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Kanokon 32

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:26 | Go to Kanokon

-> RTS Page for Kanokon 32

Kanokon Chapter 32:

[no text]
P1.T1: Let's get back the love (called bulges)
P1.B1: Okay---- You're all here, so
P2.B1: Let's start the meeting!
P3.B1: Right now I'm wearing pads,
P3.B2: but I want the real ones back as fast as possible.
P1.B1: Why are we all wearing glasses...?
P1.B2: Obviously, because we look smarter that way.
P2:B1: Chairwoman! // The milk of a certain country has the ability to enlarge breasts.
P2.B2: Good, go check it out, Tayura!
P3:B1: Chairwoman, // I heard massaging them makes them bigger.
P3.B2: Okay. Kouta-kun you're in charge of it.
P3.B3: Eh? Me?
P4.B1: Potatoes!
P4.B2: Gymnastic!
P4.B3: Potion!
P4.B4: Infusion?
P1.B1: Good.
P1.Paper: Milk of a certain country // Does the technique to increase the production of milk have // any results? Person in charge: Tayura -> Going to check // Massage Person in charge: Me? // The potatoes of a certain country enlarge your breasts if you eat them // Person in charge: Tayura -> Going to check // Nozuma-san knows a person specialized in big breast gymnastics. // A certain country of the 4th century developed a potion // for breast enlargement? Person in charge: Tayura -> Going to check // Machine shipment (Increase volume through sucking with a pump.) // Person in charge: Nozumu-san will order it. // Get infused with Youkai energy from someone (Since the loss is said to be resulted in lack of former) // Person in charge: ? // --will result in enlargement.
P1.B2: We came up with quite a lot of ideas.
P2.B1: Eh? I have to go to three countries!?
P3.B1: Okay, time to get back to the classroom.
P3.B2: Hey, don't ignore me!
P3:B3: What are you doing, Akane?
P4.B1: A-
P5.B1: kane....?
P1.B1: ....Why were you eavesdropping? // Secretly and all, that's not like you.
P1.B2: Secretly, not tall...
P2:B1: You didn't?
P3.B1: Really?
P4:B1: I.... // I'm.....!
P4.B2: Chizuru.
P1.B1: Don't tease her so much....
P2.B1: Me teasing her?
P3:B1: I see, I'm just a S after all. // Whatever, I'm gone.
P3.B2: W- Wait please!
P5.B1: ....What are you hiding? // ...About the thing... yesterday on the roof too....
P5.B2: Something.... // Something is just strange....
P1.B1: I see....
P2:B1: You're such a cutie.
P2.B2: Wha-!
P3.B1: What's that all of a sudden!?
P3.B2: Okay, let's go, Kouta-kun!
P4.B1: Wh- Why did you? I wanted too....
P4.B2: Y- You can't lay hands on her!
P5.B1: What's with you?
P5.B2: You don't understand.... // a girl's feelings at all.
P5.B3: A- Asahina's feelings?
P1.T1: ??
P1.T2: I don't understand them either....
P2.B1: Senpai,
P2.B2: can we have lunch with you?
P2.B3: Ren-san, Ai-san! // Sure, no problem.
P3.B1: Sorry for leaving so suddenly yesterday. Chizuru-san wasn't feeling well...
P4.B1: No problem.
P4.B2: She seems to be better now.
P5.B1: Eh......Ah, // yeah.....
P1.B1: Good to see she has a big appetite.
P1.Box1: First step to revival: // Nutrient intake
P1.B2: !
P2.B1: Chizuru-san... this....
P2.B2: Food that is said to enlarge breasts.
P2.B3: Protein and calcium,
P2.B4: Minerals, vitamin and isoflavone.....
P2.B5: It's said that liver increases the production of female hormones.
P3.B1: Amazing! // I never saw raw liver in a lunch box before!
P3.B2: Chizuru-san, don't force yourself....
P3:B3: No worries.....
