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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Kanokon 33

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:26 | Go to Kanokon

-> RTS Page for Kanokon 33

Kanokon Chapter 33:

P1.T1: The answer to everything Part 1
P1.B1: ----Stop it!
P2.B1: For days we have tried out various things.... // like the milk or potatoes Tayura brought back from overseas,
P2.B2: but my bust stays at 76,5 the whole time.....
P3.B1: ....Won't.... // I ever get them back.....?
P1.B1: Chi- // Chizuru-sa.... [cut off]
P1.B2: ....Chizuru,
P1.B3: I'll leave you alone with Kouta today....
P2.B1: The hindrances seem to be gone too....
P3.B1: Chizuru-san....
P1.B1: Let's merge.
P2.B1: This all happened when we merged before, so our only choice is to....
P2.B2: N- No! // What if something strange happens to your body again....
P3.B1: There didn't happen anything to me back then.
P4.B1: Eh? // Really...?
P5.B1: Nothing happened to you? // That's... all?
P1-B1: Why?
P1.B2: Ah, nothing.
P1.B3: Anyways, merging is no go.
P2.B1: W- Why? Is there something else besides not trusting Minori-san's words.....
P2.B2: Geez.... // All you do is talk.
P4.B1: We're finally all alone....
P4.B2: isn't there better stuff to do?
P5.B1: Be- // Better stuff?
P1.B1: You always massaged me, so today it's my turn <3
P1.B2: Fufu... Though I'll change the procedure a bit...
P2.B1: Wh- What are you doing!?
P3.B1: This!
P3.B2: *grab* // *push*
P3.B3: OWA!
P1.B1: Hey.... Y- You can't mean....
P1.B2: Sorry, Kouta-kun....
P2.B1: But.....
P2.B2: I might stay with this small chest for the rest of my life. // So... I want assurance that you'll still love me, even with this small chest.
P3.B1: I'm scared.
P4.B1: I'm filled with uneasiness. // Every night.... I cry....
P1.B1: So... // Today... I alone will....
P1.B2: until the end....
P2.B1: Kuh... // "Until the end".... y- you can't....
P2.B2: Don't worry.
P3.B1: I studied this with Nozomu's book.
P3:B2: A way to make it feel like the real thing. [meh, and here I thought they would finally go over with it....]
P1.B1: L- Like.... the real thing?
P1.B2: Like this....
P2.B1: Th- This... is....
P3.B1: Your tip... is sliding.... against my....
P3.B2: See....
P4.B1: ......Kah.... // Ah... Uhh....
P4.B2: Give me... your love.
P5.B1: Plenty... of your love....
P5.B2: Plenty.....
P1.B1: Haa
P1.B2: So strong.... so rough.... // Ah... AHH.
P2.B1: Haa
P2.B2: Ch- Chizuru-san... do you...
P2.B3: do you know understand how much I love you?
P2.B4: Haa
P3.B1: Yeah, though I knew from the beginning.
P3.B2: You show... me plenty every day.
P1.B1: Aha, you got me all dirty.... // Fufu, makes me happy <3
P1.B2: S- Sorry.
P2.B1: Then... your crying... at the beginning...?
P3.B1: ....Ehe.
P4.B1: Don't "ehe" me!
P4.B2: Aww <3 Some ass spanking next?
P1.B1: ...Don't you have to keep an eye on them, Ai?
P1.B2: ...Some goes for you, Ren.
P2.B1: They're.... way too kind. // They treat us so well.... without ever doubting us....
P2.B2: Yeah, it's awkward for us....
P3.B1: And also... to see that Minamoto Chizuru cry like that....
P3.B2: Yeah... I thought she only used her breasts for perverted things... but that it would be such a shock for her...
P4.B1: We're... cruel people, Ai.
P4.B2: Yeah... We should tell them....
P1.B1: But....
P2.B1: ...In the end we're just from a warrior family.
P2.B2: We don't have the power to go against the Mitama Family who leads all of "Tendril's Leaf"....
P3:B1: And... there's that drunkard.
