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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Zetsuen no Tempest 5

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:04 | Go to Zetsuen no Tempest

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Zetsuen no Tempest Chapter 05:

P1.T1: Chapter 05: Contradicting skull
P1.Vertical: Seek the truth-----
P1.B1: I think it was about 1 and a half month ago.
P1.T1: Junichiro says "Hakaze is dead"...
P2.B1: When I got a call from Samon-san.
P2.B2: I then went to the Kusaribe main house.
P1.B1: I always knew that Hakaze-chan was isolated
P1.B2: in the clan...
P2.B1: So you came,
P2.B2: Junichiro.
P4.B1: .....
P1.B1: What is the matter?
P2.B1: The princess passed away.
P5.B1: The Hakaze-chan who got the ultimate protection // from the "Tree of beginning"?
P5.B2: How?
P1.B1: To begin with, killing her goes too much against the laws. // Was it some kind of rebound....
P2.B1: I placed a bet.
P3.B1: I put her to sleep with a drug, // and abandoned her on a small island without civilization,
P3.B2: in that barrel.
P4.B1: With enough willpower, one could have survived on that island.
P4.B2: And with her divine protection, even an escape could have been possible.
P5.B1: But, the "Tree of beginning"
P5.B2: hasn't completely awakened yet.
P6.B1: That's why her protection might have been defective.
P6.B2: That's what I betted on.
P1.B1: So you left it up to the laws of nature
P1.B2: if she would survive.
P2.B1: With that method indeed,
P2.B2: you wouldn't have gone against the laws.
P5.B1: Yesterday,
P5.B2: we collected the barrel along a corpse.
P2.B1: I don't know if birds or sea animals ate her,
P2.B2: but she's only bones now.
P1.B1: When you said you confirmed her corpse,
P1.B2: it were just the bones, huh.
P2.B1: How the hell can you tell it's her then?
P4.B1: From the skull.
P4.B2: It was hers.
P5.B1: Since her head had a beautiful form.
P5.B2: ....
P6.B1: But
P6.B2: with just that...
P1.B1: No,
P1.B2: I understood intuitive.
P2.B1: That this was Hakaze-chan.
P3.B1: ....
P4.B1: So
P4.B2: what happened after that?
P6.B1: ----Junichiro.
P1.B1: The whole family
P1.B2: will now seriously aim to resurrect the "Tree of Zetsuen".
P2.B1: That's not something related to me, isn't it?
P2.B2: Since I can't use any magic.
P3.B1: I'll stay neutral and bear witness for the following generations.
P3.B2: Yeah.
P4.B1: But if you give us your cooperation
P4.B2: it would unify the clan better...
P1.B1: Did you really
P1.B2: kill Hakaze-chan?
P3.B1: Why would I lie?
P4.B1: No,
P4.B2: I just thought it wasn't your usual way of handling matters.
P5.B1: At least I can say I didn't kill her directly.
P5.B2: Though I don't know what happened to her on that island.
P3.B1: I'll leave funeral service to you.
P4.B1: At the moment the clan has no time to mourn for her.
P4.B2: We'll retain her bones though,
P5.B1: since having no one grieve for her would be against the laws too.
P1.B1: So
P1.B2: I build this little shrine.
P2.B1: It might be a bit Buddhism-like,
P3:B1: but I also added a Kusaribe touch.
P4.B1: ....
P5.B1: You two
P5.B2: think she's alive, right?
P6.B1: I thought for sure though that I was asked to act only after her death?
P7.B1: By the killed and now dead one?
P1.B1: Yeah. // She was a special girl with the divine protection from the "Tree of Beginning"
P1.B2: She's blessed with tons of good luck.
P2.B1: Even if she's trapped on that island, she should be able to make contact with someone.
P2.B2: Like a message in a bottle or something other with a chance of success...
P3.B1: He's sharp!
P4:B1: Bingo....!
P5.B1: Enough with questions.
P6.B1: I was just asked to keep the talisman.
P6.B2: And you guys know what to do with it, right.
P1.B1: Are you fine with this?
P2.B1: You noticed bad shit is going on, right?
