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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Zetsuen no Tempest 7

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:04 | Go to Zetsuen no Tempest

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Zetsuen no Tempest Chapter 07:

P1.T1: Chapter 07: Let come what comes, say the Brother.
[no text]
P2.B1: Tetsuma!
P2.B2: I'll the countermeasures to the militaries attack to you.
P3:B1: We need to continue the ritual. Guaranteeing the stability of the "Tree of Zetsuen" has priority.
P3.B2: Roger.
P4:B1: You can cut the camouflage of the barrier.
P4:B2: Strengthen the defense instead!
P1.B1: We no longer need to hide
P1:B2: the "Tree of Zetsuen"!
P3.B1: ...What?
P4:B1: Space...
P4:B2: is distorting?
P1.B1: The inside got visible!
P2.B1: So that's....
P2.B2: our "enemy"...!
P4:B1: You showed yourself.
P1.B1: "Tree of Zetsuen"....!!
P2.B1: To pass through that barrier you need at last ten other talismans.
P2.B2: Don't forget them.
P3.B1: Once you crossed the barrier, you should see the "Tree of Zetsuen".
P4.B1: We can already.
P4.B2: Same goes for the barrier itself.
P5.B1: ----Then, Hakaze-san,
P6.B1: exactly where
P6.B2: should we use the special talisman on?
P1:B1: Obviously
P1.B2: on Samon himself.
P2.B1: ----Samon-dono,
P2.B2: Someone is interfering with the barrier. Looks like intruder!
P4.T1: So they came.
P1.T1: Princess....!!
P2.B1: Uwa.
P4.B1: We got through, Hakaze. // Now Samon should knew we're her.
P4.B2: Yeah.
P5.B1: But there's no need for stealth actions.
P5.B2: Head straight for the "Tree of Zetsuen".
P1:B1: One more move
P1.B2: and Check!
P3.B1: Princess,
P3.B2: it won't go like you think.
P4:B1: The fight starts now.
P3.B1: That is "magic"...?
P3.B2: Are our attacks working?
P3.B3: Any respond from the enemy...? // How is it?
P4.T1: With all this concentrated fire...
P4.T2: preventing any shaking is impossible....
P1.T1: They got someone experienced in fighting against magic!
P2.B1: Don't panic.
P2.B2: They might me magicians, but all they can use is "Defensive Magic".
P3.B1: They won't be any counterattacks.
P3.B2: Just focus on attacking!
P4:B1: They should have they hands full.
P4.B2: Return!
P4.B3: Return!
P5.B1: Return!
P5.B2: Return!
P5.B3: Return!
P5.B4: Return!
P1.B1: Ignore the attacks from outside!
P1.B2: The barrier is still stabile!
P2.B1: Advance the ceremony as much as possible!
P3.T1: ----So I say, but...
P4.T1: The attacks are worse than I thought.
P4.T2: If we take too much of it, it might get complicated to take control of the "Tree of Zetsuen" after it's revival...!
P5.T1: But we still aren't ready to counterattack.
P1.T1: Until Samon-dono gets back,
P1.T2: I'll have to hold the fortress....!
P6.B1: .....!!
P3:B1: ----Hakaze,
P3.B2: Here's a guy with long hair, // a katana and a band collar.
P5.Box1: A barrel?
P6.Box1: Why a barrel?
P7.B1: That's Samon without doubt.
P7.B2: Get closer,
P1.B1: until my voice reaches him.
P7.B1: Impressive making it here,
P7.B2: Boys.
P1.B1: My name is Kusaribe Samon.
P1.B2: I'm the representative of the old Kurisabe Clan.
P3.B1: Boys,
P3.B2: could you name yourselves?
P5.B1: Juts call me Boy A.
P5.B2: Since it's not me...
P1.B1: who wants to talk.
P2.B1: It's been quite a while,
P2.B2: Samon.
P3.B1: Four month, I think?
P3.B2: Seems you haven't changed.
P5.B1: Right back at you.
P5.B2: Even far away, you act like always.
P4.Box1: Just what
P4.Box2: is going on....?
P1.B1: Samon,
P1:B2: I think you know already.
P3.B1: That this talisman, he holds,
P3.B2: will activate when he pulls the trigger.
P4:B1: You're already in the range of it's magic.
P5.B1: Upon activating break that ridiculous barrier for controlling the "Tree of Zetsuen".
P5.B2: And without me, it'll go on an unbelievable rampage.
P7.B1: I would think so.
P1:B1: With that, you're only choice
P1.B2: is to bring me back.
P2.B1: But even with bringing me back and taking control of it,
P3.B1: this area is doomed for destruction.
P5.B1: Surrender, Samon.
P5:B2: Bring me back, without having me to have to activate that talisman.
P1.B1: The moment my talisman entered this area,
P1.B2: it was your loss.
P2:B1: You did well, // but you don't know when to give up.
P2.B2: You shall be forgiven for the meaningless deaths you created.
P4.B1: If your pride doesn't allow you to surrender,
P5.B1: I'm ready to pull the trigger anytime.
P3:B1: ....Pull and
P3.B2: destroy the world?
P4.B1: Without the "Tree of Zetsuen"
P4:B2: this world is doomed.
P6.B1: What is destroying the world
P6.B2: is that power of that "Tree of Zetsuen", isn't it?
P7.B1: Do you have an idea just how much damage you did,
P7.B2: how many lives you took?
P1.B1: You didn't hear it?
P3:B1: That are all countermeasures
P4.B1: taken by the "Tree of Beginning" to prevent
P4.B2: the revival of the "Tree of Zetsuen" with the collection of the fruits.
P6.B1: The revival of the "Tree of Zetsuen" isn't what destroys this world,
P6.B2: it's the awakening of the "Tree of Beginning".
P1:B1: And the only thing that can prevent that and save the world,