P2.B1: That's... // all you have for lunch?
P2.B2: We live by ourselves,
P2.B3: our father is a useless bum, so we can't afford much and we don't know much about cooking.
P3:B1: But isn't just an onigiri too little?
P3.B2: Chizuru-san, maybe we could share a bit of ours?
P4:B1: Sure.
P5.B1: Want this too?
P5.B2: Th- Thank you very much.
P5.B3: W- We'll take it.
P1.B1: How is it?
P1.B2: It's handmade by them.
P3.B1: .....It's very
P3.B2: .....delicious.
P5.B1: ...... // Umm....
P1.B1: Why are you asking us about this, Minato-senpai?
P2.B1: I mean, you're breasts are already big enough....
P3.Box1: Second step to revival: // Big breasts gymnastics
P4.B1: Geez, you don't get it Kii-chan!
P4.B2: Those two are trying to advance to the next stage! // From big breasts to Holy Breasts. Not fearing the gods, the Armageddon play!
P1.B1: ....Okay.
P1.B2: Fist you.....
P1.B3: .....Hey,
P2.B1: why not join them?
P2.B2: Geh! I know that mine are small!
P3:B1: Wh- // What?
P4.B1: .....!
P4.B2: Don't tell me you don't know what they are doing?
P5.B1: Huh? // What is it for?
P5.B2: D- Don't ask me!
P1.B1: .....
P2.B1: You see...
P3.B1: I have to leave the country for a while.
P3.B2: !
P4:B1: .....Leave the country?
P4.B2: Why.... so suddenly?
P4.B3: It's complicated....
P5.B1: I probably won't be back for a while,
P5.B2: so.... I want you to tell me now.
P1.B1: What's wrong with you?
P1.B2: You're behaving somewhat strange.
P2:B1: ..... // .... That is...
P3:B1: because I'm worried.
P4.B1: Say. // We're all friends, right?
P4:B2: O- Of course.
P1.B1: Then.... why are they hiding things from me?
P1.B2: I might be easy to start a lecture.....
P2.B1: but with the incident on the roof and the meeting room.....
P2.B2: I feel so left out....
P3.B1: So.... // I'm worried.
P2.B1: Geez.....
P2.B2: You're such a damn cutie!
P2.B3: Wha-!
P3.B1: Hey... What....
P3.B2: Sto.... Hey.... I said..... // STOP!
P5.B1: What's with you!?
P5.B2: Sh- // Should I tell you?
P6.B1: What happened on the rooftop yesterday.
P6.B2: ....It that okay?
P1.B1: They were cosplaying.
P2.B1: Co- Cosplay?
P2.B2: Yeah... Should I call it a phase of trying new things out or just simple perversion?
P2:B3: They were having a Fox play, with howls and everything.
P3.B1: Now that you say it...
P3.B2: Oyamada-kun looked really cute....
P4:B1: ....Mhm, // That's your fetish, huh.
P4.B2: Eeh!?
P4.B2: D- D- Don't get me wrong! I- I won't ever approve of such actions... such perversion!
P1.B1: ....Well, whatever.
P1.B2: Actually, those first-years also quite like anime cosplay...... Layer was it called? [Note: I assume it's a references to the Anime Slayers]
P2.B1: .....I see.
P2.B2: Ah... And this morning it was a Doctor play.
P2.B3: It's not a hobby you want everyone to know about, so they were hiding it. okay?
P3:B1: I understand....
P3.B2: As long as it doesn't disturb the public order I want say anything.
P4.B1: Fufufu.....
P4:B2: Seems you're back to normal. // Now I can leave without worries....
P5.B1: ....Right. Say, aren't you worried about me suddenly leaving the country?
P5:B2: Not really? // Also, don't bother with a souvenir.
P1.B1: .....Ho, I see....
P2.B1: What?
P2.B2: You have no intention of telling me about even if I ask....
P3.B1: Okay, that is good.
P3.B2: I think this will work. // .....Huh?
P4.B1: Chizuru-san,
P5.B1: .....I
P6.B1: will continue to be strict from now on!