P3.B2: Yeah, unfortunately you can't choose your parents.....
P5.B1: That's
P5.T1: I'm waiting at the Zure Temple of this town // Minori
P5.B2: a message... from them?
P3.B1: Who are you?
P3.B2: What happened to Minori?
P3:B3: I'm Minori... Mitama Minori.
P3.B4: Well.... that aside, I'm send by the Mitama Family. My dress and my message through this bug are proof enough.....
P4.B1: How're you doing?
P4:B2: Is school fun?
P1:B1: You're always together with them.... with Minamoto Chizuru and Oyamada Kouta, right?
P1.B2: Are they treating you well?
P2.B1: I'm impressed how close you got to them....
P2.B2: With that, I'm sure they'll gladly merge again to save you two.
P2.B3: ....Huh?
P3.B1: I feel really sorry for having you work that much because of the failed sealing.
P3.B2: It seems in fear of going overboard, I set the sealing too weak and therefore I didn't turn out like I wanted it to be.
P4.B1: That's why the merging comes in.
P4.B2: By letting them power up through merging, she'll definitely go into a comatose state.
P2.B1: C- Comatose state....?
P2.B2: D- Definitely....?
P4.B1: What's wrong...?
P4.B2: Don't tell me, you switched sides....
P4.B3: Of course not!
P4.B4: You saying we would dare to go against "Tendril's Leaf"?
P5.B1: I was just joking....
P5.B2: Then, here's my plan....
P1.B1: ....Okay, // we understand.
P2.B1: ...Tomorrow then.
P3.B1: I leave it to you.
P4.B1: ....Oh, it's that late already.
P4.B2: It's dangerous at night, I'll bring you ho- // ...Eh?
P7.B1: .....
P7.B2: Argh.....
P1.B1: ....Hey,
P1.B2: Mr. Popular, // what do I have to do to get popular with the girls too?
P2.B1: You noticed me, huh.
P2.B2: No wonder I thought the twins were suspicious....
P2.B3: I heard everything! You told us Chizuru's breast would turn back to normal if they merged, but just now you said she would end up in a comatose state!
P4.B1: D- Don't give me that glare....
P4:B2: I'm not scared!
P1.B1: You know... I didn't lie to Kouta-niisan.
P1.B2: Huh? // Th- Then you mean you told one to Ren and Ai?
P2.B1: Tendril's Leaf----
P3.B1: As you know, it's an organization aiming to erase all Youkai.
P3.B2: But... it's establishing also had a different goal. // That is to search and find a certain being over centuries.... And that is Minamoto Chizuru.
P4.B1: Huh? // Chizuru is just 400 years old, so centuries is....
P4.B2: That's just self-proclaimed, isn't it?
P1.B1: But actually she doesn't know her real age. // ....Nor her real identity.
P2.B1: Chizuru is a Fox!
P2.B2: Just a normal Youkai! Nothing else!
P2:B3: Tayura, actually you have noticed it too, haven't you?
P3.B1: The tails called dragons, she has. // ... A simple Youkai couldn't hold such power.
P3.B2: Y.....
P4.B1: You! Enough already....
P1.B1: !?
P2.B1: I sealed your shadow.
P2.B2: Doing so also seals the movement of it's owner. Well, a common technique.
P3.B1: Okay, let me continue....
P3.B2: Chizuru got captured by "Tendril's Leaf". // ....But that never reached the eras of the higher-ups.
P4.B1: The one who caught and investigated her decided so. // That she would be just a normal Youkai....
P4.B2: And let her then enroll into Kunpuu High School.
P4.B3: Fufu, who do you think that was? // ....It's someone you know pretty well.
P1.B1: ....
P1.B2: .... You couldn't mean!
P2.B1: Yes.... Sahara Iku.
P2.B2: She's in charge of Kunpuu High School and holds quite the authority withing "Tendril's Leaf". So she hid Chizuru. // Placing Chizuru near her---- at Kunpuu High School.