P1.B2: is the "Tree of Zetsuen".
P2:B1: That big tree is our sole
P2:B2: sword of hope.
P1.B1: ....This world was born, whole the "Tree of Beginning" was in a slumber.
P1:B2: In a way, it's an "imperfect World"
P2:B1: While the "Tree of Beginning's" power may reach here, the laws aren't perfect.
P2.B2: There exists instability.
P3:B1: Basically
P3.B2: This world is not correct.
P4:B1: Therefore
P5.B1: By awakening, the "Tree of Beginning"
P5.B2: first begins to correct this world.
P6.B1: And for that, the world
P6.B2: will be destroyed once.
P2.B1: The "Tree of Beginning" will destroy this world once,
P2.B2: to rebuild it into a perfect state.
P3.B1: You should know what the "Tree of Beginning" needs to get enough power for that.
P3.B2: Things that we offer in exchange for magic.
P4:B1: High quality "products of civilization"....!
P5:B1: That's right.
P6.B1: The power needed to rebuild this world is enormous.
P6.B2: What it needs for that power are "products of civilization". And quite a number of that.
P2.Box1: The "products of civilization" that we offer for magic, turn into dust.
P2.Box2: The "Tree of Beginning" then absorbs it and turns it into power.
P3.Box1: Then....!
P4.B1: If the "Tree of Beginning" awakens-----
P5.B1: it will devour all kind of civilization on this planet.
P5.B2: How many casualties do you think will causes that?
P1.B1: Not even 100 million might survive this.
P1.B2: Worst case, the whole system of living beings as we know it, might cease to exist due to the rebuild.
P4.Box1: I knew something was off when I heard the explanation for magic.
P5.Box1: The Kurisabe magic might be indeed exists to protect the laws,
P5.Box2: but....
P6.Box1: it also has the dreadful power of resetting civilization!
P1.B1: That's why // with the new era, a small part of the Kurisabe Clan thought up a plan.
P2:B1: To revive the "Tree of Zetsuen" before the "Tree of Beginning" awakens,
P2.B2: so that it can deal it again a great deal of damage and put in back into a deep slumber.
P3.B1: Though I didn't think
P3.B2: they would go through with it.
P4.B1: I'm sure the higher-ups, who mobilized the military
P5.B1: and ordered these attacks, don't know that it instead
P5.B2: brings forth the destruction of the world....
P3:B1: ----Samon,
P3.B2: we discussed that with the clan before.
P4.B1: No matter how instable this world is,
P4:B2: the "Tree of Beginning" won't rebuild it whole.
P5.B1: It'll just "fix" the problematic points.
P5.B2: It won't devour all civilization either.
P6.B1: With the awakening of the "Tree of Beginning"
P6.B2: this world can finally gain true peace.
P7.B1: ----In fact
P1.B1: having the "Tree of Zetsuen" damage the "Tree of Beginning"
P1.B2: will have more causalities.
P2.B1: Besides if you damage the "Tree of Beginning" too much, the laws of this world will crumble.
P2.B2: And that will be brining down doom onto all living beings.
P3:B1: ...Princess,
P4.B1: You're the only one who thinks like that.
P4:B2: The previous leader Maya-sama feared the awakening of the "Tree of Beginning".
P5.B1: The clan already as come to an answer.
P1:B1: Even with temporary causalities,
P1.B2: we need to put the "Tree of Beginning" into a sleep slumber again.
P2:B1: Don't kid me.
P3:B1: As if the Kusaribe Clan, followers of the "Tree of Beginning"
P3.B2: would approve of that.
P4:B1: We're protecting this world!
P4:B2: We might be followers, but we aren't slaves!
P5.B1: You can't protect the world like that!
P1:B1: What now, Boys.
P1.B2: You're still siding with the Princess after hearing all this?
P2:B1: Your misjudging
P2.B2: can lead to the destruction of the world, you know?
P4.Box1: Suddenly asking us that now...
P5.Box1: We barely know anything about magic, nor do we know those twos personalities.
P1.Box1: To decide which side is correct...
P1.Box2: As if we could tell....
P1.B1: Which side is right and which is wrong,
P1.B2: doesn't matter to me at all.
P3.B1: Hey, Mahiro...!
P3.B2: ----Also
P1.B1: I already heard from Hakaze that your standpoint might be correct.
P1.B2: Hearing it again from you doesn't change a thing.
P3:B1: Hey... I didn't
P3.B2: hear of that!
P4:B1: 'Cause I didn't let you.
P4.B2: If you had heard it, you would have been all confused and just a hindrance.
P5.B1: ....
P6.B1: You never doubted the Princess' words?
P7.B1: It's not like I doubt yours either.
P7.B2: Both arguments are convincing enough.
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: Human-wise it's a bit questionable, but...
P4.B1: This boy
P4:B2: doesn't give a damn about this world.
P5:B1: Therefore, Samon
P5:B2: It's your loss.
P1.T1: *"Conscience and grace, to the profoundest pit!
P1.T2: I dare damnation. To this point I stand, That both the worlds I give to negligence,
P1.T1: Let come what comes; only I'll be revenged"
P2.T2: *"Hamlet" Shakespeare (Act 4, Scene 5)
P1.B1: The world's problems can wait.
P1.B2: Bring Hakaze back.
P4:B1: I have
P4.B2: someone I want her to find.

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