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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Kanokon 36

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:27 | Go to Kanokon

-> RTS Page for Kanokon 36

Kanokon Chapter 36:

Title: Everyone came to the department store to buy swimsuits
P1.B1: Ren, Ai. Choose whichever you like.
P1.B2: Hey, hey.
P2.B1: Isn't that one perfect or you, Chizuru?
P2.B2: I can't wear that at the beach!
P3.B1: Time surely flies while shopping. // ...Mh?
P4.B1: Maybe not at the beach, but for private use for sure <3
P4.T1: Thanks for the purchase.
P5.T1: No... Don't...
P5.T2: pull...
P1.T1: Summer's quite complicated to love
P1.B1: Chizuru-san! // You said we're going to the beach, right? So why are we on a mountain?
P3.B1: Be patient. // .....Look!
P4.B1: Wah....
P5.B1: Wah, the sea! So broad!
P5.B2: Wah, amazing! So warm!
P5.B3: Ho... there's nobody around here.
P5.B4: How's it, Kouta-kun?
P1.B1: Nice, isn't it?
P2.B1: ....Kouta-kun?
P4.B1: Ah, Yes? What is?
P4.B2: The beach I mean.
P1.B1: I thought it would be worth the shot to cross the mountain.
P2.B1: Yeah... incredible beautiful... // you are....
P3.B1: Eh?
P3.B2: Ah!?
P4.T1: W- What's with this excitement?
P5.T1: Is it because of the trip? Because of the beach?
P6.B1: Chizuru-san!
P7.B1: Meh, it was just getting good....
P1.B1: Look at this!
P1.B2: Welcome~
P3.B1: W- Why are you here, Mother!
P3.B2: Of course for business. Right, Yukihana?
P3.B3: It has been a while.
P4.B1: Nobody's going to the hot spring in summer, right?
P4.B2: So I'm doing some side business.
P1.B1: And by pure chance it happens to be at the beach you are at..
P2.B1: You think such a convenient coincidence exist?
P3.B1: I found this secret beach! // Not even the locals know about this place!
P4.B1: My? Did you forgot already?
P4.B2: W- What?
P5.B1: We spent our family trips here when you were small.
P5.B2: You don't remember?
P1.B1: Look, that cape has a shrine offered to Uncle Toyotama....
P1.B2: Eh? Ehh? Really? // Now that you mention it...
P2.B1: Ehhh?
P2.T1: Well... it's from about 400 years ago. Not strange that she doesn't remember...
P3.T1: But----
P3.T2: Doing business in a place nobody is in....?
P2.B1: Tadaa
P2.B2: Looky, looky.
P2.B3: ....Hmp.
P3.B1: Fufufu... Thanks for the wait <3
P2.B1: You like it, Kouta-kun?
P4.B1: ---Mh? No swimsuit, Nozomi-san?
P4.B2: That idiot was eating at Mother's shop all the time. // And I even told her not to...
P1.B1: Go and change into your swimsuit.
P1:B2: I wear it underneath.
P3.B1: Bandages aren't a swimsuit! // D- Don't tell me below too...
P4.B1: Yep.
P4.B2: Kyaaaa!!
P1.B1: Wah. She's the same as us.
P1.B2: Flat like a board and all clean.
P1.B3: You got that wrong, Ai, Ren.
P2.B1: Removing them will be a real pain, so I shaved beforehand, actually I'm all....
P2.B2: Shut up, Pervert.
P3.B1: Ow?
P3.B2: Don't go as far as shaving yourself so you can use bandages as a swimsuit! You friggin' pervert!
P3.B3: T- That's right, Nozomi... Being called a pervert by Chizuru-san is like being called a Liar by a Fraud.
P4.T1: What!?
P4.B1: Anyways, we need to do something about your swimsuit...
P1.B1: Right, the beach house! // They should have swimsuits...
P2.B1: No way! I won't rely on that hag.
P2.B2: I get that you've kinda complicated circumstances, but like this....
P3.B1: Ah, it's coming off! The bottom is coming off!
P3.B2: Ah, you're right...
P3.B3: Gah! Okay, I get it!
P4.B1: Aww.... Can't believe I have to rely on my mother.... Ugg.. My precious operation code fox... // She's getting in my way! It has to be! That hag is getting in my way, without doubt!
