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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Zetsuen no Tempest 8

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:04 | Go to Zetsuen no Tempest

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Zetsuen no Tempest Chapter 08:

P1.T1: The beginning is the end, the end is the beginning. Then if the "Tree of Beginning" awakens
P1.T2: will the beginning come to an end? Or will the end begin?
P1.T1: Chapter 08: Time isolated girl.
P1.B1: The world's problems can wait.
P1.B2: Bring Hakaze back.
P2.B1: There's
P2.B2: someone I want her to find.
P1.B1: Someone who doesn't care about the fate of the world.
P1.B2: To think you would pair up with the Princess...
P2.B1: No, your existence itself
P2.B2: is proof that the Laws of this world side with the Princess, I guess.
P5.B1: What do you desire?
P1.B1: Who are you searching for
P1.B2: that it is worth the destruction of this world?
P3.B1: You'll know if get Hakaze back.
P3:B2: Else there is no need for you to know.
P1.B1: If I get the Princess back....huh?
P3.B1: I see.
P4.B1: You leave me no choice.
P6.B1: Checkmate.
P7.B1: It's over, Samon.
P1.T1: ----The problem is
P1.T2: If Mahiro's sister hadn't been killed one year ago...
P2.T1: Mahiro wouldn't mindless go out for revenge, lending me a hand----
P2.T2: and wouldn't face Samon this reckless.
P3.T1: You might as well say his sister
P3:T2: was killed for my sake.
P4.T1: But she was killed, before I was even placed here.
P5.T1: The "Tree of Beginning" couldn't have plotted this all....
P2.T1: ----Is this really alright?
P3.Box1: It'll be fine if Hakaze-san really saves the world.
P4.Box1: But according to that man Samon,
P4.Box2: Hakaze-san is causing it's destruction.
P5.T1: Is it really alright to have Mahiro decide on this?
P6.B1: ------Mahiro,
P7.B1: You said
P7.B2: you would save the world, right?
P1.B1: But if you mess up, it might end up in the opposite, you know?
P1.B2: Do your reasons really justify this?
P3.B1: If this world is correct for the most parts,
P3.B2: it won't be destroyed if Hakaze is brought back.
P4.B1: But if I accidentally are wrong
P4.B2: and the world gets rebuild after being destroyed once, wouldn't that better?
P6.Box1: ...I see.
P1.Box1: To Mahiro, a world without Aika-chan
P1.Box2: is of no use.
P2.Box1: I'm trying to understand what corrections would be coherent. [corrections of the world Hakaze spoke of in the previous chapters, that only some parts would be fixed]
P3.Box1: Impossible.
P3.Box2: I can't agree with Mahiro.
P4.T1: But I don't even know what [italic] I [/italic] can do for Aika-chan---....
P1.B1: Rest assured, Yoshino.
P1.B2: It won't go like Samon said.
P3.B1: Now then, Kusaribe Samon,
P4.B1: bring Hakaze back.
P3.B1: Tetsuma-dono!
P3:B2: The is a change in the first layer of the barrier!
P4.B1: At this rate, the destruction of the first layer is only a matter of hours!
P4.B2: ....
P5.B1: Fucking military!
P5:B2: Don't they realize what they're doing?
P1.B1: Their own attacks
P1.B2: might end up destroying this world!
P2.T1: ----... What should I do?
P2:T2: If this continues....
P4.B1: ------Boy,
P4.B2: One question.
P1.B1: What will you do
P1.B2: if the Princess can't fulfill your wish?
P4.B1: For example
P1.B1: if the Princess
P1.B2: is already dead. What then?
P2.B1: ...."Ifs" have no place in reality.
P4.B1: Well, this is real enough.
P6.B1: The princess is already dead.
P7.B1: Take a look.
P1.B1: Tree within a tree,
P1.B2: great oak within an oak,
P2.B1: Hear my words!
P6.B1: Like you can see, the Princess is just bones now. She can't grant you your wish.
P6.B2: There is no benefit for you in hindering us.
P2.B1: I identified her corpse.
P3.B1: I intuitively knew
P3.B2: that it was Hakaze-chan.
P4.Box1: That are Hakaze-san's bones...?
P5.Box1: No, that can't be!
P1.B1: .....Samon,
P2.B1: I'm talking with you right now,
P2:B2: how the hell could I be dead?
P5.B1: Or do you think
P5.B2: that I'm a ghost?
P6.B1: No.
P7.B1: But this is your whole skeleton.
P8.B1: I brought it back from the island
P8.B2: with my own hands, along with the barrel.
P1.B1: Samon,
P1.B2: what is it that you want to say?
P5.T1: Are these the bones, Jun-niisan said he saw?
P5:T2: Why is he showing them now....
P1.B1: Princess,
P1.B2: What year do we have?
P2.B1: Huh?
P3.B1: You said you have been spending about 4 months on that island,
P3.B2: but what year do you think we have at the moment?
P5.B1: Right now
P5.B2: the year is....
P1.B1: ...A.D.
P2.B1: ...?
P4.B1: What's wrong?
P4.B2: Did I say something strange?
P6.B1: ....
P6.B2: Hakaze-san,
P1.B1: that date is two years before.
P1.B2: Two years have passed since then.
P5.T1: Two years?
P5.T2: Two years have passed?
P1.B1: Don't be ridiculous!
P1.B2: I'm on this island for only four month.
P2.B1: There is no way I could mistake it for two years!
