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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Kanokon 30

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:26 | Go to Kanokon

-> RTS Page for Kanokon 30

Kanokon Chapter 30:

P1.T1: Scheming people
P2.B1: Hey, are you fine, Kouta-kun?
P2.B2: Aren't your legs going numb?
P3.B1: No, it's fine.
P4.B1: But look at this empty sky. All the clouds disappeared.
P4.B2: Yeah... a great view.
P5.B1: I'm....
P5.B2: really happy.
P1.B1: I wish....
P1.B2: such days would continue forever.
P2.B1: Yeah...
P2.B2: I feel the same.
P3.B1: Me doing something for you once in a while is a nice thing.
P3.B2: It's always been you doing things for me.
P4.B1: You make me a lunchbox every day.
P4.B2: Sometimes you even cook me dinner. // And a lot more... [is she cooking in a school swimsuit!?? ENVIOUS!!]
P5.B1: A lot more....
P2.B1: Like a breast pillow?
P3.B1: Chizuru-san... again with that...
P3.B2: What? You hate them?
P4.B1: It's... not like I hate them....
P4.B2: But my resolve as a 2nd-year...
P5.B1: My resolve to keep it together... My resolve not to be swayed away... // .... AH!
P1.B1: If you don't hate them, then it's love? // You love them?
P3.B1: I...
P3.B2: I love them. // Love them the best.
P4.T1: Nice...
P4.T2: They feel the best after all.
P1.T1: These... breasts...
P3.B1: Uwa, what's this? Disgusting...
P3.B2: If... If someone doesn't help us...
P4.B1: ----I'll go.
P1.B1: On stage, the beautiful fox Minamoto Chizuru! // In the name of the Fox-Goddness, I'll punish you!
P2.B1: Y- Y- Y- // You can't!
P3:B1: They'll find out you're a fox then!
P3.B2: You'll be expelled if a normal student finds out about your true identity.
P4.B1: ....But,
P4.B2: if those girls get killed, Kunpuu High School will have to close----
P5.B1: Eh!?
P1.B1: I'm sure that big fat insect is the work of a Bug User, who grew it like that.
P2.B1: Here at Kunpuu High School, bad Youkais are mixed with humans for reeducation,
P2:B2: if they can't be controlled... // and the humans get to face danger,
P3.T1: in such a case... // the school will be closed, and we Youkais will be send to a special prison of Tendril's Leaf, I bet.
P3.T2: I'm... really happy.
P3.B1: I wish... such days would continue forever.
P3.T3: I never knew our lifestyle here was in such danger...
P1.B1: If... If this school should really close,
P1.B2: we two... would be a couple on the run, right?
P2.B1: Don't cry...
P3.B1: It'll be fine! We still haven't lived our student life to it's fullest.
P3.B2: I won't let it end like that!
P4.B1: So, wait a bit, Kouta-kun.
P4.B2: I'll take care of it in a way not getting exposed!
P1.B1: I can't....
P2.B1: let you go alone!
P3.T1: Combined, we two... can move so fast it's invisible to the normal eye.
P4.T1: Idiot! Do you understand, Kouta-kun?
P4.T2: The more often we merge, the more you stop being a human.
P5.T1: Still, I can't let you face danger alone.
P5.T2: ....Idiot!
P2.B1: .....Somehow
P2.B2: it feels heavy...?
P3.B1: Uwa!?
P3.T1: See! I told you!
P4.T1: I powered up quite a bit from before!
P4.T2: What now? There are so many tails out.
P4.T3: Gah, what should I do, if you turn into a half-youkai----
P4.B1: We- Well, let's leave that for later....
P1.B1: First we need to save those two girls....
P1.B2: ....Aw...when will we be saved?
P1.B3: ....How long do we have to run...
P2.B1: ....For real... how long...
P2.B2: ...We might as well do it ourselves....
P4.T1: ...Shit, didn't I just totally got found out?
P4.B1: .....Wah--
P4.B2: ....Kya--
P5.B1: N- No worries, they didn't find out.
P6.T1: I'm gonna save them now!
P3.T1: It just took one hit for such a big bug!?
P3.T2: Indeed...
P3.T3: the power of 5 tails isn't to be underestimated!
P4.T1: Go- Good.
P4.T2: Before those two notice me, I have to get away-----
P2.B1: Fuwaaaah!?
P3.B1: Save us.
P3.B2: We're scared. We can't stand bugs.
P4.T1: Kouta-kun... didn't you want to move so fast it's invisible to the normal eye?
P4.B1: Th- That was my plan....
P5.T1: ....We're in trouble, Kouta-kun.
P5.T2: Someone is coming here.
P1.B1: .....Geez, both Oyamada-kun and Chizuru-san disappeared as soon as they finished eating.
P1.B2: You sure they're here, Nozumu?
P2.B1: The rooftop is a... bit... // .... Eh....?
P3.B1: You...
P3:B2: could you.... // be Oyamad.....
P1.B1: Yo, Yo, Yo!
P1.B2: Guess who!
P2.B1: H- Hey, Minamoto! Let me go!
P2.T1: Can't be helped...
P4.B1: ... .// Enough...
P5.B1: already!
P1.B1: ....Huh?
P2.B1: Oyamada-kun.... right?
P2.B2: Y..Yes.
P3.B1: ...Didn't you have eyes and tails a moment ago?
P3.B2: N- No.
P4.B1: You saw it too, right Nozumu? His strange appearance.
