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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi Nara 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:11 | Go to Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi Nara

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Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara Chapter 01:

P1.Box1: Like the captured butterfly, the girl can't hope to "escape" from these hands...
P2.Side: The author of "Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku", Sanada Rin, presents the long awaited new series!!
P2.Box1: Loosing any will of freedom...
P3.Box1: The only thing that's granted is shame...
P1.Box1: The man fated to watch
P2.Box1: and the girl fated to be watched....
P3.VerticalText: The only thing the captured butterfly is offered, is the honey called "shame"....
P1.Box1: When I came home from my Middle school graduation ceremony, // I found the house buried in cardboards.
P2.T1: Wah, can't open it whole.
P3.B1: Ehh......
P3.B2: Secret escape?
P4.B1: Oh, Yuuki! You haven't lost your second button! [Note: At graduation, girls ask the boys they like to give them the second button of their uniform.]
P4.B2: Well, no wonder with such a scary face!
P4.B3: More important, what's with this stuff? Disciplinary transfer?
P5.B1: Don't spread rumors with such a dark face!
P5.B2: It's an oversea transfer! It's a honorable transfer~!
P6.B1: Haaa....
P6.Box1: As always such spontaneous parents...
P6.B2: .....Hey.
P1.B1: Your father and me all alone in desert... We'll have our 99th honeymoon.<3
P1.B2: Like a phoenix raises again the day for our love to bloom again is near...
P2.Box1: I want to say "At least tell me about it before"....
P3.Box1: But over the years I came to understand that this a total useless effort.
P3.B1: .....Tch.
P4.B1: So I'm going too?
P4.B2: Or will I stay here alone?
P5.B1: What are you saying?
P6.B1: It has been decided that you'll be living at the house of a old good friend of mine, that is an author.
P6.B2: ......Since when?
P1.B1: From tomorrow onwards.
P2.B1: Th-
P2.B2: That's too spontaneous...
P2.T1: Thanks to that I had to spend all night packing.
P3.T1: Though I'm lucky to get away from this lovey-dovey household straight out of a nightmare,
P3.T2: I'm a bit uneasy, since I don't know in what kind of household I'll get in now...
P4.Box1: Because the only information I got was:
P4.B1: L- Living? Where!?
P4.B2: It's near the high school you enrolled in.
P5.B1: ...What is the family like?
P5.B2: Three kids, one is the same age as you.
P5.Box1: But,
P1.T1: normally one would tell who is going to pick me up, or tell me their address.
P1.T2: But they were so excited about their honeymoon or whatever...
P2.T1: Well thanks to these two super lovebirds,
P2.T2: I came to understand that losing yourself in love is a very stupid thing.
P3.T1: It's enough if you live calmly, without getting swept away by your feelings....
P4.B1: Ah...!
P1.B1: Are you okay?
P1.B2: Ouch... // Yes... I'm fine.
P1.B3: I'll help you pick them up.
P2.B1: Thank you.
P2.B2: You have a bit scary face, but you're kind.
P2.B3: You didn't have to say that.
P3.B1: They scatter quite a distance...
P4.Box1: Though it's lying at her feet, she is ignoring it. What nerves.
P1.B1: ...Excuse me.
P1.B2: .....H...
P1.Box1: If you start shaking because someone gets near, then pick it up yourself!
P1.B1: ...I think that were all.
P1.B2: How kind of you, you really thank you.
P2.B1: Ex- Excuse me, could it be,
P2.B2: ?
P3.B1: you're Fujimoto Yuuki-san?
P3.T1: The selfish girl... What's she wants?
P3.B2: ...Yeah?
P3.B3: I'm... Kiryuu Aya.
P3.B4: I came to pick you up on behalf of my mother.
P1.B1: ....
P2.T1: ...With kid they meant girl?
P3.T1: Because I wanted to avoid troubled,
P3.T2: I avoided women till now...
P4.B1: E- Ehh..?
P4.B2: Something to your discontent?
P4.B3: No! Just my problem.
P4.T1: Besides... How do I talk to a girl?
P1.T1: It's nothing to be proud of, but I never have talked with a girl my age!!
P1.B1: ....?
P1.T2: For now I have to be calm... I have to clam down!!
P3.B1: I understand. Let's get going already.
P3.T1: Ahh!! That was what I had to say!!
P4.B1: Ah...
P4.B2: From my mother. Excuse me.
P1.B1: Aya here... // Yeah... I met him...
P1.T1: Well it wasn't all that polite compared to the words of an elder.