P3:B1: D- Does that mean she betrayed "Tendril's Leaf"?
P3:B2: No.
P4:B1: The <Lord> resting in her is one of the founders of "Tendril's Leaf".
P4:B2: Why would you betray the organization you created yourself?
P5.B1: Th- Then.... why?
P6.B1: That I don't know either.
P1.B1: Say, don't you want to get to know it, Tayura? // Just what your beloved Sister, who raised you, is in reality....
P1.B2: I want to know. // And then the <Lord's> real goal showed reveal itself.
P2.B1: That's why.... they need to merge?
P2.B2: Exactly....When she merged with him during her fight with Saku, she awakened the "Dragons". // So if she merges again, a new power....
P3.B1: Chizuru is just a normal Youkai! She doesn't power up by merging with a human!
P3.B2: Only if she really is just a normal Youkai, right?
P4.B1: Well, whatever....
P4:B2: I can't let you deliver these news to them....
P1.B1: Wolf Kick!
P3.B1: You're late, Nozomu!
P3.B2: Now it's you... // Seems I'm just unpopular with the girls...
P4.B1: Dah! Serves you right!
P4.B2: I asked Nozomu to keep an eye on Ren and Ai beforehand.
P1.B1: Two against one.... // A long fight might attract attention of the Yatsuka Guys....
P2.B1: Then, farewell.
P3.B1: Ah, right.... // At last, let me tell you "Tendril's Leaf's" goal.
P4.B1: Mhm?
P5.B1: That's.... the revival of god.
P1.B1: .....
P1.B2: Liar!
P2.B1: They're searching for Chizuru to revive god?
P2.B2: That means Chizuru is a god?
P3.B1: You an idiot? As if that....
P3.B2: .....!
P4.B1: Nozomu....?
P4.B2: Could it be those tails....?
P5.B1: .... // If we wait a bit.....
P5.B2: Minori might get us proof.
P1.B1: That the Sister who raised me... // Isn't a god.
P1.B2: Obviously... she's just a normal Youkai...
P1.B3: Just what do they want to discuss?
P2.Paper: We have something to discuss with you two. Could you come to the rooftop alone after school? // Ren Ai
P3.B1: Ren-san, // Ai-san.
P3.B2: Senpai.....
P1.B1: Do you need advice? // Ah, could it be you're being bullied by your classmates?
P1.B2: I- Is that so?
P1.B3: Ah....
P2.B1: N- No....
P2.B2: That's not it....
P3.B1: Really?
P3.B2: It's all right, be honest.
P3.B3: Yeah, we'll help you....
P4.B1: Really, we aren't being bullied.
P4.B2: That's right. There isn't even a reason for us getting bullied, since we never spoke a word with someone.
P1.B1: I see.. You're always with us. // .... Mhm, so that's the problem.
P1.B2: Problem?
P1.B3: What is?
P2.B1: It's a big problem, Ren-san, Ai-san!
P2.B2: You have to make other friends besides us too!
P3.B1: ....Friends?
P3.B2: .....We're friends?
P4.B1: Obviously!
P4.B2: We're all friends!
P1.B1: ....Friends.
P1:B2: .....We're all friends....
P2.B1: Yep, friends.
P2.B2: But... Chizuru-san is graduating next year and me the year after, // so you have to make friends with your classmate, who you spend your three years here.
P2.B3: My? I'll be graduating with you together, Kouta-kun.
P3.B1: 'Cause I'll repeat a year and be in your class <3
P3.B2: Eh... You can't! You have to graduate properly!
P3.B3: ...Three years?
P4.B1: ....That won't happen.
P1.B1: ....Did you say something just now?
P1.B2: We won't be spending three years with our classmates,
P1.B3: is what we said.
P2.B1: Eh... What do you mean?
P3.B1: It means
P4.B1: this.
P6.B1: .....Eh.
P1.B1: Who.....
P1.B2: are you?
P2.B1: We're.....
P2.B2: from "Tendril's Leaf"....
P3.B1: -----As I thought.
P3.B2: Betrayers, all right.

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