P4.B2: No, Kouta isn't strange.
P5.B1: But you two saw it, right? // You were grabbing on his tails!
P5.B2: No.
P5.B3: We didn't.
P1.B1: B- But... I'm sure I saw it! // He had ears, tails and whiskers!
P1.B2: We are you all lying about it?
P2.B1: Hey, Akane, keep it quiet.
P2.B2: You're so loud you woke me up from my nap...
P3.B1: ...Chi- Chizuru-san, Oyamada-kun had ears, tails and whiskers...
P3.B2: Yeah, yeah, I heard.
P4.B1: You mean Kouta-kun turned into an animal?
P4.B2: You have some nice delusions there, for proper Class-Rep. // Ahh, I want such a Kouta-kun <3
P5.B1: De- Delusions?
P1.B1: If it aren't delusions, then... // Mm... doesn't look like you have a fever.
P1.B2: *touch*
P1.B3: Ah, maybe the diopter of your glasses is wrong? // Eh, they're really blurred. How dirty.
P1.B4: That's the doing of your brother!
P1.B5: Eh? What kind of play is that? Glass-fetish?
P2.B1: Like I would know!
P2.B2: Ah, class is about to start. // Your names were.... ehm?
P3.B1: Ren.
P3.B2: Ai.
P1.B1: Okay.
P1.B2: There are things I want to ask you, Ren-chan, Ai-chan, // In detail....
P4.B1: ....Minori-sama, // it seems the plan succeeded.
P1.B1: Stupid stupid stupid Kouta-oniichan!
P1.B2: Being so close with that damn Foxwoman!
P2.B1: He loves them bigger that much?
P2.B2: That's the only reason he's attracted to that Cowwoman!
P3.B1: ....Umm... Minori-sama?
P3:B2: What?
P3.B3: As I was saying... the twins succeeded.
P4.B1: It's only a success after their final task.
P5.B1: To think Onii-chan could merge with that foxwoman. // Even for a coincidence it's a big deal.
P1.B1: Their merge... // is there some benefit for us to it?
P1.B2: You don't have to worry about that.
P2.B1: More important, how are your bugs, Mr. Bug-User?
P3.B1: Perfect condition.
P3.B2: If you wish so, they can lay waste to the school.
P2.B1: S- S- So.... // So... delicious!
P2.B2: First time I ate something this tender...!
P2.B3: Geez...
P3.B1: It just had to be humans to find out about it....huh?
P4.B1: Hey, hey, Chizuru. I can order more meat? Meat!
P4.B2: Good ahead. // ...He's paying.
P4.B3: Eh? Why me!?
P1.B1: Did you already forget about your interfering with my date with Kouta-kun in the storage room? It's punishment for that.
P2.B1: I'm sure you saved up money to support a certain girl.
P3.B1: Th- That certain girl! Asahina!
P3.T1: Kouta-kun had ears, tails and whiskers!
P3:B2: She, a normal human, clearly got a glaze of it, right? You're exposed, right? // If you're getting expelled even I can't stay there!
P4.B1: As if a rational person like her would believe in Youkai.
P4.B2: We'll just fool her.
P5.B1: Don't worry about such trivial things, and get me a drink.
P5.B2: An Ice-coffee.
P1.B1: I'm... I'm counting on you, you hear!
P1.B2: Now then...
P2.B1: I want you to tell me one thing.
P3.B1: Why didn't you tell the truth to the Four-eyes back then on the roof?
P4.B1: ....
P4.B2: That's
P1.B1: because he's a Hero of Justice.
P1.B2: And his identity is a secret.
P2.T1: Hero of Justice!?
P3:B1: You two fused
P3.B2: and transformed.
P3.T1: Where's my meat?
P4.B1: As the Hero of Justice you protect the city at night, right?
P4:B2: Hey, you done talking?
P1.B1: Okay... I think we're safe. // Though they found we're a Hero of Justice. Right, Kouta-kun?
P1.B2: He- Hero of Justice!?
P3:B1: ------Umm!
P3.B2: We're going to the lavatory. [need an old english term for toilet here]
P5.B1: La- Lavatory?
P5.B2: We mean toilet.
P5.B3: My meat----
P1.B1: Ex....
P1.B2: Excuse us.
P3:B1: Sorry, Senpai.
P3.B2: No worries. [small text] I can't see in front. [/small text]
P4.B1: There they go.
P4.B2: I was so nervous, I got thirsty.
P5.B1: ....Mh?
P6.B1: This doesn't taste all that good.
P6.B2: Tayura, did you mix in something weird?
P6.B3: Huh? You gotta be kidding? I don't wanna die.
P1.B1: Chizuru-san,
P1.B2: want mine to get rid of the aftertaste?
P2.B1: Fufufu....
P2.B2: Thanks, Kouta-kun.
P3:B1: I'll take you then.
P4:B1: Chi- Chizuru-san.... we can't. // There are other guests looking...
P4.B2: Meat, meat, meat, meat, meat, meat.
P4.B3: Don't worry, we're the only guests here.
P1.B1: Like this I forget everything unpleasant...<3
P2.B1: .....Kuh....
P3:B1: Chizuru-san!?
P3.B2: Aw....Aw...
P3.B3: Chizuru-san!
P4.B1: Aw....
P4.B2: AWW!
P1.B1: So- Sorry...
P1.B2: I... don't know why... but suddenly my body...
P2.B1: !
P3.B1: Chi- // Chizuru-san...!
P3.B2: What is, Kouta-kun?
P3.B3: Your.... Your...
P4.B1: H- Hey, what is that?
P4.B2: Meat, meat! Where's my meat!
P1.B1: Breasts....!!
P2.T1: Meat?
P2.T2: ?!

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