P1.B1: ..... // Not bad, Little brother.
P2.B1: W- What!?
P2.B2: Nothing.
P3.Sign: Class 3-B
P3.B1: My, thank you.
P4.Box1: Third step to revival: // Getting massage oil
P4.B1: Chizuru-san, f- for wh- what do you n- need this?
P5.B1: For treatment of course.
P5.B2: Your oil has incredible powers, right?
P6.B1: T- Treatment!?
P6.B2: Are you hurt!?
P7.B1: Then I'll give you more!
P7.B2: More.....
P1.B1: Don't worry. I just got a little burn from cooking.....
P1.B2: Hey, Mio.
P2.B1: Don't get too friendly with her.
P2.B2: She's an opponent I have to settle a score with after all.
P3.B1: What's with your arm? // Some first-years again?
P3.B2: Yeah, I'm the boss after all.
P3.B3: I don't give in.
P3.B4: Even if you say that, look at you....
P4.B1: H- He said it's getting troublesome, so he was taking on three at once yesterday.
P4.B2: That's why he's all beaten up....
P4.B3: Be quiet, Mio.
P5.B1: B- Bu- But.... Ugg.....
P5.B2: Hey, Kiriyama.... Don't make Mio worry so much.
P1.B1: Same goes for you. // ... I heard from Yatsuka.
P3.B1: Yatsuka? Why?
P3.B2: I'm the boss here. Of course I get information.
P4.B1: For now I know, that there is no Bug User in this school.
P4.B2: If I know more I'll let you know.
P5.B1: Th- Thanks.
P1.B1: Good.... He grew up quite well.
P1:B2: People grow with responsibilities after all..... // Good, good. I was right to make him the boss.
P2.B1: What are you saying? The one who made him the boss was the graduated Kumada Ryuusei, not you, the freshman Kumada Suisei, right?
P3.B1: Gahaha... You're right.
P4:B1: Ah, right, Kuma, // come with me for a bit.
P1.B1: Will Kumada-san be alright....
P1.Box1: Fourth step to revival: // Youkai Energy Infusion
P1.B2: He's the embodiment of youkai energy. // Draining a bit won't kill him.
P2.B1: Okay, did they grow?
P3.B1: Mhm... // 76,5
P4.B1: Nuu! // They didn't grow at all!
P4.B2: Ch- Chizuru-san! We just have started!
P5.B1: Y- Yeah.... I don't have the time to panic.
P5.B2: Okay, then let's try the next.
P1.B1: .....Mm!
P1.Box1: Fifth step to revival: // Massage
P2:B1: Are you okay, Chizuru-san?
P2:B2: Y- Yeah....
P3.B1: Please go on.
P3.B2: That it is that stimulating must mean it's working....
P4.B1: Okay...
P4.T1: The stronger the stimulating, the better the result....
P1.B1: ......HYAN!
P2.B1: N- No! Not there! // I- I'm too sensitive there.....
P2.B2: S- Sorry...
P3.B1: Ya... // Yaaa....
P3.T1: Wh- Whoops.
P3.T2: This is just a medical treatment....Just a treatment....
P4.T1: So is the bunny suit and so is the rubbing with the lotion......
P4.B1: Hey, hey.
P1.B1: Fondle my breasts too, Kouta.
P2.B1: W- What are you saying? This is just a medical treatment.
P2.B2: Fondle me! Fondle me! Fondle me!
P3.B1: Fondle my breasts too!
P4.B1: C'mon, Kouta....
P5.B1: ....Well, // after that licking incident we're comrades-in-arms now.....
P2.B1: Kouta-kun, // Managing two might be hard.... but please.
P2.B2: Later it'll our turn to give you a massage <3
P3.B1: M- Massage me....?
P3.B2: You might get bigger then too.... // Fufu....
P1.B1: .....Uwa.
P1.B2: ......Haaa.
P1.B3: Oh, they switched.
P2.B1: Wha-!? Two on one!?
P2.B2: H- How mean....
P2.B3: N- No, wait. I think this....
P3:B1: is pleasure!?
P3.B2: No way!?
P4.B1: Oh! Ohhhh! Ai! // Finally it's the boy's turn....
P4.B2: Uwa! Ren! Th- They're stripping him! // What... They're touching......!?

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