oh,
P6.B2: Don't make such a face.
P7.B1: But with seeing it, I'm convinced now.
P7.B2: Huh?
P1.B1: That your announcing of defeating all delinquents wasn't for show.
P2.B1: Mh.
P3.B1: Defeating all delinquents means to get to the "Teppen".
P3.B2: It seems you also have an interest in enjoying the view from there.
P4.B1: Teppen? // What's that?
P4.B2: Eh!? You serious?
P5.B1: You got a problem?
P5.B2: Nah.
P6.B1: What is referred to as Teppen, is the position of the strongest Archon with great leading abilities.
P6.B2: He also can get the power to control the underground. The world will be his. // Therefore everyone risk his life to get that position.
P1.B1: Boring.
P1.B2: Eh!?
P2.B1: Underground or what ever, I'm not interested. I just wanna beat all the delinquents to study in peace.
P2.B2: S- Study?
P3.B1: Huh?
P3.B2: !
P4.B1: Who's he?
P5.B1: He shit his pants and wants to borrow a new pair.
P5.B2: Eh!?
P5.B3: Fuck that!!
P6.B1: Damn, // My name is Kirishi-
P7.B1: What the fuck!!
P1.B1: Our great King has business with that red haired Four-eyes!!
P1.B2: Come with us quietly, we'll smash your head!!
P2.B1: Hey.
P2.B2: It's the big guy from earlier.
P3.B1: Like I would, you skyscraper!!
P3.B2: I'm busy, so get lost already, idiots!
P4.B1: There was once a thing I wanted,
P4.B2: I wanted it so bad,
P5.B1: and that was a child's three-wheeler!!
P5.B2: How lame!!
P7.B1: !?
P1.B1: Gwaar.
P2.B1: Mh.
P4.B1: Strike~~~
P5.T1: Instant kill with a baseball!?
P6.B1: !?
P3.T1: He's...
P4.T1: strong!!!
P5.B1: Spare me.
P6.B1: Can't do.
P6.B2: !?
P3.T1: To beat on him, though he was already down...
P4.T1: He's pretty screwed!!
P5.B1: With a half-assed "resolve" you won't get the teppen.
P5.B2: !?
P6.B1: An insensitiveness, to act remove all possible obstacles,
P6.B2: and a personality to walk over blood. // Since you won't reach the teppen with brute strength alone.
P7.B1: What your resolve is....
P1.B1: I'll come soon to find that out, so be prepared.
P3.T1: De- Declaration of war!?
P4.B1: Geh, // prepared or whatever, I don't give a damn.
P4.B2: If you interrupt my studies, I'll slaughter you.
P5.B1: Gr, 'cause of these idiots I had no time to study, Damnit.
P5.B2: Boss, where are you going?
P6.B1: Of course to the exam.
P7.T1: Resolve...huh.
P8.T1: It seems it won't be all that easy, no matter how strong Boss might be.
P8.B1: I'll come with you!
P8.B2: Why are you coming too?
P8.T2: Glasses 05: End.
P2.B1: Puh---
P2.B2: Just a bit more and-
P6.B1: I finally found you...
P6.B2: Hasuno-san.
P7.B1: O- Okiku....
P7.T1: Foreboding of fate!!

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