P4.B1: I'm not a magician, but I'm still part of the clan.
P4.B2: I can't move that freely as you think.
P5.B1: That's why Hakaze-chan hasn't asked more of me.
P5.B2: That's all I can do as a neutral party.
P6.B1: Also...
P7.B1: Also?
P1.B1: No.
P2.B1: Nothing I should say to you.
P3.B1: We're off, Yoshino.
P4.B1: Ah, yeah!
P4.B2: Sorry for the intrusion.
P2.B1: What's his
P2.B2: position within the clan?
P3.Box1: He's a distant relative of the previous leader.
P3.Box2: He lost his parents when he was young and was never really involved with the clan.
P4.Box1: Since he's not blood related, he can't use magic.
P4.Box2: And he doesn't have any special privileges.
P5.B1: But he was trusted by the previous head, // thus is known by the whole clan.
P5.B2: Also, him, Samon and me go way back.
P1.B1: Seems you don't mind his struck up ways.
P1:B2: What was that with the "-chan"?
P3.B1: ...Because he has no privileges,
P3.B2: he doesn't need to honor me as the "princess"....
P4.Box1: Well... Guess I'm like a little sister to him....
P4.Box2: And I'm annoyed with everyone treated me as a princess.
P4.Box3: Well... isn't it fine...
P5.B1: She you were happy he patted your head, huh.
P5.B2: I wasn't happy!
P1.B1: ....?
P2.B1: ....Anyways
P2.B2: we can trust him, right?
P4.B1: You can.
P4.B2: Just him wouldn't tell a tell or betray me.
P5.Box1: The previous head always said, // if Jun-nii had magical power, he would be my guardian, you know?
P5.Box2: He might be carefree, but he never misjudges a situation...
P6.B1: Hoo....
P6.Box1: Sounds like he's her first love.
P7.Box1: Ahh! You were just thinking something vulgar!!
P7.Box2: You're wrong! Even Samon acknowledges him!
P8.B1: ----That all doesn't matter.
P1.B1: Then what do you make
P1.B2: of his statement that you're dead and just bones now?
P3.B1: Dunno.
P4.B1: If he's telling the truth, // Samon specially prepared faked bones and is putting on an act.
P4.B2: But the reason for that?
P5.B1: Jun-nii having recognized me just by bones isn't all that unbelievable.
P5.B2: He's sharp and doesn't judges lightly.
P6.B1: Even then he identified them as mine.
P6.B2: Why?
P1.B1: Taking the obviously,
P1.B2: he paired up with Samon and is tricking us?
P2.B1: What's the use in tricking us?
P2.B2: And he would // change his mind when we told him, Hakaze-chan is alive and we're playing to save her, right?
P3.B1: A diversion.
P4.B1: To hide his paring up, huh.
P4.B2: Then he's playing to capture us.
P5.B1: But we have proof that Hakaze is alive.
P5.B2: Instant exposure?
P6.B1: What if that doll isn't connect in real time?
P7.B1: To see trough a lie isn't that easy.
P1.B1: Your argument is biased on his testament "Hakaze-chan is dead".
P1.B2: You trust a person you just meet so much?
P2.B1: ...Then,
P3.Box1: He isn't paring up with Samon,
P3.Box2: but it's just that Samon is making the whole clan believe that Hakaze-san is dead?
P4.B1: And that would bring?
P5.B1: Besides there's no way the clan would be tricked
P5.B2: with faked bones provided by the usual reliable Samon.
P6.B1: I think it would work, specially with people like Jun-nii.
P1.B1: But with just a look at your skull,
P1.B2: he was convinced you're dead.
P3.B1: That's
P3.B2: the thing I don't understand.
P4.Box1: That would only be possible
P4.Box2: if that were really my skull.
P5.B1: Then your speaking without your head right now?
P5.B2: Or are you a ghost?
P6.B1: Ghosts don't exist.
P7.B1: Yeah.
P7.B2: Such irrational things don't exist.
P8.Box1: ....Though everything is irrational then.
P2.B1: Mahiro.