P4.B1: What's the meaning of this?
P5.B1: Princess,
P1.B1: You're in the world, two years previous to ours.
P1.B2: And we're in the world, two years after yours.
P2.B1: Without a magical device
P2.B2: this all wouldn't be happening.
P1.B1: Through magic, your island is connected
P2.B1: to the world two years later.
P4.T1: Connected!?
P2.B1: Natsumura,
P2.B2: could I ask you to deploy?
P3.B1: Mess up about a third of their weapons.
P5.B1: Affirmative.
P1.T1: We might only have defense magic, but we can still fight.
P1.T2: I won't let you do as you please forever!
P3.B1: Bascially
P3.B2: the one talking with us like this
P4.B1: is the "Hakaze from two years ago".
P5.B1: And the "Hakaze from the present"
P5.B2: is these bones?
P1.B1: Your doll,
P1.B2: the princess as the same one with her.
P2.B1: Between those two dolls exists a resonance caused by magic.
P2.B2: It's surpassing time and allows you to speak to each other.
P3.B1: It's like a special transponder, only connected to one specific partner.
P3.B2: It's an old communication magic used by us Kusaribe.
P5.B1: If they're connect to each other,
P6.B1: why isn't it connect to the "counterpart of the present"?
P6.B2: But instead with the "one of two years go"?
P1.B1: At the time you got your doll, the "present doll" of the princess was either broken already
P1.B2: or simply lost it's magic.
P2.B1: If it was exposed to salt-water for half a year, it isn't that unreasonable.
P3.B1: A normal transponder would just stop working if there is no receiver.
P3.B2: And that would be the end of it, but....
P5.B1: But
P5.B2: this is a magical transponder, huh?
P6.B1: When it lost it's receiver in the present, it crossed time
P6.B2: and tried to connect to a doll of the past.
P1.B1: But I'm afraid
P1.B2: I don't know why it was exactly the one of two years ago.
P2.B1: Maybe it was the easiest one to connect to.
P5.B1: But Mahiro,
P6.B1: when you first spoke with Hakaze-san,
P6.B2: you never noticed that two years had passed for her?
P1.B1: Hakaze-san at least confirmed the current date, or not?
P1.B2: She did.
P2.B1: But you normally don't ask them
P2:B2: for the year, do you?
P3.Box1: Guess he has a point.
P4.Box1: And if exactly two years have passed,
P4.Box2: you wouldn't notice the year difference by just the date.
P5.Box1: And even if there are puzzles in the conversation, you wouldn't conclude it on that...
P7.B1: ....
P7.B2: Impossible!
P8.B1: You say I'm an existences
P8.B2: two years previous to you all?
P1.B1: And that I'm just bones over at your timeline?
P1.B2: Impossible!
P2.B1: Samon!
P3.B1: The realist you are,
P3.B2: would never go to the risk of letting me die!
P4.B1: Without me
P4.B2: what would you do if you fail in resurrecting the "Tree of Zetsuen"?
P2.B1: Princess! When facing you
P2.B2: even the realistic me, had to place a bet!
P4.B1: If I hadn't, I couldn't have protect the world. So abandoned my ways,
P4.B2: endured my fear and turned you into bones!
P5.B1: .....
P6.B1: And if you call me a realist, Princess----
P1.B1: do you think I would set the plan to revive the "Tree of Zetsuen" into action
P1.B2: with just a mere of four month preparation?
P2.B1: Realistic as I am, I spend two years preparing!
P2:B2: Carefully preparing to make not the slightest mistake!
P3.B1: Besides
P5.B1: Junichirou also confirmed these as your bones.
P5.B2: He wouldn't be fouled with fakes.
P2.Box1: The contradicting skull, that came up with Junichirou-san's report.
P2.Box2: It can be solved with the time shift.
P3.Box1: If I had thought about it a bit harder
P3.Box2: I should have come to realize this way faster!
P5.T1: The bottle I put the doll in....
P6.T1: I see.
P7.T1: It was strange to begin with, that it would only take a few month to drift to Japan.
P1.T1: Considering that this island as a tropic climate,
P1.T2: a few months are way too earlier.
P3:T1: Why did I never consider it would take about two years?
P3.T2: Was I counting on my strong luck?
P1.B1: So I am
P1:B2: dead after all?
P2:B1: And this island is
P2:B2: two years previous to your timeline?
P5.B1: You appear like a phantom,
P5:B2: speaking to us like this.
P1.B1: Dead or alive,
P1:B2: there is no magic to get the current you over here.
P2.B1: To you, that island
P3:B1: is a cage of time.
P5.B1: Princess,
P5:B2: it's your loss.
[no text]
P6.B1: What...?
P2.B1: Sorry to impose.
P3.B1: Natsumura-kun made his move.
P4.B1: The table is turned.
P5.Box1: .....
P5.Box2: If Hakaze-san is already dead, she can't be brought back here.
P1.Box1: And she can't grant Mahiro's wish.
P1.Box2: That means, we have no reason to fight.
P2.Box1: Guess this is the end....
P5.B1: Tch... How troublesome.
P5.B2: That Hakaze is useless.
P6.B1: Well, whatever.
P3.B1: I still
P3.B2: have an ace up my sleeve.

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