P2.B1: I-
P2.B2: I have to go shopping after all...?
P2.T1: ...?
P3.T1: What a strange fellow... Is shopping really that troublesome?
P4.B1: Yeah, it's for you... for our sake...
P4.B2: I'll give my best.
P6.T1: She gets even stranger...
P6.T2: Well, not that I understand a girl.
P1.B1: Let's go.
P1.B2: 'Kay.
P1.B3: This way.
P2.T1: But isn't she awful wary of her skirt since the call?
P3.T1: If it worries you so much, why wearing such a short one?
P4.T1: ....What's more, she already walks like a bad oiled robot...
P5.T1: Suddenly
P5.T2: It's me who is getting embarrassed....
P3.B1: Hey---- // Why are we circling around this park?
P4.B1: Ah...// Ha... /// Th....
P5.B1: I want to get the shopping over with...
P5.B2: and greet your parents.
P6.B1: !?
P1.B1: Hey...
P3.B1: What are doing...
P3.B2: here..!?
P4.B1: Th-
P4.B2: Therefore... // Sh- Shopp....
P4.B3: Li...
P5.B1: What...?
P5.T1: Why did we have to come specially here?
P6.T1: And why
P6.T2: is she so flushed and sweaty?
P7.T1: And why is she gripping her skirt so tightly?
P8.B1: Ahhh---!
P1.B1: Are you lovey-dovey?
P1.B2: Ha-
P1.B3: Hagyaa...!!
P2.B1: You gonna kiss now?
P2.B2: ....
P2.B3: 'Course not.
P2.B4: Eh!? // Boring!!
P3.B1: Akira-kun, let's go!
P3.B2: Let's kiss over there!
P3.B3: And there're gone...
P4.B1: ...Damn, they were like my parents...
P4.T1: Freaks who also only speak of kissing.
P4.B2: Though it's nothing special.
P5.B1: Hey, you.
[no text]
P2.B1: Wh- Ng, Wha-!? // What you doing!?
P3.B1: 'Cause... we have to... shop...
P4.B1: Hey... wait... In jap please. That doesn't make any sense!
P1.B1: Oho, a lover's quarrel at such a place?
P1.B2: Must be nice to be young~!
P1.B3: Mama, is that boy bullying her?
P1.B4: Hey, sto-
P2.B1: H- Hey, come here.
P3.B1: Why are you doing something so EMBARRASSING! [capitals = smaller text]
P3.B2: 'C- 'Cause...
P3.B3: We have to buy things.
P4.B1: Wha- !
P4.T1: No, No, No... Calm down!
P5.B1: Well not that... Why were you showing me your panties...
P5.B2: For... my mother... for my mother's... job...
P1.B1: Because the shopping list is writing on a place no one can see, that I have to flip my skirt.
P1.B2: Here... and on my butt...!
P1.B1: Just what is your mom's job!?
P1.B2: How does this connect? I don't get it!!
P2.B1: Ev- Even to me... // it's so embarrassing I could die!
P2.B2: Therefore... Hurry...
P2.B3: Hurry and look...!
P4.B1: Uw- // Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
P4.Box1: ----Humans,
P1.B1: Meat...!
P1.B2: Beef meat....!
P1.Box1: once they have crossed a certain line----
P2.B1: Next... // Let me see higher up!
P2.B2: Green Onion. It's green onion!!
P2.B3: Ah... So embarrassing... Hurry...
P2.B4: Next is...
P2.Box1: reach a state of pure calmness.....
P2.B5: Extend your butt some more. // It's... Tofu!
P3.B1: Th- Thank you... // Now.. we can buy the things mum wanted...!
P3.B2: Hahaha...
P3.B3: Haaaa
P3.Box1: By the way, this slide,
P4.Box1: become a haunting spot called "Bloody Sukiyaki". But that's a different story...
P2.Sign: Kiryuu
P3.B1: Welcome home, Aya...
P3.B2: You properly finished it?
P4.B1: What's with this house and this beauty...?
P4.B2: Here...
P4.B3: Good, good...
P4.B4: You did well for your first time.
P1.B1: Fuhu....
P1.B2: You're such an idiot... You're so relieved now?
P2.B1: I- I was scared.... // Mother...!
P2.B2: Good girl... // You did well, Aya. // That's the daughter of the erotic roman author "Kiryuu Aoi"!
P3.T1: Wha-?
P3.T2: I think I just heard something totally unfitting for a normal life...
P3.B1. Ah... Tsumugi-onee-chan! Aya-chan is back!
P3.B2: Eh? Already? I thought she would take longer<3
P1.B1: This whip makes a really nice sounds<3
P2.B1: Wait, Sarasa. You pull too hard on the leash!
P3.T1: Just now, a school swimsuit girl holding a whip
P3.T2: and a girl with the tortoise shell bondage passed by...?
P1.B1: Then let 's introduce ourselves, everyone.
P1.T1: What the hell? What's going on here!?
P1.B2: Okay <3
P2.B1: I'm the head of this household, Kiryuu Kinu.
P2.B2: Oldest Daughter, Tsumigi<3
P2.B3: I'm Aya...
P2.B4: I'm Sarasa! Nice to meet ya!
P3.B1: Wh- Wha-?
P3.T1: Too much...
P3.T2: What's going to happen? What's going to happen to me?
Side: What will happen next time?

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