P2.B2: A butterfly!!
P3.B1: Wha.... ----!?
P1.B1: Ou....!
P2.B1: Uwaaaaaaa
P4.B1: Even without the butterlies searching,
P4.B2: it's way too early for the next one!
[no text]
P2.B1: Horrible...
P2.B2: So that's a "Fruit of Zetsuen".
P3.B1: .....
P4.B1: There was quite a shock,
P4.B2: but no one is on the streets.... // is this place in the effect range of the iron sickness?
P1.B1: Junichiro-dono.
P2.B1: To think it would appear here...
P2.B2: Good you're safe.
P5.B1: Wha.... What's this!
P6.B1: Don't mind it.
P6.B2: .....!!
P1.B1: Go that way.
P1.B2: Else you'll be trapped here.
P2.B1: T- Tell me... just what...
P3.B1: No questions.
P3.B2: Just hit the gas pedal.
P4.B1: And be grateful.
P4.B2: If it weren't for us, you would be an iron block.
P5.B1: Are you okay?
P5.B2: ...Ye- Yeah...
P5.B1: Following by the speed,
P5.B2: it means elsewhere could have fruits appear too, or?
P1.B1: Tonight, strange butterfly observations
P1.B2: at three new places were made?
P2:B1: You checked one place during the day, right?
P3.B1: There are three places by reports.
P4.B1: Hokkaido, Shikoku and Choubu!
P4.B2: There might be more!
P1.B1: From one place we got images of a black fruit and
P1.B2: a destroyed city from a TV camera.
P2.B1: That impact is too big.
P2.B2: We can't keep this secret.
P3.B1: ....
P4.B1: But
P4.B2: we got a decision now.
P5.B1: Yamamoto,
P5.B2: let's begin.
P6.B1: Yeah,
P6.B2: let us begin
P1.B1: the fight against magicians.
P3.B1: Seems Samon is impatient.
P4.B1: Yeah.
P1.B1: Hakaze,
P1.B2: the bone story has to wait for later.
P2.Box1: Whatever the answer to it is, it's our win if we prevent the resurrection.
P2.Box2: Right?
P4.Box1: ....Okay,
P4.Box2: you have my permission.
P5.B1: Head towards Samon.
P6.B1: Immediate attack!
P3.B1: Natsumura-kun, huh.
P3.B2: Long no see.
P4.B1: I got a talisman from the previous head.
P4.B2: It protects me from the iron sickness.
P5.B1: Though that's it's only effect.
P7.B1: You reached
P7.B2: a state, where you can no longer turn back.
P1.B1: This is a good chance.
P1.B2: Won't you come over to us?
P2.B1: Or rather
P2.B2: if you keep acting selfishly while claiming to be neutral,
P3.B1: you're just a bother to us.
P4.B1: I call myself neutral
P4.B2: but sentimental, I'm on Hakaze-chan's side.
P5.B1: -----Then,
P6.B1: I'll have you come by force.
P7.B1: Mhm....
P1.B1: I remember Samon-san saying to leave me alone though.
P3.B1: That
P4.B1: I can confirm after.
P4.T1: !?
P5.B1: No good.
P5.B2: Even if you call yourself a defense mage of Kusaribe, when it's over, it's over.
P2.B1: Why do you think
P2.B2: Samon-san is so lenient on a non-magician like me?
P4.T1: Magic?
P4.T2: No...
P5.T1: Since you can't use magic....
P6.B1: Anyway,
P6.B2: I have no intention to help Samon-san.
P1.B1: Also that thing.
P1:B2: How many died today?
P2.B1: .....
P3.B1: But
P3.B2: you should know.
P4.B1: What's really scary
P4.B2: isn't this, but....
P3.B1: Keep going straight. // Until you reach Mt. Fuji.
P4.B1: No, that's not a bus route.
P4.B2: That's more than 200km.
P5.Box1: I can't
P5.Box2: let them know it....
P1.Box1: That it's not the "Tree of Zetsuen"
P2.Box1: but Hakaze-chan and the "Tree of beginning"
P3.Box1: who will bring the destruction of this world.

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