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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kanokon 35

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:27 | Go to Kanokon

-> RTS Page for Kanokon 35

Kanokon Chapter 35:

P1.T1: Chapter 35: Summer, Midnight, Girls and the pool
P1.B1: L- Let's not do this.....
P1.B2: But it's so hot. // It's so damn hot I can't bear it.
P2.B1: Let's go in, Kouta.
P1.B1: Kouta-kun?
P2.B1: If you aren't undressing....
P2.B2: we'll do it for you.
P3.B1: W- Wah! Hey....
P4.B1: Ug... Aww... No, don't touch there. NO!
P4.B2: Ugg... You pervs... Aww.... // S- Sto.... Ug.. No!
P1.B1: Geez, we were just joking, Kouta-kun.
P1.B2: F- For a joke it felt pretty real though.... // Ah... It's ripped! You ripped it!!
P1.B3: Aw, we were just joking, Kouta.
P".B1: Don't be depressed, I'll buy you a new one later.
P2.B2: D- Dun wanna!
P3.B1: Okay, now
P3:B2: we're all ready...
P3.B3: Eh?
P4.B1: Yahoo!
P1.B1: Guah! // Bag!
P1.B2: Bag! // Guah!
P2.T1: Air! // Can't breath!
P2:T2: Need air!
P2.T3: I'm gonna die!
P3:T1: For real,
P4.T1. I'm gonna die!
P1.B1: Kouta-kun!
P2.B1: What's wrong, Kouta-kun? You got attacked by a Kappa? Or was it a seaman's spirit?
P2.B2: I'll slice them up and fed them to Nozomi!
P3.B1: .....n't swim.
P4.B1: I... can't swim.
P5.B1: As a kid... I nearly drowned... in a river....
P5.B2. By gramps wasn't saving me but just praying... // ...That traumatized me....
P1.B1: Why didn't you tell us that before?
P1.B2: Sorry.... // But... I was ashamed of it...
P3.B1: Aw... So cute.
P3.B2: Reminds me....
P4.B1: You were always sitting at the side during pool class in your uniform. // Together with Akane.
P4.B2: ! // You knew, but still....
P5.B1: ...Eh, what? With Akane?
P5.B2: Yep, he was always with her.
P5.B3: Always....?
P5.B4: O- Oww. Chizuru-san, you're hurting me!
P1.B1: I was too naive... Now that I think about it, she's in the same class and even sits close to him---- // Even more than this stupid wolf here, she's the enemy I need to watch out for....
P2.B1: ...Umm, Chizuru-san?
P2.B2: ----Kouta-kun,
P3.B1: Let's go the beach!
P3.B2: .....Eh?
P4.B1: Like I said, the beach!
P4.B2: Did you know? Sea water got more buoyancy than normal water, so you float more easy. So it's easier to swim than in a pool. // Say, you want to be able to swim, right?
P5.B1: Well....yes.
P1.B1: Then it's settled! // On summer vacation we're going to the beach!
P1.B2: Yay---
P1.B1: The heck is going on with this sudden summon of the "Tendril's Leaf's" 8 Leaders? // I might not look like it, but I'm pretty busy.
P1.Box1: Nanao Family Head // Nanao Soujin
P2.Box1: Tsuchikado Family Head // Tsuchikado Hachiyou
P2.Box2: Akura Family Head // Akura Ichi
P2.Box3: Tataraya Family Head // Johnny Tataraya.
P2.B1: Of course. Drinking alcohol that is.
P3.Box1: Kuin Family Head // Kuin
P3:Box2: Mitama Family Head Stand-in // Mitama Shiki
P4.B1: But I must see.... it's rare to see Sahara-dono to come late.
P4.Box1: Yatsuka Family Head Stand-in // Yatsuka Tamaki
P5.B1: ----This time, Sahara-dono isn't invited.
P5.B2: This meeting is only for the seven of us. The Sahara Family isn't needed today.
P1.B1: What do you mean?
P1.B2: ...Before we start our meeting, I have to tell you something.
P2.B1: Of the mistake the Mitama Family made and // .... about the Sahara Family's revolt.
P3:B1: ..... // I don't understand well.
P3:B2: Luring Sahara-dono away from the school, infiltrating it... // and it the end launching an attack, involving even the normal students.
P3.B3: It's the first time I heard about it and a complete mystery to me.
P4:B1: And what's more, all for the reason of "Capturing a certain female student"?
P4.B2: Also how is that related to the Sahara Family's revolt?
P1.B1: I beg your forgiveness...
P1:B2: That Insect User looked like Kamen Rider, so I was a bit distracted.... Right, Nanao-sama?
P1.B3: Eh... Yes! What should I say... It's kinda my daughter's fault...
P2:B1: Nanao-dono!
P2:B2: Y- Yes?
P3.B1: Why didn't you report such an important fact before?
P3.B2: I know... As the daughter's of the Family head, we need to have them here. // I want to hear the story directly from them!
P4.B1: W- Well, you see.. Ren and Ai kind joined forces with the "certain female student"....
P4:B2: I don't know if it's because of the early dead of their mother, but they see a mother figure in her... or rather in her boobs...
