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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Hajimete Datteba! 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:30 | Go to Hajimete Datteba!

-> RTS Page for Hajimete Datteba! 1

Hajime datteba Chapter01:

[no text]
Step 01: It's embarrassing
Step 02: Want to do XXX?
Step 03: Gentle Kiss
Step 04: You...saw!
Step 05: Different from before....
Step 06: I'm ready whenever!
P1.T1: Step 01: It's embarrassing
P1.B1: Back then definitely~ [she's singing]
P1.B2: was a girl~
P2.B1: The small butt~
P3.B1: of a girl~
P3.Box1: Oomichi Kana 16 years old
P4.B1: Look this way~
P1.B1: Honey!!
P2.B1: Kyaa!!
P3.B1: What're you doing--- // Takagi!!
P3.T1: That's dangerous!
P1.B1: Don't sing so loud first thing in the morning, // Stupid Kana!
P1.B2: It's unsightly!
P3.B1: Wah
P4.B1: Who cares.
P4.B2: No ones listening anyways.
P4.B3: Idiot.
P4.B4: That's not the problem.
P4.B5: It's embarrassing.
P1.B1: Aw, shut up, Takagi----
P1.B2: You idiot.
P3:B1: ....
P4.B1: That idiot....
P1.B1: One more, please.
P2.B1: !
P4.B1: Grr.
P5.B1: Yay!!
P1.B1: "Yay" my ass, what's the use if you leave the court!
P1.B2: It's a singles.
P2.B1: Morning----
P2.B2: Ah--- So drained,
P2.B3: pretty hungry now-----
P3.B1: Mh? Your baseball training already over, Takagi?
P3.B2: Yeah.
P3.B3: Quite early. Want this?
P1.B1: Huh? What's that?
P1.B2: A riceball.
P1.B3: I won't last until lunch without one.
P2:B1: Y- You're really....
P2.B2: I forgot my textbook!
P3.B1: Let me see yours! // And your homework too!!
P3.B2: You really are....
P4.B1: ....
P6.B1: Kana! // Wake up.
P6.B2: Oww.
P1.B1: What's up~~ Lunch~~~?
P2.B1: Idiot.
P2.B2: Today for sure, I'll tell you.
P3:B1: Geez----
P3.B2: Then let's hear.
P3.B3: Don't spread your legs!
P4.B1: Forget about acting as a girl,
P4.B2: at least act like a human!
P5.T1: Yeah
P5.T2: He's right...
P6.B1: You sound like I'm some animal!
P6.B2: You are one!
P6.B3: You're way too carefree.
P6.B4: Hang in there Takagi...
P4.B1: The front!!
P5.B1: !!
P1.B1: Not faaaaair! // You used a feint~~~!
P1.B2: You an idiot? // That's what a game is about!
P2.B1: You just can't chase after the ball. // You ain't a dog.
P3.B1: You aren't getting better because you don't think at all.
P5.B1: [small text] Haa--- [/small text] How depressing~~
P5.B2: I was giving my best though. // I wonder what I did wrong.
P2.B1: Yo.
P3.B1: Geh....Takagi.
P4.B1: Why are you running!?
P5.B1: You gonna lecture me again, right? // I have enough of for today.
P5.B2: I won't.
P6.B1: At this rate, I'll use my position as a regular. // The juniors are getting better too. // I'm getting worried.
P6.B2: Mhm.
P1.B1: You see, I'm betting my youth on badminton.
P1.B2: Every day, when I get home, I take 500 training swings.
P2.B1: Aren't you not getting better, // because that's all for your self-satisfaction?
P3.T1: S- So mean...
P3.B1: Ah, no.
P3:B2: Training on your on is all good,
P4.B1: but when you don't think about your partner,
P4.B2: the course and the opponent, you can't win.
P1.B1: The only thing you're doing is relying on strength. // And repeating the same stuff haphazardly.
P1.B2: Of course you don't get better.
P1.B3: ....
P2.B1: It's frustrating, but you're right...
P2.B2: Specially in badminton, you have to consider your opponent.
P3.B1: Else you can't win.
P3.B2: Ug
P4.B1: The coach told me the same...
P5.B1: You sure know a lot.
P5.B2: Do you like badminton?
P6.B1: ....
P6.B2: It's not like that.
P1.B1: What I like is you.
P1.B2: .....
P1.B1: EEH!?
P1.B2: For real!?
P2:B1: Geez--- I nearly took you seriously there---
P2.B2: Aha, you idiot!!
P2:B3: Such jokes are bad for my heart.
P2.B4: ...
P3:B1: I would like to date you....
P4.B1: ...
P5.B1: ....
P6.B1: O- Okay!
P7.B1: I'm up for the challenge!
P7.B2: I'll accept everyone that comes at me.
P7.B3: That's the problem.
P1.B1: See ya!
P3:B1: He was... serious?
P4.B1: Wanting to date me,
P4.B2: is he screwed in the head?
P5.B1: If I were a boy, I would date Yuri-chan or Mai-chan!