P5.B1: Life is full of pain and fun.
P5.B2: And who do you think is causing that pain!?
P2.B1: Thanks for paying for the swimsuit and the food, Chizuru-sama.
P2.B2: Why do I even have to pay for the food!?
P3.B1: The beach house "Tama no Ya" also has a variety of play tools.
P4.B1: In the end.... // we even ranted a parasol and mats...
P5.B1: Umm... You hate relying on your Mother that much?
P1.B1: Well, it's not really... like that...
P2.B1: ...?
P3.B1: That aside!
P3.B2: Rub this on me, Kouta-kun!
P4.B1: This...
P4.B2: The sun is quite strong today. Don't you think it would be bad with a sunburn later?
P4.B3: R- Right...
P5.B1: W- What are you taking it off for, Chizuru-san!!
P1.B1: Y- You can't do this, Chizuru-san! // Not in front of everyone!
P2:B1: You worry too much. // I'm just loosing the string so you can properly reach all places.
P2.B2: Thinking of this already as perverted is what makes you a pervert.
P3.T1: ...Really?
P4:B1: Ahh
P5.B1: Ahaha.... // It tickles!
P6.B1: P- Please bear with it...
P6.T1: Ung... This is not bad either....
P6.B2: Ah...
P1.B1: N-- No...
P1.B2: Kouta-kun.....
P2.B1: Suddenly grabbing.... // my breasts.
P3.B1: Breasts...?
P4.B1: Wah!
P1.B1: Nozomi! What are you doing!!
P1.B2: Mm.
P2.B1: You also want Kouta-kun to rub it into you?
P2.B2: But it's my turn at the moment, you wait for yours.
P3.B1: No problem.
P4.B1: We'll just do it like this.
P4:B2: Uwa!
P1.B1: Fuah!
P1.B2: T- The heck are you doing, Stupid Wolf!
P1.B3: Here I come!
P2.B1: There.
P3.B1: See, like this we can get all slippery together.
P3.B2: Hey....
P4.B1: Stop it, you stupid dog!
P4.B2: We don't want to get slippery!
P1.B1: Aw, geez. It's all over me...
P1.B2: Normally I don't tan at all, but with sun lotion I get red like a tomato, you know?
P1.B3: Don't worry.
P2.B1: Unlike you...
P2.B2: I'm still in my prime years.
P4.B1: W- What was that? // So you're calling me old?
P4.B2: No, I didn't said you are very old.
P4.B3: V- Very old!?
P4.B4: No, I didn't said you're very very old.
P5.B1: Very very old? You just increased one very!
P5.B2: C- Chizuru-san! Calm down! // You aren't very very very old! You're still young!
P6.B1: N- Now even you, Kouta-kun... You added another very....
P6.B2: Mama!
P6.B3: Papa!
P1.B1: It's all fine that you enjoy your love triangle, but
P1.B2: apply some sun lotion to us too please!
P2.B1: Ah...
P2.B2: Ehm....
P1.B1: Hya!
P1.B2: Oh?
P1.B3: It tickles!
P2.B1: Fuah!
P2.B2: More!
P1.B1: Ch- Chizuru-san!
P1.B2: W- What's wrong with you? Calm down...
P2.B1: I'm...
P3.B1: I'm just a damn old hag after all! So I have to take good care of my skin! // Ug, Kouta-kun you meanie!
P4.B1: ...The heck are they doing?
P4.B2: Ahhhh
P4.B3: Say, Asahina... // Sh- Should we rub us too?
P5.B1: Not needed.
P5.T1: Figures...
P6.T1: I like her cold attitude!!
P1.B1: S- So... // this is the sea...
P2.B1: Kouta, you have been staring at it for 10 minutes now.
P2.B2: It's okay. Just take it slowly.
P2:B3: Or shall we go together?
P3:B1: Please.. do.
P3.T1: Scary experience... I won't ever touch the topic about her age again....
P4.B1: Let's go.
P4.B2: Onto to defeat Poseidon.
P5.B1: ...I envy them.
P5.B2: They're both good at sports....
P1.B1: Ah.
P1.B2: My... It flipped over.
P2.B1: Huh? Isn't...
P3.B1: Huh... aren't they drowning?
P3.B2: ....Eh?
P4.B1: Ren! Ai!
P5.T1: hang in there!
P6.T1: I'm coming for you!
P6.B1: Oh.
P1.B1: Wow, so you can swim after all.
P2.B1: Uwa!
P2.B2: Kouta-kun!
P3.B1: Hang on!