P1.B1: No matter how often I ask them to come home, they just ignore me.
P1:B2: That's nothing to laugh about!
P2.B1: Then Mitama-dono, what about the Head of the Mitama Family?
P2:B2: ----The head is Mitama Minori.
P4.B1: Mitama Minori? That artificial kid?
P4:B2: "God's vessel"....
P1.B1: Yes, her. She's currently receiving punishment. // So unfortunately she can't attend.
P1.B2: Punishment....?
P2.B1: Indeed. She forgot her role as a guardian and acted on her own. It nearly ended up in killing normal students...
P2:B2: So she has to get according punishment....
P4.B1: But thanks to that, we got to know of the existence Sahara-dono was hiding in Kunpuu High school, // ....the "certain female student"
P4.B2: Minamoto Chizuru!
P1.B1: ....She's the daughter of the infamous "Golden furred nine-tailed Fox"
P2.B1: and also the existence we, "Tendril's Leaf" have sought after for so long, the "Eight Dragon"!
P3.B1: "Eight Dragon"....?
P1.B1: I have proof. // I'll show you some pictures of her fighting the insects while using the "Dragon's" tails later....
P1.B2: It all started with the incidents in the music room and rooftop of Kunpuu High School.....
P3.B1: ---Tamaki-sama.
P4.B1: What happened? You're looking rather grim...
P5.B1: ....I was born with that look.
P5.B2: My father had it.... and my brother who abandoned the family and pushed everything on me, had it too.
P1.B1: Let's hurry back. // Worst case scenario, we might have to fight our comrades.
P1.B2: Maybe even against the "Lord".... // And even my brother himself...
P2:B1: O- Okay!
P2:B2: Man, what a troublesome mess...
P2.B3: Oh yes....
P3.B1: ---Hey Johnny. What you think about Tamaki-chan?
P4.B1: If she secretly has connection to the "lord"?
P5.B1: Doubt it.
P5.B2: Well, there might still be some lingering feelings since they're related... But it's for sure that she has not contact with Yatsuka Takao.
P1.B1: Geez....
P3.B1: The Mitama Family with the executive authority in "Tendril's Leaf" and
P4.B1: The Sahara Family with the supervision authority-----
P4.B2: I have no clue what those two Leaders, important to "Tendril's Leaf", are planning.... // I mean, hiding not only the "Lord" but also the "Eight Dragon"....
P5.B1: The Mitama and Yatsuka Gramps just had to be down at a time like this....
P5.B2: It's not like they wanted to be ill. But still... you got a point.
P1.B1: .....But
P2.B1: there might be still another mind there.
P3.B1: ....Huh?
P3.B2: Papa! This way!
P4.B1: What's with the "huh", Kouta? // Sorry, I know you were looking forward to the beach with Chizuru, but now you're stuck with the kids.
P4.B2: N- No... That...
P4.B3: Mama invited us.
P4:B4: She even bought us new swimsuits, when we told her we wear the single one we have in turn.
P1.B1: This gonna be fun, Ai.
P1.B2: This gonna be fun, Ren.
P1.B3: Mama, Papa, his mistress..... A complete family trip! ....Wait, then what am I? The package uncle?
P3.B1: Morning. // You're already all here. Good.
P3:B2: Glasses Senpai.
P3.B3: Forehead Senpao.
P4.B1: Please stop with these names, Ren-chan, Ai-chan.
P4.B2: Mh? And where's the initiator, Chizuru-san?
P4.B3: ....Hey, Kouta.
P5.B1: You heard anything from Chizuru?
P6.T1: Was Asahina-san also invited by Chizuru?
P6.T2: Because actually Chizuru was avoiding her....
P1.B1: Here I am!
P3.B1: Why are you driving, Chizuru--san?
P3.B2: Wow, you can drive, Mama. Amazing.
P3:B3: Great car.
P3.B4: Ch- Chizuru-san? What's going on?
P4.B1: Tadaa!
P1.B1: ...A false one?
P1.B2: Geez, I properly took the exam. Not long ago!
P2.T1: Ah, I see. Chizuru-san's age is registered as 18.
P3:B1: ....With "not long ago" you mean after you said "let's go to the beach"?
P3:B2: That's just 2 weeks though....
P3:B3: Aren't I great?
P4.B1: Rather than great....
P4.B2: You know her real age.
P4.B3: She drove all the time without a license, so she got the experience.
P5.B1: No need to say that!
P6.B1: Come, Kouta. Get in!
P6.B2: The AC is on. It's so refreshing.
P1.B1: O- Okay.
P2.T1: But why....
P3.T1: are we going to the beach with everyone?
P5.T1: Considering her personality
P5.T2: I would have thought she would have wanted us two be all alone....
P1.B1: I guess she eased up....
P1.B2: Yep...
P2.B1: My body totally eased up,
P2:B2: it's all your doing.
P3.B1: M- Mine?
P3:B2: Yeah. I'm sure you know why.
P4.B1: Okay, Sea, here we come!

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