P5.T1: They're cute! And nice!
P5.Box1: Random guess.
P1.B1: Why would he choose me!?
P2.B2: Is it because I'm a girl!?
P2.T1: I forgot that for a moment!!
P3.B1: Well, Takagi is a nice fellow,
P4.B1: but dating him, // I have no clue about that...
P1.B1: Morning.
P3:B1: Why are you here?
P3.B2: Was on the way.
P5.B1: ...
P5.B2: Did you do your homework?
P5.B3: Y- Yeah.
P6.B1: You're not singing today.
P6.B2: Y- Yeah.
P7.B1: ....
P1.T1: Somehow....
P1.T2: this is incredible embarrassing!
P2:B1: I- I'm going ahead.
P2.B2: Eh. // Hey!!
P3:B1: Hey, wait.
P4.B1: Uwa~~~
P5.B1: More like fired up, she looks desperate...
P5.B2: Really? Looks like usual to me.
P6.B1: *thump*
P1.B1: No early snack today?
P1.B2: ....
P3.T1: Why am I so conscious of it now~~~
P4.B1: ....
P6.T1: Uwa--- He's waiting again for me-----
P1.Box1: I can't get nervous around him.
P1.Box2: I have to be like usually.
P1.Box3: But what should I talk about----
P2:B1: Hey, you listening?
P2.B2: Huh?
P3.B1: No, sorry.
P3.B2: You....
P4.B1: I was asking if you want to go somewhere on Sunday if you're free.
P4.B2: EEH!?
P5.T1: Th- That would be a date... [small text] right? [/small text]
P6.B1: S- Sorry, I'm busy on Sunday!
P6.B2: Oh, yeah?
P1.B1: Hey say....
P2.B1: ?
P3.B1: Nah, never mind...
P3:B2: See ya.
P4.B1: Aww~ // No, no, no.
P5.B1: I can't stand that atmosphere anymore~~~
P5.B2: What should I do?
P6.B1: I can't act normal around him anymore...
P6.B2: That means....
P1.B1: I just have to avoid him!!
P1.Box1: Idiot.
P2.Box1: Morning.
P2.Box2: Going to school 1 hour earlier.
P3:Box1: Lunch.
P4.Box1: Afternoon.
P4.Box2: Heading straight home.
P5.B1: Indeed, when I avoid him, I calm down---
P5.B2: But is that really the right choice?
P6.B1: Kana, say---
P6.B2: you're dating Takagi-kun, right?
P1.B1: Why do you!?
P1.B2: Ah, I knew it!! [side text] Haha [/side text]
P2.B1: You're super easy to read. [side text] Hahaha [/side text]
P2.B2: You went all silent immediately.
P2.B3: Ug~~~~
P3:B1: Eh---
P3.B2: You're avoiding him? // Why?
P4.B1: Because...
P4.B2: I'm super nervous.
P5.B1: That's not the problem. // You're being cruel.
P5.B2: R- Really?
P1.B1: I think he'll come to hate you for it.
P2:B1: How do you feel // about him, Kana?
P3.T1: "How", there's no way...
P3:T2: I can say it out loud.
P5.B1: That figure.
P6.B1: I can't just pass by him without saying anything...
P6.B2: What should I do.
P1.T1: ...
P3.B1: Y- Yo.
P5.B1: Ah!!
P6.B1: Why are you ignoring me?
P7.B1: Hey, are you angry?
P7.B2: Hey, Takagi!
P8.B1: Shut up!
P9.B1: It's because you avoid me!
P9.B2: You don't want to talk to me, right!?
P2.B1: ...S- Sorry.
P2.B2: Umm...
P3.B1: If you don't want to date me, // just say so in the beginning.
P4:B1: I. I'm not against dating...
P5.B1: Then why are you running from me?
P6.B1: That....
P8.B1: Aw, whatever.
P1.B1: Let's stop that with us.
P1.B2: Eh.
P2.B1: Already a break up?
P2.B2: Yep.
P3.B1: I don't want that.
P4.B1: Huh~~~~~?
P5.B1: What are you saying? You're the reason of it.
P5.B2: No, you're wrong. // I'm not against dating.
P6.B1: Then what's wrong?
P1.B1: Th...
P1.B2: That... // That....
P3.B1: ....
P4.B1: ....
P5.B1: Forget it.
P5.B2: I thought we fit well together,
P5.B3: but it's just as friends I see.
P1.B1: Sorry.... // It's just....
P1.B2: I don't know what to do....
P2.B1: Even I... // feel....
P3:B1: ....
P3.B2: *squeak*
P3.Box1: Stopped.
P4.B1: ....
P6.B1: I can't say... my true feelings....
P6.B2: It's embarrassing.
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: C- Crying like a kid....!!
P5.B1: Just be like always. // You worry too much.
P5.B2: Yes.
P5.B3: Just talk normally!
P5.B4: Yes.
P6.B1: I knew you were an idiot, // but not that much----
P6.B2: What was that?
P1.B1: It can't be helped!
P1.B2: It's my first time dating someone I love!
P3.B1: That simpleness of her, // is what makes her interesting...
P3.T1: I can see her panties...
P3.T2: Step 01: End.

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