P3.B2: S- Sorry!
P4.B1: W- What about Ren and Ai?
P4.B2: Tayura is going.
P4.B3: Be quick!
P4.B4: Watch me Asahina. How cool I can be! Ahahaha
P5.B1: That's my legendary Fox Rescue....
P2.B1: Hop!
P1.B1: Nozomi... Thanks.
P1.B2: Mm.
P2.B1: You're amazing, Nozomi!
P2.B2: Mistress-senpai.
P2.B3: Mistress-senpai.
P3.B1: ... I want to be amazing too.
P3.B2: I want to be a man.
P5.B1: You were amazing, you know.
P5.B2: For a short time, that is.
P6.B1: A- Asahina...!
P6.B2: Don't get close.
P6.B3: Oww! // But you're still shining, Asahina! You're my sun!
P6.B4: Shut up!
P2.B1: ....Shiki-sama.
P3.B1: Minamoto Chizuru and Oyamada Kouta are currently at Y Coast in B prefecture.
P4.B1: Y Coast... // Isn't that were the Great Sea God is worshipped?
P4.B2: What would happened if he, the Nine Tails of calamity meets the Eight Tails....
P5.B1: Our Kuin Family Youkai Squad is searching for him.
P6.B1: If all goes well....
P7.B1: Yeah, be ready.
P1.B1: Ehm....
P1.B2: Thank you very much for gathering here today for our sake.
P2.B1: I hope you all can guide us in our school life to come...
P2.B2: Stop with this formal crap!
P2.T1: Extra: Youkai After School ~ Ren - Ai Part~
P3.B1: This party is for Ai and Ren to get more friends, so let's go with a Bang.
P3.B2: Yeah. // Ah, He might look like this, but he's also a first-year.
P4.B1: Feel free to show yourself at our Youkai meetings too. Don't worry about being just a human.
P4.B2: Y- Yeah. I'm also only a half.
P4.B3: Like with him. He's a youkai, but not a friend.
P4.B4: That's for sure.
P1.B1: Speaking of parties,
P1.B2: it means the King's Game!!
P2.B1: King's Game?
P2:B2: The one who draws the "King" gets to order the other numbers. // I'll pick this.
P3:B1: Who's the King!?
P4.B1: Me!!
P4.B2: Number 5 has to gently massage the King's tights <3
P1.B1: My, You're number 5, Kouta-kun? // Then please go ahead <3
P2.B1: The King's orders are absolute.
P2.B2: Y- Yes.
P3.T1: In front of everyone...
P3:T2: So embarrassing....
P4.T1: Fufufu... I rigged the sticks with a symbol nobody else knows.
P1.B1: Who's the King!?
P1.T1: That's why I know exactly which one is the King and which numbers the others are!!
P1.B2: Me! // Number 3 has to kiss the King's body wherever he likes <3 <3
P3:B1: Fufu, Kouta-kun again?
P3.B2: Speaking of you likes, it has to be here, right?
P3.T1: With that I can make Kouta-kun do whatever I want to me<3
P4.B1: Fugu. // Fugugu.
P4.B2: ....
P1.B1: Hey!
P1.B2: Why! What did I do!?
P2.B1: Not even were you the King all the time, you even got Kouta's number every time.
P2.B2: That didn't change even when we let you pick first or gave you the last one.
P2.B3: ....I think I could get used to this!
P3:B1: Who's the king!?
P4.B1: ....
P1.B1: Again Chizuru!?
P1.B2: Damn~ I'm the king, but I don't know Kouta-kun's number~ // Whatever! Number 1 and 2, get naked and hug each other!
P2.B1: Gahahah, like sumo!
P3.B1: Number 3, lick the back of the tights of number 4.
P3.B2: Uhh.. Why do I have to...
P3:B3: Kyaa...!
P4.B1: Number 5, let number 6 rest in your breasts!
P4.T1: I'm flat though. Does it work?
P4.B2: Number 7, kiss Number 8!
P5.B1: H- Here I go, Ai...
P5.B2: I'm... ready.. Ren....
P5.B3: What about me?
P1.B1: Hiiiii
P2.B1: School is already over.
P2.B2: Who's still here...
P3.B1: !! // W- Wh- What the heck are you doing!?
P3.B2: Gagagaga
P3.B3: Glasses-senpai.
P3:B4: We're making friends.
P4.B1: Y-
P5.B1: You got... // the meaning of friend wrong!!
P5.T1: Time to head back...

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